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  • Offer Profile
  • eTa Blades designs, develops and manufactures innovative wind blades and supports re-blading programmes for the next wind farm generation needs: enhancing the value of assets (vs lower or no incentives) while improving wind farm efficiency (vs market saturation) at a lower environmental impact (vs. deteriorated social acceptance).
Product Portfolio
  • Design

  • Our Design department, thanks to technology partners and own competences, is able to support customers on:
    • Identifying the most advanced aerodynamic and aero-elastics solutions suitable for their needs or existing sites in operations
    • Perform noise calculation / Modal analysis in order for the new blades to be compliant with regulations / authorisation constraints
    • Define the best Air-foil / Structural design to achieve the desired performance minimising operational risks and optimising manufacturing costs
    • Introduce passive load mitigation through bend-twist coupling
      • Design to Cost

          • Large Rotors

          • Design to cost for large rotors embeds the ability of reverse engineering of the original equipment installed on turbines already in operations, with regard to re-blading programmes.

            Reverse engineering becomes in fact a “reverse costing” exercise, where all components of the original blade are re-designed and “challenged” in order to achieve the best quality and highest possible performance however at adequate cost, where target returns are of the essence.
          • Small Rotors

          • eTa Blades is also focussed on small size blades for turbines ranging between 60 and 200 kW. Our competences in high quality materials, consolidated and reliable vacuum process infusion processes allows quick delivery at high quality standards. eTa Blades operates both as manufacturer of own design blades, developed with the Politecnico di Milano, for the 60kW turbines, and as Built-to-print manufacturer. In both cases we work under the Design to Cost methodology in order to provide clients with the most efficient solution at minimal cost.
        • Design to Performance

            • New Rotors

            • Key target is to produce energy even at lower wind speed with profiles specifically designed for those conditions. eta Blades has started designing new rotors being convinced that wind energy still can deliver in both marginal environments, at low wind conditions, and no incentive markets.
            • Re - Blading

            • Wind energy landscape is moving towards an increasingly difficult phase for developers, operators and suppliers due to many factors including declining incentives for RES assets, declining wholesale energy prices, expensive system charges all determining lower than expected returns on assets in operation.
          • Manufacturing

          • Our Manufacturing abilities come from advanced marine / aerospace state-of-the-art techniques, with particular regard to the infusion process and the mix of advanced materials we are able to use when designing and actually producing a new blade.

            Our core abilities are shown in the following video:
            • Ability to manufacture large and small rotors
            • Ability to work on large surfaces / thickness
              • Moulding & Tooling

              • Our manufacturing facilities are located in the most important Italian naval district and we benefit from the partnerships with some of the key supplier of the most important shipbuilders.

                We have therefore joined forces with selected partners, like Persico spa to provide clients with state-of-the-art mouldings which, thanks to our partnerships, can be delivered quickly – always ensuring best quality and long duration.
                  • Blade Services

                  • In the overall concept of long term partnership with clients,
                    we provide end-to-end services on our blades as well as third party blades
                    eTa Blades offers therefore both Inspection and Monitoring as well as Maintenance and Repair services
                      • Inspection and monitoring services

                        • Service provided in collaboration with LinseT, our proprietary testing lab

                        • eTa Blades can run over 200 different types of tests on composite materials, and
                          non-destructive tests (de-lamination, breaks, etc)
                      • Maintenance and repair

                        • Proven ability to work on composite materials allows eta to provide maintenance and repair services at competitive cost and high quality standards
                        • The facility is about 8,000 m2 covered space, 5,000 m2 outside space and allows to perform works on blades up to 60m
                    • Testing & Certification

                    • Each material (resin, carbon, foam and honeycomb), each step in designing, prototyping and manufacturing we perform is supported by a well defined series of pre-defined tests.

                      LinseT, our technology centre located in Fano, performs around 300 tests according to the international standards on composites materials to ensure the maximum performance and the minimum risk of defects of the final product.

                      The results of the design phase are validated by tests to understand the real properties of the composites obtained from the industrial process and verifying the behaviour of applied materials and systems reproducing the operating conditions.

                      Furthermore chemical tests, ultrasound tests, physical and mechanical tests allow to set up and optimize each step of the manufacturing process.
                        • Studies & Scenarios

                        • Operative and Financial Investors both seek maximum returns from their wind assets, core eTa Blades mission. Issue is determining in which market and regulatory environment the investment is made and which return is associated with it.

                          To support clients correctly understanding the broader landscape of their investments, eTa Blades Studies & Scenarios department can help through market, regulatory and scenario assessments performed by eLeMeNS, a dedicated consulting company focussing on renewable energy.

                          eLeMeNS has proprietary valuation tools on renewable energy assets based on electrical market performance models and has supported investors, operators and financial institutions finalise investment or financing decisions.