• Offer Profile
  • Thomas Broadbent has extensive dedicated in-house manufacturing facilities capable of manufacturing and testing equipment to international standards.

    Broadbent is structured in five Divisions, three of which support particular market segments. The remaining divisions are a dedicated service and support division for all types of centrifuge and a main manufacturing division that produces new Broadbent centrifuges.

    • Industrial Process Division
    • Sugar and Sweetener Division
    • Laundry Business Division
    • Spares, Service and Repairs Division
    • Broadbent Manufacturing Division
Product Portfolio
  • Centrifuge Products

  • Broadbent products include a wide range of centrifuge types for the process industries. These include :

    • Batch Centrifuges
    • Industrial Peelers
    • Decanter Centrifuges
    • Geotechnical Centrifuges
    • Scroll Screen Centrifuges
    • Centrifuge Conversions
    • Purge Panels
    • Pilot Plant Equipment
    • Special Projects

    This equipment can be manufactured in various materials suitable for most process and corrosion requirements.

    Material of construction include 'exotic' materials such as duplex stainless alloys, hastelloy, nickel, titanium etc. together with non-metallic inert coatings such as halar and PTFE.

      • Batch Centrifuges

      • Our range of Vertical Axis Basket Centrifuges is versatile and well-suited to the separation of pharmaceuticals and fine or bulk chemicals. As with all Broadbent designs of chemical centrifuges, the range is available in a wide variety of materials of construction. Nitrogen purging and designs suitable for use in Zone I hazardous areas are available.

        • Designed for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals
        • Maximum product containment
        • Electric variable speed drive and plough system
        • Capacities from 5 to over 1250 Litres
        • Excellent cake washing facilities
        • Minimum solids breakage
        • Advanced multi-recipe PLC controls
        • CIP and cGMP options for all sizes
        • Conformity with CE regulations, EN 12 547, IS09001 and all relevant standards.
      • Peeler Centrifuges

      • Designed to handle a wide spectrum of materials, including Pharmaceuticals this range of machines offers process cleanliness without operator intervention. The design ensures a crevice-free polished internal finish with no dead areas. The peeler knife mechanism facilitates the complete removal of the product heel. Where necessary, a through-the-wall configuration completely isolates product and process from the actual machine operation and maintenance area. Peelers can be produced in a wide range of materials, and all incorporate advanced PLC control systems. Nitrogen purging is an option.

        Features :

        • Suitable for hygiene-critical applications.
        • User friendly CIP system, fully opening casing -100% basket inspection.
        • Batch integrity : batch to batch containment: no cross contamination
        • Filter and decanting versions.
        • Capacity per charge from 60 to over 800 Litres.
        • Conformity with CE regulations, EN12547, ISO 9001, and all relevant standards, including cGMP where required.
      • Decanter Centrifuges

      • Solid Bowl and Screen Bowl Decanter Centrifuges.
        The two primary types of decanter centrifuge are : Solid bowl decanters and Screen bowl decanters.
        For details and a video on how decanter centrifuges work please see our principle of operations page.

        The main features of the decanter centrifuge are:

        • User friendly advanced control technology
        • Screen and Solid bowl configurations
        • Bowls range from 150mm – 1400mm Diameter
        • Sealed and pressure-tight construction
        • Two and three phase versions
        • Compliant with CE regulations
        • Compliant with environmental noise regulations
        • Low operating costs, low maintenance costs
        • Low cake moisture – high solids removal – high centrate clarity
        • For slurries 1-70% solids: particles 1 micron to > 1cm
        • Solids output from 0.1 – 100T/hr dry solids
        • Centrate output from 40 litres per minute to 5,000 litres per minute
        • Compact – small ‘footprint’
        • Materials of construction to suit the rigours of the application
        • State of the art abrasion resistant materials
      • Geotechnical Centrifuges

      • Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd have the world’s leading range of geotechnical centrifuges underpinned by Cambridge University’s Geotechnical Schofield Laboratory. These specialist geotechnical centrifuges are available with integrated data acquisition systems.

         The new exciting range of geotechnical centrifuges designed and built by Broadbent, supported by Cambridge University’s Drum IPR, is sold under the ‘Broadbent G-Max’ name.

        This range of geotechnical research tools brings together Broadbent’s centrifuge design skills, manufacturing expertise and internationally renowned service network. The data acquisition systems use G-Max's skills and geotechnical test know-how. We offer  support from initial project concept through to final turnkey facility installation and training.

        The product range of drum centrifuges, incorporates Broadbent’s Geotechnical ‘G’ Series Drum Centrifuges and the tilting drum centrifuge invented by Professor Andrew Schofield F.R.S, F.Eng., F.I.C.E of Cambridge University. This worldwide patent-protected drum technology (patent number US 5,634,876) is now integrated into the revolutionary Modular Centrifuge – the world’s first single-platform, multi-test environment, beam and drum centrifuge, designed specifically to offer the complete test environment to the civil engineering researcher.

        Features & Benefits of drum centrifuges.

        • ‘In flight’ advanced manipulation of tool position
        • Compact by comparison with beam centrifuges
        • Inherently safe channel design
        • Safety shield feature allows for tool change whilst samples are ‘in flight’
        • Extended footprint allows multiple position tests
        • Current designs - up to 400 times gravity
        • Free standing centrifuge with rotating parts within substantial casing
        • Channel can operate as a virtual beam
        • Engineering support services worldwide


      • Scroll Screen Centrifuges

      • The scroll-screen centrifuge consists of a horizontally driven scroll conveyor, which revolves at an optimum differential speed within a rotating conical basket. Solids separation from the mother liquor is achieved by the action of centrifugal force, operating at high g force, while discharge takes place via the inclination of the basket and the differential speed of the scroll. At the point of separation, solids are conveyed forwards by the scroll to discharge at the widest open-end of the filter basket, with the filtrate passing directly through the screen.

        • The rotating parts are easily accessible
        • Sophisticated fully automatic CIP systems also available
        • Gas tight options for Nitrogen Purging
        • Pressurised to 500mm water gauge if required
        • The machine and drive motor mounted on a support frame
        • Rubber anti vibration mountings
        • Material distributed evenly around the basket by the scroll, preventing out of balance
        • Materials of construction include stainless steels, hastelloy, titanium etc
        • Abrasion resistant protection
        • The machines vary in size from 200mm to 800mm diameter and can handle feed material with widely varying solid/liquid ratios

        This type of centrifuge can be equipped with automatic scroll speed adjustment to accommodate changing process requirements, which completely eliminates operator intervention and process downtime. Scroll-Screen machines have an excellent washing capability and can be used for solids-liquid separation, where the feed materials have high particle sizes, i.e. 50 microns or above.

        • Compliant with latest CE regulations
        • Low cake moisture – high solid recovery
        • Continuous operation
        • Constant dewatering efficiency
        • Excellent cake washing facilities
        • Separates both floating and sedimenting solids
        • Minimum power consumption
        • Low friction cyclo gear
        • Sealed and pressure tight versions
        • Compact space saving design – small footprint
        • Compliant with environmental noise regulations
        • Low maintenance
        • Construction materials and added wear protection to meet process needs
      • Centrifuge Conversions

      • We can provide centrifuge conversions and upgrades to a full range of Broadbent centrifuges and also, if required, to various non-Broadbent-supplied centrifuges from a range of manufacturers, to bring the specification up to modern day standards and, in many cases, to enhance the process performance and reliabilty.
      • Purge Panels

      • Originally designed for the reliable, robust and safe operation of centrifuges in hazardous areas, these Broadbent systems are designed for use in process plant operations where there is risk of explosion. Our systems maintain positive-flow purging and gas-blanketing with all necessary gas analysers, controls and alarms. 

        Each purging system carries out the following operations:

        • Prior to start up, the system ensures the equipment to be purged is sealed and a small positive pressure (10mB nominal) can be maintained. Any pressure loss will prevent further operation and purge failure will occur.

        • Allows a high continuous flow of nitrogen through the equipment and exhaust via vent extraction until a low level percentage oxygen is attained. A ‘Purge Failure’ is activated if the desired oxygen level is not attained in a pre-set time.

        • A low continual flow of nitrogen provides a positive pressure whilst the equipment is in operation.

        • If during the purge cycle a fault occurs, the system will alarm and continue the operation without interruption thus preventing nuisance tripping. (However, the cause must be investigated as a purge re-start will be prohibited).

        • If during the purge cycle, one of the following ‘Purge Failures’ arises, the equipment will be isolated and the emergency purge introduced: 

          • Oxygen >8%
          • Emergency Nitrogen supply: low pressure
          • Oxygen analyser: failure 
          • Nitrogen flow meter: failure
          • Equipment bearings: high flow
          • Centrifuge: low pressure
          • Initial purge time: exceeded
      • Pilot Plant Equipment

      • Pilot and laboratory centrifuges allow complete process testing on a small scale to reinforce and substantiate proposed systems. Equipment is available in close consultation with Broadbent’s Laboratory facility which provides a reliable source of essential process data.

        Working with the Broadbent Process Laboratory and our pilot scale equipment allows potential centrifuge users to explore the implications of proposed investment. Our equipment is :

        • Specially designed for pilot scale and pre-production tests

        • Available for sale or loan from the Broadbent in-house Laboratory

        • Availalbe with capacities from 5 to 30 Litres.
    • Special Projects

    • Broadbent frequently undertakes specialist tailor-made design work for many international users of separation systems. The company has also extended this customised service into new pilot and full-scale separation development projects.
        • Pilot Plant Equipment

        • Pilot and laboratory centrifuges allow complete process testing on a small scale to reinforce and substantiate proposed systems. Equipment is available in close consultation with Broadbent’s Laboratory facility which provides a reliable source of essential process data.

          Working with the Broadbent Process Laboratory and our pilot scale equipment allows potential centrifuge users to explore the implications of proposed investment. Our equipment is :

          • Specially designed for pilot scale and pre-production tests
          • Available for sale or loan from the Broadbent in-house Laboratory
          • Availalbe with capacities from 5 to 30 Litres.
        • Separation Technology Applications

        • Broadbent’s bespoke separation technology and engineering service creates specialist design solutions for a broad range of international users of separation systems. Our unique expertise and experience also extends to new pilot as well as full-scale separation development projects.

          Our range of separation technology equipment includes :

          • Decanter centrifuges : screen and solid bowl .
          • Batch centrifuges : Vertical batch and horizontal peeler types .
          • Scroll screen centrifuges .
          • Pilot scale centrifuges.
          • Specialist centrifuges.

          See the menu on the left hand side of this page to obtain details on some of our major application areas or select the Products menu for details on individual centrifuge types.

        • Process Lab

        • The Broadbent Process Laboratory provides an exceptional service to prospective clients who want to investigate the separation characteristics of solid - liquid mixtures.


          • Full capability to test the process characteristics of Customer samples. 
          • Test centrifuges available from bench-scale to small production units. 
          • Testing undertaken in-house or at the end-user's plant as required. 
          • On-site training, optimization and commissioning support service. 
          • Full particle and slurry analysis facilities. 
          • Purpose built test laboratory with large fume extraction bay fully equipped with Zone 2 electrics.

          Our Process Laboratory is a key element in finding the right solution to a separation problem. The comprehensive facilities of the laboratory enable Broadbent to provide our clients with detailed process information and help us scale up to full plant operation. 


          Laboratory centrifuges

          • Test-tube centrifuge
          • 100 mm dia perforate and imperforate laboratory basket centrifuge.
        • Research and Technology

        • The research and technology facility at Broadbent includes a full range of in-house engineering and design skills covering process design, mechanical, electrical, and control engineering. All the major parts of our solid liquid separation equipment are made in our own manufacturing facilities.

          Broadbent are an ISO.9001:2008 certified company. Our quality system covers design, manufacture, and installation of our products. Our in-house research and technology team is both experienced and professional comprising over 15 engineers and laboratory staff.

          Our process laboratory has a huge range of experience gained through testing many hundereds of samples from real solid-liquid separation problems over the years. It is the combination of process experience and sound engineering design that helps make Broadbent products an excellent long term investment.

          We also enjoy long-standing links with academic institutions, industrial trade organisations and independent consultants with specialised knowledge, including:

          • Cambridge University Engineering Department
          • Cambridge University Geotechnical Center
          • Filtration Society
          • Textile Services Association
          • British Standards Institute
          • Castings Development Center
        • Technical & Design Capability

        • Over the past 150 years Broadbent has designed and manufactured the vast majority of the products it has sold to the solid-liquid separation, effluent and water recovery markets. Success in these markets requires a sustained commitment to good product design.

          Highlights include:

          • Full mechanical, process and electrical in-house design facilities
          • 3D-CAE systems for engineering design, drawing, FEA analysis, vibration, modal and ODS analysis
          • Design work includes hazard evaluation, risk analysis, certification GAMP, ATEX etc. as required
          • Extensive facilities for programming a variety of industry standard PLC systems
          • Comprehensive test facilities with computer based data logging, vibration analysis, sound/power intensity and EMC compliance.

          In-house facilities are supplemented by close links with leading academic institutions, other external research bodies and industry experts. Not only does this keep Broadbent at the forefront of new techniques, it gives us rapid access to an extensive range of specialist analytical techniques and test facilities.

        • Manufacturing

        • Broadbent manufacturing is a division of Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd located in West Yorkshire, UK. The division offers a complete subcontracting solution covering the full range of engineering disciplines - from fabrication to machining, assembly and test. 

          An apprentice-trained, highly-skilled and flexible workforce provides an excellent subcontracting service.

          In addition to subcontracting work, Broadbent Manufacturing fabricates, machines and assembles the parent company’s large industrial centrifuge products to exacting tolerances and standards.

          We also have a specialist foundry producing aluminium, copper alloy and cast iron components.

        • Quality

        • Broadbent is certified under the international quality standard ISO9001:2008 for the design, development, manufacture and installation of industrial centrifuges and washer extractors. Certification was first gained in 1991. The current certification expires on 31 October 2015.

          Quality objective and policy of Broadbent Ltd.

          High-speed rotating machines demand high standards of design, manufacture and application to ensure safety and reliability throughout their operational life.

          Centrifuges require particular attention to the stressing of rotating parts, containment and interlocking of the centrifuge itself, as well as attention to the corrosion, erosion, toxic and flammable properties of the materials to be separated.

          The essential standards are contained in BS.EN.12547:1999.

          ImageThe Company operates a Quality System based on the requirements of BS.EN.ISO.9001 2000, and summarised in our Quality Manual. The Quality Manual and supporting procedures describe how the Company's Quality Policies regarding the application of the principles of controlled Quality Assurance are implemented. It also defines in detail the operating practices and procedures of all departments whose input or actions may affect the quality of its products and services.

          OUR OBJECTIVE.

          Our overriding objective is to be rated by our customers as their foremost supplier for reliability, delivery and service. This applies to all areas of Broadbent activities, but focuses in particular on:

          Reliability : Get it right first time
          Delivery : Get it to the customer on time 
          Service : Keep it running all the time

          These goals are embodied in the philosophy behind all the company’s quality procedures and form an integral part of everyone's training and day to day objectives.