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  • Radiant Dyes has 35 years of experience in Laser Dyes and Dye Laser development. We are the oldest existing manufacturer of tunable laser and laser accessories.
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  • Laser

  • "Radiant Dyes Laser Acc. GmbH" is a synonym for high quality products: dye lasers.

    The dye laser "NarrowScan" has been developed further over the last years and is now the most advanced product of Radiant Dyes. Similarly Radiant Dyes kept the cw-ring-dye and Titan-Sapphire lasers up-to-date. We also have successfully, for more than 10 years, excimer lasers in their program.

    Since 2009 we are selling a tunable narrowband Diode Laser with interference-filter stabilization and external cavity, our "NarrowDiode", and now also available with amplifier.

    We participate in the preparation of experiments and the equipment of laboratories, which is highly appreciated by universities and research centres worldwide.

    For 30 years, Radiant Dyes satisfy individual wishes to the point of series manufacturing.
      • Pulsed-dye-laser

          • NarrowScan

          • The NarrowScan pulsed dye laser series is based on a new resonatordesign with a very narrow linewidth (< 0.04 cm-1) that has been optimized in design and specifi cations by laser experts over many years and can now be used with pump laser pulses as short as 4 ns. The laser has very rigid and massive middle and side plates, ensuring a very high stability in the oscillator and pre-aplifier.
          • NarrowScanK

          • Our NarrowScanK Dye Laser is the Compact version of our NarrowScan. The specifications are the same. For more information please see PDF
          • NarrowScan HighRep [kHz]

          • Our NarrowScan series with polarization matched oscillator is ideal for multi-kHz, Q-switched pump sources. The high power dye laser output with high spectral purity and stability can be frequency doubled with high conversion efficiency.
          • NarrowScan DPSS / Standard / Compact

          • Fully integrated Laser System with Nd:YAG pump lasers

            Our highly compact NarrowScan laser design makes it possible to integrate Nd:YAG lasers of the InnoLas Spitlight Series to ensure an independent and ultrastable operation.

            The following laser options can be easily integrated into the housing of the NarrowScan laser to guarantee a rigid and compact structure.

            1) NarrowScan with DPSS laser
            2) NarrowScan with integrated Spitlight Standard
            3) NarrowScan with integrated Spitlight Compact
          • Broadband pulsed dye laser

          • RDP-1
            Broadband- dye laser with non-selective cavity. The laser can be equipped with the following pump mirror sets:
            • Mirror set 1: 330 - 420 nm
            • Mirror set 2: 420 - 720 nm
            • Mirror set 3: 550 - 900 nm
          • Midband Pulsed Dye Laser

          • RDP-1M
            Tunable dye laser, resonator with prism as disperse element and one dye circulator RD 250 FC 20, 10x beam expander

            Linewidth (typically): approx. 1-2 nm
            Maximum pump energy: 80 mJ
            Tuning range: 330-850 nm

            This system is very close to RDP-1M, but with oscillator and amplifier in one 20 mm dye cell.

            Max. pump energy: 160 mJ.

            This system is close to RDP-2M, but with oscillator, amplifier in one 20 mm dye cell and main amplifier in a 40 mm dye cell.

            Pump energy: up to 1 Joule
        • Diode-laser

            • Interference Filter

            • Interference filter with a small line with (FWHM 0.4) and a transmission from over 90 % for different Wavelength. The specified wavelength refers to a angel of 6°. By rotation of the Interference Filter is a tuning range from 20 nm possible.

              Available Filters on stock :
              • 780 nm (tuning range app. 783-761nm)
              • 798 nm (tuning range app. 801-783nm)
              • 817 nm (tuning range app. 820-802nm)
              • 852 nm (tuning range app. 855-834nm)
            • Diode Laser with Amplifier

            • Our new NarrowDiode Laser is a small sized and low prices external cavity Diode Laser. The wavelength separation is realized by a low loss interference filter instead of the common diffraction grating.

              Due to this new design, the Laser is characterized by a very high robustness against mechanical and thermal disturbances. Another advantage of our Laser is the fixed output beam, that leads to a very high stability, because the direction and position of the output beam are almost independent from the wavelength.

              Furthermore, the Laser guarantees a very small bandwidth and a very large tunability at the same time, it also can be wavelength stabilized by frequency modulation spectroscopy.

              With the new amplifier output energies up to 1,5W are reachable.
            • NarrowDiode

            • Our new NarrowDiode Laser is a small sized and low priced external cavity Diode Laser. The wavelength separation is realized by a low loss interference filter instead of the common diffraction grating.
              Due to this new design, the Laser is characterized by a very high robustness against mechanical and thermal disturbances. Another advantage of our Laser is the fixed output beam, that leads to a very high stability, because the direction and position of the output beam are almost independend from the wavelength. Furthermore, the Laser guarantees a very small bandwidth and a very large tunability at the same time.
            • NarrowSHG

            • Our new NarrowSHG is a stand-alone second harmonic generator for frequency doubling of single frequency lasers such as Ti:Sa lasers, dye lasers and diode lasers.

              The unit contains mode matching optics for the external laser and beam shaping optics for the frequency doubled light. The compact resonator with a high mechanical and thermal stability includes digital locking electronics with automatic relocking Hänsch-Couillaud or Pound-Dever-Hall stabilization.
          • cw-laser

              • cw-standing wave

              • This dye laser is based on our exchange unit for the Coherent 699 ring laser RDU 10 (nozzle holder and pump mirror adjustment). We paid attention to it that the laser is easy to handle.
                By an adjustment with micrometer screws a very high reproducibility is guaranteed. The laser is mounted on a 50 mm invar rod and the dimensions allow a later installation of the etalon for single mode operation.
                It consists of a 3-mirror-resonator, wavelength tuning is done by rotation of the Lyot-filter.
              • cw-ring-laser

              • Actively Stabilized Scanning Single-Frequency Ring Laser
                Now we have designed a new laser system.
                Our new carefully designed and optimised
                single mode ring resonator guarantees – in any
                configuration - high performance, stability and easy operation.

                Ring Laser with the following options:
                • Broadband Ring Laser
                • Passively Stabilized Scanning Single-Frequency Ring Laser
                • Actively Stabilized Scanning Single-Frequency Ring Laser
                • Digital Scan Generator
                • Control Box
            • NarrowAmp

                  • NarrowAmp - Pulsed Dye Amplifier

                  • To get single mode laser pulses from a cw radiation it is the optimal solution to use our NarrowAmp, a pulsed dye Amplifier.

                    Our pulsed single-mode cw amplifier system consists of 2 to 3 amplifier stages depending on the pump laser.

                    The last amplifier stage is a Bethune cell in ordert o achieve a perfect beam profile. By using a special ASE-filter system the ASE is extremely reduced.
              • Laser Accessories

              • For 30 years Radiant Dyes have been selling high quality accessories such as dye circulators, dye filters, dye cells, pyroelectric detectors etc. for all dye lasers on the market (commercial and custom-made).

                Please contact us if you need any kind of spare parts for your dye laser and please mention the brand name (e.g. Lambda Physik SCANMATE or FL; LAS laser, Quanta Ray, Quantel, Spectra Physics etc.)
                  • Laser Accessories for dye-laser

                      • dye circulator

                      • Dye circulators for Radiant Dyes,
                        LAS and Lambda Physik Dye lasers

                        The features of our dye circulators are not only their silent operation and possible 24-hour performance, but they are also easy to manage and very reliable. All systems are completely grounded.
                        All dye circulators can be equipped with different dye cells.
                      • dye cells

                      • Quartz glass cells for Radiant Dyes,
                        Lambda Physik, Quanta Ray and LAS Dye lasers

                        In the field of laser accessories, Radiant Dyes is in the position to supply quartz glass cell for all dye lasers.
                        The following cells are the most common ones for commercial and custom made dye circulator systems.
                        Other cells made of quartz glass or other optical materials and dye flow cell units not mentioned below can be supplied according to your specifications.
                      • dye filter

                      • Dye filters for dye circulator systems

                        Our high quality filter cartridges are one-way filters made of sintered polypropylene with high retention rates of 0,2 μm. On request, filters of other materials such as teflon or different can be supplied.
                      • frequency-conversion

                      • Frequency doubling and Difference frequency mixing

                        These units are usable for frequency doubling (SHG), frequency mixing like tripling (THG) or difference frequency mixing (DFM)

                        Frequency conversion unit
                        It consists of mechanical equipment and electronical control for a synchronised turning of crystal and compensator. Max. rotation angle 20°, stepper motor drive and driver (standard software control), UG5 filter; Crystal and compensator required (holder Lambda Physik compatible)

                        Wave length separator
                        Pellin-Broca Prism in selfcompensating fixed arrangement to separate the harmonic of the groundwave (holder Lambda Physik compatible)
                    • Laser Accessories for excimer-laser

                          • Spare parts

                          • Stainless Steel Gas Regulator with purging equipment
                            Stainless Steel Gas Regulator
                            Gas Regulator
                            Vacuum pump
                            Excimer laser-Thyratron
                            Halogen-filter cartridge
                            mirror mounts
                            and more....
                      • Laser Accessories for cw-dye-laser from

                          • Optics for "Coherent ring lasers"

                          • - Optic-Set for self-made dye ring laser and Coherent 699
                            -> Optic-Set VIS , P1, M1, M4, M5 & Tweeter
                            - Optic-Set for self-made dye ring laser and Coherent 699
                            -> Optic-Set BLUE (without Tweeter), P1, M1, M4, M5 & Tweeter
                            - Optic-Set for self-made TiSa laser and Coherent 899
                            -> Optic-Set TiSa (without Tweeter), P1, P2, P3, M1, M4, M5 & Tweeter
                          • Radiant-Dyes

                          • Accessories for cw Dye lasers
                            The following cw laser accessories should be used in order to achieve an absolutely steady and precise dye jet for Radiant, Coherent, Spectra Physics and for custom made laser systems.
                            We carry two different types of dye circulators and air cushions which were designed in such a way that vibrations due to the geared pumps can be avoided completely
                            This is achieved by a high efficient especially spooled cooling coil and also by the air buffer inside the stainless steel filter housing.
                            As in all our other dye circulators we paid attention to the exclusive use of stainless steel and synthetic materials which are not harmful to the laser dyes and withstand high pressures. Our low pressure dye circulator is the most appropriate pump for all usual applications with standing wave and ring dye lasers. For all high stabilised applications we recommend the low pressure air cushion and the 0.2 mm special dye nozzle RDSN 02 (interferometrically tested).
                            For all special applications where high pressure and flow rates are required we recommend the high power dye circulators and dye nozzles with different thicknesses.
                          • Coherent

                          • Accessories for Coherent cw Dye lasers

                            RDU 10
                            Exchange Unit for the Coherent 699
                            Consisting of the nozzle holder and pump mirror adjustment. Exchangeable against the original unit; suitable for the original nozzle and the Radiant Dyes special nozzle

                            Exact, reproducible and straight adjustment with micrometer screws.
                            Fast dye change by exchanging the whole nozzle holder unit.
                            Adjustment without any tools.

                            RDE 15
                            Separate Etalon Mounting.
                            Dual-axis translation for the thin etalon; allows simple adjustment of the lasers and guarantees optimum output power.

                            RDJ 99 Alignment Aid
                            For the Coherent ring dye laser 699/21-29 for optimum adjustment of the optical axes of the different components.
                            Geared Pump For elder Coherent systems. For higher flow rates and pressures up to 75 PSI.

                            RDMA 100
                            Stronger magnet; up to 100 PSI pressure.
                        • Laser Accessories general

                            • Raman cells

                            • Raman shifters are suitable for a frequency conversion of fixed or tuneable laser sources and for the suppression of amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) and are based on stimulated Raman-scattering (SRS). The most commonly used gases for this purpose are H2, D2, O2 and N2. SRS is a flexible, economic and easy to handle wavelength extension method.
                              In addition, tuneable radiation down to 150 nm can be generated if the pump (dye laser) radiation provides sufficient high energy (= 30 mJ) and good focusability. Starting in the visible or ultraviolet with tuneable dye laser radiation, the complete spectral interval down to 150 nm is accessible without gaps by using different dyes.
                              The conversion efficiencies are more than 20% for the first Stokes and around 5% for the first anti-Stokes component. The efficiencies for higher order anti-Stokes components scale approximately with:
                              ASn+1 ~ ASn x 0.3 for n > 1
                              Continuous tuneable radiation from 190 nm (anti-Stokes generation) up to the far infrared region (Stokes generation) can be generated by using one Raman cell and one non-linear medium (e.g. H2).
                              Vacuum-flanges to connect the Raman cell to a vacuum vessel can be ordered from Radiant Dyes.
                            • simple adjustment units

                            • Simple adjustment aids

                              Monitor etalons

                              The etalons are suitable for bandwidth measurements at lasers with bandwidths < 0,8 cm-1. We offer these etalons as compact mounted units in stainless steel holders.

                              He-Ne adjustment

                              The system ranges from the simple He-Ne-laser adjustments, which are mounted on double slope tables, up to the He-Ne-laser adjustments with precise xyz-alteration and additional free rotational degrees.
                            • cooling aggregates

                            • For cooling lasers and other laboratory equipment

                              Our cooling systems (water/air) and heat exchangers (water/water) are completely made of stainless steel and can be operated with anti-corrosive coolants which prevent a corrosion of excimer lasers as well as a calcination of laser cooling circulators.
                              The cooling power of our cooling systems is between 0.5 - 6 kW.
                              They are equipped with efficient recirculation pumps, which provide a flow rate of 10 - 15 l/min in excimer lasers for example.
                              Our cooling systems RDK Maxi can be extended to a total of three cooling circulators by the use of two additional pumps. Thus a simultaneous cooling of up to three lasers or one laser and several dye circulators is possible with only one cooling system. The cooling systems RDK Midi can be equipped with one additional pump.
                              On principle, inexpensive custom-made systems can be supplied with only minor changes to our standard systems.
                              Our RDK systems are not designed for de-ionised water or other aggressive media, on request, they can also be supplied for these coolants.
                            • heat exchangers

                            • In laboratories with existing cold water circulators, our standard heat exchangers are a good alternative for cooling bigger systems; for example for the cooling of high power excimer lasers, argon or krypton-ion-lasers as well as other laboratory equipment. Our standard heat exchangers do not have a temperature stabilisation.
                              The mentioned cooling powers are based on a flow rate of 20 l/min. and a water temperature of 12 °C on the secondary side. At different temperatures or different flow rates the cooling power changes accordingly.
                              Besides our standard systems we are in a position to manufacture cooling systems up to several 100 kW, according to customer specifications.
                          • Laser Dyes

                                • ready-to-use dye

                                • Ready-to-use dye solutions

                                  As a special service we offer ready-to-use dye solutions, which are made individual on customer request.
                                  But please note: we recommend to buy dye an solvent separately, because dyes have a better durability as a dry powder than as solution.
                            • Optomechanics

                            • Radiant Dyes produce high-quality opto-mechanical components in our own manufacturing centre. The screws are made in single-part production and are aligned to the nuts. This guarantees that the screws do not scratch or bounce and they can turn smoothly without jerking.

                              Radiant Dyes offers a variety of two-adjuster and three-adjuster mirror mounts and a wide range of front plates for the various mirror mounts from closed up to two inch, and for special applications for optics up to six inch. Due to the fact that Radiant Dyes produce everything in the own factory, we are able to manufacture also custom-made products.

                              Our high-quality and stable opto-mechanical components will help you to build up successful experiments.
                                • Screws

                                • Radiant Dyes offers high quality fine thread screws with two pitches:
                                  Fine adjustment screws with 150 μm/turn (170 TPI)
                                  Fine adjustment screws with 250 μm/turn (100 TPI)
                                • Mirror Mounts

                                • Radiant Dyes offers a wide range of optomechanical components. We manufacture stable mirror mounts with several front plates (from closed up to 3").
                                • High stable Mirror Mounts

                                • Radiant Dyes offers high stable mirror mounts, which have a thicker body plate, four springs and s stainless steel insert to provide a long-term stability.
                                • FineAdjustment

                                • FineAdjustment optomechanics are manufactured to exceptionally fine tolerances. Each adjuster is fitted with a patented and long-life lucrication system and a screw head with an additional hexagon socket.

                                  This lubrication sytem guarantees that the thread is evenly supplied with lubricant at every turn of the adjuster. Therefore, wear time is eliminated and components consistently maintain a very smooth movement and perform to design specification throughout their life.

                                  FineAdjustment Optomechanics are constructed from specially treated materials in order to prevent movements due to mechanical stress and changing temperatures.
                                • Rotation Mounts

                                • With plastic screw
                                  Small dimensions
                                  Integrated notch for safe fixing
                                • Prism Mounting

                                • Prism Mounting
                                  Radiant Dyes offers several products to mount prisms. You can use prism turn tables, inclination tables (mirror mounts which can be used horizontally) or normal MDI mirror mounts with clamping arms.

                                  Prism Turn Tables
                                  Mirror Mounts for Prism Mounting
                                  Inclination Tables
                                  Beam Dump
                                • Lens Mounts

                                • Radiant Dyes offers lens mounts in several sizes and types. From fixed lens mounts to variable lens mounts to have the possibility to adjust the lens in the xyz plane.

                                  Ø 12 and Ø 12,7mm lenses
                                  Ø 18 and Ø 20mm lenses
                                  Ø 25 and Ø 25,4mm lenses
                                  Ø 30 mm lenses
                                  Ø 40 mm lenses
                                  Ø 50 mm lenses
                                  Ø 75 mm lenses
                                • Special Applications

                                • Custom designed opto-mechanics:
                                  You design it – We manufacture it

                                  Customized mirror mounts:

                                  From 2 inch up to 20 inch diameter
                                  From aluminium to ceramic
                                  From red to black

                                  for Vacuum Applications:
                                  We are able to supply our products partially or completely suitable for vacuum and UHV applications:
                                  Mirror Mounts
                                  Lens Mounts
                                  Posts & Pedestals
                                  Translation Stages

                                  Antimagnet Versions:
                                  By choosing special non-magnetic materials we guarantee an optimum non-magnetic suitability of our components. All antimagnetic products are available as anodized and non-anodized.
                                • Posts & Post holders

                                • Radiant Dyes offers a wide range of optomechanical components such as posts, post holders, pedestals and holding forks.

                                  Compatible Post Holders and posts
                                  Holding Forks
                                  Height adjustable pedestals
                                  Height adapters
                                • Translation Stages

                                • Radiant Dyes offers high quality translation stages. With this kind of longitudinal guide we can offer a high precision guide system for high loading, with well fitted guide and extremely smooth operation.

                                  with 15mm or 25mm adjustment line:

                                • Beam Guide System

                                • Based on our variable Lens Mounts RD-VL
                                  Stable Beam Guide System with a rod diameter of 8 mm
                                • Aluminium Breadboards

                                • Radiant Dyes offers black anodized aluminium Breadboards in various sizes with M6 threads on

                                  25mm centers.

                                  We can manufacture special sizes up to 720 x 1300mm. Please send us a request.

                                  Standard Thickness:

                                  Standard Size:
                                • MDI-H with Piezodrive

                                • Our MDI-H (high stable) with Piezodrive is a Mirror Mount which is controlled by a piezo system with our own electronic.

                                  This is also available with a Translation Stage.
                                • FineAdjustment Mercury

                                • The Mercury series offers an high quality mirror mount in a compact format for 0.5" and 1" mirrors.
                                  170 TPI fine tuning adjusters
                                  M4.5/M8 adjusters with hexagon socket
                                  Mounting holes M4 counter bore
                                  Powerful springs for excellent performance
                                  Body and front plate in stainless steel
                                  Sandblasted surface treatment to prevent laser reflections
                                • Flip Mounts & Magnet Plates

                                • Our Flip Mount allows the user to flip an optic out of the beam path and back again without any realignment.

                                  With M4 thread
                                  The Flip Mount is available in one and two inch (1" and 2").
                              • Optic & Electronic

                                  • optoelectronic measurement

                                  • Energy detection
                                    Photo diode with „Sample and Hold“
                                    Band width detection
                                    Band width measurement set RD-PB-02
                                    Preamplifier for Pyroelectric Energy detectors VST1N/VST2N
                                    Neutral glass filter set RDNG 1-30
                                    Pulse Energy- and Power Measuring Instrument LEM 2020
                                  • Optic for dye-, cw-, excimer-laser

                                  • Beam splitters and flat mirrors
                                    Cylindrical lenses
                                    Spherical Lenses
                                    Fabry-Perot Etalons
                                    Pump optics for all existing dye lasers
                                    Pump optic-set for Cu-steamlaser
                                    Pump optic-set for OPO-operation
                                    Telescope for Nd:YAG laser