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  • Eisenmann is a leading international supplier of systems for surface finishing technology, environmental technology, material flow automation and process & high-temperature technology.
    Conveyor Systems
    The Conveyor Systems division offers just the proper individual solution for any material flow challenge. Our program comprises the entire range of state-of-the-art conveyor systems including electric monorail systems and inverted monorail systems as well as complete system solutions for manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and shipping.
Product Portfolio
  • Electrified Monorail Systems

  • Material Flow Automation Using the Electrified Monorail System

    The electrified monorail system (EMS) has proven its worth in many industrial applications. Whether in the field of logistics for conveying pallets, mesh boxes and load carriers fast and flexibly or for assembly and production tasks – the EMS is appropriate for many applications.
    The Eisenmann EMS is a rail-bound conveying system with individually driven and controllable vehicles that move independently on the track system. Branch points can be implemented on the line by means of switches. The vehicles are generally supplied with power and control signals via contact lines on the carrier rail. The running rails are either attached to the hall ceiling or to a suspended or pillar-mounted steel structure.
    If large spatial distances need to be covered or different buildings need to be linked logistically, the EMS is the optimum means of conveyance to get your goods to be conveyed to their destination fast, fully automatically, efficiently and reliably within a short time.
    Depending on the requirements, we develop hangers and load bearing equipment tailored to your individual needs.
      • Conveying beverages with the electrified monorail system
      • Conveying meal carts with the electrified monorail system in the catering facility of an airline
      • The climbing electric monorail - New direction for the material flow
    • Inverted Electrified Monorail & Floor Track Systems

    • Inverted Electrified Monorail & Floor Track Systems

      The rail-bound inverted monorail system is an ideal alternative to continuous conveyor systems and is flexible in managing all floor-based conveying tasks. The floor-based conveyor system and the sophisticated switching system permit branchings in all directions.
      Each of the individually driven trolleys is equipped with a separate controller that controls the entire process. The inverted monorail system trolleys perform their assignments independently and move along the rail system fully automatically. We adapt the inverted monorail system and the load-carrying equipment to your individual requirements. Depending on the available space, the bearing loads and the throughput, either inverted electrified monorail systems or electrified floor track systems are used.
      Not only pallets but other load carriers can also be conveyed with the inverted electrified monorail system.
        • The new inverted electrified monorail system
        • Pallet conveyor
        • Conveying pallets from storage to order picking stations
      • Floor-Based Conveyor Systems

      • Floor-Based Conveyor Systems
        Our floor-based conveyor systems ensure the efficient handling of goods. Whether mesh box or pallet – each unit to be conveyed is moved gently and unerringly to its intended destination. In addition to roller conveyors and chain conveyors, turntables, corner transfer units, shuttles and other conveyor elements are used.

        Tailor-Made Solutions
        Apart from conveying pallets, we also provide our customers with individual solutions for special load carriers. This includes the automated handling of roll cages for sorting, buffering, decoupling and singularizing.
          • Roller Conveyors for Conveying Pallets
          • Due to their modular design, the pallet conveyor systems can handle any type of pallet
          • Tailor-made solution for handling roll cages
        • Intralogistics Solutions

        • Our Expertise
          Apart from the optimum ratio of manual tasks to the degree of automation, the work organization, the process flows and finally the correct IT concept play a decisive role in finding intralogistics solutions.
          When selecting the appropriate system for the material flow automation, we do not only use our own range of products but also plan the use of suitable technologies available on the market. Within the scope of planning, we do all the coordination and present you with a turnkey concept in the end.

          Our Systems in Action
          More and more often Eisenmann is involved in the planning of complete logistics systems at an early stage. Long before a binding bid invitation is placed on the market, we have already participated in finding the right system. Generally, the planning services are rendered directly to the end customer. However, they can also be implemented with a planning company as intermediary. In this context Eisenmann Conveyor Systems focuses on the material flow automation.
          Once the tasks and master conditions have been defined or worked out with the customer, the planned logistic processes and operations will be analyzed.
            • Our Expertise
              3D presentation of a planned plant
            • Our Systems in Action
              Analysis and simulation of a complex plant layout