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Vestas: V164-7.0 MW

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V164-7.0 MW

Driving down cost of energy
The V80-2.0 MW® IEC IA builds on proven technology over several generations ensuring industry-leading reliability, serviceability and availability. The high level of availability of the V80-2.0 MW® IEC IA allows you to forecast confidently and strengthens the business case for investment, while their design and performance ensure that you can produce energy from low- to medium-wind sites at a low cost.

Operational data
Rated power: 2.000 kW
Cut-in wind speed: 4 m/s
Rated wind speed: 14 m/s
Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s
Wind class: IEC IA
Operating temperature range: standard turbine -20°C to 40°C, low temperature turbine -30°C to 40°C

Rotor diameter: 80 m
Swept area: 5.027 m2
Air brake: full blade feathering with 3 pitch cylinders

Frequency: 50 Hz/ 60Hz
Generator type: 4-pole (50 Hz)/ 6-pole (60 Hz) doubly fed generator, slip rings

Type: two helical stages and one planetary stage

8 MW platform

The V164-8.0 MW® for offshore signifies a quantum leap forward in rotor size and energy capture. The 164 m rotor diameters offers a swept area of more than 21,000 m2 - the equivalent of almost three football pitches.

Using our three decades of industry experience, we’ve combined proven technology and innovative engineering to design the ultimate offshore turbine. A turbine that introduces an optimal rotor to generator ratio, and design choices to drive your profitability to new levels in offshore wind.

Vestas - V164-7.0 MW

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