Company Profile

Zallys a solid and dynamic reality projected to the future, in total respect of nature.

Zallys was founded by a group of professional engineers with a desire to improve the working environment by the introduction of time and labour saving eco friendly equipment. This aim has produced a constant stream of high quality inspired designs, all powered by the ever more efficient electric motor. This now gives us clean, reliable equipment with the advantage of low maintenance for many years to come.

The continuous research and improvement in the design of our products, together with the Italian flair for design and professionalism has made us world leaders in the electric vehicle market. The combination of good quality, competitive pricing, rapid and efficient after sales service and a focused sales team ensures that we are well positioned to satisfy any client demand.

Our know-how has made it possible to design a diverse range of vehicles that can be used safely in any area. Using our versatility, expertise and creativity, we remain always ready to co-operate with customers to help develop new products for an ever more demanding market.

Our Company's future strategy is to expand its place in the international markets of the world. Considered successful by the standards reached so far, Zallys will continue to address the market, designing new innovative products which will maintain our position ahead of our competitors. All our equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with current CE regulations.