• Online exhibition presenting manufaturers of industrial sensors, encoders, process control and machine vision
  • Exhibition Area: Motion and Force Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Safety Sensors

    • 07
      • Safety Sensors

      • Safety curtains, safety equipment, light barriers, safety switches...
  • Exhibition Area: Machine Vision & Cameras

  • Exhibition Area: Metrology & Quality Control

    • 12
      • Metrology

      • Metrology, Mobile 3D on site coordinate measurement, large volume metrology, machine tracking & positioning...
    • 14
      • Surface Analysis

      • 3D Scanners, vision systems, image processing for surface inspection...
    • 16
      • Quality Control

      • Quality & process control systems, diagnosis systems, part inspection, manufacturing process inspection...
    • 17
      • Spectrometers

      • High end and mini spectrometers for gas, liquid and solid material analysis...
    • 18
      • Microscopes

      • Microscopes, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM), lenses...
    • 21
      • Color Sensors

      • Brightness sensors, color detection, luminescence & contrast sensors...
  • Exhibition Area: Identification and Material Flow Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Position Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Liquid, Gas and Chemical Sensors

    • 32
      • Chemical Sensors

      • Concentration, composition analysis and chemical reaction monitoring sensors...
    • 36
      • Liquid Flow Sensors

      • Liquid sensors, flow meters, liquid analysis, velocity sensor, venturi sensors...
    • 37
      • Level Sensor

      • Liquid level sensors, electro-optic, ultrasonic, float level sensors, level transmitters...
    • 38
      • Hydraulic Sensors

      • Hydraulic and oil sensors, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic temperature & flow sensors...
    • 39
      • Pneumatic Sensors

      • Pneumatic and gas sensors, pneumatic pressure, temperature & flow sensors...
    • 40
      • Vacuum sensors

      • Vacuum sensors, pressure sensors, vacuum leak detectors, vacuum reading, vacuum gauge...
  • Exhibition Area: Electric and Magnetic Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Micro Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Process Control

    • 46
      • Automation Control

      • Automation control, robot control, process and assembly automation control systems...
    • 47
      • Motion Control

      • Motor controls, PLCs, motion control, drives, inverters, hydraulic and pneumatic controls...
    • 48
      • Machine Control

      • Machine control, PLCs, PC based control, visualization, handhelds...
    • 51
      • Power Control

      • Power control, power measurement and dispatching, power saving, systems and equipment...
    • 52
      • Joysticks

      • Joysticks for machine control, automotive and medical applications, camera control...
  • Exhibition Area: Cables, Signal Transmission and Interfaces

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    • Optics
    biogas engine

    Focus tunable lenses


    Fast, reliable and compact focusing solutions for imaging and laser applications. [...]

    •   Expo
    • Thermal imaging
    robot industry 4.0

    Fixed thermal imaging gains significance


    Solutions for continuous temperature monitoring improve safety, product quality, productivity, and reliability [...]

    •   Expo
    • 3D Scanner
    robot industry 4.0

    3D metrology


    Highly accurate, portable and easy-to-use solutions [...]

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    • sensors & controls
    automation industry exhibition

    RenDx® technology helps diagnose fatal diseases


    Potential healthcare applications of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) – the detection method behind Renishaw Diagnostics Limited’s (RDL) RenDx® technology – have recently been described [...]

    •   News
    • optics
    Graph table

    TECHSPEC® Barium Fluoride Windows offers wide broadband transmission

    Edmund Optic

    These windows are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including infrared (IR) spectroscopy, as they offer wide broadband transmission extending from the deep ultraviolet (UV) to the long-wave IR [...]

    •   News
    • motion control
    motion control

    MELSERVO MR-J4 - Motion control technoloy to innovate packaging applications

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Motion Control platform, the MELSEC iQ was recently extended with servo-drives and matched servomotors [...]

    •   News
    • hydraulics
    Hydraulic Torque Wrench

    New WCR4000 Hydraulic Torque Wrench


    The WCR4000 combines power and durability with a slim spanner design to provide bolting professionals with one of the most versatile and high performing limited access tools on the market [...]

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    • renewable energy
    automation industry exhibition

    How does an biogas power plant work


    Regardless of where an EnviTec biogas plant is operated, the basic principle is relatively simple. Just take a virtual Tour [...]

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    • machine vision
    Graph table

    The Inspection of Bond Wire With Machine Vision Cameras

    ALLIED Vision

    Innovative imaging system with AVT digital cameras measures microscopic bond wire connections [...]

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    • industrial sensors
    ultrasonic sensor

    Ultrasonic sensors provide the coverage needed when optical sensors reach their limits


    The ultrasonic sensor offers several advantages over photoelectric sensors. It is possible to detect transparent, high-gloss and multicolored objects [...]