Business Profile

The m-u-t Group
m-u-t’s main strength is the complete product development process from concept to serial production.
m-u-t has helped many clients capture their ideas and bring them to market. Our interdisciplinary pool of high-tech specialists swiftly and efficiently adapts years of experience to fit new markets and applications.

New projects start with feasibility studies, examining the underlying concepts, and developing prototypes. Any required certifications are obtained while field tests are evaluated and the designs are finalized. Production is then coordinated to meet the planned market introduction. Furthermore, m-u-t provides training and after-sales services for its products.
The significant experience gained by these project-oriented development activities is applied directly to our own series products. Therefore, our off-the-shelf products are continually improved in quality and cost efficiency, and updated to meet changing market needs.

m-u-t has always been a customer-oriented company. It is the heart of our business model and the key to our current and future success.

m-u-t‘s business units are
Laboratory Automation
Fire Detection

After 13 years of successful operation and continuous growth, m-u-t has grown to over 140 employees in the headquarter. With subsidiaries in China and the USA, we have created a global network providing local service and support to our multi-national clients.

m-u-t is your highly qualified supplier for complete product development.
We develop customized, elegant high-tech solutions for our clients’ market needs. Our projects range from updating existing applications and processes to creating completely new and innovative products. We specialize in the fast and flexible adaptation of existing components and products to meet customer demands. This ensures cost-efficient product development. Our economic success is secured by transforming customer-oriented concepts into series production.
These two principles, customer orientation and cost-efficiency, are the essence of our strategy and the foundation of all our business practices. To reach our goals, m-u-t relies on dedicated and highly skilled employees. Innovation potential and creativity are actively encouraged and fostered in all our employees. By developing professional skills and gathering experience through working in project teams, each employee becomes a knowledge base and a contact person for customers and colleagues. Know-how is bundled and passed on in order to be available for future projects. To ensure the orderly transfer of knowledge, m-u-t’s information and management systems have been certified according to ISO 9001 in 2001.