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Reline Yachts

Company Profile

The man at the helm of the ReLine wharf is an established specialist in the world of yachtbuilding, namely Managing Director Joop de Vries. Joop de Vries is already a highly regarded and reputed name in the world of yachtbuilding, and uniquely so in the Netherlands. It's this reputation on which he has worked very hard since 1967. He comes from a yachtbuilding family, and to date has produced over 300 motor yachts of outstanding quality in a period of 30 years. Starting first in the family business, and later moving on to establish his own manufacturing firm in the 1980's. During 1998 he reached an important milestone in his career, and by bundling all his skills, experiences and talent, launched a new and very exciting yacht series: The ReLine. Especially for this purpose, he established a new high-tech manufacturing facility where each ReLine yacht is painstakingly hand-assembled by ReLine technicians and specialists. Starting from classic designs realised with sophisticated CAD technology, right down to the placing of the last screw. Scrupulous attention to detail and complete local control of the manufacturing and quality control processes, all contribute to a guarantee of absolute top quality.