Business Profile

Company Strategy
AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG concentrates its energies on sensor engineering alone, offering a wide range of OEM products for pressure sensor technology. It is company strategy to enable customers in all areas of the field to compile and themselves assemble suitable sensors for their particular applications. To this end the AMSYS line of products ranges from simple SMD-mountable transducers to compensated dual in-line transducers to ready-to-use pressure sensors which only have to be mounted in customer-specific packages.
Types of Sensor
Various pressure ranges are catered for, from ultra low pressure to standard pressure at 15 bar. Low pressure sensors in particular are a prime focus of the company, with several different models on offer. In addition to the 20, 50, 100 and 200 mbar sensors there are also several versions for the 5 mbar pressure range, with AMSYS the sole supplier of such devices in Germany.
Delivery assurance
The measuring cells offered by AMSYS are based on micromechanical semiconductor components which the company can use second-source silicon capabilities for. One of the company's objectives is to ensure availability of as many of its products as possible from second suppliers so that customers are guaranteed maximum delivery assurance. By working together with the supplier's quality assurance executives AMSYS is able to provide a standard of quality which exceeds that of the usual distributors.
Progress through competence
In addition to its activities in the sales sector AMSYS aims to establish itself as a manufacturer of innovative OEM pressure sensors, which is able to supply inexpensive pressure sensors in response to market demand. The company can count on the years of experience of its expert personnel, who can provide competent applications support for various technical problems, and also on close collaboration with the big names in microelectronics.