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  • Offer Profile

    LM Wind Power is part of GE renewable energy, in a joint effort to power a cleaner world and unleash limitless energy.

    With over four decades of experience, we have established ourselves as the preferred supplier of wind turbine blades worldwide. In fact, almost every fifth turbine in the world is fitted with LM Wind Power blades. This includes thousands of GE turbines on land and in the sea.

    Our long-standing partnership with GE has yielded many innovations and commercial successes. Now, as part of GE Renewable Energy, together we can offer higher performing, more productive wind turbines, while continuing to reduce the cost of energy and improve returns on our customers’ investments. At the same time, we are equally committed to maintaining and growing our business with all customers.
Product Portfolio
  • Capture the wind

  • We Know Blades

    Do you know what it takes to build the most advanced, reliable and high-quality wind turbine blades in the industry? We know.

    Capturing the wind in remote places, in all types of weather, calls for reliability. And, reliability comes from experience.

    Our wind turbine blades are advanced creations: designed, manufactured and validated with cutting-edge tools to ensure they can endure the forces of nature for more than 20 years.

    Technology plays a central role in the design of each wind turbine blade type, taking into account several factors such as materials, aerodynamics, blade profile and structure. These factors define the performance and reliability of the blade and require an extremely high degree of precision.

    We are confident when we state: We know blades.
      • Innovation is the root of the future

      • With our cutting-edge blade designs, we reduce the cost of energy – making wind power the right choice.

        As blade specialists, we know what it takes to boost performance, while minimizing loads on the turbine and reducing costs:
        • Hybrid carbon design and manufacturing, enabling us to create the world’s longest and most advanced blade – the LM 88.4 P. And now this technology is used during serial production of another record-setting onshore blade, for a 142 meter rotor
        • In-house aerodynamic experts, combined with innovative software, not only ensure tailored blade designs – our engineers also develop customized add-on’s to optimize blade performance and reduce noise
        • And ultimately, engineers verify the designs in our unique, onsite research facilities – including a rain erosion laboratory, full-scale test center and wind tunnel
      • We have the eye for quality

      • With 205,000 blades delivered over three decades, we are experts in wind turbine blade design and manufacturing. Both are critical to ensure a high quality outcome in the end.

        As blade specialists, we know what it takes to:
        • Test materials down to the details: Our state-of-the-art laboratories allow us to test samples of every material, millions of times, to prove they have the reliability to last more than 20 years.
        • Validate structural design: With full scale blade tests, we go beyond certification requirements to validate the strength of the blade as well as all the design details.
        • Invest in training: In any LM Wind Power factory around the world, you can be sure that every employee has been trained and re-trained to produce blades the same way, meeting the same high quality standards, every time.

        The result: Blades you can rely on.
      • The need for speed

      • Competition in the wind industry has never been fiercer.

        Our customers require larger rotors, faster than ever. Even with up to seven new blade developments every year, we always deliver on time
        As blade specialists, we know what it takes to:
        • Ensure the fastest and safest product launch: Smooth and seamless interaction with our customers’ development teams allows us to convert numerous load iterations into tangible and competitive blade designs
        • Deliver prototypes fast and on time: Our product development process has been proven time and time again – it simply works. In-house testing and certification expertise give us the flexibility to respond quickly to customer demands
        • Be a genuine global supplier: With 13 global factories, we are present in all major wind markets, ensuring fast launches on time
      • Offshore - We know our blades endure the test of time

      • With a wide range of global offshore wind farms since 1991, we know reliability comes from experience.

        As blade specialists, we know what it takes to:
        • Ensure reliability: Our rigorous, consistent and global quality procedures and full-scale testing exceed certification requirements
        • Protect blades from the harsh offshore environment: Proven leading edge and lightning protection ensure our blades run smoothly in extreme weather
        • Push boundaries: Using hybrid carbon technology, the LM 107 stretches the blade length/weight ratio, and our innovative engineers continue to develop next-generation blades beyond 100 meters
      • Global presence seeds local growth

      • With 13 factories, in 10 countries, on 4 continents, we operate in established and emerging wind energy markets all over the world.

        We know what it takes to:
        • Produce high-quality blades, anywhere: Uniform processes ensure reliable blades, enabling our customers to launch their new wind turbine in several markets at the same time.
        • Secure on-time delivery: Our global supply chain ensures economies of scale, and our customers count on our flexible and responsive manufacturing set-up.
        • Offer fast and reliable onsite assistance: Our network of highly skilled service teams is ready to assist with any technical issue.
      • Tailored blades to fit customer demands

      • Tailored blades are fundamental to a high-performance, competitive wind turbine. And for us, tailored blades are the standard.

        We know what it takes to:
        • Optimize blade profiles and validate new materials and designs: Our wind tunnel and full-scale test facilities ensure our blade designs are validated before launch.
        • Develop customized blades for all platforms: Variable root diameters, blade lengths and aerodynamic add-on’s are perfectly optimized to each wind turbine – while still taking advantage of economies of scale.
        • Increase annual energy production: Ultimately, our proven building blocks reduce the cost of energy and bring the most competitive blades – and turbines – to the market.
    • Blade Types

    • More than 40 years of experience

      The rotor is the motor and we know it. Our expertise is based on a proven track record: approximately every fifth wind turbine in the world is fitted with LM Wind Power blades. It's safe to say we have mastered the art of blade design and manufacturing.

      The blades are the motor in a wind turbine and they extract all the energy from the wind. Our products, with their superior technology and engineering, have been at the forefront of the wind industry for over three decades and contributed to making wind energy competitive compared to conventional power sources.

      The most direct way to exert any decisive influence on the price of wind power is by increasing annual energy production. Our central ambition, which we share with our customers, is to deliver rotor solutions which enhance the performance of turbines, thereby continuously reducing the Cost of Energy.
        • RELIABILITY COMES FROM EXPERIENCE Record-breaking blades

        • HOW BIG IS 88.4 METERS?

          The London Eye looks small next to this massive rotor. In fact, the swept area of a wind turbine with the LM 88.4 P is large enough to cover 3 soccer fields, or the entire Colosseum!

          We introduced the LM 88.4 p in 2016 as the longest, most advanced, wind turbine blade in the world. Today, blades are growing in size at a rapid pace, including our largest blade to date, the LM 107.0 p, which builds on our experience and knowledge gained from past record-breakers. Explore what we learned from the designing, manufacturing, transportation and testing of the LM 88.4 p in 2016, to manufacture the next generation of ultra-long wind turbine blades.

          When it was unveiled in 2016, the LM 88.4 P dwarved all its predecessors. There was no other blade like it.

          Powering an 8 megawatt wind turbine – this rotor was the ‘motor’ for one of the largest mechanical structures on earth at that time. It was designed and manufactured with sufficient quality and reliability to withstand 25 years of life offshore, in the harshest weather conditions and roughest seas.

          One set, of three blades, was capable of powering around 10,000 homes – that’s a whole town – lit up by a single wind turbine. Ten will power a city.

          Ultra-long wind turbine blades are a product of game-changing talent, teamwork and technology. Alongside our suppliers and customers, LM Wind Power is living our vision – Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world.
            • Nominal capacity
              1.5 MW - 2 MW

            • Based on modular technology featuring modular aerodynamics, modular structure and modular manufacturing tooling, LM Wind Power is able to deliver customized blades in mixes of length and structure for 2 MW turbines and extend their life cycle into lower-wind regions.

              2 MW Blades, fitted to your needs
              optimized blade solution: setting new standards for cost of energy using flexible building blocks, we find the optimal fit for your turbine.

              LM Wind Power provides customized blades with variable root diameters, lengths and geometries, while ensuring a fast launch on the global market with economies of scale and competitiveness. LM Wind Power’s latest blade design, LM 56.8 P with variable root bolt circle diameter, will fit your need for a 2 MW 115/116 turbine. The blade has a very low weight of just 11.3 tonnes which makes it suitable for a wide range of turbine designs. The LM 56.8 P’s newly designed aerodynamic profile gives the best optimized performance and again proves the validity of LM Wind Power’s blade design philosophy, reducing the total Cost of Energy.
            • Nominal capacity
              2.5 MW - 3.3 MW

            • Based on modular technology featuring modular aerodynamics, modular structure and modular manufacturing tooling, LM Wind Power delivers customized blades in mixes of length and structure for 2.5-3.3 MW turbines and extends their life cycle into lower-wind regions.

              tailor-made, next-generation 3 MW blades
              optimized blade solution, setting new standards for cost of energy.

              Using flexible building blocks, we find the optimal fit for your turbine. LM Wind Power provides customized blades with variable root diameters and lengths while ensuring a fast launch on the global market with economies of scale and competitiveness. This modular concept, combined with LM Wind Power’s unique understanding of aerodynamics and loads, has proven to increase Annual Energy Production (AEP) by up to 14 % for blades in 2.5-3.3 MW segment. These highly efficient blades expand the possibilities for power generation in wind class II-IV around the world and again prove the validity of LM Wind Power’s blade design philosophy resulting in reducing the total Cost of Energy.
            • Nominal capacity
              5 MW - 6 MW

            • Reliable blade technology backed by a proven offshore track record: over 3,000 equivalent blade-years of offshore operational experience.

              delivering on offshore requirements today while preparing for the demands of tomorrow
              the complexities of the marine environment demand high quality, reliable technologies which ensure predictable opex and overall business case certainty. lm wind power is a proven leader in this sector, as the first company to install offshore blades.

              Our engineers constantly push the boundaries of blade size, airfoil shape and material technology, laying the foundations for 100+ meter blades that to power turbines 12 MW and beyond in the future. Our specialist capabilities repeatedly make us leaders in the size race, most recently with the LM 107.0 P offshore blade at 107 meters in length.

              More than 35 years of experience
              We base our offshore blades on more than 35 years of experience in blade design and manufacturing and more than 228,000 blades – driven by in-house materials research and full-scale testing which stretches beyond certification requirements.

              Proven track record
              Since 1991, we have produced hundreds of multi-megawatt LM Wind Power blades for 16 offshore wind farms in the UK, China, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. And LM Wind Power continues to work on the next generation of blades longer than 100 meters.
          • Features and Add-ons

          • Tailored to specific needs

            All LM Wind Power blades integrate standard features into the overall blade design, and we custom-develop and fit add-ons onto blades in consultation with our customers.

            Our products come with a series of standard and add-on features that define our blades. The features blend high performance and reliability, over the years positioning lm wind power as the largest and preferred supplier of wind turbine blades.
            The standard features for all LM Wind Power blade types include pre-bending, integrated gel coat, lightning conducting systems, low noise tips and tried and tested root solutions. We customize certain add-ons for each blade type in consultation with our customers, including the SafeReceptor insulated lightning protection system, leading edge tape for reliability and vortex generators on the blade surface to maximize performance.


            Standard features
            These features bring a great blend of high performance and reliability.
            • Pre-bending
            • Integrated gelcoat
            • Low-noise tip
            • Lightning strike registration
            • SuperRoot - tried and tested root solution

            We customize these add-ons for each blade type in consultation with our customers.

            • Leading edge erosion protection
            • Vortex generators
            • Serrations
            • T-Spoilers
            • The SafeReceptor insulated lightning protection system
            • De-icing system
              • Services

                  • Blade Service

                  • As your reliable partner for advanced blade services, our expert service team is never far away.
                    Wind turbine blades are designed to operate for more than 25 years, withstanding all types of weather. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to securing this long term investment.
                    With more than 35 years of experience, we have one of the world's largest blade service teams and offer detailed knowledge of all aspects of your blades. Approximately one in five blades worldwide were designed and manufactured by LM Wind Power - more than 228,000 blades produced since 1978! This inside knowledge enables us to expertly service our own blades and those of any wind turbine manufacturer worldwide.

                    We know blades. And, we know what it takes to keep them turning.
                    Read to find out how our global blade service team can meet your needs, and contact us today to learn more!
                  • The ProBlade Ultra - An innovative leading edge protection

                  • Why is leading edge protection (lep) of wind turbine blades necessary
                    Leading edge erosion (LEE) is a phenomenon where the leading edge of a wind turbine blade is eroded due to rain, hail, UV, sand, dust, and numerous airborne particulates. Since wind turbine blades are built to last over 2 decades, this erosion exposes the fiberglass beneath and ultimately impacts the blade’s life causing the turbine to produce less energy over time.

                    Leading edge erosion repairs account for more than half of the blade repairs thus making up for a very large portion of repair costs and lost revenue due to downtime. With ever-increasing blade lengths and turbines operating in harsher weather conditions, an innovative leading edge protection (LEP) with high erosion resistance is essential.
                  • Logistics

                  • The best possible protection during blade transport

                    Be certain that your blades are handled correctly from the moment they leave our factories to the time they are mounted on the turbines.

                    The Blades Logistics Solution is a supplementary logistics service offered to our customers. We leverage global transportation, blade handling competency, fixture solutions, and in-plant shipment coordination into a single, focused resource.

                    We enable easier communication and a low total delivery cost due to improved transportation efficiency, route optimization, and contract negotiation. LM Wind Power also offers installation support, which enables easy coordination. Furthermore, our customers can be certain their blades are handled correctly from the moment they leave our factories to the time they are mounted on the turbines.
                • Sustainability

                • We’ve always worked hard to carefully balance profitable growth, integrity and caring for people as well as for the environment. This is our commitment and we are constantly raising our game and ambitions.

                  We create value for the long term

                  Sustainability is not about philanthropy or making us look better than we are. It’s about building a profitable, sustainable business that delivers value for all of our stakeholders now and in the future.

                  In 2010, we joined the UN Global Compact as a signal of our commitment to running the business in a sustainable way. Our ambitions stretch beyond meeting regulatory requirements. We strive to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and have reported on our performance every year since 2011.

                  We contribute part of the solution to the world’s most pressing challenges – like rising energy needs from growing populations and better living standards, resource scarcity, poverty, inequality and climate change. We are justifiably proud of our long track record in contributing to renewable energy but we want to do more. It’s a matter of not wasting resources, planning ahead, and constantly trying to improve. Those are the overall headlines for our sustainability initiatives that we focus within the areas of Safety, Environment, Technology and People.

                  In December 2016, we took our sustainability leadership one step further: announcing our commitment to go carbon neutral by 2018. We reached our goal in July of 2018, becoming the first carbon neutral business in the wind industry. Today, we continue to work to reduce our emissions each year to go carbon neutral, and we want to inspire other businesses to do the same.