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  • Offer Profile
  • We offer:
    • custom developments
    • complete systems (with self-closed unit)
    • individual solutions
    • client-specific solutions
    • complete carrying out "all in one"
    • injection and elastomer mould
    • assembly system
    • mounting the assembly
    • stationary/ mobile
    • measurement
    • engine tests: simulation, worldwide activity
Product Portfolio
  • Damping technology

  • Innovations. We have been significantly advancing the development and mass production of standard components and damping systems for over ten years. We set standards not only in the furniture industry. Other sectors also value the damping solutions we provide. When can we solve your damping problems? The Know-how Factory produces pneumatic and hydraulic dampers of the highest quality.

    Industrial damping technology. The Zimmer Group is the right partner for motion control in the industrial sector. Here, our innovative damping technology with its patented spiral groove technology ensures that kinetic energy is absorbed in the production process in a targeted manner and wear is kept to a minimum.

    Soft close damping technology. Open and close. Time and again. Doors, drawers – everything that can be opened and closed and is subjected to long-term loads lasts longer with ingenious damping technology. Much longer. The Zimmer Group develops and manufactures components and systems for you. Both pneumatic and hydraulic dampers are customer specific.

    System partner. The Zimmer Group is one of the leading development partners in the furniture industry and is an unrivaled system partner for damping systems and self-closing mechanisms. Our customers include all of the major fittings and furniture manufacturers.

    What we offer
    • Developments
    • Components: Industrial damping technology and soft close systems
    • Special solutions and systems:
      • Soft close, complete systems (with self-closing)
      • Customer-specific solutions for industrial and soft close damping technology
      • Complete "all in one" processing
      • Assembly systems
      • Module assembly
      • Industrial damping technology

      • The unique spiral groove technology is a defining feature of PowerStop industrial shock absorbers. Unlike conventional industrial shock absorbers that work using throttle bores, damping is caused by a constantly narrowing spiral groove. Along with maximum energy absorption and gentle damping, PowerStop shock absorbers offer substantial advantages with their technological advances.

        Our expertise – your advantages:
        • The highest quality for the most extreme requirements and loads
        • High power consumption thanks to maximum utilization in each piston position
        • Customized damping characteristic design for customer-specific solutions
        • Low-vibration and precise braking due to the constantly narrowing spiral groove
        • Low wear thanks to the hydrostatic piston guide
        • Longer service life and high operating safety thanks to the oil reserve
        • Corrosion protection due to the use of stainless steel
        • Suitable for use in a pressure chamber up to 10 bar (only applies to the high-energy variant)
          • 1. Home position

          • Return valve is opened and the high-pressure chamber is filled with oil
          • 2. Retraction with damping

          • External force (impact) pushes the piston rod in together with the piston
            • Pressure build-up in the high-pressure chamber
            • Return valve closes
            • Oil flows from the high-pressure chamber into the low-pressure chamber and the oil reserve storage via the spiral groove
            • Damping is caused by the throttling effect of the spiral groove
            • The spring of the volume compensation compensates for the volume of the retracting piston rod
          • 3. Returning

          • Removal of external force from the piston rod
            • Return spring pushes the piston rod back together with the piston
            • Return valve opens for quick oil return flow
            • Oil flows from the low-pressure chamber back into the high-pressure chamber via the return valve
          • PowerStop industrial shock absorber

          • Spiral groove technology as a damping principle. In PowerStop shock absorbers, a circumferential, narrowing spiral groove provides the throttling effect necessary for damping. During this process, kinetic energy is converted into heat, which is subsequently released into the surroundings.
          • Conventional industrial shock absorber

          • A conventional industrial shock absorber with a traditional design pushes oil out through throttle bores contained in a sleeve. The kinetic energy is converted into heat by throttling the flow.
          • Individual damping characteristics

          • The spiral groove makes it possible for the shock absorber to provide individual, customized damping characteristics. This means the characteristics can be adjusted with a declining curve for weak end position damping, with an inclining curve for a gentle increase in damping or linearly for an even force curve.
          • Hydrostatic piston guide

          • Another advantage of spiral groove technology is the hydrostatic piston guide. Since, during damping, the oil drains via the spiral groove, there is oil between the piston and pressure sleeve during the entire stroke. The moving parts are kept separate from each other by a lubricating film, which minimizes wear. The system therefore guarantees a long runtime and high reliability for improved safety during production.
          • Oil reserve

          • In addition to the spiral groove, high-energy PowerStop shock absorbers feature another innovative solution: the oil reserve. This enables volume compensation using a spring. The shock absorber is filled with oil so that the volume compensation spring is under pre-load. This creates a chamber with an oil reserve that acts as external hydraulic pressure storage. Loss of oil can be compensated by readjusting the spring. This results in a longer operating time for the shock absorbers.
          • Accessories

          • This includes locknuts, stop sleeves, clamping flanges, side load adapters/air barriers and cooling nuts.
        • Soft close

        • Soft close provides more comfort and quality of life

          The soft close components and systems from Zimmer Group damping technology make gentle and quiet closing possible for a wide range of devices.

          Our intelligent and innovative solutions enjoy enormous popularity, particularly in the furniture industry, and help make us one of the leading development partners for fittings and furniture manufacturers.

          Our core focus is in damping drawers, hinges, lids, and sliding doors.

          Whether you require pneumatic damping or hydraulic damping, individual components or a complete system, a standard solution or a customer-specific development – Zimmer Group damping technology offers the right product for every device and for every customer.

          Our strengths lie in the unique quality of our products, which we guarantee by checking 100% of our products. And then there is the fact that extensive automation allows for mass production.

          Soft close damping technology is gaining an increasing amount of attention even outside of the furniture industry. The range of potential applications for the Zimmer Group developments is huge and is ideal for expanding to additional fields of use. So why don't you take inspiration from our existing solutions for your own personal applications?

          Discover the diversity of our individual components or learn more about our complete systems.
            • Damping for drawers

            • Damping with driving force for innovation

              Our aim: The highest standards in drawer damping – Our mission: Providing the driving force for innovation.

              We offer a variety of products for drawer damping. This means we have the right solution on hand for every customer.

              The product advantages at a glance:
              • Components for drawers: Damping has now become an indispensable standard feature for drawers.
              • The Zimmer Group specializes in drawer damping and provides excellent soft close comfort for your products.
              • Our components for drawer damping turn heads thanks to the multitude of options for integration into customers' systems. Thanks to the high adaptability of our designs, we are able offer a wide range of standard products as well as solutions designed specifically for an individual customer
              • Precise – Flexible – Tested This describes our components for drawer damping.
            • Damping for sliding doors

            • Damping in vogue

              Sliding doors are increasingly attracting attention in the residential, working, and sleeping areas due to their potential for space-saving applications.
              Maximum comfort requires state-of-the-art soft close technology.

              Innovative sliding door damping solutions from the Zimmer Group ensure that the sliding door can be gently opened and closed in both directions.

              The Zimmer Group has developed a range of products for sliding door damping, meaning that we have the right solution for every customer.
            • Damping for lids

            • Closing without slamming

              Closing is often associated with "slamming" or "banging". This is exactly what the Zimmer Group strives to prevent with its unique lid damping range.

              The defining features of our components for lid damping are their adaptability and the range of available variants.

              Our Fluid Stop series is pivotal in emphasizing these features.
              Various dimensions, forces, or damping characteristics – we offer the perfect product to suit your needs.

              Small – Strong – Durable – Flexible
            • Damping for hinges

            • The turning point for damping

              Hinges represent connection and stability as well as movement and design flexibility. We have made this core principle a guideline by basing our hinge damping technology on both our widely available expertise and our flexible adaptability.

              Our components for hinge damping are retrofit solutions that are easy to integrate and implement. Customers particularly appreciate how easy the customizable damping force, which can be adjusted to the door weight after assembly, is to handle.
            • Other standard applications & customer-specific solutions

            • Components for hinges and lids

              Our product portfolio also contains retrofit solutions for hinge and lid damping.

              The soft head on our products guarantees the most gentle and quietest closing possible.The retrofit solutions are available as individual dampers or in a set with a suitable mounting.

              They can be mounted onto the cabinet easily and quickly either via the mounting or by drilling holes.

              Compact – Handy – Customer friendly
              These features best describe our retrofit sets for damping hinges and lids.
          • Handling technology

          • Products in catalog: 3,000. Customer solutions: infinite.

            In handling technology, workpieces or tools are manipulated automatically within the industrial sector. The term "handling" is derived from the human "hand" and highlights how versatile the movements of the objects can be.

            World market. The Zimmer Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pneumatic and electrical handling components and systems in the world – and has over 30 years' experience in the field. Our portfolio is as broad as it is deep. Our own research and development work has produced exemplary innovations in process automation.

            Customer solutions.
            We are a skilled contact for meeting your specific requirements and will develop components and systems to your specifications. For us, customer-specific solutions mean: We are flexible in terms of technology, processes, engineering, and costs.

            What we offer

            The Zimmer Group serves all industries and offers:
            • Around 3,000 catalog products
            • Customer-specific solutions
            • Ready-to-install gripper and handling systems
            • Individual service
            • Linear technology

            • Slide gently. From sliding door to Transrapid.

              Linear technology is drive technology in its most straightforward form – the whole system moves in one direction. Key features of this technology are low-friction running and the ability to hold the system securely or, if required, to brake securely. The Zimmer Group develops customer-specific linear technology components and systems for you. We strive to meet your individual requirements in terms of technology, processing, engineering, and costs.

              What we offer

              Linear systems are used in a variety of ways. We offer a comprehensive standard range of clamping and braking elements for a variety of linear guide systems from practically all manufacturers.

              Components: over 4,000 standardized clamping and braking elements and accessories for profile rail guides and shaft guides

              Systems: special solutions and systems for linear technology
                • Clamping and braking elements

                    • For profile rail guides

                    • For circular and shaft guides

                  • Process technology

                  • An entire series of expertise.

                    Precision and speed are of utmost importance to all those working to create products from raw materials. High-quality systems and components are essential for achieving the highest possible standards of efficiency. The Zimmer Group meets these requirements and offers you high-level customer-specific solutions. Technology, processing, engineering, costs – what is most important to you? We will respond to your requests in each of these areas with flexibility.

                    Flexibility. We are here for you to ensure your components are manufactured in series production which is optimized both technically and economically. We have decades of experience to fall back on, and we offer a wide breadth of production. Metal, plastic, elastomers – we manufacture your series production components with flexibility and speed.

                    What we offer
                    • Components: series production components made of metal, elastomers, and plastic
                    • Systems: material development, process and tool developments, product design, and series production
                      • MIM technology

                      • Innovative process for manufacturing complex metal series components

                        MetalInjectionMolding -MIM combines two familiar manufacturing technologies (injection molding technology and sintering technology).

                        The higher the complexity of a metal component is, the higher the cost of production will be. Metal injection molding transcends conventional boundaries and enables the cost-effective production of complex metal parts that would otherwise be impossible or require significant costs. This provides you with the same level of freedom for designing your workpieces that you have when using plastic injection molding, but at the same time you can take advantage of the strength and wear characteristics of metallic materials without any restrictions.

                        As a result, MIM technology offers you a host of appealing advantages:
                        • Cost-effective series production of metallic workpieces
                        • Entirely new level of freedom for part design
                        • Combines the advantages of injection molding technology with the outstanding strength and wear characteristics of metals
                        • Series production of smaller components with weights from 0.3 g to 150 g
                        • Complex components with wall thicknesses from 0.2 mm
                        • Small and large holes, inner and outer threading, cross holes, undercuts, and gear teeth
                        • Full utilization of the strength properties of the material being used
                        • Mechanical strength of workpieces equal to that achieved with conventional manufacturing processes
                        • Surface treatment using frictional grinding, mirror polishing, sandblasting, passivation, electropolishing, or etching
                        • Coating using burnishing or plating with chrome, copper, nickel, silver or gold
                        • Avoids production costs and the use of expensive assembly and connection techniques
                        • Significantly lower costs for complex components
                        • 25% to 65% less expensive than conventional production processes
                        • Applicable in a vast assortment of areas: Gearbox parts, watches, jewelry, eyeglass parts, surgical instruments, tweezers, dental braces, small and micro-sized parts for cell phones, computers, or other devices
                      • Elastomer components

                      • Transfer molding process (TM)

                        At Zimmer, we use the transfer molding process for single component and small series production of elastomer components. This process involves inserting an uncured rubber mixture into a tool that can be heated. This mixture is cured (vulcanized) and formed into a finished elastomer component.

                        Injection transfer molding process (ITM)

                        In contrast to the normal TM process, series production of elastomer components involves subjecting the uncured rubber mixture to an automated injection process, instead of inserting it.


                        Nitrile rubber (NBR), silicone, fluororubber (FKM), ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM), and polyurethane.

                        Advantages of elastomer technology at ZIMMER:
                        • Special seals and series production seals from a single source
                        • Even the most complex geometries can be reproduced
                        • Flexibility in terms of quantities: Individual seals, small production series, and large production series can all be manufactured
                        • Variability in component size: Small, medium-sized, and large components can be produced
                        • Development of and advice on geometrical optimization in process technology
                        • Installation, assembly, and functionality testing
                      • Plastic components

                      • Automated production in plastic injection molding

                        At ZIMMER, the series production of plastic components is fully automated, including the removal and storage of tools. This enables us to achieve maximum process optimization for all large production series, which is reflected in the results of our integrated quality control.


                        Semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as POM, PE, PP, PA, PBT, and PET, amorphous thermoplastics such as ABS, PC, PMMA, PS, SAN, and PEEK

                        Advantages of plastic injection molding at ZIMMER:
                        • Series production of complex plastic components
                        • Range of materials: all typical plastics including fiber and particle-reinforced plastics
                        • Development and advice on process technology geometry optimization
                        • Modification of hardness grades and coloration
                        • Processing special blends to improve the chemical, mechanical, or thermal properties
                        • Production of hybrid parts, for example by injection molding around insert parts
                        • Installation, assembly, and functionality testing
                    • Tooling technology

                    • Innovative in every detail: Tools with a system.

                      Maximum productivity – a goal we are sure you share. All production factors must be just right for this goal to be achieved. Including the tooling system used. The more powerful, innovative, and sparing with resources the better. Because this is the only way you can set yourself apart from your competitors. The Zimmer Group has decades of experience in the field of tooling technology for turning and machining centers in the wood and metal-processing industries. We prioritize quality and pioneering technologies in our components and systems. We challenge ourselves to be a driving force for innovation. When a new innovation is launched on the market, it often comes from the Zimmer Group.

                      What we offer

                      The Zimmer Group offers you innovative wood and metal-processing tooling systems for all industries.
                      • Components:
                        • For lathes: powered tools, push-type aggregates, static holders.
                        • For machining centers: angle heads (for drilling and milling), multi-spindle drilling heads, high-speed spindles, push-type aggregates, and shock absorbers
                      • Systems: modular and individual tooling systems for the wood and metal-processing industries.
                        • Machine tooling technology

                        • From idea to high-end product.

                          Pioneering machinery designs are rarely based on existing standards – they originate instead from innovative ideas. System partners accept the challenge of translating these ideas into viable machine concepts. This is exactly what the Zimmer Group delivers: ingenious solutions and innovative refinements at the highest technical level, both for components and as individualized, complex systems. Describe your requirements to us and we will find the right solution. And that goes far beyond just engineering. As your partner, we accompany and support you throughout the entire process, from brainstorming to inspection of the final machine.

                          What we offer

                          Components: Series products and modules
                          • Five-axis heads
                          • Motor spindles
                          • Gearbox swiveling heads
                          • Add-on assemblies
                          • Motors
                          Systems: machine tooling systems and special solutions
                          • Custom assemblies and mechanical modules
                          • Multi-spindle heads
                          • Large-angle heads
                          • Large drilling heads