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  • We are a global provider of optical, industrial measurement technology for quality assurance of complex components of different shapes, sizes and materials. Our non-contact measuringsystems are used in all areas of precision manufacturing. Our core competence is the measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness in the fields of production measurement technology and automation, prototype development as well as traditional quality assurance. Based on the technology of Focus-Variation, our measuring systems close the gap between classical dimensional metrology and surface roughness measurement, since users can measure both GD&T features and roughness parameters robustly, accurately, traceably and in high repeatability by using only one optical sensor.

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Product Portfolio
  • Dimensional metrology & surface roughness measurement

  • Based on the technology of Focus-Variation, Bruker Alicona measuring systems close the gap between classical dimensional metrology and surface roughness measurement. The core competence is the measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness of complex components of different shapes, sizes and materials. Optical 3D metrology is used in all areas of production measurement technology and production automation, prototype development as well as traditional quality assurance. Users can measure GD&T features and roughness parameters robustly, accurately, traceably and in high repeatability by using only one optical sensor. The product range includes high-resolution optical measurement solutions for the laboratory as well as during production. International leading companies benefit from Bruker Alicona optical 3D measurement systems wherever components need to be measured fast, precisely and reliably.

      • µCMM

      • Optical CMM machine to measure tight tolerances

        µCMM, the first purely optical CMM machine, is used to measure extremely tight tolerances in high accuracy. Users combine advantages from tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface measuring technology and measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor. The optical CMM offers high geometric accuracy of several optical 3D measurements in relation to each other, enabling the measurement of small surface details on large components and precisely determining the position of these individual measurements in relation to each other. The spectrum of measurable surfaces includes all common industrial materials and composites such as plastics, PCD, CFRP, ceramics, chrome, silicon. Simple operation is implemented by single-button solutions, automation and ergonomic control elements such as a specially designed controller. Air-bearing axes with linear drive enable wear-free use and highly accurate, fast measurements.

      • InfiniteFocus

      • Dimensional accuracy & surface finish measurement

        InfiniteFocus is a highly accurate, fast and flexible optical 3D measurement system. With only one sensor, users verify dimensional accuracy and measure surface roughness of their components. Based on the technology of Focus Variation the range of measurable surfaces is almost unlimited. By means of Vertical Focus Probing, which is an extension of Focus-Variation vertical surfaces are probed laterally as well. Components are traceably measured in high accuracy, with a high vertical resolution and in high repeatability. The robust measurement principle of Focus-Variation in combination with a vibration-isolating hardware enables the form and roughness measurement of also large and heavy components. All axes of InfiniteFocus are equipped with highly accurate encoders ensuring precise stage movement. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocus is also applied for fully automatic measurements also in production.

      • InfiniteFocusSL

      • 3D measurement system for form & finish

        InfiniteFocusSL is a cost efficient optical 3D measurement system for easy, fast and traceable measurement of form and finish on micro structured surfaces. Users measure both form and roughness of components with only one system. In addition, color images with high contrast and depth of focus are achieved. The long working distance of up to 33mm in combination with its measurement field of 50mm x 50mm allows a wide range of applications. Measurements are achieved in seconds and features, such as a coaxial laser for quick and easy focusing, further increase usability. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocusSL is also applied for fully automatic measurement in production.

      • IF-SensorR25

      • Optical measurement sensor for production

        IF-SensorR25 is a solid optical 3D measurement instrument for automated form and roughness measurement in production. The optical measurement sensor is integrated into a production line and delivers high resolution, repeatable and traceable results when measuring surface characteristics in the μm or sub-μm range. Therefore, the IF-SensorR25 is a platform that enables the use of the same measurement process both in-line and in ameasurement laboratory. Standardized interfaces (e.g. QDAS) support an easy and quick integration into production allowing comparable measurements. In combination with a collaborative 6-axis robot, IF-SensorR25 is used as a collaborative system – “Cobot” – for flexible quality assurance and the measurement of microstructures on large components.

      • PortableRL

      • Mobile 3D measurement of large components

        PortableRL is a mobile 3D measurement system for quality assurance of micro structured surfaces. Users verify measurement fields of up to (mm) 50x50x26. The system is applied for both curved and flat components. A battery pack allows a flexible use and mobile positioning, enabling the use of the system wherever needed. A large vertical scanning range allows the measurement of various geometry types and forms. Amongst others, fields of use are platen inspection, asphalt measurement, quality assurance of turbine or rotor blades, 3D measurement of steel and body parts.

      • IF-Profiler

      • Optical profiler for roughness & finish

        IF-Profiler is a handheld 3D roughness measurement system for high resolution measurement of surface finish. Users measure roughness of flat and curved components with only one system. Measurements are performed both profile based (ISO 4287) and areal based (ISO 25178). The lightweight IF-Profiler consists of a 3D measurement sensor and a robust, at the same time handy framework. The ergonomic design combines ease of use and required mechanical rigidity. Traceable and repeatable measurements are achieved in a min. measurement time of three seconds.

      • EdgeMaster

      • Tool measurement on the shop floor

        The EdgeMaster is an optical 3D measurement device for automatic tool measurement on the shop floor. Cutting edges of inserts, drills, millers and other round tools are measured regardless of type, size, material or surface finish. Users measure radii >2μm as well as rake, wedge and clearance angle of tools. Different types, including both waterfall and trumpet, are precisely measured. Traceable and repeatable results are delivered in high vertical resolution even at vibrations, variations in temperature and ambient light. In addition to chipping measurement, the high vertical resolution also enables traceable roughness measurement on the rake face.

      • EdgeMasterX

      • 3D measurement of multiple cutting edges

        The EdgeMasterX originates from the Alicona product line for optical, automatic tool measurement in high resolution. It is a fully automated cutting edge measurement system for quality assurance of drills, millers and other round tools to be applied in production. Specifically, the EdgeMasterX enables 3D measurement of multiple cutting edges. When utilized in combination with a motorized rotation unit, users benefit from the measurement of multiple tool edges, even chamfered edges, in one single measurement run. Deviations from a CAD file or reference geometry are indicated through a traffic light system. Measurements are initiated by a single button solution allowing for measurements to be performed without any further user interaction.

      • EdgeMasterHOB

      • Tool measurement system to verify hobs

        The EdgeMasterHOB is one of Alicona´s optical tool measurement systems and a market-specific adaption of the optical cutting edge measurement system EdgeMaster. Like all Alicona tool measurement systems, the EdgeMasterHOB is used for automated quality assurance. The hob measuring device is particularly applied in e.g. regrinding centers. A working distance of 33mm allows effortless measurement of cutting edges even in areas that are hard to access. Users measure, amongst other features, chipping and edge defects, chamfer as well as edge roundness at the tooth flank, tooth root and tooth tip.

      • MeX

      • MeX turns any SEM into a 3D measurement device

        MeX is a stand alone software package that turns any SEM with digital imaging into a true surface metrology device. Using stereoscopic images the software automatically retrieves 3D information and presents a highly accurate, robust and dense 3D dataset which is then used to perform traceable metrology examination. The results are obtained irrespective of the SEM magnification providing metrology at macro and micro levels. No additional hardware is necessary to run MeX and it can be used with any SEM. Due to the unique AutoCalibration routine the calibration data is automatically refined. Thereby only MeX enables traceable 3D measurements at any magnification in the SEM.

    • Cobots

    • Optical measuring sensor & collaborative robot

      Our Cobots combine a collaborative 6-axis robot arm and a robust optical 3D measurement sensor to deliver traceable and repeatable high-resolution measurements, even in production. They require no prior knowledge of metrology and make handling, programming and executing measurement series easy. This is made possible by intuitive hand-guided controls for the teach-in of measurement series, automatic measurement evaluation, and a no-enclosures safety concept. As a result, Cobots are ideal for verifying the surface state and dimensional accuracy of work pieces in existing production environments. Users verify surface quality and dimensional accuracy of small features on large components. Examples from the Cobot series are the DiscCobot, the TurbineCobot or the CompactCobot, which are used in the aircraft, automotive and tooling industries for industrial quality assurance. Users also benefit from the high mobility and flexibility of collaborative systems, as Cobots can be positioned as required due to their mobile design. This allows users to measure their components directly in the machine tool.

        • DiscCobot

        • Evaluation of edge breaks

          The DiscCobot is used for the quality assurance of large rotationally symmetric components up to 120 kg. In particular, the Cobot is applied in the standardized evaluation of edge breaks. By verifying minimal radii, it prevents sharp edges that can, in the worst case, compromise aircraft safety. The DiscCobot is used in the aircraft industry for the measurement of e.g. turbine housings and turbine discs as well as in the tool industry e.g. for the cutting edge measurement of saw blades. 

        • CompactCobot

        • Universal solution for industrial quality assurance

          Whereas the existing ToolCobot and DiscCobot are application-specific solutions for the tooling and aerospace industry, the new CompactCobot is a universal solution applicable to all industries to verify surface state and dimensional accuracy of also large components.

        • Turbine Cobot

        • High-resolution and automatic measurement of micro-structured surface features

          The Turbine Cobot is used for the automatic measurement of break edges on turbine cases. Up to 500 measuring positions are taught-in and measured automatically.

      • Pick & Place


        Alicona Pick & Place is an automation solution that makes it possible to set up a complete automation process within ten minutes. Therefore an optical measurement system is extended with a robot arm to automatically pick, place, measure and sort components. Pick & Place can also be used in smaller production environments and pays for itself within ten months. The system is based on the interaction between an administrator who pre-defines automation processes, the collaborative robot for the manipulation and placing of components as well as high-resolution optical 3D measurement technology. The possible connection to existing production systems including ERP facilitates adaptive production planning.
            • µCMM Pick & Place


              The optical coordinate measuring system µCMM is extended by a robot arm to automatically pick up, place, measure and sort components in all sectors of the metalworking industry. With the Pick & Place automation solution, it is possible to set up a complete automation process within ten minutes. 

              USER APPLICATION
              Dimensional metrology in combination with collaborative robots For many years, the punching tool expert has relied on Bruker Alicona's optical 3D measurement technology for quality assurance. Stepper now also uses the new automated measuring solution µCMM Pick&Place. The range of applications includes embossing inserts, embossing dies, bending inserts, bending dies, etc.

              Interacting with machine
              Adaptive closed loop production

              The machined component is removed from the machine by the robot, clamped on the measuring system and measured automatically. Depending on the manufacturing strategy, there are different options of continuing the production process afterwards. Either the measurement result is fed back into the tool machine following a closed-loop strategy, where machine parameters are corrected automatically and manufacturing continues in a self-controlling manner. Alternatively, an automatic sorting into OK/NOT OK pallets follows after the 3D measurement for further processing.

              Interacting with worker
              Easy teach-in in only three steps

              The user teaches-in an automated procedure in only three step with no programming knowledge required. The robot handles component manipulation including the positioning on the measuring system and further sorting in OK/NO OK pallets. Regardless of the number of components, only four parts per pallet have to be pre-defined. At the push of a button the operator starts the entire process in production. After the measurement is finished, the component is sorted by measurement results OK/NOK and put in the respective pallet by the robot.


        • Optical measurement solutions in use

          The application areas of Alicona optical 3D metrology are manifold. Users benefit from automated, traceable and repeatable 3D measurements in a laboratory as well as in production. The optical high-resolution measurements enable manufactures to verify accuracy of machining centers and achieve higher reproducibility of processes and products. That way, Alicona supports users in increasing reliability of processes while retaining a high degree of standardization.

            • Aerospace

            • Turbine engines are higly specialized aircraft components that must meet enormous safety requirements. One way to meet these new metrological requirements is the use of high-resolution, optical 3D metrology.

              The following highly critical turbine engine parts can be measured optically:

              • Break edges
                of fan blades, compressor discs, turbine blades, blisks, cases etc. according to ASME
              • Leading and trailing edge of turbine blades
                even at sharp opening angles due to a special illumination technology that enables the measurement of steep flanks
              • Small defects
                of components (i.e. rotor blades) or component assemblies (i.e. motors) by measuring width, length, depth and volume of fractures, scratches etc.
              • Cooling holes
                by automatically verifying angle, size, and shape of up to 500 cooling holes, some of them with different shapes
              • Roughness measurements
                to i.e. verify coating processes or MRO actions. Roughness is measured profile based (Ra, Rq, Rz) and area based (Sa, Sq, Sz)
            • Automotive Industry

            • High measuring accuracy and a significant reduction in the reject rate are decisive factors in increasing production efficiency. One way to follow a continous improvement process is the use of high-resolution, optical 3D metrology.

              Applications of optical 3D metrology in the automotive industry

              • 3D Measurement
                of fuel injection nozzles, measurement of valves, connecting rods and envelopes
              • High-resolution measurement
                of valve seat roundness: deviations in roundness are capably measured even in the 1-2 micron tolerance range
              • Automatic cam inspection
                evaluation of ridges and distance between laser lines
              • Failure analysis
                and development of materials for engine an d transmission components (e.g. corrosion, analysis of breakdown, measurement of spinning in angular gearbox, gear damage, 3D measurement of mulit-plate clutches and synchronizers)
              • Quality assurance
                of sealing systems, contour measurement of synchronizer rings, car body and steel surfaces
            • Injection Molding

            • Alicona measurement solutions enable the optimization of mold making through electrode savings of more than 10%, quality assurance of micro molds and molds in precision manufacturing, geometry measurement of both electrode and eroded mold, verification of surface finish throughout areal surface texture measurement, process optimization, e.g. optimized separation behavior, prevention of sink marks and joint lines, the numerical verification of geometric deviations of the colded part from the injection mould and much more.

              “With our machining centers we help our customers to eliminate manual rework as both, the accuracy of the contour and surface quality of the cavity achieved is superior. At this level it is tough to measure the quality, though. With Alicona we have a partner who helps us to prove it.”
              Andreas Walbert, Head of Marketing and Product Planning, Makino Europe

            • Additive Manufacturing

            • Alicona measurement solutions enable the optimization of 3D printing process, quality assurance of additive manufactured parts, surface texture measurement for quality evaluation of entire surface, analysis of porosity throughout volume measurement (Vvc, Vmc), automatic measurements to identify form deviations to CAD dataset or reference geometry, 3D measurements to achieve optimum finishing process, e.g. polishing and much more.

              “Our Alicona system has proved invaluable for analysis of the complex surfaces generated by laser processes such as additive manufacturing and high precision manufacturing, providing reliable measurements when other instruments struggle.“

              Duncan Hand, Director, EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Laser-based Production Processes (CIM-Laser), School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

            • Medical Technology & Pharmaceutics

            • High-resolution optical 3D metrology is indispensable in the manufacture of instruments, implants and other medical devices. Bruker Alicona measuring solutions enable the automatic area measurement of shape and roughness.

              Applications of optical 3D metrology in the medical industry:

              • High resolution measurement
                of dental implants' roughness, including those on thread roots, knee, hip or spinal disc implants
              • Complete measurement
                of surgical drills, milling cutters, etc.
              • Measurement of pills and capsules
                Simple and visible verification against imitations, determination of slip properties through area-based measurement of surface characteristics
              • Quality assurance
                of orthodontic brackets, packaging products and materials, blister machines and compontens e.g. sealing tools, heating plates and sealing rollers
              • Verification
                of surface finish and quality of surgical instruments and instrument tables
            • Micro Precision Manufacturing

            • Alicona measurement solutions enable the automatic measurement of micro gears; includes area based measurement and verification of the entire tooth flank of all teeth, measurement of complex shapes with small radii and angles even, at high measurement volumes, determination of shape and roughness via large lateral and vertical scanning areas within one single measurement process, checking and verification of dimensional accuracy and finish quality, measurement of composites with various materials and reflective properties, failure analysis, incoming goods inspection and integrated tools compensation, 3D measurement of dies, quality assurance in stamping and forming technologies.

              “We mainly use Alicona’s option of full form measurement. And we believe that Alicona has no competition in this field. ”

              Frank E. Pfefferkorn, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

            • Tool Industry

            • Cutting edge defects, high wear, long machining times or unsatisfactory results on drills, milling cutters etc. are challenges with which manufacturers are confronted. The optimal tool and machining parameters can be determined with optical 3D metrology.

              Applications of optical 3D metrology in the tooling industry:

              • Cutting Edge Preparation
                Measuring the real edge, automated chipping measurement, automated roughness measurement
              • Roughness in the flute
                Roughness in the flute informs about the amount of resistance the chip has during its evacuation.
              • Cutting Tool Geometry
                Outer diameter, Core diameter, Helix angle, drill tip angle, Rake angle, margin, webs
              • Definition of correct machining parameters such as feed rate and cutting speed
              • Quantifications of droplets for improved coating process
              • Full form measurement with Real3D technology
            • Other Industries

            • The applications of optical 3D metrology are manifold. Read more about where Alicona optical 3D metrology is still used.

              "When investigating human or animal bones, we usually face rather difficult surfaces that show very steep flanks. Also, weapons or synthetics with reflecting metals were difficult to view and measure before we worked with InfiniteFocus. It is the perfect tool to measure in a high resolution even with difficult surface conditions.“

              René Pietermann, Forensic Scientist, Nederlands Forensisch Insituut


            • User Cases

            • Find here the latest user cases and learn more about Alicona‘s measurement solutions. Our customers describe the way they use Alicona for quality assurance purposes. The applications found daily in various fields create additional benefits that you too can experience from using Focus-Variation.