Business Profile

We strive towards excellence in connecting the physical and digital worlds through innovative measurement solutions.

We make the most reliable data readily accessible.

We partner with our clients to shape customized sensor solutions to make their life easy.


At our global headquarter, we develop and manufacture high quality industrial sensors, industrial electronics and control technology for a wide range of sophisticated processes and industrial applications. In addition, our research and engineering team creates bespoke solutions for our customers' specific applications, ensuring high quality and durability.


Our plant Sant'Ilario Milanese designs and manufactures float level switches and meters. The site has been successfully serving the Italian and European markets for over 20 years, making a name for itself through the development of high quality products and customization.


Our Regenstauf site is well known for its wide range of portable instruments, sensors and probes. We deliver high quality, durable handheld instruments based on advanced measurement technology.


In Padua, we design and produce a wide range of environmental solutions, including sensors, data loggers and transmitters for measuring and monitoring physical parameters.