Company Profile

The company Reer was founded in 1959 in Turin, Italy , on the base of a strong vocation to innovation and technology.With time, an industrial dimension was added and developed, which turned the company into a reference point for automation in Italy and worldwide.Thanks to its Safety Division Reer is today one of the world’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety.Attention to the customer, technical know-how and quality are the factors that have made the success of the Lighting Division possible. Reer’s Lighting Division is an ever more important presence on the Italian market of lighting components. Reer developed its first safety sensors in the middle of the years ’70. The first light curtains were realised at the beginning of the years ’80. Since then, Reer has been Italy's most important and one of the leading European manufacturers of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety. We have never stopped innovating and investing in order to keep this role and to continue providing our customers with reliable and effective solutions for the protection of workers. The strong engagement in national, European and international standardisation committees keeps our know-how at the state of the art. At the same time the experience of Reer is put at the service of the growth of safety culture. A strong export activity comes with the development of the Safety Division, witnessing an ever more global experience. The continuous enlargement of the product range makes Reer today a solution provider for the whole world of automation. Ever since its foundation Reer has been Italy’s leading distributor of miniature light bulbs for professional use. In the middle of the years ’90 a decision was taken to take advantage of the company’s technical know-how to start off in the world of household lighting. A challenge that we can know consider as having been won: Reer is one of the main actors in the distribution of lighting products in Italy and our brand is synonymous to quality and technical competence. The Reer range comprises a vast offer of light sources, lighting fixture and outdoor lighting devices, always at the state of the art. Our commercial presence, focused on Italy, is widespread and composed of two sales networks, dedicated respectively to the world of electrical and hardware distribution.

Product Range

  • Machine casing: Guard system
  • Safety system
  • Safety: Access control in the machine area
  • Safety: Electromechanical safety switch
  • Safety: Emergency-Stop push button
  • Safety: Light barrier
  • Safety: Light beam device
  • Safety: Light curtain
  • Safety: Light grid
  • Safety: Opto-electronic protective device
  • Safety: Safety laser scanner
  • Safety: Safety light curtain
  • Safety: Safety switch