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    You may not always see Zebra, but Zebra solutions can be found working behind the scenes in many industries around the world. Ensuring every asset and worker on the edge is visible. Connecting them to the data they need. Guiding them with clear and accurate insights for the best next action. And optimizing workflows, operations, and decisions in real time for efficient, impactful results.

    We empower the front line of business in retail/ecommerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, public sector and other industries to achieve a performance edge.

Product Portfolio


    Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners provide trusted decode performance to automatically track and trace items from production through distribution. Identify every part and package with a model for every application, and upgradeable features allow you to meet the evolving needs of your business. Whether you need advanced scanning or machine vision functionality, simply add it via the purchase of a software license. And with Zebra Aurora™, you can easily set up, deploy and run it all from a single unified software platform.

      • FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner

      • Plug-and-Play High-Quality Scanning Wherever You Need It

        Easily track and trace items as they move through the warehouse and distribution centre with Zebra’s FS10. This compact device easily fits wherever you need scanning. Zebra Aurora software brings groundbreaking simplicity to device management — the FS10 couldn’t be easier to set up, deploy and run. And you get the flexibility to support more symbologies and increased scanning speed with the simple purchase of a software license.

      • FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner

      • Easily Integrate Plug-and-Play High-Quality Scanning Into Your Network

        Empower your enterprise with real-time track and trace of every item with the FS20. Multiple connectivity options allow you to easily integrate into a PLC or Host network, enabling your primary scanning applications to drive your business processes. And you can address changing business needs with simple feature upgrades.


      • FS40 Fixed Industrial Scanner

      • Comprehensive Industrial Data Capture Functionality

        The FS40 delivers a broad set of capabilities required to meet complex barcode capture requirements, all in a single package. Tailor the device to your specific needs by choosing from flexible options like decode range, illumination, connectivity, power and more. And you can add advanced features with simple software upgrades.

      • FS70 Fixed Industrial Scanner

      • Completely Customisable to Meet Unique Scanning Needs

        Get the ultimate in customisation to achieve flawless track and trace in virtually any application and any environment. Choose from four image sensors and a world of C-mount external lens and lighting options. With Zebra's powerful and intuitive Aurora software platform, you get one unified tool to easily set up, deploy and run the FS70, as well as Zebra’s entire fixed industrial scanner and machine vision portfolio. And simply purchase licenses to add advanced capabilities to address new business needs.