• Online exhibition presenting manufaturers of industrial sensors, encoders, process control and machine vision
  • Exhibition Area: Motion and Force Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Safety Sensors

    • 07
      • Safety Sensors

      • Safety curtains, safety equipment, light barriers, safety switches...
  • Exhibition Area: Machine Vision & Cameras

  • Exhibition Area: Metrology & Quality Control

    • 12
      • Metrology

      • Metrology, Mobile 3D on site coordinate measurement, large volume metrology, machine tracking & positioning...
    • 14
      • Surface Analysis

      • 3D Scanners, vision systems, image processing for surface inspection...
    • 16
      • Quality Control

      • Quality & process control systems, diagnosis systems, part inspection, manufacturing process inspection...
    • 17
      • Spectrometers

      • High end and mini spectrometers for gas, liquid and solid material analysis...
    • 18
      • Microscopes

      • Microscopes, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM), lenses...
    • 21
      • Color Sensors

      • Brightness sensors, color detection, luminescence & contrast sensors...
  • Exhibition Area: Identification and Material Flow Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Position Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Liquid, Gas and Chemical Sensors

    • 32
      • Chemical Sensors

      • Concentration, composition analysis and chemical reaction monitoring sensors...
    • 36
      • Flow Sensors

      • Liquid sensors, gas sensors, flow meters, liquid analysis, velocity sensor, venturi sensors...
    • 37
      • Level Sensor

      • Liquid level sensors, electro-optic, ultrasonic, float level sensors, level transmitters...
    • 38
      • Hydraulic Sensors

      • Hydraulic and oil sensors, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic temperature & flow sensors...
    • 39
      • Pneumatic Sensors

      • Pneumatic and gas sensors, pneumatic pressure, temperature & flow sensors...
    • 40
      • Vacuum sensors

      • Vacuum sensors, pressure sensors, vacuum leak detectors, vacuum reading, vacuum gauge...
  • Exhibition Area: Electric and Magnetic Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Micro Sensors

  • Exhibition Area: Process Control

    • 46
      • Automation Control

      • Automation control, robot control, process and assembly automation control systems...
    • 47
      • Motion Control

      • Motor controls, PLCs, motion control, drives, inverters, hydraulic and pneumatic controls...
    • 48
      • Machine Control

      • Machine control, PLCs, PC based control, visualization, handhelds...
    • 51
      • Power Control

      • Power control, power measurement and dispatching, power saving, systems and equipment...
    • 52
      • Joysticks

      • Joysticks for machine control, automotive and medical applications, camera control...
  • Exhibition Area: Cables, Signal Transmission and Interfaces

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    • Intrusion Detection
    thermal imaging

    Intrusion Detection

    Heimann Sensor

    The automated sensing of a person or animal into a surveilled area, is one of the main applications of low-resolution thermopile arrays like Heimann Sensor’s 32×32 array[...]

    •   Expo
    • Robot sensors
    robot industry 4.0

    Presence and position monitoring on the wafer robot


    Two G2F photoelectric sensors on the wafer robot check for the presence and correct position of wafers [...]

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    • Acoustic imager
    robot industry 4.0

    Fixed Acoustic Imager


    Fluke releases its first fixed acoustic imaging solution for manufacturing environments[...]

    •   Expo
    • Optics
    biogas engine

    Focus tunable lenses


    Fast, reliable and compact focusing solutions for imaging and laser applications. [...]

    •   Expo
    • 3D Scanner
    robot industry 4.0

    3D metrology


    Highly accurate, portable and easy-to-use solutions [...]

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    • sensors & controls
    automation industry exhibition

    RenDx® technology helps diagnose fatal diseases


    Potential healthcare applications of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) – the detection method behind Renishaw Diagnostics Limited’s (RDL) RenDx® technology – have recently been described [...]

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    • optics
    Graph table

    TECHSPEC® Barium Fluoride Windows offers wide broadband transmission

    Edmund Optic

    These windows are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including infrared (IR) spectroscopy, as they offer wide broadband transmission extending from the deep ultraviolet (UV) to the long-wave IR [...]

    •   Expo
    • Thermal imaging
    robot industry 4.0

    Fixed thermal imaging gains significance


    Solutions for continuous temperature monitoring improve safety, product quality, productivity, and reliability [...]