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  • For more than 30 years Winergy is the global leader for innovative drive systems and wind turbine components. One of three wind turbines installed worldwide is equipped with one of our gearboxes and couplings for converting wind power into electrical energy.  The product portfolio covers power ratings between 750 kW and 6.5MW. This is complemented by a high quality professional service portfolio. Production and service locations are located in Germany, China, India and the US, while the base of service partners is expanded continuously on a global level.
Product Portfolio
  • Gearboxes

  • Pioneered and perfected by Winergy
    Winergy, the global market leader, produced its first wind-turbine gearbox in 1981, and since then has continuously worked on technical and quality-related concepts. Setting the standard in the industry for combined helical and planetary stages as well as super-finishing of gears, Winergy has delivered over 70,000 gearboxes to its satisfied customers.

    Gearboxes for a wide power range
    As the central component of the drive system, the gearbox converts the low speed of the rotor shaft into a high revolution that drives the generator. Winergy offers both standard and customer-specific engineered products in the power range from 600 kilowatts to 6.5 megawatts - always optimized for the given requirements.

    Advantages of Winergy gearboxes

    • Production and service facilities in all major markets
    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Every gearbox 100 percent tested prior to delivery
    • Compatibility with 50/60 Hz grids, different rotor diameters, and shrinkdisc as well as flange configurations
    • Prototype testing in climate chamber and with 200 percent overload
    • Gearbox serviceability concepts taken into account during the design phase
    • State-of-the-art and innovative products through continuous R&D
    • Leading supplier of offshore gearboxes with multi-megawatt experience since 2003 (five megawatts and more)
      • HybridDrive

      • The wind turbine power pack
        To bring the energy generation costs down to a minimum, drive components for wind turbines must be designed to deliver the highest possible efficiency. To meet all customer requirements, Winergy has added a new concept to its product portfolio - The HybridDrive.

        Compact and efficient
        The direct linkage of the two-speed gear and the permanent-magnet generator shortens the drive train by up to 50%. Despite its compact dimensions, the HybridDrive is extremely efficient. In fact, with an efficiency of >96,5% (measured @ rated power) for gearbox and generator, it has the best efficiency of any existing technology.

        Benefits of the Winergy HybridDrive for wind turbines:
        • Compact dimensions: Gear unit and generator in a single product
        • Best possible efficiency for onshore and offshore use
        • Flexible, for use in any nacelle configuration
        • Highly maintenance and service-friendly thanks to modular design
        • Low dependence on rare earth materials
        • Choose between conventional roller bearings and innovative slide bearings.
      • Multi Duored Gearbox

      • With its very high power density (Nm/kg) the Multi Duored technology is convincing as a result of its compact design and the reduced costs per kW. In addition to the more compact design, the two output shafts are certainly worth noting. These are coupled to two generators connected in parallel instead of to just one single generator.

        When designing this unit, special emphasis was placed on ensuring that service can be performed as efficiently and simply as possible. In the Multi Duored gearbox, the small parts in the area of the bearings, gearing and casting parts are almost all identical. As far as the size and weight of these components is concerned, it was ensured that the capacity limits of the load cranes in the nacelle are not exceeded and also that these parts can be manufactured worldwide. The compact design of the individual parts increases the stiffness of the gearbox as a whole. This is the reason that the gearbox runs smoothly and precisely even during fast power transients. The gearbox can be rotated through 360° around the longitudinal axis to allow all of the modules in the nacelle to be accessed for service. This flexibility means that all of the components are accessible and the gearbox can be completely overhauled locally. Removal and logistical costs are eliminated.

        Advantages of the Multi Duored gearbox:
        • High power density in a compact and light design
        • Great serviceability
        • Maintenance and service are possible without having to remove the unit from the nacelle
        • Two generators for variable power output
        • Scalable up to 12 MW
    • Couplings

    • Making reliable connections
      A reliable connection between gearbox and generator is an important factor in successful wind energy production. The coupling does not only transmits the torque, it also protects the attached components against overload and travelling leakage currents. In the process of delivering thousands of high-quality wind couplings, Winergy has gained a lot of experience and expertise, which are continuously being incorporated in the development of new products. Winergy's maintenance and wear-free products connect our customers' drive trains over the entire lifetime of the wind turbine, making the investment calculation easy for each wind turbine OEM and developer.

      Advantages of Winergy couplings
      • Maintenance-free, wear-resistant, no lubrication required
      • Nearly unlimited service life
      • Comprehensively tested in our testing center
      • Excellent power-to-weight ratio and structure-borne noise insulation
      • Permissible angular misalignment up to 3°
      • Coupling components can be dismounted radially, so connected machines stay in place
      • Available in an electrically insulating version with overload protection
        • Added value through systems expertise

        • Decades of experience and perfectly matched components
          Thirty years of experience and a product portfolio that produces complete systems have formed the basis of many successful collaborations with our customers over the past decades.

          Our experience and expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering have evolved a set of sophisticated drive-train products and service offerings specialized for the wind power industry.
            • Winergy - a pioneer in the wind power industry

            • In 1981 Winergy started as one of the first suppliers the industrial production of gearboxes especially designed for the wind industry. At that point Winergy still belonged to Flender - the renowned gearbox manufacturer with nearly 100 years of experience. The product portfolio was expanded to include couplings even prior to the foundation of Winergy AG in 2001.

              Market leader with 30 years of experience
              Thirty years of experience has resulted in a gearbox track record of more than 70,000 installed gearboxes - a number that is growing every year. Every second wind turbine worldwide is equipped with at least one Winergy component. This experience has helped us to become what we are today: the global market leader for drive train components.
            • Winergy globalized presence

            • Moving together with our customers into new markets was a logical step for Winergy, enabling us to make high-quality products available under local conditions.

              After Winergy AG was founded 2001 in Germany, Winergy Drive Systems Corporation was established in the same year in Elgin, IL, USA. The market entry into the Asian markets took place in 2005 with an opening of a plant in Chennai, India and 2006 in Tianjin, China (Winergy Drive Systems Ltd.).

              Our global production capacities allow us to provide excellent supply flexibility around the world. This allows our customers to remain competitive in global markets and also to respond to shifting regional demands.
            • Highest quality for our customer

            • In the late 1980s, the wind turbine market faced quality issues arising from the young industry's lack of experience. In response, Winergy developed rigorous test programs for all gearboxes and the other drive train components. Each and every drive train component - whether new or serviced - must pass our challenging test runs. With 65 megawatts of test-bench capacity, Winergy is the current world champion in this area.

              Our test programs include: Power rating, Sound intensity, Vibration, Temperatures on bearings, Torque, Speed, Oil sump, oil supply, oil return temperatures, and Oil purity

              In our climate chamber, we thoroughly test our prototypes' global applicability in all weather conditions. Potential faults are spotted prior to delivery, thereby saving our customers' money by keeping their turbines turning! For Winergy, quality is not a local issue - it is a global topic. Winergy has integrated the same strict quality standards into all of its production and service facilities - with no exceptions.
            • Integrated process management with optimized workflows

            • High-quality products and rapid delivery times are the most basic requirements for every customer. This is why we strive for holistic process management, lean operations, and zero failures. By pinpointing and minimizing potential defect sources throughout the value chain, we achieve the highest product quality and organizational reliability.

              Zero defect tolerance
              Winergy has made significant strides in identifying and eliminating potential defects in all process steps. This has also entailed significant cross-departmental improvements.
              If errors do occur, we consistently track them down. Error prevention and solution measures are defined and implemented through a structured set of procedures. Our suppliers share our commitment to a zero defect tolerance, which ensures that the Winergy value chain has no weak links.

              Short lead times and optimized processes
              By introducing a comprehensive production system into our manufacturing process, we have significantly reduced lead times as well as waste and errors. And we have made an agreement with our suppliers to implement frozen processes, which means that our optimized process steps - including materials and alloys - remain unchanged. The result? The highest product and process quality for our customers.
            • Individual customer support in every phase of the product lifecycle

            • Winergy views itself as a technical advisor and partner for our customers. This accounts for all of our products and services - with no exception.

              Competitive solutions
              We are experts in identifying the best possible solution for each wind turbine development project. Starting from a very basic requirement specification, our team supports customers in finding the optimal drive train, taking both technological and business elements into account. Our focus is on bringing the total lifecycle costs down to the most competitive levels and therefore increasing your return on investment.

              Customer support - important for us since we started
              Our service team looks back on a successful track record in customer support. We develop customized solutions to match your needs, including service contracts, exchange concepts, and tools that enable up-tower maintenance.
            • Highest reliability through innovation

            • Winergy has been the leading supplier of innovative drive train component concepts since the early years of the global wind power industry. Many product designs, processes, and procedures have become industry standards after their introduction by Winergy. Every production step is carefully observed - from the design phase to the final product - to ensure that the customer receives the most highly developed and efficient product. This applies not only to our new-product business but also to our service offerings.

              Analyzing the current needs and future trends of the market, Winergy is constantly developing new concepts, designs, materials, gear geometries, and solutions.

              All of our innovation efforts have two objectives in common: improving drive train reliability and decreasing product lifecycle costs.
          • Your partner for wind turbine service

          • Winergy supplies a wide range of service solutions for its customers. Our customers' requirements are highly individual, and our wind turbine service concepts are tailored to fit.

            Our prime goals are to ensure that your systems are fully available and that your operating costs are kept low.
              • Technical support: First-class service

              • Our customers' requirements and plans are highly individual. Winergy's customer service teams work closely with each company to develop a service concept to meet every need. Our common goals are high system availability and low operating costs. All the necessary procedures are professionally coordinated, drawing on the deep knowledge of Winergy components from our 30 years of manufacturing experience.

                Your advantages at a glance
                • 24/7 hotline
                • Global network of local partners authorized by Winergy
                • Competent and friendly service team
                • 30 years of experience servicing wind drive-train components
                • Original documentation for all serviced products

              • Drive train components spare-parts

              • Highest part quality and 100 percent traceability
                We start with top-quality raw materials and original drawings, realize our designs using state-of-the-art production processes and technologies, and finally we subject all components to stringent quality control.

                Highest availability
                A huge inventory allows for fast deliveries. Thousands of spare parts for all standard gears are kept in stock. Immediate availability ensures efficient service and shorter downtimes.

                Optimized geometry
                Winergy optimizes tooth geometry on the micron level. Spare parts that are not manufactured according to the original specifications can sustain significantly higher wear. Being able to rely on original spare parts means an increased lifespan for your wind turbines.
              • Field service: specialist for challenging projects

              • Local specialists minimize response times
                A rapid response from specialists is a key element of Winergy's service, with local specialists to minimize response times.

                Special tools optimized for Winergy products
                Special tools designed by Winergy can lower or even eliminate the cost of crane equipment and reduce maintenance costs overall.

                On-site repairs
                Many years of experience in conjunction with continuous in-house development of drive components have provided Winergy's customer-service teams with the expertise required for on-site turbine repairs.
              • Worksjop service: repairs and updgrades

              • Winergy service performs gearbox refurbishment (disassembly and assembly) according to the specific failure mode, condition, design status, and original scope of delivery.

                Product upgrades to the latest version
                Our service strategy is to implement technological improvements that have occurred during the lifetime of every component. These upgrades ensure that the most reliable products are integrated during repairs of the original gearbox.

                Sophisticated inspections and evaluations
                The key element of our gearbox refurbishment process is the Winergy service team's extensive experience in all phases - particularly in inspecting parts and evaluating them in terms of their potential for reuse and reworking. A final test run ensures that the highest repair standards are met.

                Strictly defined repair processes
                Based on the zero-defect culture implemented in our new-product assembly processes, our service procedures also follow clearly defined repair processes. In this way, every product is in step with the highest turbine quality specifications to ensure safe operation.
              • Spare components pool: available for every turbine

              • Winergy service handles all Winergy components both in and out of serial production. Due to our long history, Winergy manages a large installed base and is able to provide complete spare components for nearly every wind turbine type and power range from 150 kilowatts to 6.5 megawatts.

                Flender/Winergy gearboxes

                Winergy has manufactured more than 175 different gearbox types for all known wind turbine manufacturers. Winergy branched off from Flender in 2001, and is still able to service all Flender wind gearboxes.