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  • We provide value added services for semiconductors, displays and quartz devices targeted to the mobile communication, automotive and home visual market. Epson products are recognised for energy saving, low power, small form factors and rapid time to market.
Product Portfolio
  • Gyro & Pressure Sensor

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    • This is a crystal device that a crystal chip is enclosed in a package.
      Crystal units can be classified into tuning fork crystal units, AT crystal units, or SAW resonators, depending on the type of crystal chip used.

    • A crystal oscillator is a crystal device that is able to output a specified frequency because a crystal oscillator and a crystal oscillation circuit (IC) are incorporated into a single package.
      There are TCXO and VCXO etc., various kinds and there is Rubidium atomic oscillator.

    • A real time clock is a circuit or IC that generates digital data for times and dates, etc. from a reference clock. Usually, the reference clock is a 32,768kHz crystal unit.
    • FILTER

    • It is an elemental device in order to extract frequency range from the specific frequency range.
    • SENSOR

    • Sensing devices convert physical quantities such as angular rate,temperature and pressure into electrical signals.

    • Optical device is a products using coating technology or crystal.
      There are prism,filter, and OLPF etc. various products.
  • IMU & Sensing Platform

  • Products

    • IMU (inertial measurement unit)

    • Epson offers a highly stable, accurate and compact IMU (inertial measurement unit) ideal for industrial systems requiring inertial motion analysis and control, motional control, moving object control and stabilization.
    • Sensing platform E-Series (Multiple Sensor Evaluation Unit)

    • The E-Series Sensing Platform provides the ability to quickly and effortlessly evaluate the Epson AH-6120LR 6DOF sensor. Additional sensors contained within the platform make it an ideal evaluation tool for a variety of applications.
    • Sensing platform M-Series (Micro Sensor Evaluation Module)

    • The recently introduced M-Series are individual sensor modules each providing a digital output. The small form-factor make them ideal for almost any application with no further development needed.