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  • Smartec offers wide range of sensors and sensor solutions such as humidity, pressure, infra red and temperature sensors as well as multiplexers.

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Product Portfolio
  • Sensors

  • Over the years Smartec has brought a wide variety of products on the market. Starting with the temperature sensor in the beginning of the 90’s, now we have included over fifty sensors in our portfolio.

    What is a Smart sensor without software? A customer can find all kinds of software applications in the supportshop on our website; all the software is free to use and virus free.

    In more than 25 years of sensor production, we noticed that a designer prefers more than a sensor a solution for his sensor problem, what lead in writing of rather complicated software and hardware by themselves.
    That is why Smartec offers not only sensors, but also sensor solutions.
    For quick design-in of sensor solutions there are modules exclusively developed by our own laboratories, they include easy to use evaluation software and hardware for the customers convenience.

    Due to smart production of these evaluation modules the price can be kept low, to make it appealing and easy for the user, without the need to design by themselves. Most information about the modules can be found on our website, so anyone can re-use the hard- and software and fit to their needs. With most of the PC applications it is possible to store measured data to XLS-like files for further analysing of the measured data.
      • Temperature Sensors

      • The SMT172 is a three terminal integrated temperature sensor, with a duty-cycle output.

        Two terminals are used for the power supply of 2.7 -5.5 Volts and the third terminal carries the output signal. A duty cycle modulated output is used because this output is interpretable by a microprocessor, while the analogue information is still available.

        The sensors are available in a number of encapsulations: TO18, TO92, TO220, SOIC-8L, SOT223, HEC and in a 7 mm ss. probe with 5 mtr cable. SMT172 can be supplied as a naked die as well. For quick design-in a lot of applications are available on the web and for plug and play we have designed a Smart Temperature Acquisition System for 4 or 8 Smartec Temperature Sensors. It was designed to get the best possible temperature measurement results with the SMT172 temperature sensors (absolute accuracy 0.1 °C, noise <0.0001 °C), at low cost. We offer you an application to connect the board to an Excel application. In this way a low budget high accurate measurement system can be built.

        The SMT172 has an overall accuracy of 0.1 °C in the range from -20 °C to +60 °C and an accuracy of 0.4 °C from -45 to +130 °C. This makes the sensor especially useful in all applications where "human" (climate control, food processing etc.) conditions are to be controlled.

        The CMOS output of the sensor can handle cable lengths up to 20 meters. This makes the SMT172 very useful in remote sensing and control applications.

        Key Features
        • excellent performance:
        accuracy better than 0.1°
        resolution better than 0.0001°C
        • duty-cycle (PWM) output
        • 2.7 – 5.5 V power supply
        • analog voltage output with a low-pass filter
        • wide range of packaging possibilities
          • Infrared Sensors

          • The Smartec infrared sensors SMTIR99XX are sophisticated full silicon infrared sensors and comprise of so called thermopiles. Thermopiles are based on the Seebeck effect, which is a long time standard for conventional thermocouples. The application of thin film technology allows the production of miniaturised and low cost sensor elements. For specific applications there is a version with a small openings angle (7°).

            The sensors can be used in measuring the radiation temperature without any contact. For different radiation temperature ranges various filters are available. The sensor type SMTIR9902 contains a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the sensor itself. The temperature range of the sensor-element is between -40 to 100 °C. The sensor is available in a standard TO-05 encapsulation and is standard wise equipped with a 5.5 micrometer filter. For a small field of view there is an infrared sensor available with a silicon lens.

            Key Features

            • Excellent quality
            • TO-05 housing
            • Filled with Nitrogen (other gasses on request)
            • Two angles of view(70° and 15° with silicon lens)
            • Output in mV or I2C (module)
              • Multiplexer

              • The multiplexer MUXC01 is especially designed for use in combination with the Smartec Universal Transducer Interface (UTI). The combination of the UTI and the MUXC01 makes it possible to measure multiple capacitances with a very low capacitance value and a very high accuracy (15 bits).

                By cascading the multiplexers it is easy to extend to the number of capacitors needed. Each multiplexer contains a 9 bits shift register and can handle 9 capacitors. As the capacitance measurement is based on charge transport, special attention is given to the outputs of the circuit. By means of the design the multiplexer has an output impedance of less than 20 Ohm and also the rail-to-rail output voltage is well defined. These requirements make the combination of the UTI and the multiplexer the best solution to multiple capacitance measurement. By constructing array’s each possible capacitance structure can be measured easy and accurate. The device is available in DIL or SOIC package and as bare die.
                  • Universal Transducer Interface

                  • The Universal Transducer Interface (UTI) is a sensor-to-time signal converter, based on a self-calibrating period-modulated oscillator. Sensing elements can be directly connected to the UTI without the need for extra electronics to interface all different sensor type. The output is digital and can communicate with any type of micro-controller. The UTI can operate in 16 different modes. To obtain accurate results in any of these modes a reference element of the same kind as the sensor is required.

                    The UTI provides interfacing for all kind of resistive and capacitive sensors.

                    For convenience design-in there is an evaluation board available. In combination with the free downloadable software the application will work in shortest time.

                    Key Features

                    • Accurate measurement of various sensors:
                    • Capacitance values (2-300 pF, 14 bits)
                    • PT100/1000 elements (14 bits 9 mK)
                    • Resistive bridges (12 bits, resolution 700 nV)
                    • Continues auto-calibration
                    • Single power supply2.9-5.5V
                      • Pressure Sensors

                      • The Smart Pressure Device SPD series of pressure sensors are silicon based and encapsulated in all kind of housings. The pressure range can vary between about 10 mBar and 20 Bar gauge, absolute and differential. In case of an absolute version the reference vacuum chamber is formed on the die during manufacturing.
                        The Smartec Pressure Devices are based on the principle of bending a membrane caused by the pressure in a liquid or gas. On the membrane is a very thin conductive screened layer that follows the bending of this membrane. The resistance of the conductive layers will change when the membrane bends. This bending is measured by means of a Wheatstone bridge

                        In general the screened resistors are also sensitive to temperature which means a compensation for temperature effects is required. For the Smartec pressure sensors this compensation is done in the amplifier to obtain a stable analogue output.

                        In the delivery program a lot of outputs circuits are available like bridge, analogue, digital and I2C output. In case your requirements are not in the list of data sheets, please, contact your nearest dealer. In general we have the possibility to full fill your needs concerning pressure range and output.

                        Key Features

                        • many encapsulations
                        • many pressure ranges
                        • bridge, analogue, digital, I2C output
                        • excellent quality
                        • short delivery time
                          • Humidity Sensors

                          • The Smartec humidity sensor is a two terminal capacitor, which increases in value as water molecules are absorbed into its active polymer dielectric. The capacitor plates consist of a base plate and a water permeable platinum top plate.

                            The measuring of humidity is rather complex. Generally the humidity in air is measured as the fraction of the maximum amount of water that can be absorbed at a certain temperature. In air, at a given temperature, this fraction can vary between 0 (absolute dry) and 100 % (the point where condensation will begin to form).

                            Many classical sensing techniques, such as mechanical devices and resistive type sensors, are temperature dependent and the wet bulb thermometer is also pressure dependent. With the Smartec Humidity sensor RH can be measured without the complicating factor of temperature and pressure compensation.

                            Key Features
                            • Measures from 0 - 100%
                            • Accuracy 2%
                            • fast response time <15 s
                              • Kits and Modules

                              • We have developed a few modules that make designer's lives easier and show off the great features of our sensors. Some of these boards are being used in measurement and production environments due to their ease of installation and the high quality of the outputs.

                                For the temperature sensors we offer the SMTAS04 and SMTAS08 boards. These boards can be connected to any PC using a USB cable - no extra power supply needed! These boards have high accuracy and great resolution (0.01C).

                                We have also developed a new UTI evaluation board; the UTI Evaluation Kit USB. This board is a real “plug and play” system. Very accurate capacitance and resistance values can be measured. Porting the very low output voltages of infrared sensors to other equipment is very challenging so we have designed an IIC interface module and USB module that make this very easy.

                                Key Features
                                • Easy connect to pc/lt via USB
                                • For 4 or 8 SMT172 sensors
                                • From SMT172 to I2C
                                • From SMT172 to SMT160
                                • For UTI applications
                                • Infrared modules with I2C (I2C to USB available)
                                • Free software in the design notes
                                  • Smartec Engineering Notes

                                      • Temperature sensor SMT172

                                        • In a limited temperature range the SMT172 scores better than a Pt100AA/1000AA at a much lower cost.A comparison is made between the Pt100AA and our SMT172 on accuracy, calibration, hardware, etc.
                                        • How to build your I2C bus system on a Raspberry PiStarters guide
                                        • Psychrometer based on wetbulb temperature measurement
                                        • Laser Solder Service for HEC and SOT223
                                        • SMT172 LabVIEW application for SMTAS08usb application for accurate measurement of 8 Sensors based on LabVIEW
                                        • SMT172 connected to Raspberry Pi via I2C a little software how to connect via Raspberry Pi multiple temperature sensors (I2C bus)
                                        • About sampling and measure over more periods. A theoretical article about accuracy when sampling duty cycle signals.
                                        • Using analogue output for SMT172. Most simple measurement of the output of the SMT172 is by means of a low pass filter. Apps for an easy and high accurate temperature controller and a temperature gradient detector.
                                        • Arduino software for running SMT172 within 0.01 °C resolution and 0.1 °C accuracy
                                        • Scientific paper about the design of the SMT172. About the design, DEM and FoM (Figure of Merit)
                                        • A two wire cable connection for the SMT172 by means of two diodes and a capacitor the SMT172 can be connected via a two wire (shielded) cable to the microcontroller.
                                        • SMTAS04USB mini and SMT08USBmini software for read and store temperature values.
                                      • Universal Transducer Interface (UTI)

                                        • A quick start guide about the use of the UTI. Based on the theory of the two port measurement and the three signal technique a very accurate capacitance measurement (aF range) can be realized.
                                        • The three signal technique for UTI apps Samples of the Pt1000 measurement and a capacitive sensor (2 pF range) the ease of use of the UTI is shown.
                                        • A Micromachined Nanoindentation Force sensor. A capacitive force sensor has been designed and manufactured and evaluated for in situ nanoidentation experiments in a TEM.
                                        • Measuring potentiometer and a Pt100/1000 with a UTI
                                        • Measuring 8 Pt100/1000 elements with one UTI
                                        • A measurement system for conductivity sensors. A low-cost accurate measurement system for four-electrode conductivity sensor is presented. Range 0.1 µS to 10 mS.
                                        • A long cable application for Pt element measurement with UTI. Due to cable capacitances the accuracy of measurement in resistive applications will decrease. Therefor is it advised to apply DC excitation for long cable application. With this design cable length of over 150 meter can be measured with a very high accuracy
                                        • Software for read and store capacitance and resistive output values of UTI evaluation kit
                                        • UTI evaluation board manual for software
                                        • How to read output of the UTI instruction set how to read and sample the output of the UTI. A simple method, usefull for any type of microcontroller
                                        • Accurate Pt digitizer. To digitize PT100/1000 sensors Smartec has a single chip solution. This solution covers in one time the 2,3 and 4-wire interfacing. Using simple hard- and software it is easy to digitize for over the whole Pt temperature range and with a high accuracy. In this application most of the hardware is replaced by software and following some simple rules it will be easy to measuring and calculating the Pt resistance accurately.
                                        • Connecting UTI to I2C toolkit to the Smartec Logging software. Many users of the UTI will connect their UTI application to the Smartec logging software, especially when data has to be stored for later analysis in Excel. Therefore we have made a little software for an Arduino Nano to do this job.
                                      • Smartec Engineering Notes

                                      • Infrared sensors SMTIR9901 and SMTIR9902

                                        Relation between black body temperature and the output voltage of the SMTIR9901/02 and SMTIR9902sil infrared sensors. Measured at a sensortemperature of 25 °C and black body temperature range between 0 °C and 100 °C.

                                        Humidity sensor HS07/08A

                                        • Psychrometer based on wetbulb temperature measurement
                                        • Using saturated salt solutions it is possible to calibrate the HS07/08A humidity sensor in an accurate way. By use of LiCl a three point calibration can be arranged.
                                        • With a little analogue circuit and the HS07 humidity sensor, a DC output can be made for humidity controller.

                                        Pressure sensor SPD family

                                        • Introduction to Smartec Pressure Devices, SPD series pressure sensors.
                                        • Quick selection guide for Smartec Pressure sensors
                                        • MEASURING FLOW WITH A VOLTMTER, With use of our SPD050SAhyb sensor it is easy to make a flow sensor based on an orifice in a tube. Especially engineered for gasses like air (for ventilation systems)