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  • Offer Profile

    The climate change alters the availability of resources, an increasing number of consumers demands sustainable products – the requirements on industrial processes with regard to efficiency, transparency and traceability are continually growing. Our target is to provide companies with production processes, as for example food industry, with technologies for the sustainable use of the resources water, energy and raw materials. farmatic waste water treatment plants purify highly loaded waste waters flexible and efficient. Compared to plants working with concrete basins, farmatic waste water treatment plants can be produced with considerable less energy input as well as an also considerably better carbon footprint.

Product Portfolio

  • Most farmatic wastewater treatment plants have been designed to use the sequential batch reactor process. SBR technology was introduced to German municipal wastewater treatment as early as 1994. The technological advantages of farmatic wastewater treatment plants offer significant cost savings at an increased treatment capacity. farmatic SBR plants are a suitable and efficient alternative to conventional aerobic wastewater treatment systems.
    By combining various treatment processes (anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic zones and settling tank) in one reactor, our clients can reduce investment cost significantly. Additionally, our plants offer safe and controlled process steps and optimal treatment efficiency.



            • Patented Charging/Discharging System Optimizes Energy Utilisation
              Our heat storage systems (TES) and combined cold and heat storage systems (CES/TES) enable efficient storage of thermal energy, especially by the patented charging/discharging system. The optimal stratification of the storage medium minimizes losses and considerably supports the economic operation of the plant. A quick mounting together with the use of optional tank sizes is offered by the bolted farmatic tanks also in the storage sector. Longevity and high quality of the screw connection within the tanks is ensured by the also patented f-protect system.

              In industry, agriculture and municipalities the increasing integration of renewable, fluctuating energy sources makes the use of flexible storage options to an important instrument with the control of energy flows. Our thermal energy storage systems comply with all the requirements for the cost efficient as well as universal use and present an optimal bridging of the gap between energy production and demand. Therefore we are currently also committed to a project of the German government relating to energy storage.

              Annual inspections can be omitted as the storage facility does not underly the pressure equipment directive. The powder-coated special material with a high corrosion protection and optimal thermal resistence used in production ensures best possible stability, also with extreme structural loads.