Company Profile

Since 1909 Leclanché has been a reliable partner for battery storage technologies. Founded in the tradition of Georges Leclanché, the inventor of the dry cell battery, Leclanché has apart from customer-specific battery systems also modern lithium-ion solutions as well as established storage technologies in its portfolio today. Through the integration of a spin-off of the German Fraunhofer Institute in 2006 the company evolved from a traditional battery producer into one of the first developers and manufacturers of lithium-ion cells in Europe. Leclanché develops and produces among others energy storage systems with large format lithium-ion cells. These are characterised by a very high cycle stability (cells with titanate anode) and long service life. Thanks to our patented separator technology, which is the core element of lithium ion cells with titanate anode, Leclanché is able to make cells with very good safety characteristics in automated production. Leclanché operates a fully automated pilot plant for the production of large format lithium-ion cells at an annual maximum capacity of up to 4 MWh. In July 2012, the commissioning of a new production line increased production capacity to an annual, theoretically achievable capacity of up to one million cells or 76 MWh (based on titanate technology). In addition, Leclanché offers a number of other batteries and storage systems, such as portable customer-specific energy storage systems, trade with primary and secondary batteries of other producers and accessories. The core markets of the company are industries that have high requirements for efficiency, service life, robustness and safety of energy storage systems, such as energy storage systems for better utilisation of power grids, for military and medical applications. Leclanché has invested in research and development for over 100 years. We recognize trends early on and respond to these with new, innovative products. Our storage systems are characterised by their high performance and safety and are individually developed and manufactured for their different applications. Thus, depending on the requirements we offer various different products for staionary and portable energy storage. Increasing mobility requires solutions that are able to provide energy for as long as possible and in the smallest possible space. The transition of energy sourcing to renewable energies, however, demands stationary large format solutions, e.g. in order to stabilise power grids. At the same time, the environment needs to be protected and the consumption of natural resources needs to be kept as low as possible. We fulfil all of these requirements simultaneously and develop and produce efficient and environmentally friendly products for the various needs of energy storage.