• Offer Profile
  • One of the leading suppliers of industrial safety technology.

    As a system integrator we provide all inclusive solutions based on a range of switches, sensors and enclosures and their interaction.
    Operator, machine and process safety are therefore the main focus of attention.

    In other words: a comprehensive product programme which fully meets relevant safety requirements and yet is suited for specific applications.
Product Portfolio
  • Highlights

    • Rope-pull switches type SRM

    • Product advantages
      - Stable and durable metal housing
      - Rope status display allows correct setting and inspection
      - Patented electronic advance malfunction monitoring for early detection of a change in the rope tension
      Straightforward to handle thanks to easy-to-read switching state display
      Cable entry 3x M20 x 1,5
    • Safety hinge switches type SHS3

    • Product advantages
      - Protection class IP 67
      - Freely and repeatedly adjustable switching point
      - Switching point freely adjustable by user over a range of 270°
      - Uncomplicated re-adjustment even of set switching point by ±1.5° thanks to integrated fine adjustment system
      - Right and left hinged systems possible for optimum cable routing
    • Control enclosures type CC-800

    • Features
      - Various standard sizes
      - Modern design
      - Foamed gaskets
      - Inclusive grounding material and mounting plates
      - Protection class IP 65 - on request IP66/IP69K
      - Lock and hinges mounted outside of the protection area
      - Improved stability due to reinforced gasket-frame
      Special dimensions and different surface finish or material on request
    • Bus-compatible safety switches

    • System advantages
      - Uncomplicated interconnection of safety system in machines used in production lines
      - Straightforward implementation of safety system cascading
      - Faults in the safety system can be diagnosed with a laptop online
      - Diagnostic facilities directly at the master and monitor for exact fault location
      - System data/polling can be read out via higher-level bus system:
      - Remote servicing
      - Fewer I/Os at controller
      - Takes up less space in control cabinet

      Economic advantages
      Reduced costs through:
        - Faster installation
        - Fewer circuit diagrams need to be created
        - Faster commissioning
        - Fast troubleshooting
        - Extensive diagnostic facilities 
    • Slot sensors teachable / Hall / Reed contact

    • Product advantages
      - Slot sensors for T and C slots
      - Teachable, electronic variants with 2 freely programmable switching points
      - Hall-effect and reed contact versions
      - Fully encapsulated versions to protection class IP67
      - Sturdy metal or plastic enclosures
      - Temperature range -20 °C to +80 °C
      - Short circuit-proof versions
      - Occupies only one slot
      - 2 freely programmable switching points
      - Straightforward teach-in procedure
      - Reduced installation and wiring requirements
      - Can be mounted from above
      - High switching accuracy
      - EX certification KEMA 08 ATEX 0130 X
    • Medium load type CS-3000

    • Features
      With the CS-3000 BERNSTEIN sets standards in modern industrial design, sophisticated ergonomics and a wide range of components for connection of control enclosures. Due to the particular easy assembly in comparison to other systems the mounting effort is reduced significantly, which results in explicit time and cost reduction. Please experience the advantages here!
  • Switches

  • Efficiency meets safety

    Our electromechanic switches are characterized by a convincing price-performance ratio and by a high reliability at different stages of voltage.

    The products range from plastic-bodied limit switches, metal-bodied limit switches and foot switches to safety switching devices. The AS-i compatible switches reduce time and costs in reference with the assembly, the materials and the operation.

    A vast range of types, sizes, switching functions and actuators allow nearly every application.
    • Safety switches with separate actuator

    • Foot-operated switches for medical applications

  • Sensors

  • Compact intelligence

    Our sensors are used for different applications. They work non-reactive and nonwearing and they are extremely fast and accurate.
    Depending on your application you can chose between inductive, capacitive, magnetic or photoelectric sensors as well as ultrasonic or  tilt sensors and float switches.
    In addition to this wide-ranging program of standard sensors BENRSTEIN also develops individual solutions which are designed for your specific application.
    • Magnetic switches / Magnetic sensors

  • Enclosures

  • Function and design

    The traditional field of the BERNSTEIN AG combines enclosure technology for housing different applications and modern and
    variable suspension systems.

    A vide range of aluminium or polyester terminal boxes and the possiblity of offering a complete wired and switched industrial and control enclosures complete the product portfolio.

    Standards of medicin, industry, food and the explosion-hazardous areas can be realised.