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Company Profile

What We Do:
Provide optimized sensing solutions by partnering with our customers to ensure mutual success. We use sensing technology and products to help people be successful. We accomplish this by not just providing state-of-the-art position sensors off the shelf, but by listening to our customers – determining with them what the best solution is, and if necessary, adapting our products to be sure we provide the best possible solution. When we do that, they succeed and so do we.
What We Value:
- Customer Satisfaction - Product Innovation - Workforce Motivation - Operational Excellence - Continued Growth Our quality policy is this: Customer satisfaction results from innovative products, a motivated workforce, and operational excellence. When we adhere to this policy, we grow. With customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal, we have found that we need: innovative products for unique measurement problems; a motivated workforce that enjoys solving customer measurement problems and getting the solutions in their hands; quality driven operations that takes pride in delivering reliable products as quickly as possible.
What We Are Becoming:
An organization responding to customer challenges with increasing speed and effectiveness. Because every application may need something unique, we continually work toward improving our ability to identify, design, manufacture, and support products that are the best possible solution for the customer.
Research and Development
Our engineering staff combines for over ninety years of noncontact sensor and electronic design experience. We maintain close relationships with several research universities (Penn State, University of North Carolina at Charlotte), and national laboratories such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Cooperation with these institutions has advanced measurement technology on several fronts and produced award-winning designs of high-performance measurement systems.