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  • Offer Profile
  • Our story is one of belief, resolve and steel. Lots of steel. Today WELCON primarily manufactures large-scale steel constructions for the renewable energy sector.

    In the beginning, more than fifty years ago, our steel constructions were used in the oil and gas industry.

    But we changed our focus and strategy, and began developing large-scale steel constructions: The towers for the early wind turbines in the wind adventure.
    • 740 MIO DKK
      annual turnover 2020/2021
    • +480
      employees worldwide
    • +55 YEARS
      of experience within steel construction
    • 338 MIO DKK
      Total balance sheet
    • +5.000
      tower sections since 2010
    • +1.100
      tower sections per year
Product Portfolio
  • Steel the Future.

  • For the past fifty years, our steel solutions have helped pioneer the development of the renewable energy business. And we will meet the future in that same spirit.

    Less Talk. More Action.

    While the world is talking, we are busy engineering and building the future.

    Changing the way we think and use the resources we were given is a pretty big thing. The journey and transition towards a world powered by renewable energy sources is necessary and inevitable.

    We’ve played an active part in the wind business since the beginning, and pioneered the development of larger and more powerful wind turbines. Due to our significant track record, we are now recognized as industry leaders in both size and technology.

    We believe in the power of steel. And with the strength of our product and company, we choose to do our part in making our planet an even greater place to live.

    Our Foundation.

    In all that we are and in all that we do, we look ahead, think and act according to our set of values – the foundation of our being, business and collaboration.
    • Predictable
      Deliver as agreed on time. That’s what we do. We take time to understand the scope of a given project, define our offer and deliver exactly that at the right time.
    • Curious
      We always look ahead and explore new ground, because new and better solutions never appear out of nothing. Knowledge is and always has been the key.
    • Opportunistic
      While the world is talking, wondering and pondering, we use our experience and knowledge to create new opportunities and business instead.
    • Accessible
      Collaboration works when we understand each other, share knowledge, data and progress in a way, that is easy to understand. So that’s what we aim to be – accessible.
      • Health & Safety

      • We Take Health & Safety Seriously
        We are committed to the achievement of very high safety standards within our facilities, and externally where we perform work. And we are of course certified according to ISO 45001.

        Our Commitment
        We will ensure that all practical and effective measures are in place to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees, suppliers, customers and others that may be affected by our operations.

        The overall responsibility for Health and Safety rests with the Managing Director. Furthermore, an internal Safety Organisation has been established according to the legal requirements in Denmark. The internal Safety Organisation consists of representatives from the general management, shop floor management and employees, including the general employee representative. The Health and Safety Policy is implemented and maintained in cooperation between the Safety Organisation and the management of WELCON A/S.

        After each Safety Review, a predefined check list is filled out, and any suggestions and improvements are listed. These check lists are evaluated by the Safety Organisation, whereafter an action-plan is made to implement any agreed upon suggestions and improvements.

        The existence and function of the Safety Organisation gives all employees a possibility to influence the health and safety matters of WELCON A/S, and therefore all employees have important responsibilities and must support, participate and be fully committed to its implementation and continuous improvement.

        It is the policy of WELCON A/S that Health and Safety and the protection of the Environment have equal status of other business objectives.

        WELCON A/S will annually review this Health and Safety Policy and verify its effectiveness, compliance with health and safety laws and regulations, and that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.

        Welcon A/S is certified according to OHSAS 18001.
      • Environment

      • Working for a Better Tomorrow
        Environmental Protection plays an important role in the business philosophy of WELCON A/S.

        Our Commitment
        We are committed to protecting the environment and we believe that any company has a responsibility not to compromise the ability of future generations to fully enjoy the benefits of a clean environment. The impact that any of our activities, or even those of our customers or suppliers, might have on the environment is for us an important consideration.

        As a consumer, we will seek to reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources, increase our use of renewable resources, and whenever practicable will select materials which have the least impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

        Environmental Protection has equal status to considerations for Health, Safety and Production Quality.

        In confirming our commitment to protection of the environment we will treat environmental regulations that apply to our activities as minimum standards and where appropriate aim to better them.

        Responsibility for the Environmental Policy and Supporting Statement lies with the Managing Director. The Environmental Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and will be reviewed annually to assess its effectiveness and compliance with environmental law and that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.

        Welcon A/S is certified according to ISO 14001.
      • Quality

      • Redefining Standards
        An important prerequisite for success for Welcon A/S is that our products and services always meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers.

        High Standards
        In order to be one of the most preferred suppliers among our customers, and to continuously develop our leading position in the business, we have set a range of operational quality objectives.

        We set high standards for ourselves in providing high level quality products and services to our customers. The customer perception of our high quality standards should be in all aspects of the cooperation with Welcon A/S. We shall also be open for feed-back from our customers in ways we can improve our quality management system.
        All employees must be introduced and trained, so they are knowledgeable and capable of performing the activities, they are responsible for in the company.
    • Capabilities

        • Technology

        • Pioneering Steel Construction.

          Change and innovation are driven by those who act and dare to make the impossible possible. We believe in steel. That’s why we’ve cut, rolled, welded and perfected our understanding and capabilities with this material. Some call it pioneering – we simply say “Steel the Future”.

          Innovative Technologies

          Our production facilities are one-of-a-kind in the world. Automation, safety, quality and efficiency are key in the way we think and work.
            • 01. Plate Preparation

            • To manufacture the best steel constructions in the business, the starting point must be perfect. We cut, bevel and quality check a large number of steel plates.

              For this we have a very modern and large facility, enabling in-house plate preparation of all steel plates.
            • 02. Plate Rolling

            • Try to roll a small sheet of metal into a perfect circle. It isn’t that easy to get it just right?

              Now, imagine rolling a massive sheet of steel into a perfect circle of up to nine meters in diameter, where millimeter precision is essential. Quite a task, right?

              We do this every day and can roll steel plates with thickness up to 140 mm.
            • 03. Welding

            • The art of welding is the craft and science of deep material understanding, precision and innovation.
              We’ve developed and optimized this craft through more than half a century, and our process, efficiency and quality is renowned throughout the industry.
            • 04. Surface Treatment

            • Perfect perception and ultimate protection is essential, when you manufacture quality constructions able to withstand the forces of nature and the test of time.
              Our surface treatment facility does exactly that, on a very large scale.
            • 05. Assembly

            • Every product is different from the others in one way or the other.
              Regardless of specific use and assembly needs, our skilled and experienced engineers and assembly teams get the job done – in close sparring and collaboration with our customers.
              Everybody has special needs – we have special skills.
            • 06. Loading & Transport

            • We manufacture very large and heavy products, and we have the equipment to handle it.

              Every new and shiny tower or construction leaving our factory is venturing on a special voyage to be part of a cleaner and even better future.
              It’s magical.
          • Facilities

          • If You Can Dream It.
            We Can Steel It.

            We engineer and manufacture large steel constructions primarily for the renewable energy sector.

            We are big, and big is actually better in our industry. But rest assured, our way of collaboration is down to earth. And we are easy to do business with.

            Facilities & Capacity.

            Everything at our production facility is large-scale, but we always operate with attention to detail, monitor and document when relevant and necessary.
            • 100.000ton
              Cutting capacity per year
              We cut, roll and weld a massive amount of steel every year. You can count on us to be best in class doing this, due to our vast experience and skills, developed throughout the years – adjusting to market demands and client preferences.
            • 150ton
              Overhead crane capacity
              Look up – there’s something in the air! It really is impressive to watch our massive steel constructions in our manufacturing facilities float effortlessly through the air.
              What we do is heavy, but we have the equipment to handle it.
            • 300ton
              Weight capacity
              We’ve made a lot of wind turbine towers throughout the years. But as long as it is made from steel, we can make other products as well, with weights all the way up to 300 ton.
            • 45m
              Length capacity
              As with the weight of our products, we can also go large, when it comes to the length of our products. And as size matters in our industry, we can handle products up to 45 m.
            • ø9.000mm
              Diameter capacity
              We have always pushed the limit for how large we can go, in terms of towers for wind turbines.
              Today we can manufacture constructions up to ø9.000 mm., and surface treat up to ø7.500 mm.
            • +1.100
              Section capacity per year
              That’s quite a few. And it makes us one of the largest suppliers of towers in the industry.
            • +70.000m2
              Production facilities
              We need a lot of space to manufacture our towers and other steel constructions.
              Our facility is technologically state-of-the-art, and highly automated.
              And we continously optimize our production.
            • ø8.2 x 45m.
              Surface treatment
              Our automated surface treatment facility is nothing less than spectacular.
              We blast, metallize and paint the massive steel components, and verify that the end products always meet the specifications agreed upon.