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  • Gentec Electro-Optics is specialized in laser beam and terahertz source measurement and analysis. With an outstanding 45-year track record of innovation, developing and providing state-of the-art technologies to the laser market, Gentec-EO has become The Expert of the laser beam measurement field.

    For all sorts of laser applications from the factory to the hospital, laboratory and research center, Gentec-EO offers the broadest range of off-the-shelf and custom solutions, and stands ready to serve you now and in the future.

Product Portfolio

  • Whether you are interested in measuring your laser power, laser energy or conduct beam diagnostics to know all the characteristics of your laser, we have a measurement instrument for that.

      • Gentec-EO, a provider of laser beam measurement instruments, has announced a new measurement solution for high-power laser beams up to 50 kW.

        The HP100A-50KW-GD laser power detector was designed mainly for high-power laser and laser system manufacturers, factories that cut thick metal parts with high-power lasers, and military applications. With its gold reflector cone and back-reflection reducing geometry, the HP100A-50KW-GD traps > 97 % of the incident light and can handle up to 50 kW of continuous laser power.

        The very low back-reflections of the detector ensure a safer working environment with high-power lasers. This detector can also handle the high intensities of small beams.

            • NEW: HP100A-50KW-GD to measure extremely high-power laser beams

              • The gold cone design allows for very high damage thresholds of 25 kW/cm2.
              • Very low back-reflections, < 2.5 %, make it safe to use even at 50 kW.
              • Compact: less than 20 cm thick.
              • Serial commands available via USB. Other connectors are available on request.
              • Water flow and temperature are monitored in real-time and displayed continuously, so you won’t risk burning out the detector if the cooling is interrupted.
              • Customizable design: tell us your needs!

        • We offer a wide range of laser power meters and power detectors to measure from picowatts to multi-kilowatts. The right product for you highly depends on your laser specifications and measurement needs.


            • Gentec-EO offers a wide range of high accuracy laser power meters suitable for all professional uses that require a precision measurement, from industrial to medical and even scientific uses.

              Depending on your laser specifications and needs, you can purchase a laser power measurement system by choosing a power detector and an aquisition/readout device separately or you can go with an all-in-one, portable laser power meter.

              We recommend that you start by selecting the power detector that meets your requirements and then choose a compatible acquisition/readout device.


            • With our standard power detector offering, you can measure power from 0.3 nW to 100,000 W. To measure such a wide range, we rely on five state-of-the-art technologies:

              • Photodectors
              • Thermal detectors
              • Pyroelectric detectors
              • Integrating sphere detectors
              • Water calorimeters

              Each technology is used to measure within a defined laser power range and to work with specific laser specifications such as power density, wavelength and beam diameter.

              To quickly find the detector you need, we recommend that you use our product finder at the bottom of this page. It will ask you 3 simple questions and will return only detectors that work with your laser specs.


            • To have a full laser power measurement system, you will need an acquisition & readout device along with your power detector.

              We offer devices with a wide range of different features to fit all needs.

              Whether you prefer to see your measurement on a large touch screen color LCD display or on your computer through USB/RS-232 connectivity, we have all that covered.


            • Need a compact and portable laser power measurement system that is both easy to use and appropriate for all professional uses without compromise? We have solutions for that too.

              • Our PRONTO series are so compact they fit in your pocket.
              • Our power detectors are also available in their BLU and INTEGRA version, which are respectively wireless and USB/RS-232 integrated connectors. With them, you can measure laser power directly on your PC, thus eliminating the need to carry a separate acquisition/readout device.

            • At Gentec-EO, we design and manufacture a wide range of professional-grade, high-accuracy laser energy meters.

              To accommodate all needs on the market, we offer laser energy measurement systems made of a detector and an acquisition/readout device that are to be chosen separately. The easiest way to find the best solution for your laser energy measurement needs is to select a detector first and then decide which compatible acquisition/readout device you want.

              We also have a few all-in-one, portable energy meters for professionals in need of a compact and easy-to-use solution.


                • Our wide range of laser energy detectors allows our customers to measure from femtojoules to thousands of joules.

                  Our energy detector offering is made of three technologies:

                  • Pyroelectric detectors
                  • Photodiode-based detectors
                  • Integrating sphere detectors

                  Each one is used for energy measurement within a specific range and designed to work with specific laser specs such as beam dimension, wavelength and repetition rate.

                  The simplest way to determine which energy detector best fits your needs is to use our product finder at the bottom of this page. It will ask you 3 simple questions and will return only recommended products.


                • To complete your laser energy measurement system, you will need to select a compatible acquisition & readout device.

                  We offer a large touch screen color LCD standalone display device as well as various PC-based solutions thanks to our free proprietary software. Simply choose the one that is the most convenient for your work.

                  They come with a large set of features and statistical functions.


                • We have all-in-one, compact and portable solutions available that include both the detector and the acquisition/readout device.

                  • Our INTEGRA series allows you to connect your energy detector directly to your PC thanks to an integrated USB or RS-232 connector. This option is offered with all energy detectors.
                  • Our PRONTO-500-IPL is a portable laser probe for sources up to 350 J. The PRONTO has an integrated display and you can also log data and transfer it to your PC.
                • LASER BEAM DIAGNOSTICS


                  We offer camera-based devices with wavelength ranges from UV to IR. All our cameras use the USB 3.0 standard, for the fastest data transfer rates.

                    • LASER BEAM PROFILERS

                    • Profiling a laser beam is a convenient complement to the measurement of its power or energy because it provides very useful additional information, like spatial energy or intensity distribution, beam widths, centroid, ellipticity and orientation, that may help you determine if your laser-based systems are operating optimally.

                      The BEAMAGE is the most cost-effective USB 3.0 beam profiling camera on the market. It is available for UV to IR wavelengths and in 3 sizes. It comes with an intuitive and complete software that features an array of useful tools and functions. Its calculations are ISO compliant.


                    • If your laser specifications exceed the limits in terms of:

                      • Wavelength
                      • Beam size
                      • Laser power

                      you can manage them with our accessories for BEAMAGE. Click the button below to learn more about each type of accessories.


                    • The performance of a laser in practical applications is critical in the design of optical systems and focusing applications, and it can be quantified by measuring M², the laser beam quality factor, which indicates how close a laser is to being an ideal Gaussian beam.

                      The BEAMAGE-M2 acquires a sequence of beam profile measurements to automatically perform beam quality measurements within a few seconds. It is equipped with the largest optics on the market for easy alignment and fast measurements that you can trust. Its software is both intuitive and ISO compliant.

                  • TERAHERTZ POWER METERS

                      • EASY-TO-USE TERAHERTZ POWER METERS

                      • We offer pyroelectric-based terahertz measurement systems that are very easy to use at room temperature. Start by finding a terahertz detector that matches your light source specifications and then choose a compatible display device or PC interface to read the data.
                      • TERAHERTZ DETECTORS

                      • Our terahertz power detectors are designed to work for specific light source parameters such as beam dimension, wavelength and beam profile. It's important that you select a detector that fits with your specifications.

                        To do so, we recommend that you use our PRODUCT FINDER tool available at the bottom of this page. It will ask you 3 simple questions and will return only recommended products.


                      • To have a full laser terahertz measurement system, you will need a separate display device or PC-interface to acquire and read the data.

                        We offer devices with a wide range of different features to fit all needs.

                        Whether you prefer to get your measurement on a large touch screen color LCD display or on your computer through USB/RS-232 connectivity, we have it all covered.

                    • LASER CALORIMETERS


                      We can build custom calorimeters for all possible applications, as long as we are provided with a good description of the application (laser specifications) and of all requirements.

                      • Wavelength
                      • Beam profile
                      • Pulse parameters (width, burst or single pulse, etc.)
                      • Dimensions
                      • Mechanical footprint
                      • Special requirements: Clean room or vacuum compatibility, low back-reflections, etc.
                        • STATE-OF-THE-ART SOLUTIONS

                        • Gentec-EO’s calorimeters are the only reliable solutions available on the market for high energy measurement. We work with a wide range of materials from surface coatings to the most robust volume absorbers to provide the best solution for your specific application.

                          • Outstanding signal-to-noise ratios.
                          • Unrivalled accuracy
                          • High sensitivity
                          • Vacuum and clean room compatibility on demand
                          • Attention to details and workmanship
                          • Customization: Gentec-EO is always committed to providing simply the best customized solutions to fit all requirements of every specific application

                        • For large beams, high energies and special applications that do not fit with the QE or UP series, Gentec-EO can build custom calorimeters to fit special requirements. A calorimeter can be considered as the ideal option when facing one or more of these conditions:

                          • A beam larger than 95 mm
                          • Ultrashort (picosecond, femtosecond) pulses
                          • Very long (˃ 433 ms) pulses up to several seconds
                          • High and very high single-shot energies (˃ 500 J) up to 16 kJ
                          • High energy densities (˃ 15 J/cm2)
                          • Limited space
                          • Clean room and vacuum applications
                          • When very low back-reflection is required
                      • LASER BEAM DUMPS

                            • BD SERIES

                            • The BD Series are rugged and easy-to-use, simply plug the water-cooling and you’re ready to go! Like our high power HP Series, these beam dumps have a highly resistant absorber that can withstand several kW in continuous mode. Their very large aperture of 100 mm in diameter accommodates even the largest beams.

                              An isolation tube (available in option) helps reduce the back reflections.

                              2 models are offered: 4 kW and 12 kW.

                              • Rugged
                              • Easy-to-Use
                              • Absorb up to 12,000 W of continuous power
                              • Large 100 mm Ø aperture
                        • DISCRETE PYROELECTRIC SENSORS

                        • Our discrete pyroelectric detectors are a class of room temperature thermal detectors that produce a current output that is directly proportional to the rate of change of temperature when exposed to a source of radiation.

                          These detectors are ideal for pulsed laser applications. They can be used in applications where small, compact, inexpensive, easily integrated and very sensitive measurement devices are required.

                          • QS-L SERIES Passive discrete pyro detectors with thermally isolated crystal for high sensitivity (low noise) at low frequencies
                          • QS-H SERIES Passive discrete pyro detectors with heat sink for high average power and high frequency operation.
                          • QS-IL SERIES QS-IL sensors are current-mode hybrid sensors designed for high sensitivity, low bandwidth applications.
                          • QS-IF SERIES QS-IF sensors are current-mode hybrid sensors designed for high frequency applications, up to 20 MHz.
                              • PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES

                              • Our Discrete Pyroelectric Detectors range from 1 to 9 mm in diameter and are provided in various configurations: passive or hybrid, high sensitivity or high average power. They present a pyroelectric detector element covered with our metallic coating (MT) and are packaged in a miniature TO-5 or TO-8 can. 

                                The advantages of a pyroelectric detector over other IR detectors are:

                                • Room temperature operation
                                • Broad spectral response
                                • High sensitivity
                                • Fast response (sub-nsec into 50 Ω)

                                Some of our customization options are:

                                • Permanent IR windows that can be added to the TO can
                                • BL absorber for high absorption and flat spectral response
                          • BEAM POINTING STABILITY


                            Measure, track and align your laser beam position with our pyroelectric pointing stability detectors and PC-based acquisition & readout device.


                              • Our large area Pyroelectric Quadrant Detectors provide unique advantages over other laser position and pointing stability detectors like Silicon quads or lateral effect photodiodes.

                                They are fast, handle high peak power of pulsed lasers without saturation and respond to lasers across the spectrum, from UV to Far IR and even THz.

                                The QUAD-E is intended for use with pulsed sources at up to 1000 Hz, while the QUAD-P is designed for CW and High Repetition Rate (Quasi CW) sources.

                                Both types of detectors can also be used as standalone units, in an analog mode, for incorporation into your own system application. We can provide a Lemo pigtail cable for this purpose.

                              • QUAD-4TRACK: PC-BASED ACQUISITION & READOUT DEVICE

                              • The QUAD-4Track is a laser position and pointing stability sensing system designed to support our unique Pyroelectric Quadrant Detectors, QUAD-P and QUAD-E.

                                It is a 4-channel microprocessor-based system that measures the voltage output of each QUAD element and does the math necessary to provide a measurement of the X and Y displacement of a laser beam or image.

                                It is fast and can be used to track, align and/or measure movement in real time, with a resolution of just a few microns!

                            • THERMAL DISK SENSORS

                                • THERMAL DISKS FOR INTEGRATION

                                • The thermal disks in the UD Series were designed for integration into laser systems. They are the solution if you are engineering the cooling and signal processing into your system already.

                                  We offer many sizes and absorber choices.

                                • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE WITH AN EXTERNAL PCBs

                                • If you select a thermal disk, you can also use our external PCB for signal anticipation, amplification and filtering.

                                  We can also integrate a PCB inside complete detectors.

                              • CUSTOMIZATION AT GENTEC-EO

                              • Explore the possibilities

                                Modifying existing products and developing fully customized solutions to meet the special needs of our customers is an important part of what we do at Gentec-EO.

                                  • CUSTOMIZATION FOR INTEGRATION

                                  • If you want to integrate a Gentec-EO product in your application or as OEM within your product and have specific requirements that must be met to do so, you will be pleased to learn that all our products are customizable.
                                  • FULLY CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS

                                  • There is almost no limit at what we can do in terms of customization and laser beam measurement. View examples of fully customized solutions we developed for our customers. Inquire to get in touch with an expert.
                                  • CUSTOM LASER CALORIMETERS

                                  • We can build custom laser calorimeters for all possible applications, as long as we are provided with a good description of the application and of all requirements. Learn about our state-of-the-art custom solutions.