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    Verbruggen offers the best solutions for palletizing boxes, bags or crates by automatic stacking methods. We have more than 25 years of experience developing the most efficient, long lasting palletizers with unprecedented stacking capacities. We have provided many different palletization solutions worldwide within the agricultural industrial sectors offering customers the best in automated solutions for stacking the most difficult products.

Product Portfolio
  • Palletizer VPM-4-5(ECO)

  • The VPM-4 and -5 (ECO) together represent a series of entry level palletizers that are compact in layout, and simple / versatile in function providing consistent stacking results at an attractive price point. Thanks to the overlapping stacking pattern, bags are stacked automatically in an interlocked and stable arrangement. These machines require low maintenance and power consumption thanks to most efficient design, modern drive technologies and incorporation of some components found in our higher end palletizers.

    Due to small sizes and variable infeed positions, the machines can be placed in almost any location with infeed of bags at floor level. The machine is fully integrated with a gripper style manipulator that receives bags from the vertical lift. Products are accurately stacked so that the full stable pallets can be easily removed from the machine. The user-friendly touchscreen interface also allows for efficient operation, and selection of product program using smart software to assist with desired product selection & stacking patterns. Continual design refinements have resulted with low maintenance intervals, reliable equipment operation & consistent stacking results.

    VPM-4 compact with a small footprint

    The VPM-4 is a compact machine with a small footprint that can automatically stack bags and replace manual labor with short Return on Investment potential.

    VPM-5 compact and customized solution

    A compact and entry level machine offering with a wide range of options, small footprint and replacement of manual labor at a great price point

    VPM-5 ECO fast and simple labor replacement

    The VPM-5 ECO is a standardized design without extra feature options. This machine is mainly produced in India and offers a small footprint with strong ROI potential.

      • Palletizer VPM-7 t/m -14

      • The VPM series of palletizers offer 4 select models (VPM-7, 8, 10 and 14) offering a wide range of palletizing options including diverse product stacking capabilities to very high capacities if required. Simply determine the parameters of your system and select the machine that best fits your requirements.

        Your Palletizing Solution

        The capacity of the equipment ranges between 12 bags with the VPM-7 to 40 bags per minute with the VPM-14. You can also choose the High Speed option ​​stacking up to 70 bags per minute (depending on bag size). Each model can be extended with an automatic infeed of empty pallets, automatic transport of stacked pallets, or net/film wrapping machine allowing for fully automatic function. Interested in palletizing both bags and boxes using a single machine? Each machine can be equipped with our specially designed Combi-Manipulator allowing for touch screen selection between bags or box products.

        Accurate Positioning

        The conveyor belts automatically accumulate, transport and condition bags as they travel towards the manipulator. Centering flaps in the manipulator ensure the accurate positioning of the bags onto the pallet, and control height of drop for the placement of boxes and crates. Each layer is formed on the formation doors and placed in an interlocking pattern on the pallet. Each product layer is pressed against the formation doors using adjustable pressure creating flat product layer results. The pallet is also stacked in a four-sided enclosed stacking bin, all of which results in an exceptionally stable and accurate stack for any stackable product type, also done at very high speeds.

          • Palletizer VPM-BL

          • The VPM-BL is a low-level compact palletizer using sliding plates to accurately position boxes, crates, trays or bins of various sizes (even very small) on a pallet. The VPM-BL is available at a reasonable price providing reliable and efficient palletizing of box-type goods.

            Boxed goods are positioned and accumulated in the infeed section by a programmable stacking pattern. A slide arm then forms the full layer on a formation plate. The layer is enclosed on four sides by a compression collar ensuring that the layer is accurately positioned on the pallet. Compression collars are used once again after the layer has been formed on the pallet, ensuring an excellent stacking result.

            The VPM-BL can easily be upgraded from semi-automatic (where the pallets must be placed on the floor) to fully automatic (equipped with an empty pallet dispenser, sheet dispenser, full pallet conveyors and wrapping machine).

              • Palletizer VPM-VHV

              • Verbruggen’s VPM-VHV palletizer is your leading choice for high-speed stacking of products in boxes, RPC’s or crates. The VHV offers the latest in technological innovations, fast stacking capacities up to 120 boxes/crates per minute, and very accurate product stacking results. The VHV palletizer can be customized and expanded to suit your needs including multiple lines of product accumulation, pallet wrapping or corner board/strapping with fully-automatic operation for optimum efficiency and cost savings.

                Positioning products in movement:

                The VHV palletizer is equipped with specialized infeed conveyors allowing products to be turned and accurately positioned during the infeed process for precise pattern arrangement within each layer. Each layer is pre-formed on a formation plate for maximum efficiency before being compressed within the 4-sided compression collars resulting with a tight, consistent and stable pallet load.

                Technological Innovation

                The VPM-VHV is equipped standard with an electric pallet lift. The system includes both electrical and pneumatic component’s, but the machine can also be designed for electrical (non-pneumatic) operation upon request. Users can also easily operate the machine via user-friendly touchscreen. The palletizer is also equipped standard with remote access capability allowing anyone of our service engineers to access your machine for prompt service support or troubleshooting diagnostics if needed.

                  • Wrapping Machines

                  • To make your palletized products ready for transport, you can make use of our semi/fully automatic wrapping machines. To prevent your products from possible external damages and to make your products stable and fixed to the pallet during transportation, we provide you with a variety of wrapping materials depending on your products features, for example:

                    • Foil: Prevent products from environmental influences such as humidity and dust.
                    • Net: Allow fresh fruit and vegetables to breath during transportation.
                    • Combination of net and paper: Prevent products’ exposure from UV light.

                    With our 25-year of technology innovation experiences, Verbruggen has developed a complete range of wrapping machines, which can be categorized into three main series:

                    VAW wrapping machine

                    The VAW-series wraps pallets with a very high capacity using a robust swing arm.

                    VTW wrapping machine

                    The VTW-wrapping machine uses a turntable design, and it will usually be integrated within a palletizing line.

                    VSW wrapping machine

                    The VSW wrapping machine equipped with a turntable, and it will be used separately from the palletizer.
                      • VAW (Verbruggen Arm Wrapper)

                        • CAPACITY: 40 to 60 pallets / hour
                        • WRAPPING HEIGHT: Max. 2500 mm
                        • DIAMETER: 3000 mm
                        • PALLET SIZE: Max. 1200 x 1200 mm
                        • PALLET WEIGHT: Max. 1500 kg
                        • TRANSPORT: Roller or chain conveyor
                        • TIE-OFF: Clipper, Heat Seal or manually
                        • MATERIAL : Foil, net, net and paper

                      • VTW (Verbruggen Table Wrapper)

                        • CAPACITY: 30 to 40 pallets / hour
                        • WRAPPING HEIGHT: Max. 2500 mm
                        • DIAMETER: 1650 mm
                        • PALLET SIZE: Max. 1200 x 1200 mm
                        • PALLET WEIGHT: Max. 1500 kg
                        • TRANSPORT: Roller of chain conveyor
                        • TIE-OFF: Clipper, Heat Seal or manually
                        • MATERIAL: Foil, net, net and paper

                      • VSW (Verbruggen Stand-alone Wrapper)

                        • CAPACITY: 20 to 30 pallets / hour
                        • WRAPPING HEIGHT: Max. 2500 mm
                        • DIAMETER: 1500 mm
                        • PALLET SIZE: Max. 1200 x 1200 mm
                        • PALLET WEIGHT: Max. 1500 kg
                        • TRANSPORT: No
                        • TIE-OFF: Manually
                        • MATERIAL: Foil, net
                    • Customized Solutions

                    • To offer you an idea about the diversity of our projects, we provide you several examples of our unique machine concepts. Do you have a specific request? Our engineers will develop a customized solution for your situation. Also for very tough-stackable products.

                        • Mobile palletizing

                        • To be able to palletize on different locations with one machine, Verbruggen developed the VPM-Mobile. This machine is often used by bulking goods of storage and handling companies. Unique is the easy transport of the machine by truck.

                        • Stacking nested crates

                        • Do you need to stack or unstack nested crates on high-speed? The VPM-CS is especially developed for fully automated processing of products in stackable crates. The crates are supplied automatically and after being filled stacked stably on pallets.

                        • Stacking different sizes of onions at once

                        • Stacking different sizes of onions without a storage bunker? With this smart installation three different sizes are processed simultaneously. Three palletizers, three weighing machines and three evenflow bins and product conveyors are completely integrated in the existing production line.

                        • Stacking inside pallet measurements

                        • Is your product vulnerable for damage during transport? Stack your product with our special indoor palletizing solution providing tight stack tolerances to be achieved prior to placement on a pallet resulting with protection of product from all sides on the pallet.

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                      • Occasions

                          • PM-VE800 (2004)

                            • Year 2004
                            • Max. 15 bags per minute
                            • Pallet size 1200 x 1000mm
                            • 4-sided closed stacking bin
                            • 6 Outfeed roller conveyors including a turnstation
                            • 6 Infeed conveyors including a vertical lift

                            Located: United Kingdom (UK)

                          • PM-VE900 (1999)

                            • Capacity: 900/hour, 15/minute.
                            • Pallets sizes: 800 x 1200mm, 1000 x 1200mm
                            • Semi-automatic wrapper
                            • 8 Conveyor belts
                            • 1 Crossbelt

                            Location: The Netherlands
                            Available from: To be agreed upon

                          • VPM1400 (2011)

                            • Year 2011.
                            • 25-30 bags per minute
                            • Pallet size 1165 x 1165 mm (CHEP)
                            • Pneumatic push collar
                            • Pallet dispenser
                            • 2 Infeed belts.
                            • Touch Screen operation.
                            Located in Sydney, Australië
                            Available as of today.

                          • Costi robots (2x)

                            • Automatic palletizing robot
                            • Automatic pallet change
                            • Automatic sheet dispenser.
                            • Mounted on rail to supply multiple packing lines.
                            • Available from 14 februari 2017.

                          • Telescopic belt(2008)

                            • Model: Caljan Rite-Hite.
                            • Year of manufacture: 2008
                            • Width: 800 mm.
                            • Length: max. 20′ (6.096 mm).
                            • Including droop snoot (front side conveyor up / down movable).Other technical data:
                            • Type CB3M – 5/7 – 800.
                            • Length devided in : 5000 mm (+ 75 mm anti-shock strip).
                            • Extension: 7000 mm.
                            • Total length: 12000 mm (+75 mm anti-shock strip).
                            • Total height: 800 mm.
                            • Conveyor speed: 0,5 m/s.
                            • Conveyor transmission: motorreductor.
                            • Telescopic movement: motorreductor.
                            • Control system: control system on the right side of the main section with control system at the front side including anti-shockstrip.
                            • Required power connection: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 16 amp.
                            • Load: 65 kg; 1 bag per 1,5 meter.
                            • RAL color: RAL 5010.

                          • EH-PM 800-8 (1992)

                            • Model: Ehcolo EH-PM 800-8.
                            • Year of manufacture: 1992.
                            • Suitable for bags, crates and cartons.
                            • Suitable for pallet sizes 1200 x 1000 mm and 1200 x 800 mm.
                            • Including infeed conveyor with turn station, roller egalisation conveyor and pallet outfeed conveyor.

                          • SES Santens Bag Palletizer (1992)

                          • Model: SES Santens.
                            Year of manufacture: 1992.
                            Capacity: 5 bags / minute.
                            Suitable for pallet size: 1200 x 1000 mm (only 5 bags / layer – 10 layers).
                            No stacking bin.

                          • PM-VE 900 (2000)

                          • Model: PM-VE900.
                            Year of manufacture: 2000.
                            Capacity: 15 bags/minute.
                            Suitable for pallet size 1200 x 1000 mm.
                            Stacking bin 3-sided closed.
                            No wrapping machine.
                            Including B1 and B2 (curved roller conveyor).
                            Status: Available from 16 February

                          • PM-HD600 II (1998)

                          • Model: PM-HD600.
                            Year of manufacture: 1998.
                            Capacity: 600 bags / hour.
                            Suitable for pallet size 1200 x 1000 mm.
                            Including four infeed conveyors.