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  • Marking is indispensable today in virtually all areas: Batch data on medical packaging, data on production and shelf life on your yoghurt tub, logistics information on parcels for dispatch...

    Weber Marking Systems are ubiquitous – whether as end user, in industry, in the trade or as service provider, they are with you every day and virtually everywhere. Our innovative coding and labeling systems are behind all these variable data. From laser and inkjet systems via printing dispensers and special labeling systems, all the way to RFID solution concepts: The Weber Marking name always stands for easy recognition, clarity, traceability, control and safety through individual marking.
Product Portfolio
  • Labeling Systems

    • Labelers for your perfect Print and Apply solution

      Our labeling systems will automatically label your products and packagings of all kinds. Weber Marking Systems manufactures efficient labelers to meet the most stringent demands of logistics and industry. We also develop customised solutions for specific print-apply applications. Please contact us for personal consultation!

      • For all shapes, sizes and surfaces
      • Simple integration into production lines
      • Modular design for increased flexibility
      • 2 in 1: printing and dispensing labels
      • Linking to external databases
      • Service incl. assembly / commissioning
        • Label applicators

      • A label applicator is a type of labeling system that applies pre-printed labels to products or packaging – fast and accurately. Our various label dispensers are the solution to virtually any industry and logistics application. The label applicators can be adapted to suit the demands of the customer, thanks to our cutting-edge modular system made in Germany. Contact us for a free expert consultation!

        • Label dispenser Alpha HSM by Weber Marking Systems
        • Configurable modular systems
        • High positioning accuracy
        • Robust dispenser enclosureContinuously variable speed control
        • Shorter set-up times when switching formats
              • Alpha Compact

              • Alpha-Labelers work quick, reliable and without any difficulty. The system is characterized by a simple handling and an enhanced scope of operation.

                The operation concept is consistently modular designed. Changing the label size via calibration function is as easy within a few seconds possible as changing the label roll. Furthermore calibrated sets of parameter can be memorized and remain also in case of an interface change. Generally there are three different types of interface. A simple and uncomplicated operation via simply designed panel. Enhanced operation field and full parameter access via display. Professional mode without display or panel controlled via USB and parametered. The cabinet indicates consciously similarities to Alpha V40. This ensures a simple exchangeability.


                • In the cabinet integrated controller
                • Modular user interface (operation panel, display, PC-parametered)
                • User menu also available in Cyrillic
                • USB-Interface allows up- and downloadof labeler set-up
                • Enhanced reliability and performance
                • Modular system concept

                Technical Key-Features:

                • Label Size max. 120 x 300 mm
                • Application Speed max. 50m/min
                • Rotating shaft encoder of 0-50m/min (infinitely speed adjustment)
                • Application Rate up to 600 pcs./min possible
                • Application Accuracy +/‐ 0,8mm
                • Weight 22 kg
                • Environmental Temperature 10‐38°C
              • Labeler Alpha HSM

              • Extremely flexible within limited space

                More power, higher speeds, easier operation: Our label dispenser Alpha HSM offers more than just excellent performance. Almost like a chameleon, it perfectly adapts to its environments thanks to its unique modular design. It applies pre-printed labels to products and packaging in high speed. High performance servomotors offer very high accuracy in automatic labeling.

                All main components and functions can be customized to meet your specific demands. Thanks to their own drives and special adapters, for example, the label feeders and unwinders can be mounted location-idenpendently, while the basic module with the dispensing unit is integrated directly into the production line. In addition, different basic modules and dispensing tongues can also be selected. This creates maximum flexibility in the integration in confined spaces. Plus: With its special housing, Alpha HSM achieves IP65 protection and does not need to be covered when used in damp and dusty environments or during wet-cleaning.

                Depending on the system, labels with widths of 10 mm to 320 mm can be dispensed and label rolls with a diameter of up to 500 mm can be processed. Labeling speeds of up to 150 meters per minute or clocking frequencies of up to 2,000 labels per minute can be achieved.

                Both the input and the storage of different labeling parameters as well as functions and the calibration of the sensors can be stored in the Alpha HSM. The system can be controlled with the aid of various PLC modules. A web-based control is also possible.

                • Protected against dust and moisture (protection rating IP65)
                • About 65 modules allow individual adjustment of all functions
                • Feeders and rewinders can be mounted anywhere thanks to their own drives
                • Labeling speeds of up to 2,000 labels or 150 meters per minute
                • Short set-up times for product changes
                • All adjustable parts of the device are highlighted in color
                • Can store up to 10,000 parameter settings
                • Automatic parameter settings via Datamatrix codes
                • Suitable for connection to customer-specific PLCs
                • Web-based control possible via Wi-Fi
                • Individual service portal with support documents
              • Alpha Quadro

              • The right label at the right time

                The new Alpha Quadro label dispenser offers you totally new possibilities in the field of labelling products and packaging. This system’s special feature: several different label rolls can be processed simultaneously. The Alpha Quadro guarantees high labeling performance and application accuracy, combined with high processing speeds at production and conveyor lines.

                An innovation addressing the growing market demands for labelling of a multitude of different products. Diverse product shapes can be labeled in the most confined of spaces – from rectangular to round. Up to four different labels may be kept ready for automatic application to passing products, in arbitrary sequence and combination. The special belt applicator enables compensation for tolerances in product position. Integrated detection of the height of different products allow labels always to be applied at a specific position relative to the size of the product. The Alpha Quadro can also be fitted with well-known standard applicators such as blow or tamp-blow units.

              • Tamper Evident labeler

              • A core requirement of the European Directive 2011/62/EU that will come into force by 2016 is to equip the outer packaging of medicals with a tamper evident feature. Which should ensure the customer that he is the first opening the package.

                Demands form different markets worldwide are showing the need for combined and integrated solutions to cover latest developments in industrial production and supply chain.

                Counterfeiting is the illegal production and sale of goods, including packaging, bearing without authorization a trademark which is identical to a validly registered trademark or which cannot be distinguished from such a trademark.

                Weber’s unique scope of supply are turn-key soloutions including, but not limited to:

                • Labeling systems; in-line and off-line
                • Inkjet printers / Coding Systems
                • BarCode reading / verfication
                • Database software labels (verification and security labels)
                • Full Service and installation supplies

                Track and Trace system is a mass serialization solution for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food companies that prints a unique identifying code onto each product. By this, each individual product could be tracked throughout the whole supply chain, from production to the end consumer, and helps manufacturers significantly reduce counterfeiting by ensuring products can be easily identified. 

                Weber Marking Systems combines Tamper evident (first opening verification) PLUS traceability or serialisation PLUS anti counterfeiting protection.

              • Laser applicator: Alpha-Laser

              • Cost-effective, reliable marking with laser dispenser Alpha Laser

                The laser labelling solution comprises an Alpha label dispenser and a Solaris CO2 laser. The Alpha-Laser writes variable additional information such as best before dates, graphics or logistics data on pre-printed labels immediately before application.

                The compact Alpha-Laser labels reliably and cost-effectively especially where large batches are processed and must be traced. This technology is ideally suited especially for harsh environments since the laser, as the printing unit, is considered virtually non-wearing compared to conventional printing methods.

                The laser has a significantly longer service life by comparison and guarantees significantly higher availability, with no consumables or pressure bars. It ensures uninterrupted production. The laser writes all information – also batch and lot numbers – on any part of the labels, with or across the direction of travel. The laser can write in black on laser-activable labels with a special finishing coat. No decomposition products are created and the labels are not damaged. The print is smear- and scratch-resistant.

                The advantages of the Alpha-Laser in a nutshell:

                • Any type of label made of paper or foil or foil-laminated material can be used
                • Printing on a coating that can be activated exclusively by laser
                • Printing of information in pre-printed color fields
                • Writes codes and graphics
                • No consumables
                • Low maintenance
                • Smear- and scratch-proof marking
                • High marking speeds
                • High process reliability and low running costs.
              • Alpha TIJ

              • Label dispenser Alpha with multifunctional inkjet-printer

                The Alpha TIJ comprises a label dispenser of the proven and renowned Alpha series and a thermal inkjet printer. With the Alpha TIJ variable information is printed without physical contact onto possibly pre-printed labels immediately before dispensing. No labels are wasted/lost when print data changes and previous data are automatically excluded when the product changes. Using the cartridge ink technology, labels with up to 50 mm high symbols and a resolution of up to 600 dpi can be printed neatly and quickly. Data transmission to the print heads is 1:1. Real time printing without batch processing is also possible. A wide variety of quick drying inks and colors is available for a wide range of applications on diverse surfaces.

            • Industrial inkjet printers

              • Markoprint: drop on demand inkjet printers

                Inkjet printers are a cost-effective solution to fast and contactless marking of products and packaging. Changing print text on a running conveyor? No problem! Our inkjet printers distinguish themselves through exceptionally high efficiency and innovative features. Intelligent technologies offer better print results and will reduce your production downtime. A wide selection of different inks by HP, Xaar, Funai, Trident and Seiko offers a wide scope of special applications.

                • Industrial inkjet printer by Markoprint
                • Compatible with leading ink technologies
                • For smooth and absorbent surfaces
                • Ideal for uneven and sensitive products
                • Robust design for industrial applications
                • Compact systems for easy integration
                • Simple to operate and maintain
                  • Markoprint X1JET

                  • A small, compact, independently operating printhead for an easy integration in already existing production lines: Inkjet printer Markoprint X1JET is designed for different range of applications i.E. food & beverage, chemical, coated / uncoated materials, timber and the pharmaceutical industry.

                    • Easy to use: No training necessary: printing with the Markoprint X1JET is simple, due to 3-logic intuitive operation with LED status light. Data transmission is is initialized with USB stick / interface.
                    • Universal and flexible use: Markoprint X1JET uses True Type fonts for printing. All conventional 1- and 2-dimensional codes* can be printed. The controller is fully integrated into the print module.
                    • Control: Different performing system versions are available, with different functional features, depending on application requirements: Print, Basic, Advanced and Pro. The basic system version allows data transmission via USB stick. Each controllerhas a network connection (LAN) or a standard EIA-232 interface. Print layouts are created with iDesign software.
                    • Wide range of standard accessories such as rotary/shaft encoders, flexible bracket and mounting brackets. Also a wide range of water- and solvent-based inks to work with many applications.
                  • Markoprint X1JET MX

                  • With Trident technology: perfect for large character coding

                    The Markoprint X1JET MX is an independently operating industrial inkjet printer, especially suitable for the coding of large printing images. The Trident Piezo Inkjet technology codes on flat, absorbant surfaces, quickly, accurately and reliably. This compact & well-priced system is designed for different ranges of applications i.E. food & beverage, chemical and building material industry.

                    • Well-priced technology for the printing of layouts directly on carton material

                    For each application the right system

                    The print heads are available in two different versions: For printings at 50 mm maximum height and for printings at 100 mm maximum height. The Markoprint X1Jet MX is available in 3 different variations: Compact, Vario and Top. The Compact version has a vertically fixed print head. The print head of the Vario version can be turned up to 90°C to the left, and allows therefore also a coding on rising conveyor belts. The Top version codes from above onto the packaging or the product.

                    • Printing heights up to 50 or 100 mm (depending on version)
                    • Simple integration into packaging systems and conveyors for printing from side or top

                    Universal and flexible use

                    Markoprint X1JET MX uses True Type fonts for printing. All conventional 1- and 2-dimensional codes can be printed. The controller is fully integrated into the print module.

                    • The robust and highly compact design ensures maximum application availability
                    • High immunity against electrical discharge
                  • Markoprint X1JET XR

                  • With innovative Xaar Piezo printhead technology

                    Markoprint X1JET XR 71 is a stand-alone industrial inkjet printer for controlling a Xaar Piezo printhead. The Xaar printhead belongs to the latest printhead generation with 500 individually controlled jets for a print height of 71 mm. This corresponds to a print resolution of 180 dpi. The compact “all-in-one” Piezo printer combines printhead, ink system, cleaning station, control circuitry and mains unit in one enclosure.

                    Operation, parameter setting and data transmission occurs via the simple and intuitive 3-key arrangement with LED indicator lamps. USB stick and Ethernet / EIA 232 interfaces are available for data transmission. The oil-based XR 980 ink is suited particularly well for printing on slightly absorbent and absorbent product surfaces. The short drying time also allows optimal printing on painted folding boxes.

                    Three different versions are available for varying applications:

                    • In the Compact version, the printhead is mounted fixed, for horizontal labelling.
                    • For more flexibility, the Vario version printhead is rotatable by 90° anti-clockwise.
                    • The Top version offers maximum flexibility ‒ the printhead is connected to the ink system via a 1 000 mm long hose.
                  • Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold

                  • Powerful handheld inkjet printer for use in multiple locations

                    Battery operated, the lightweight and compact inkjet printer will print high resolution text and images in multiple locations without being in a fixed position to the production line. The long-life battery has sufficient power for printing over and extended period of time. Setting up the device and upload of print images is a simple task via the use of a USB stick.

                    Mobile marking made easy

                    The compact design makes the Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold lightweight and easy to use for various marking purposes. Setting up the device and upload of print images is a simple task via the use of a USB stick.

                    HP ink cartridge with SmartCard feature

                    The cartridge technology of the X1JET HP HandHold has proven its merits a million times over and will ensure on demand, high quality, high resolution printing up to 12.5 mm. The system detects the inserted cartridge, ink and filling level automatically and sets the ideal parameters. No more manual adjusting or unexpected loss of producton!

                    The printer and its accessories are secured neatly in a durable case. Included in delivery:

                    • battery
                    • charger
                    • USB stick
                    • instructions
                    • iDesign software
                  • Markoprint integra One / integra One IP

                  • Compact thermal inkjet printer for system integrators

                    Our Markoprint Integra One inkjet printer was specifically developed for an easy system integration for when space is limited. Its integrated display allows system settings to be changed and checked as well as variable fields to be edited directly on the system.

                    The Markoprint Integra One IP is also available with IP65 rating (dust and splash water protected), making it safe for use in harsh production environments. Equipped with the well-proven HP inkjet technology, the system will print text, bar codes, 2D codes, expiration dates, batch numbers, etc. up to 12.5 mm high and with up to 900 dpi. With various water- and solvent-based inks available for the system, high-quality prints can be achieved on almost any surfaces such as paper, cardboard, painted surfaces, foils and plastics.

                    The intelligent HP SmartCard cartridge monitoring ensures consistently excellent printing results. It identifies the current ink type and automatically sets the appropriate ink parameters, which makes the changing of ink cartridges significantly safer, easier and faster. The printing system detects opened cartridges and always reports the current ink level to the controller. So there are no unexpected production stops and the operator can provide replenishment in time! Thanks to the patented Click'n'Print cartridge holder, replacing is quick and easy done with just one click.

                  • Markoprint IP-JET HP Mk2

                  • Compact inkjet printer with IP 65 protection rating

                    The IP-JET HP Mk2 inkjet printer was specially developed for use in harsh environments with high exposure to dust and moisture. Unlike many other printers on the market, the printhead has excellent protection and requires no cover or dismantling during washdown.This solution is particularly well suited for use in Food & Beverage and also in industries such as plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The compact system combines the printhead and controller in one.

                    Tolerant against dust and moisture

                    The sealed enclosure and waterproof interface prevent moisture ingress and dust particle contamination. The unit is also powered via a special mains power unit with a waterproof M8 plug. The external connections have plug-in connectors with IP67 class protection.

                    Proven HP printing technology

                    With the latest in Hewlett Packard printing technology, the system will print text, barcodes, 2D codes, best-before data, batch numbersetc. up to 12.5 mm high and with resolutions up to 600 dpi. The water- and solvent-based inks used by the system open the door to many applications: paper, cartons, varnished surfaces, foils and plastics are printed with highly legible and permanent print. The system is operated via only 3 buttons with LED status lights, for ease of operation and user friendliness.

                    SmartCard: intelligent cartridge monitoring

                    Intelligent SmartCard cartridge monitoring ensures consistently good print results. It will identify the current type of ink and adjusts the relevant ink parameters automatically. The SmartCard will also capture and store the specific ink fill level. The printing system detects used cartridges and reports current ink fill levels to the controller. This eliminates unexpected production downtimes, allowing the operator to arrange for replacements in good time. Quick and easy with a single hand movement - thanks to the patented Click'n'Print cartridge holder!

                  • Markoprint integra PP 108

                  • We proudly present the first Markoprint inkjet printer with SEIKO printing technology. Markoprint integra PP 108 has a circulating ink system. It automatically removes air from the nozzle rows to ensure durable, clean print images. The system is level independent which means that the ink tank can be installed above, below, or at the same height as the print head without any problems. The new SEIKO printhead has a print height of 108 mm and achieves a remarkable speed of up to 150 meters per minute (with a high resolution of 360 dpi).

                    Your benefits with Markoprint integra PP 108:

                    • No air pockets in the nozzle rows
                    • High resolution of up to 360 dpi vertical
                    • High printing speed of up to 150 m / min (at 360 dpi)
                    • Prints small fonts from 1 mm as well as high-resolution graphics and logos
                    • Prints grayscaleEasy start-up and airing of the ink system
                    • Internal ink tank with large ink supply
                    • Printing height of up to 108 mm without offset
                    • Pigmented MOF oil ink (mineral oil-free): ideal for printing on absorbent surfaces in the food industry
                  • Markoprint X2JET plus Touch

                  • The particularly compact and cost-effective Markoprint X2JET plus Touch system is ideal for the foodstuffs, chemical, building materials and pharmaceutical industries. The innovative inkjet printing system marks absorbent and semi-absorbent surfaces. Fast, accurately and reliably.

                    Intelligent high speed control system for demanding marking applications. Four printing technologies can be controlled simultaneously.

                    • Touch surface to operate the system easily
                    • Parallel operation using a standard keypad and function keys
                    • Networking possibilities using TCP/IP, USB and EIA232
                    • Possibility of printing on up to two production lines
                    • Simultaneous marking of primary and secondary packaging using a controller

                    Piezo (MX, XR)

                    • 50/100 mm with one printhead
                    • robust industrial printer
                    • absorbent surfaces
                    • coloured inks
                    • secondary packaging
                    • large volume of ink

                    Thermal Inkjet (HP, LX)

                    • New printhead on each cartridge
                    • Wide selection of inks
                    • Absorbent, hardly absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces possible
                    • Robust industrial printer
                    • High resolution (600 dpi)
                    • Different colours


                  • Markoprint X4JET plus Touch

                  • The intuitive input unit of the new high performance Markoprint X4JET plus Touch inkjet printer is a boost to operator convenience. All system parameters can be entered easily and quickly, to be stored and called up later.

                    Markprint X4JET plus Touch is an intelligent high-speed control system for demanding marking applications. Four printing technologies can be controlled simultaneously, printing 3 to 400 mm high fonts and barcodes, as required. This new, compact solution enables printing on both sides of primary as well as secondary packaging and on one or two independent production lines.

                    • Touch surface to operate the system easily
                    • Parallel operation using a standard keypad and function keys
                    • Networking possibilities using TCP/IP, USB and EIA232
                    • Possibility of printing on up to two production lines
                    • Simultaneous marking of primary and secondary packaging using a controller

                    High print results

                    Markoprint X4JET plus Touch offers high availability and print results of the highest quality. Datamatrix, MHD and batch marking can, for instance, be printed on primary packaging and particularly large barcodes, company logos and certification marks may be applied to secondary packaging.

                    And all this blindingly fast: Because the Markoprint X4JET plus Touch manages up to 3 000 serializations per minute. The compact control unit can be conveniently integrated into existing conveying systems or into control cabinets.

                    The Markoprint X4JET plus Touch targets not only the foodstuffs industry, but especially also the pharmaceutical industry and system integrators - wherever reliable, fast and flexible printing is required. Using the iDesign software, print layouts can be quickly and intuitively designed by anyone. With simultaneous 1:1 data transmission, the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry are satisfied. No batch processing or downloads necessary. The number of conventional interfaces guarantees fast and smooth communication with higher level data systems.

                  • Markoprint Integra Quadro

                  • Highspeed-Controller for up to 4 inkjet printheads

                    The new print controller Markoprint integra Quadro controls up to four inkjet printers, at up to four printing positions simultaneously or alternately. For example, it makes it possible to print on both primary and secondary packaging on one or two independent production lines. You could even use two different printing technologies (HP, Trident, Funai or Xaar).

                    Thanks to its compact design, Markoprint integra Quadro can easily cope with confined spaces. The existing mounting options make installing within or directly on the industrial line very easy. It has been specifically designed to be integrated into cabinets and machines.

                    Printing barcodes, text, numbers, symbols and 2D codes with an inkjet printer has never been faster! Depending on the print content and the printing technology used, a fast printing speed of up to 240 m / min at 300 dpi is possible. The intuitive control panel makes it easy to change the print and label settings locally. The powerful Markoprint iDesign software is available for designing and managing print layouts.

                    The Markoprint integra Quadro has all common interfaces such as Ethernet and USB, which allows the data to be transferred to the printheads 1: 1 and printed in real time without batch processing.

                  • Markoprint XB8JET

                  • The compact and robust controller XB8JET is used to control printheads for product marking solutions with inkjet printers. The following Markoprint printing technologies are supported: Hewlett-Packard, Funai, Trident and Xaar.


                    • Simultaneous marking of primary and secondary packaging using a controller
                    • Printing on up to two production lines with the XB4JET and up to four production lines with the XB8JET
                    • Perfect for fixed installation in control cabinets as it offers full remote control capabilities through different interfaces
                    • Print layout can be designed using the iDesign software included in the scope of delivery
                    • Print layouts are sent to the XB4JET and XB8JET using the network connection, EIA232,
                    • USB interface or a USB stick
                  • Markoprint Compactline 3.0

                  • Supports Trident, HP, Xaar and Funai printing technologies

                    The Markoprint Compactline 3.0 Windows control system is characterized by its simple operation via a Human Machine Interface (HMI), allowing layout generation directly on the unit. The control system conveniently and reliably marks cartons and trays of solid and corrugated cardboard, folding boxes and Pharma Blister packaging as well as paper labels. The surfaces can be either absorbent or non-absorbent.

                    Markoprint Compactline 3.0 supports the Trident, HP, Xaar and Funai printing technologies. Depending on the technology used, product names and descriptions, quantity information, manufacturing and shelf life data, barcodes and datamatrix codes and graphics can be printed at up to 800 mm high print.

                    Markoprint Compactline 3.0 is capable of printing speeds up to 400 meters per minute, depending on print image and resolution. The control system is particularly flexible – products are simultaneously marked on as many as four independently running production lines.

                    • up to 800 mm high print
                    • fast and efficient
                    • up to 400 meters per minute
                    • easy to integrate

                    Equipped with latest generation PC boards, Markoprint Compactline 3.0 is extremely fast and efficient. The large memory capacity enables generation and storage of numerous layouts and logos in central directories. The system’s ergonomic enclosure allows it to be easily integrated into existing production environments, as desktop or wall mounted units.

                • Label printers

                  • Barcode printer for your individual business needs

                    Label printers and printing modules are used in industry, logistics and trade. We can offer you the ideal label printers and barcode printers to print your own professional labels in-house. Suitable for occasional printing in the office and for ongoing production. As your official trade and service partner for renowned manufacturers of label printers such as Zebra, Sato, Epson and Datamax, we will be at your disposal for comprehensive personal consultation.

                    • Black Sato label printer from Weber Marking Systems
                    • Brilliant print quality – black or colour
                    • High performance whatever the print volumesRobust under the toughest of conditions
                    • Wi-Fi, remote and RFID-capable equipment
                      • Labels

                        • Cost-effective self-adhesive labels for industry and trade: We are experienced and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of professional solutions to applications and demands in all industries. Be it blank, high-quality printed or with special functionality: We will supply you with customised labels manufactured in-house – designed to your production and logistics!

                          • Top quality manufactured in-house
                          • Customised sizes and shapes
                          • Professional order processing
                          • Certified quality management: ISO 9001
                          • Quick delivery ex-stock
                            • Blank labels

                            • Blank labels on a roll

                              Looking for blank labels for printing? We can offer you high-grade label rolls for your label printer – customised to suit your needs. Whether permanently adhering or peeling off without residue: Our wide range of adhesives for labels will offer you many options. We look forward to discussing your ideal solution with you.

                              • Top quality at attractive prices
                              • Personal consultation with professionals
                              • Customised sizes and shapes
                              • Wide selection of materials
                            • Safety labels

                            • Labels for product protection

                              Safety labels prevent unauthorised tampering with packaging and render counterfeit products readily detectable. They have integrated or printed safety features designed to protect manufacturers and consumers from dangerous risk and the consequences of product piracy. These labels will be found, for instance, on medicines, hygiene articles, safety-critical components or high-grade branded products.

                              • Invisible safety features
                              • Markings that are hard to imitate
                              • Visible material damage caused by opening
                            • Special labels

                            • Special labels for special demands

                              Special labels adhere to difficult substrates, cope with adverse conditions or implement special functions that normal labels do not have. They may need to be particularly robust, waterproof and resistant to oil or UV. We will gladly advise you on all the options our vast product range can offer.

                              • For challenging surfaces
                              • For extreme production conditionsSpecific functions and shapes
                              • Highly adhesive and hard-wearing
                            • Pre-printed labels

                            • Do you need preprinted customised labels for your products – reflecting the claims your brand makes? As your one-stop supplier of marking systems, we offer high-quality colour labels and contract printing labels to your specification – ready for application or preprinted for later processing. Top quality at cost-effective prices from our own label printing facilities in Germany!
                              • High-quality 8-colour UV Flexoprint
                              • Warehousing of large quantities possible
                              • Professional label printing
                              • Customised sizes and shapes

                              From our own production: Label printing by Weber Marking Systems
                              Why we are the label manufacturer of choice for your order? We have specialised in label printing since 1968. We have many years of experience on which to base our personal consultations with you. We are aware of the strict guidelines and regulations your products must comply with in the industry. We apply high quality standards in our ISO 9001 certified label production facility.

                              Our raw materials store will always keep hundreds of label materials, qualities and adhesives in stock. An extensive range of punching dies and printing cylinders will reduce the time required between receipt of order and delivery of labels, also keeping down your costs. Our considerable production capacities and high flexibility allows us to guarantee that your labelling needs will be satisfied quickly and cost-effectively. Ideal prerequisites, allowing us to respond to special customer demands almost immediately!

                              We use state-of-the-art 8-colour Flexoprint machines to print high-quality labels in colour. On your request we will furthermore assist you with proposals for your customised layout. You may also commission us to post-print your blank and preprinted labels to suit your particular needs. Our staff are highly trained specialists in their fields, working in 3-shift operation. Painstaking precision is second nature to us.

                              No matter whether you intend printing 10 or 100 000 000 labels: our label printers will also manufacture labels in large volume that we could keep for you for fast delivery as you need them!
                            • Sustainable labels

                            • Focusing on environmental protection, there is a trend to increasingly produce labels from sustainable materials. In addition to the use of environmentally friendly raw materials such as grass or sugar cane, this also includes their resource-conserving processing. The aim is to reduce not only CO2 emissions during production, but also water consumption and the volume of waste.
                              • Made from renewable raw materials
                              • Reliable adhesive performance
                              • Custom & multicolor printable
                              • No minimum purchase

                              Compostable labels
                              • label material consists of a face material and an adhesive, which can be completely returned to the cycle of nature
                              • upper material made of a white high-gloss or transparent foil
                              • printable by thermal transfer printer
                              • label material is made of wood pulp and is therefore biodegradable and compostable
                              • adhesive carries "OK-Compost" certificate

                              Sugar cane labels
                              • bio-based PE film made from a sugarcane ethanol granulate (label face material)
                              • similar functions as conventional PE label material
                              • plant-based PE film can be recycled according to the standard recycling process for polyolefins
                              • available with white or transparent surface
                              • strong adhesive

                              Grass labels
                              • Fresh fiber paper with grass fiber and pulp content of 50% each
                              • Made from grass pellets without the use of chemical additives
                              • can replace all common paper applications
                              • is fully recyclable with other packaging papers
                              • available with removable or permanent adhesive
                              • printable by thermal transfer printer

                              Stone labels
                              • consisting of the powder of ground stones
                              • binder is recycled PE, share approx. 20%
                              • matt white and durable label material
                              • paper-like surface, difficult to tear and waterproof
                              • printable by thermal transfer printer
                              • 100% cellulose free
                              • strong adhesive
                            • RFID Labels

                            • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enables automatic identification of products and shipping containers in industrial manufacture, logistics and trade. Our labeling systems will create, print and automatically apply RFID tags. The tags comprise an RFID transponder – a microchip with memory to store, edit and delete data and an antenna. RFID readers will read and decode the data.
                              • Quick and contactless identification Bulk reading without visual contact 3 in 1: Print, code and apply Suited for rough environments Rewritable and reusable RFID chips Additional sensors for more insights

                              What is RFID?
                              RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This means remote identification by radio frequency. The technology is used by send-receive systems that can automatically and remotely identify or localise objects and living beings. These RFID systems are used in a diversity of fields – in logistics, for instance.

                              How does RFID work?
                              Every RFID system comprises an electronic data carrier (RFID label) and a reader (RFID reader). Both components have an antenna for communication of data. Data is communicated via electromagnetic waves.

                              The reader generates an AC electromagnetic field. Two-way communication takes place should the transponder be located within range. The reader can now write data to the chip or read data in memory.
                          • Applications

                                  • Highly flexible mass production

                                  • An ultimate goal in today’s industries is to achieve a high customization degree, down to a batch size of 1, under the favorable conditions of mass production. Variable coding at the latest possible time is a best practice: Late stage customization reduces storage costs and allows businesses to stay more agile in view of changes in demands.

                                    With the help of industrial marking, products identify themselves at different manufacturing steps. The plant automatically sets all required parameters and machining points. The process starts without any human interaction. An automated workflow that reduces changeover times and eliminates operator errors. A way to make the efficient manufacturing of unique and personalized products possible!