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Business Profile

The climate change alters the availability of resources, an increasing number of consumers demands sustainable products – the requirements on industrial processes with regard to efficiency, transparency and traceability are continually growing. Our target is to provide companies with production processes, as for example food industry, with technologies for the sustainable use of the resources water, energy and raw materials.

farmatic waste water treatment plants purify highly loaded waste waters flexible and efficient. Compared to plants working with concrete basins, farmatic waste water treatment plants can be produced with considerable less energy input as well as an also considerably better carbon footprint.

Organic wastes, as generated in agriculture, food processing or palm oil and sugar industry contain an energetic potential we make useable with our waste processing biogas plants. Besides the responsible handling with food products the energy production from existing wastes forms an important contribution for the full use of raw materials. At the same time end products rich in nutrients are created – equally closing the circuits of nutrients and energy.

The tank storage systems of farmatic ensure a significantly lower energy demand in climate control. Several technological innovations minimise the energy losses with the storage of heat and cold.