Company Profile

Bound by tradition As early as the beginning of last century, in 1910, Benjamin Schneider began developing thermometers. Given his manual skills and his wealth of ideas, he developed high quality instruments for leading industrial companies and scientific establishments right from the start. His first-rate products substantiated his excellent reputation in industry and research. Ever since, the number of customers who put their faith in the high precision of Schneider has been steadily growing. In 1954, production was relocated to Wertheim. With this move, the cornerstone for modern production plants and further dynamic growth of the company was laid. Even now, precise measurement of temperature and density is one of the most important tasks of measurement technology - not least for environmental protection and energy provision, which have gained growing significance over the last few decades. Then, as now, the common goal is to produce highly precise instruments for measuring temperature and density. A task to which the fourth generation has dedicated itself every bit as much as their predecessors did.