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  • Offer Profile
  • We are a powerful player with a rich past. By end of the year 2012, LM Wind Power employed 5,122 people world-wide.

    Our first set of blades was installed in the Windmatic wind turbine in the Scotland waters near Orkney Islands during the 1970s. So far we have supplied brakes to more than 70,000 wind turbines worldwide.

    LM Wind Power Group is the world’s leading component supplier to the wind industry.
Product Portfolio

  • Over the past 30 years of our existence as a manufacturer of wind turbine blades, we have mastered the art of designing and manufacturing them. Every third wind turbine on the planet is powered by our blades and we are by far the largest manufacturer of wind turbine blades.

    The blades are the motor in a wind turbine and they extract all the energy from the wind. Our products with their superior technology and engineering have been at the forefront of the wind industry for over three decades and have contributed in making wind energy competitive compared to conventional power sources.

    The most direct way to exert any decisive influence on the price of wind power is by increasing annual energy production (AEP). Our one central ambition, which we share with our customers, is to deliver rotor solutions, which enhance the performance of the turbines, thereby reducing the Cost of Energy (COE) all the time.

  • The game has indeed changed. LM Wind Power’s GloBlade® is not just the flag bearer of our new generation of lighter, longer, slimmer blades but also represents a whole new approach and attitude to manufacturing wind turbine blades.

    From its “plug and play” feature to enhanced Annual Energy Production (AEP), the GloBlade® project has pushed the scope of aerodynamics and engineering to the next level. Today, the GloBlade® is the most advanced wind turbine blade for the 1.5 MW segment yet.

    In 2012, LM Wind Power extends the GloBlade® concept to the 3 MW range. The new highly efficient GloBlade®3 LM 58.7 P and GloBlade® 3L LM 61.2 P are designed to fit a broad field of today’s 3.0 MW turbines and extend their life cycle into lowerwind regions.

    GloBlade®1 outperforms every other blade in its segment, and combines performance with great reliability to boost AEP by up to 10% over traditional proven rotors, and the new GloBlade®3 series makes a significant difference by improving the annual energy production (AEP) by as much as 14%, over standard

    The GloBlade®3 series is specifically designed for high performance in wind classes III and IV and boosts the life-cycle of existing turbines offered by customers.GloBlade® range
    Currently the GloBlade® series includes:
    • GloBlade®1 LM 42.1 P
    • GloBlade®2 LM 49.1 P
    • GloBlade®3 LM 58.7 P
    • State-of-the-art airfoil development in LM Wind Power’s own wind tunnel.
    • Mapping glass fiber material properties brings mega watt results.
    • Process excellence throughout the entire global production.

  • Learn about the different types of blades we currently manufacture. We involve our customers in the blade design stages so that they always comply in full with individual requirements of the turbine.

    Selecting the right blade is based on dialogue, so contact our sales department for an in depth talk about specific conditions and needs.
    • 1.5 MW - 1,7 MW

    • Rotor - approx [m] 77 - 87
      Bolt Circle Diameter [mm]  1800
      Length at waterline [m] 37.25 - 42.13
    • 2.0 MW - 2,2 MW

    • Rotor - approx [m] 82 - 100
      Bolt Circle Diameter [mm]  1800 - 2110
      Length at waterline [m] 34,00 - 49,05
    • 2.5 MW - 3,2 MW

    • Rotor - approx [m] 80 - 125
      Bolt Circle Diameter [mm]  2300
      Length at waterline [m] 43,80 - 61,20
    • 5-6 MW

    • Rotor - approx [m] 126 - 150
      Bolt Circle Diameter [mm]  3200
      Length at waterline [m] 61.50 73+
  • Features

  • The features on our blades are divided into standard features and add-ons. While standard features are integrated into the overall design of the blades, add-ons are custom developed and are fitted into the blades in consultation with customers.

    LM Wind Power’s wind turbine blades come with a series of standard and add-on features that define our blades. The features bring a great blend of high performance with reliability that have over the years made LM Wind Power, the largest and most preferred supplier of wind turbine blades.

    Some of the standard features for all LM Wind Power blade types include pre-bending, integrated gel coat, lightning conducting systems, low noise tips and tried and tested root solutions. Add-ons that are customized for each blade type in consultation with customers include the brand new insulated lightning protection system called SafeReceptors, leading edge tape for reliability and vortex generators on the surface of the blade to maximize performance.
  • Standard

    Each and every one of LM Wind Power’s blade types are integrated with advanced features which we consider the standard. Several of these standard features are unique to our wind turbine blades and ensure maximum performance and reliability.
    • Pre-bending

    • LM Wind Power is amongst the pioneers of pre-bending technology and all our blade types are pre-bent. Pre-bending allows the blades to be longer and lighter with a larger ‘swept-area’. Pre-bent blades perform better and are capable of producing more electricity because they are longer and lighter.
    • Low Noise Tip

    • Our blades come with a unique low noise tip. The low noise tip is a result of targeted research over the years where different designs and principles were used to control noise. Our focused research has enabled us to evolve an optimal tip design which reduces noise without affecting the performance of the blade.
    • Lightning Protection System

    • Lightning protection is another of our pioneering innovations in wind turbine blades. LM Wind Power’s top class lightning protection systems have proved that our blades are more reliable and have been highly effective in preventing blade failures.
    • Root solutions

    • Our designs for the blade root are thoroughly tested and adapted to the length and weight of each blade type. All root solutions of LM Wind Power’s blades are based on the principle of mechanical locking. Steel bushings are cast into the root and seamlessly integrated into the design of the blade.
    • SuperRoot

    • When we first designed the LM 61.5 P which until recently was the longest in the world, we refined our root concept to develop what we call the SuperRoot. This has been further improved with the development of the LM 73+. The SuperRoot is stronger and more compact. The SuperRoot accommodates 35-40% more bolts into the same root diameter, making it strong enough to support blades that are as much as 20 percent longer.
    • Gel coat

    • The outermost layer of LM Wind Power’s blades is covered with a special gel coat. The special layer protects the blade against the ravages of bad weather and other natural elements. This special gel coat has been developed in close collaboration with our suppliers and has the added advantage of having a visually neutral, non-reflective surface.
  • Add-ons

    Our Add-ons are innovative devices that can be fitted onto a wind turbine blade to extract superior performance and ensure utmost reliability. These devices are not part of the standard blade design and are fitted onto the blade during the design phase in consultation with customers.
    • SafeReceptor

    • The SafeReceptor is our brand new insulated lightning protection system for wind turbine blades. The SafeReceptor became the first system for blades to be certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) for conforming to the highest technical standards in lightning protection as prescribed by IEC 61400-24. It provides the highest level of protection from lightning strikes and ensures greater reliability.
    • Leading Edge Protection

    • Leading edge protection is an add-on that protects against corrosion from airborne elements such as sand and salt. LM Wind Power uses tried and tested leading edge protection.
    • Vortex Generators

    • Vortex generators are fitted onto the wind turbine blade to compensate for the lower aerodynamics on certain parts of the blade such as the circular root. Vortex generators may enhance the blade’s performance by several percent. Vortex generators are small fins that protrude over the blade surface. They are mounted opposite each other at a certain angle to regulate the flow of air at higher wind speeds. This makes parts even near the root capable of efficient performance during the turbine’s production time.
  • Technology

  • Our wind turbine blades which by themselves represent advanced creations are actually designed, manufactured and validated through typically advanced tools.

    Technology plays a central role behind the design of each wind turbine blade type and takes into count several factors such as materials, aerodynamics, blade profile and structure. These factors define the performance and reliability of the blade and require an extremely high degree of precision.

    Each blade design is created with the help of advanced software that LM Wind Power has developed specifically for designing blades and crunching critical numbers. Engineers at our R&D centers work on the software to generate accurate blade designs after a series of complex calculations, which determine the shape, length, weight and even composition of the blade.
      • DESIGN

      • LM Wind Power has perfected the art of blade design over the past three decades. While the digital age has changed the way we generate our designs, the balance between key properties and the fundamental blade concept are still the basis of our designs.
      • Materials

      • Our blade material technology is based on stable, well-tested materials that provide the best possible balance between price and performance. Via smart engineering, we ”stretch” what the materials are capable of and continually expand the envelope of what can be achieved.
      • Process

      • As our blades grow in size and wind energy becomes more and more competitive, the manufacturing processes change and become more streamlined and efficient.
      • Testing

      • All new LM Wind Power blade types undergo a series of tests at our certified laboratories for every aspect of performance and reliability. We are the only wind turbine blade manufacturer to have our very own wind tunnel and in-house testing facilities for full scale blade tests.
      • Innovation

      • From manufacturing furniture to boats to wind turbine blades, we have constantly reinvented ourselves, our products and the way we work. Today, our innovation is firmly focused on making wind energy compelling by reducing the cost of energy.
  • Manufacturing

  • One of our core values as an organization is working as one team. This value is truly reflected in our blades. Irrespective of where our blades are produced, the philosophy, the process and quality are the same.

    At the very core of our manufacturing operations around the world is LM Production Systems (LMPS). LMPS takes its cue from LEAN manufacturing and is customized to our organization of factories, our people and our processes. The LMPS framework ensures uniform processes and promotes a uniform employee driven commitment to continuous improvement.

    Uniformity in our production processes becomes even more important because of our global manufacturing footprint - across 13 locations and 3 continents. We are present where our customers want us to be!

    The value proposition to our customers includes delivering the same superior quality, irrespective of where the blade is produced. Along with identical production processes and systems, our seamless transfer of technology between factories guarantees the same product regardless of whether the delivery is from our factory in India, China, Spain, the USA, Canada, Denmark or Poland.
    • Quality Assurance

    • Our ISO certified Quality Assurance (QA) system ensures that there are no loose ends with the checks that our blades undergo. We use Non-destructive Testing (NDT) methods to ensure that even underlying imperfections don’t go un-addressed.

    • LM Production System

    • Customized lean principles ensure safety, quality and efficiency throughout our operations. All the production processes for our blade manufacturing are governed by our LM Production System (LMPS).
    • Global Sourcing

    • Our Quality Policy governs our relationship with suppliers

      Previously, our purchasing consisted of off-the-shelf materials – now it is specific performance characteristics that we buy from our suppliers. The requirements we present in relation to specially developed raw materials have escalated in step with our own technological development and demands for greater integration between design, materials and processes.

  • LM Wind Power offers the full spectrum of service and logistics as our services cover transportation, inspection, repair and maintenance of wind turbine blades.

    Your reliable partner to advance blade services

    With more than 35 years of experience in blade services, our offers are based on broad expertise and detailed knowledge of all aspects of the blade. This comprehensive track record provides the foundation for continuous improvement both in terms of technical solutions and developing the skills of our staff.

    Wind turbine blades are expected to operate for 20 years in all kinds of weather. That makes it important to carry out regular service and maintenance on the blades.

    Efficient on-site repair solutions and our global network of nine operations and maintenance support facilities ensure ensure that we deliver high quality solutions to wind farm owners across the world. Among our facilities are a number of regional workshops that handle difficult and complex repairs.

    Sustainability is integrated in our strategy and operations. Across the group, we focus our efforts within safety, environment, technology and people.

    Our sustainability efforts start with our vision: Together we capture the wind to power a cleaner world. We have equipped more than 70,000 turbines with braking systems and produced more than 160,000 wind turbine blades corresponding to approximately 60 Gigawatts (GW) of installed wind power capacity since the late 1970s. Each year, this effectively replaces approximately 103 million tons of CO2, doing our bit in the global battle against climate change.

    We are proud of that contribution but we also recognize that as a manufacturing company, we can do more to become leaner, greener and cleaner throughout our operations.

    In November 2010, LM Wind Power joined the UN Global Compact to emphasize that commitment and kick off a new global sustainability strategy which is being rolled out throughout the LM Wind Power world. One thing is having a ‘green’ product, another is how we design, build and service that product throughout its lifetime.

    The sustainability strategy prompts us to review our performance and processes within all areas of operation. We are looking at the working conditions for our employees and how we ensure they are equipped to do their job safely and efficiently. We are scrutinizing our cooperation and interaction with our customers, suppliers, and the communities where we operate to ensure we live up to the principles in our Code of Conduct and that we join forces on the quest towards a more sustainable future. We are mapping our environmental footprint from material and resource consumption to waste handling and product disposal to be able to reduce our harmful impact and include life cycle considerations into new products and designs. And we measure it all to make sure we progress.