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    With our unique overhead conveyors and extensive knowledge of lean and production, we help companies all around the world with clean and green conveyor solutions.

    Our patented conveyor technology moves components reliably in a clean & quiet environment – No dirty oil, static chain solutions or unnecessary expensive EMS Monorail system.

Product Portfolio

  • Solutions based on your requirements

    OCS offers a complete range of internal transport systems with overhead and floor conveyors for production processes and storage systems. The systems have all the necessary features such as Power & Free buffers, workstations, switches, curves, vertical conveyors and automatic loading positions.

      • Flexible pickup, storage and production solutions

        Today’s industry is characterized by a pace requiring rapid changes in production. It must be efficient, clean and quiet, with consistent and smooth transportation, whether it’s order picking, storage, assembly or manufacturing.

        This means that pace-efficient, hanging conveyor solutions are required to be integrated into the assembly processes, enabling short lead times and the flexiblility to change. Furthermore, it is important that the entire production does not stop during any adjustments or if any errors occur (which is the case with chain driven conveyors). OCS overhead conveyors – built on our patented friction-based technology – meet all the requirements imposed on lean conveyor solutions with loads up to 7500kg and drive speed between 1-80m/min.

          • Up to 150kg/m

            The OCS 150 overhead conveyor handles loads up to 150kg/m. The basis of the system is a number of driven and/or manual tracks. To these, switches, curves and buffer sections are connected for a maximum flow through production. The modular system is adapted to load weight and other parameters. The system enables quick and easy changes in further development of the production process.

          • Up to 500kg/m

            The OCS 500 overhead conveyor handles loads up to 500kg/m. The basis of the system is a number of driven and / or manual tracks. To these, switches, curves and buffer sections are connected for a maximum flow in production. The modular system is adapted to load weight and other parameters. The system enables quick and easy changes in further development of the production process.

        • Our technology

          As specialists in Overhead conveyor systems for the modern industry, we complement our clean, quiet and patented friction-based suspension system with a complete range of floor conveyors for handling payloads. From experience, we know that a combination of different transport solutions can sometimes be the optimal solution for larger internal transport systems.
            • System 100

            • For lighter weights up to 100kg/m. Manual or powered roller lanes, chain conveyors and belt conveyors. The system can consist of transfer stations to switch from chain to floor conveyor and vice versa.
            • System 1500

            • For heavier weights up to 1500kg/m. Heavy products or pallets are handled in conveyor systems tailored as needed. The courses can be supplemented with functions such as switches, buffering, stacking, transporters and vertical conveyors. To switch from chain to floor conveyor and vice versa, the system can consist of transfer stations.
          • OUR TECHNOLOGY

          • Friction-free by friction

            Everyone strives for a frictionless production process where everything is lean. We also do this by building our technology on – friction. A patented technology that provides an oil-free, quiet and flexible conveyor solution.

            The track’s driving mechanisms on our two overhead conveyors consist of a friction belt for the OCS 150 and a rotating aluminum tube for the OCS 500, both driven by a worm gearmotor.

            The OCS 150 trolleys are equipped with a friction pad which is pressed against the drive belt by means of spring force. In this way the force is transferred to the drive plate and the trolley is moved forward by friction. On the OCS 500, The trolley has four angled wheels that apply pressure on to a rotating aluminium tube. In this way, the rotational force is transferred through the wheels driving the trolley forward by friction. Clean, quiet and efficient.
              • Technology and knowledge for the optimal solution

              • OCS offers flexible and cost-effective internal transport systems for the modern industry. Through our extensive experience from projects around the world across many industries, we offer clean and green solutions through efficient overhead conveyor systems – from analysis, design and projection, to installation, staff training and deployment.

                Additionally, we handle all types of processes in stock, production and order picking. Of course, we can also offer solutions that include roller conveyors, chain conveyors and carriers if a clean and efficient overhead conveyor solution needs to be supplemented.
                  • Complex industry with new components

                  • The automotive industry is characterized by many components that are renewed at relatively high frequency, demands from the market on new models and many suppliers.

                    Therefore, internal transport systems with conveyors for the automotive industry must be flexible, easy to maintain, and able to communicate with machines such as robots, screwdrivers and superior process systems. Furthermore, conveyor systems must be modular to be able to be quickly expanded, for example, new workstations.

                    Like other modern industries, the conveyor solutions should also be clean, quiet and ergonomic to meet both technical and human requirements . With the OCS patented Overhead conveyor solutions – based on friction instead of designs that are space-intensive, inflexible chain or the more expensive EMS Electric Monorail system – all the requirements are achieved for a smooth, quiet and clean motion.

                    Of course, we also offer traditional floor conveyors for handling pieceware.
                      • Automatic transport of instrument panels

                      • A floor-based conveyor system that transports instrument panels from assembly line, through test and quality control, to the position for it to be installed in the car. The system handles both loaded and empty racks and also contains a buffer.
                      • Instrument panels

                      • OCS 150 system for buffer and assembly of leather onto instrument panels.
                      • Instrument panel buffering

                      • OCS 150 manual system that manages instrument panels hanging from injection molding to paint. The product carrier is designed to handle a variety of variants. The carriers are transported through the process as a single piece or in a row.
                      • Assembly of door panels

                      • OCS 500 system in combination with floor conveyors for the assembly of door panels.
                      • Assembly of instrument panels

                      • OCS 500 system for the lean production of a complete mounted instrument panel. Operators along the line can assemble the instrument panel in line with the specification but in the case of problems, easy access means a team leader can easily attend to assist. Full tracking and communication with RFID and screwdrivers. Prior to unloading, contacting and functionality test. Unloading is managed by a robot.
                      • Buffering of bumper

                      • OCS 150 bumper buffering system. After assembly, the bumper is sent through an elevator to the mezzanine to buffer. The ceiling height is maximized with this solution. The bumpers are sorted out through three sorting runners to the correct sequence and then released via a lift to relieve racks. The product carrier is designed to handle a variety of variants.
                      • Order picking and assembly of radiators

                      • OCS 500 order picking / kitting details to build a complete radiator. The operator manually transports the trolley or alternatively drives it through the picking area. After loading the trolley with components, it is automatically transported to the available assembly station. In each assembly station, all the materials are assembled in the product carrier in line with specification and quality requirements.
                      • Assembly of bumpers

                      • OCS 500 system for the assembly of front and rear bumpers. With the help of the unique product carriers, the operator can raise, lower and rotate the bumper to provide the best ergonomic position during assembly. At order start, the bumper and product carrier are scanned automatically for the optimal fit of the product.
                      • Assembly of the convertible

                      • Two OCS 500 systems for assembly of the convertible. One system transports the three key parts on individual wagons through a mounting process. In the second system, the three parts are placed on a common assembly jig and assembled into a complete unit. Before unloading, the entire cabriolet unit goes through a quality control.
                      • Production line for car tyres

                      • OCS 500 system with multiple assembly stations where the operator loads tyres onto the OCS product carrier for further transportation to an automatic unloading station. Each assembly station has a 10-minute production buffer. The entire OCS system is ceiling mounted and thus integral with assembly machines leaving clear road access for forklift trucks.
                      • Assembly of Front-End modules

                      • OCS 500 assembly line for Front-End modules (front of the car containing beam, radiators, lamps and bumper). Fully automatic rotation of assembly fixtures in the product carrier to provide the best ergonomic position during assembly. At nominated assembly positions, the OCS carriage can stop with a +/- 3mm accuracy to allow docking of special assembly equipment.
                      • Order picking of parts for door panels

                      • Two OCS 500 systems (front and rear doors) for order picking of in-depth details for door panels. The product carriers are designed to handle all the in-depth details for 9 complete door panels. Picking is guided by the “Pick to Light System” and the entire system communicates with the overall FMS system.
                    • A highly technological and innovative industry

                    • The aviation industry is highly technological and innovative with extremely detailed specified requirements in the manufacture of the aircraft and its components.

                      Initial components are numerous and they have a high degree of complexity. Furthermore, great flexibility is needed to quickly switch production to new models. Transport systems with airframe conveyors must be space efficient, able to integrate with mounting machines and communicate with machines such as robots, screwdrivers and superior process systems.

                      Like other modern industries, the conveyor solutions should also be clean, quiet and ergonomic to meet both human and technical needs and requirements. With the OCS patented overhead conveyors – built on friction instead of space-intensive and inflexible chain or the more expensive EMS Electric Monorail system – all the requirements are achieved to be lean, clean & green.

                      Of course, we also offer traditional floor conveyors for handling pieceware.
                        • Faster turnaround time and increased production

                        • The conveyor system transports the pylons weighing up to 1200 kg and between 4 and 6 meters long, automatically at a height of 5.5 meters. The pylons are lowered and discharged onto the respective assembly station, after which the product carrier rises to retrieve a new pylon. The four assembly lines together have a total of 42 product fixtures. OCS has been responsible from design and manufacturing to the implementation of ready-made assembly lines.
                        • Internal transport of engine parts

                        • Internal transport systems for aircraft engine spare parts.
                        • Assembly and transport of components for aircraft

                        • OCS 500 system for transporting C-rib and Lever (aircraft components) between assembly stations and NC machines. In 16 assembly stations, components are loaded into a Jig, which is then transported into the NC machine and then back to the respective assembly station. The transport takes place at 6 meters height and laterally with an OCS transport truck. Up and down movement is controlled by frequency controlled hoist and the maximum load is 1500 kg.
                        • Picking of goods for catering

                        • OCS 500 system installed at KLM catering center at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The system consists of powered and manual lanes with product carriers for carts used in the aircraft. The product carrier is automatically transported from station to station where the operator loads carts into the product carrier. Along the system, the operators continue to fill up with more products (food, drinks, etc.) in the carts. The product carrier can rotate to 180 degrees and holds a total of 6 carts.
                        • Assembly line for aileron

                        • OCS 500 system for assembling aileron to Airbus airplanes. The system consists of driven loops to which workstations and buffer areas are connected. With the help of the unique product carriers, the operator can raise, lower and rotate the aileron to have an ergonomic environment during assembly.
                      • Space efficient and safe solutions

                      • The surface treatment industry is a fast-paced industry where the main companies are planning and working fully according to the lean principle.

                        Lean orientation means that more and more businesses are looking at their sometimes outdated chain conveyors, which are often space-intensive and where the entire process stops if errors occur on the chain. Just like the automotive and aviation industry, most surface treatment industries have a complex process with many steps, whether it’s metals, plastics or other materials being treated.

                        The solution must be safe according to the ATEX directive, but also space efficient and be able to be driven back and forth at different speeds. With OCS patented overhead solutions – based on friction instead of space-intensive and inflexible chain or the more expensive EMS Electric Monorail system – all the requirements for safe, quiet and clean motion are achieved.

                        Of course, we also offer traditional floor conveyors for handling pieceware.
                          • Conveyor line for wet paint and powder coating

                          • New conveyor technology for surface treatment programs! There are several advantages of an OCS transport systems for surface, and measurement treatment when compared to a traditional transport system.

                            The technology that makes the OCS system revolutionary is its smart management and flexible design. Our technology allows trolleys to go both forward and backwards in the system to maximize efficiency and minimize the utilization of floor space. It is clean, quiet and possible to drive the trolleys at different speeds with soft start and stop.

                            It is modularly structured and modifiable. All system modules and components are pre-assembled at our workshop and delivered in complete assemblies, so regardless of whether we replace your old system or build a new one, the installation will be completed in as short a time as possible to give a quick start up. A complete OCS system usually results in approximately 30% less space being used than with a traditional system.
                          • Conveyor systems for Shot Blasting process

                          • OCS 500 system for transporting pressed sheet metal parts through the shot blasting process. At workstations after the press line, sheet details are hung on a custom carrier that is linked to the OCS trolley. The trolleys are transported to a buffer, further through sandblasting and then to unloading stations. The control system communicates with the sandblasting plant and ensures that the correct shot blasting process is applied to the various products.
                          • Efficient and safe paint line for electric motors

                          • The OCS 500 system contains load stations that provide an automatic buffer of products before the painting station. After the painting station, the motors are transported to a storage area, where the various parts are automatically unloaded with a stacking crane into the storage space. From the storage space, the items are dispatched via the OCS overhead conveyor system to packaging areas in the requested delivery sequence.
                        • Solutions for a clean, quiet and efficient industry

                        • Today’s industry is characterized by high pace and demands to be able to quickly re-organise its production with, for example, new workstations. Furthermore, it needs be efficient, clean and quiet.

                          Therefore, conveyor solutions for modern industry that demonstrate lean must be flexible, easy to maintain and able to communicate with machines such as robots, screwdrivers and superior process systems. The conveyor systems should also be modular to quickly expand or change with minimal disruption of daily production.

                          The solutions should also be clean and quiet to meet both technical and human requirements. With the OCS patented overhead conveyors solution – based on friction instead of space-intensive and inflexible chain or the more expensive EMS Electric Monorail system – all requirements are achieved for smooth, quiet and clean moving.

                          Of course, we also offer traditional floor conveyors for handling pieceware.
                            • Internal transport system for refrigerator doors

                            • Loading, Transport, Power & Free Buffering for output to the final assembly line for the refrigerator.
                            • Assembly line for bicycles

                            • Material are picked at order start and then two-step pre-assembly. The trolleys are automatically transported to final assembly stations and then to quality control, then onto pick-up / packing. The product carrier is designed so that all bicycle variants can be transported. Furthermore, it is height-adjustable and rotatable, providing the right working angle and access to the operator.
                            • Production line for safety shoes

                            • Fully automatic system for manufacturing of safety shoes. Batches of material are placed on a specially designed product carrier that is automatically transported between different workstations. At each workstation assembly takes place and finally, a complete shoe is ready for unloading, and the empty trolley returns to order start.
                            • Production line for sofas

                            • Integrated OCS systems throughout the production chain. From the sewing area, onwards to upholsery / assembly station, and finally packing. By implementing the OCS system, the time to produce a sofa is reduced from 17 days to 1 day!
                            • Production line for chairs

                            • Order-driven production layout to produce reclining chairs. Several integrated OCS systems are used throughout the production process; foaming, buffering, punching, sewing, upholsery, assembly and packing. The end-customer’s production is significantly improved by minimizing material transport and ensuring that all material is included throughout the assembly process.
                            • Production line for bed covers

                            • A combined manual and automated system where operators place material at order launch on the product carrier. The trolleys are automatically transported to an available workstation where stitching and assembly occur, then on to an automatic buffer on top of an entrance sol system and finally delivery down to packing.
                            • Production line and JIT buffer for matresses

                            • Complete fully automated system for production of latex mattresses. Here you can see the benefits of having the mattresses hanging and utilizing the surface upside down instead of transporting lying. The mattresses are turned on and off automatically at special stations. The systems are installed in two factory buildings and in trailers for transport from production to storage. Specially designed roundabouts sort out the type of mattress in batches before further transport for unloading to a pallet.
                            • Assembly line for hot tubs and spa baths

                            • Combined driven and manual system to produce hot tubs. With the help of the unique product carriers, the operator can raise / lower, rotate and tilt the spa bath to achieve an ergonomic environment during assembly. All handling is therefore safe and controlled and the risk of quality problems in the management is minimized. The end-customer increased its production by 100% through implementation of the system.
                            • Production line for flat screens

                            • Fully automated system for handling, buffering, burn-in control and finally visual inspection of flat screen displays. The product carrier is powered with power rails and contains a PC with software that controls the display’s function, pixels, resolution, etc. Handling display hanging over traditional palettes takes considerably less space and allows the operator to access free floor space.
                            • Order picking and assembly line for drives and control box

                            • Complete system for picking, transporting, buffering and assembly of motors and steering box for garage doors. In a central warehouse, all items are picked and placed in a specially designed product carrier, which is also used as an assembly table. After picking, the carts accumulate in a buffer before further transport to an available mounting station. During assembly, the operator picks the parts from the carrier and assembles them according to the specification. All materials are in the cart so no other material needs to be located at the stations. After assembly, the carriage goes on for testing and finally lifted it off for packing.
                            • Production line for picture frames

                            • Raw materials such as frame, glass, cardboard and hardboard are placed in the OCS product carrier and then transported with the OCS 500 system to unloading stations. A robot picks raw material from the OCS product carrier and place’s it on a conveyor belt where final assembly takes place.
                            • Internal transport system for parts to stairs

                            • A portal robot that picks up wooden details for stairs and place it on a transfer trolley, which in turn transports the bundle to floor conveyors. Another portal robot picks up a bundle and place’s it on a hanging conveyor that transports to a rough grinding and milling machine. The plant demonstrates an outstanding combination of hanging and floor conveyors in production.
                            • Assembly line for lawn mowers

                            • Complete assembly line for lawn mowers. Three separate floor conveyors where the complete construction of lawn mowers takes place, they finally arrive in the packing zone.
                            • OCS 500 system for event-entertainment

                            • The OCS 500 system is structured in sections to easily mount in different performances. The system has, amongst other things, been used to transport artists on during stage show performances in Switzerland.
                            • Assembly line for textile machines

                            • An automated system of advanced product carriers transporting textile machines through a number of assembly stations, function control and finally lifting pallets. The product carrier manages a load weight up to 850 kg and is height-adjustable.
                            • Art presenter machine for artworks

                            • OCS has delivered an art display machine to The Modern Museum in Stockholm.

                              The Modern Museum, like all other museums, needs the art to be accessible and easy to present. Most artworks are kept in archives and are picked up and hung when required for viewing.

                              In the display magazine you can order artwork by using a specialized machine that transports the artwork to the visitor. The premises also hold a number of research places. The display magazine also acts as a platform for the research projects that The Modern Museum conducts on exhibitions, individual art and other research fields.
                            • Production line for packaging materials

                            • Packaging materials for food are collected in bundles and placed in a product carrier. In the food production environment, pallets may not be suitable for hygiene reasons. The OCS trolley is transported to adjacent premises where a pallet is placed underneath and finally the bundles of packaging material are pushed onto the pallet which is transported on a floor conveyor.
                            • Production line and buffer for wewing processes

                            • OCS has delivered many systems for sewing processes, including trolleys that handle single-piece or batch textiles. For example, in a furniture factory all material is transported and buffered by pruning, sewing and finally for assembly. The product carriers are lifted from the OCS trolley and transported manually in the process of later re-hanging on the OCS trolley.
                            • Assembly line for ride on mowers

                            • Complete assembly line for ride on mowers. There are 32 stations in which the operators assemble the mower cutters from the chassis frame to the finished product. The system has continuous propulsion and, with the help of the unique product carriers, the operator can raise, lower and rotate the product to obtain the best ergonomic environment for assembly. At the reload station, the ride on mower is placed on a conveyor belt and transported through a test area where all functions are tested (start, stop, brake, etc.) After testing, the ride on mower passes a quality check where rework can be completed before arriving at the packing station.
                            • Internal transport system for bakery process

                            • A system for transporting and buffering trolleys containing 32 baking trays for bread / buns. The process starts at the automatic loading station, then through the proving process. The stroller is lifted from the OCS trolley and the products are baked in the oven, then back to be re-hung on the OCS trolley. Further it transports through refrigeration and freezing tunnel and ends with automatic relieving for transport to packing. A hanging transport system has created free floor space allowing exemplary hygiene as now cleaning is much easier.