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  • Offer Profile
  • As a world market leader for gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers, we have proven our competence in linkage systems for years: In the automotive industry, furniture industry, building mechanical systems technology, as well as in medical products and rehab technology. By using our products you can optimize opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, and adjusting actions.

    We will guarantee the highest global standard for our gas pressure springs, dampers and electric motor drives.

Product Portfolio
  • Gas Springs, Dampers and Gas Struts

  • A variety of products and product variants is proof of the product line breadth and depth, as well as the comprehensive collection of application options for STABILUS products. Thus, STABILUS offers the largest product line of gas springs and dampers worldwide. The high degree of standardization in parts, modules, and production processes guarantees the highest level of competitiveness.
      • Non-Locking - Gas Springs

      • LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring

        Gas Spring for Lifting, Lowering, Moving, and Adjusting

        STABILUS gas pressure springs in the LIFT-O-MAT line are used whenever loads need to be lifted or lowered in a controlled manner. They provide force assist and thus ensure optimum weight equalization. With LIFT-O-MAT, opening and closing doors and lids becomes child’s play. Its damping properties ensure safe and user-friendly motion sequences.

        Properties and Function

        The LIFT-O-MAT gas spring is a hydropneumatic adjustment element consisting of a pressure tube, piston rod with piston, as well as a suitable end fitting. It is filled with nitrogen, which, under constant pressure, acts on piston cross sections of different sizes, creating a force in the extension direction. This force can be accurately specified through the individual fill pressure.

        Among the advantages of this gas spring – compared with a mechanical spring – are its defined speed curve and excellent damping properties, which make handling even heavy lids and doors comfortable. Ease of mounting, compact dimensions, a flat spring characteristic curve, and a very broad selection of available strengths and end fittings round out the positive overall picture.


        - Broad selection of sizes, force variants, and end fittings
        - Compact design, small space requirement
        - Fast and easy assembly
        - Flat spring characteristic curve; i.e., low force increase, even for high forces or large strokes
        - Linear, progressive, or degressive spring characteristic curve
        - Variable locking mechanism (product-specific)
        - End position lock (extended and compressed)
        - Additional functions, such as electric switches, stop function, etc. can be integrated
      • Locking Gas Springs

      • BLOC-O-LIFT Gas Spring

        Variable Positioning, Rigid or Elastic Locking Gas Spring

        Flaps and lids can be very heavy and hard to operate by hand. Chairs and desks must be adapted to the body height of the individual user to take ergonomic aspects into consideration. In these cases, gas springs from STABILUS will provide optimum weight equalization and user-friendly motion sequences during opening, closing, and positioning. Our products in the BLOC-O-LIFT line are also available with variable locking, either rigid or elastic in the direction of tension or compression, depending on the desired setup.


        A special piston / valve system, which separates the two pressure chambers in the spring, allows effortless variable locking. If the valve tappet is released from the outside and the exchange between the pressure chambers is interrupted, the gas spring will lock and hold even heavy loads reliably in the desired position. With the valve open, the linear spring characteristic curve of the BLOC-O-LIFT will provide an even increase in force over the entire range of motion.

        Solutions for Every Requirement

        Our standard product line offers a broad selection of locking gas springs and, thus, always the right product for any installation situation.

        With our long-term expertise as pioneers in the production of gas springs, we will also be happy to support you as a development partner. Together, we will develop the right solution for your individual requirements.

        Your Advantages

        - Variable positioning with elastic or rigid locking
        - Optimized weight compensation during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing
        - Lock into position in the extended or compressed position
        - Installation can be orientation-specific or in any orientation, depending on type
        - Flat spring characteristic curve for low force increase, even with high forces or large strokes.
        - Linear, progressive, or degressive spring characteristic curve
        - Mechanical actuation systems, also with an extra small actuation range for easiest operation
        - Broad selection of sizes, force variants, and end fittings
        - Compact design for installation in the smallest of spaces
        - Maintenance-free, even at high loads, with long service life
        - High-quality products manufactured in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and the international standard ISO/TS 16949.
      • Swivel Chairs Gas Springs

      • STAB-O-MAT Gas Springs for Comfortable Height Adjustment

        Height Adjustment in Swivel Chairs for Demanding Applications

        STAB-O-MAT is a locking gas spring, designed especially for variable, comfortable seat height adjustment of office swivel chairs, task chairs, executive chairs, and stools.


        Swivel chairs with STAB-O-MAT make working comfortable. Pleasantly dampened, they feature variable height adjustment and gently absorb the weight of the occupant.

        This is made possible by the patented double cylinder system, consisting of a pressure tube and a guide tube. The self-supporting pressure tube is designed to allow bending moments, for example if the load on the seat is not centered.

        An additional variant of the STAB-O-MAT gas spring is the STAB-O-BLOC with non-self-supporting pressure tube. The difference: An outer support tube absorbs the bending moments. The gas pressure spring provides spring force and damping for the seat and is used to adjust the height.

        Properties and Advantages
        • Available as complete columns or individual gas springs
        • Available in different lengths and with strokes of 50 to 300 mm
        • Swiveling and non-swiveling versions
        • Complete columns with different outer tube versions
        • Different depth spring action systems for more comfortable seating
        • Adjustable tappet projection
        • Different actuation systems
      • Dampers

      • STAB-O-SHOC Damper

        Whether in automotive construction, system design, industrial applications, or in the furniture industry – STAB-O-SHOC dampers from STABILUS are always there when it comes to positively influencing motion and vibrations.


        Regardless of whether simple motion dampers should comfortably dampen the opening and closing of lids, or whether vibration dampers are key to preventing damage to machines and keeping applications in an even workflow that is gentle on the material – STABILUS ...Technology Gives Comfort.

        Our broad damper selection provides a great variety of types, different dimensions, and numerous end fittings.

        STAB-O-SHOC dampers from STABILUS are maintenance-free. Designed for your exacting requirements, they will work without defects for years.

        Of course these high-quality products meet the requirements of international standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001-2000, ISO/TS 16949-2002, and ISO 14001-2004.

        Solutions for any Requirements

        We offer the right product for your requirements. Our standard product line alone encompasses a large selection of dampers. And should you need an individual solution for your application, we will be at your side as development partners with many years of expertise. From the installation proposal to series maturity.
    • POWERISE - Automatic Lid Drive Systems

    • From Component Manufacturer to System Supplier
      Trunk lids have come a long way. The high level of comfort for opening and closing trunk lids or tailgates is increasingly enhanced by automatic drives.

      For this market segment, STABILUS did not only develop the optimum drive technology; as a system supplier, it also assumed the responsibility for the overall function. The harmonious interaction of linkage, weight equalization, and electric and electronic components that are suitably coordinated are the basis for the following functions:
          • Electric Motor Drives

            • Automatic opening/closing/stopping
            • programmable intermediate position
            • External force recognition
            • High level of comfort and safety for opening and closing
      • Lid drives from STABILUS offer a high level of comfort and safety for opening and closing

      • With the POWERISE systems from STABILUS, the trunk will open by remote control within seconds. Pressing the remote control again will close it. The rest will happen automatically, safely and reliably. And, the lid can be stopped in any intermediate position. Integrated in the POWERISE drives is a sensor system that reliably eliminates safety risks due to improper operation or use.

        The right solution for any application

        With this philosophy, STABILUS has brought numerous technological approaches to series introduction.
        In our studies on weight, installation size, and noise optimization, we also focus on the modular concept. The consistent use of as many common parts as possible will ensure quality and financial advantages. Our project experience, as well as our thorough pre-series development, are the reason for our superior competence in this application segment.

        Please, take notice that our electric motor drive systems are not used for backfitting. Only serial shored drive systems are possible to change. In this case, please contact your responsible garage.
        • Applications

        • STABILUS gas springs and dampers have become a staple in many products that we see or use on a daily basis. In our free time, gas springs facilitate the use of tanning beds; at home, they ease the opening of skylights, and in outdoor cafés, they provide the necessary shade by helping move awnings with the push of a button.
            • Automotive Manufacturing

            • Innovations with Tradition for High-End Automobiles

              Gas springs and hydraulic dampers have become a staple in automotive design. These indispensable construction elements can be found in the vehicle wherever easy and safe mobility, a defined motion sequence, or gentle damping of vibrations is required.

              Our Competence

              Through targeted product development, we have been able to meet the increasing comfort requirements of automotive customers for more than 60 years. Compact design, high functional comfort and integrated operating safety continuously expand the range of applications for STABILUS products in automobile manufacturing.
            • Furniture

            • Our gas springs and dampers are used in furniture whenever automatic, force-assisted opening at a defined speed, variable positioning, and safe holding are required. During adjustment, they provide pleasant damping. Loud noises when closing furniture doors will be a thing of the past.

              Our Competence
              Furniture equipped with STABILUS gas pressure springs stands out for its attractive design and high quality. Easy to mount, the compact design of our products requires very little space. It goes without saying that their function is intuitive for the user; they are maintenance-free and have a very long service life.
            • Swivel Chair

            • Optimum Service Means Individual Design

              Gas springs are elegant and maintenance-free solutions for modern swivel chairs. They allow convenient and safe height adjustment, as well as variable manual adjustment of backrest and seat tilt.

              As a swivel chair manufacturer, you will want superior depth spring action comfort or a large height adjustment range. The experienced development engineers at STABILUS will help you develop the optimum gas spring for any purpose.
            • Medical and Rehabilitation Technology

            • Our gas springs and dampers have become a staple of medical and rehab technology.

              Whether it is operating tables, treatment chairs and couches, or walkers – gas springs safely and comfortably support the lifting and lowering, adjusting or positioning of movable structural elements. In addition, they provide more safety for patients and nursing staff.
            • Agricultural, Construction Machinery and Other Commercial Vehicles

            • Vehicles and machinery used in farming and construction, as well as commercial vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, or tractor trailers, are subject to high loads due to their weight and usage profiles.

              Thanks to our many years of experience in automotive manufacturing applications, the gas springs and dampers from STABILUS are predetermined for making operation safer and more convenient.

              They are always the right choice when it comes to lifting, lowering, and adjusting of hoods, lids, covers, hatches, windows and doors in a controlled and dampened motion.

              Because of their compact design, they can even be installed in critical mounting orientations.

              In the driver seat, they will dampen unpleasant impact from bumpy roads, ensuring pleasant, relaxed, and ergonomic sitting.
            • Transportation and Traffic

            • Whether on a coach, airplane, or sailing yacht – gas springs from STABILUS will provide comfortable and safe lifting, lowering, and positioning of flaps, lids, and hoods in all types of vehicles.

              Made from stainless steel, they are even used in boat building today, where they will ensure “rough sea”-proof opening and easy closing of hatch covers.
            • RVs and Motorhomes

            • No need to give up convenience and comfort – even in the great outdoors – especially not if the RV manufacturer relied on STABILUS gas springs and dampers.

              Regardless of whether variable lifting or lowering, secure locking or material-saving motion damping is required. Due to their high number of potential applications, our products are always the right choice where sustainably enhancing the quality of RV interiors is concerned.
            • Machine Construction

            • In machine construction, our gas springs and dampers are used for opening, holding, and closing of hoods or lids:
              • On woodworking machinery
              • On printing machines
              • On production systems, as well as
              • Folding and vacuum packaging machines

              STABILUS gas springs and dampers provide automatic, force-assisted opening at defined speeds, variable positioning, and safe holding force in all kinds of doors and lids. In the printing industry, they will facilitate the folding up of heavy feeders; in protective covers, they will ensure optimum work safety.

              Vibration created by high dynamics can be positively influenced with a STAB-O-SHOC damper. This will result in a quiet, even production run with a high level of safety and a long service life.