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  • Leclanché has invested in research and development for over 100 years. We recognize trends early on and respond to these with new, innovative products. Our storage systems are characterised by their high performance and safety and are individually developed and manufactured for their different applications.

    Thus, depending on the requirements we offer various different products for stationary and portable energy storage. Increasing mobility requires solutions that are able to provide energy for as long as possible and in the smallest possible space. The transition of energy sourcing to renewable energies, however, demands stationary large format solutions, e.g. in order to stabilise power grids.
Product Portfolio

  • The core of our energy storage solutions are our lithium-ion cells. They are characterised by high safety and long service life. The patented seperator technology guarantees that our large format cells have high safety. The flexible ceramic separator protects the cells from thermal overload and is the safety element in the cell.

    In the fully automated production line in Willstätt we use materials from certified suppliers, in order to ensure constantly high cell quality and fabrication.

    What is special about our lithium-ion cells:
    • Temperature stability and safety
    • More than 15,000 charge and discharge cycles (lithium-titanate cells)
    • Longevity and scalability
    • Reliability

    • The lithium-ion-cells from Leclanché are characterised by a very long service life span of over 15,000 charge and discharge cycles. This is equivalent to a time period of over 20 years.

      Due to patented separator technology, the core element of lithium-ion-cells, Leclanché is able to produce cells with above average safety features and long service life in an automated production plant.

      Depending on the requirements profile we fine-tune the cell chemistry for our customers. Basically we differentiate between cells that are optimised for continuous operation and those that can store and release high power in short intervals.

      We have cells with the following specifications:
      Energy 15 Wh up to 80 Wh
      C-rate C/10 up to 10C
      Anode graphite, lithium-titanate
      Cathode NMC, NCA, LFP
      Electrolyte will be adapted to anode and cathode material
      Seperator ceramic, flexible

    • Leclanché operates a completely automated pilot plant for the production of large format lithium-ion-cells with an annual theoretical maximum capacity of up to 4 MWh. In this plant, cells for new products, tests and small series are manufactured.

      In the newly constructed fully automated production plant in Willstätt, Germany, large format lithium-ion-cells are produced at a theoretical capacity of 1 million cells, which translates to 76 MWh.
      The individual production steps, such as mixing, coating or cell assembly are seamlessly interlocked and ensure stable and reproducible processes.

      The automated production gives the following advantages:
      • Material and design related inherent safety
      • Flexibility for customer demands
      • Temperature stability

  • HS 3200

    • We offer modular high-end storage solutions for photovoltaic installations. Ranging from stand-alone up to professional, scalable 19" rack solutions, customers can find energy storages that are designed to optimise and increase the private consumption of generated renewable energies.

      The HS 3200 achieves at room temperature with its lithium-titanate technology at 3.2 kWh a service life span of at least expected 10 years at 15,000 cycles and 100% DoD.

      The battery modules available for the market fulfil the respective safety and application standards and are certified accordingly.
    • Technical specifications HS 3200
      Cell technology NCO Titanate
      Nominal energy (C/10) 3,2 kWh
      Nominal voltage 50,6 V
      Permanent current 60 A (1C)
      Efficiency (C/3) > 90%
      Expected cycles (100% DoD, 20°C) more than 15.000
      Expected lifetime (20°C) over 10 years
      Width 750 mm
      Depth 520 mm
      Height 300 mm
      Weight approx. 120 kg
      Temperature range (maximal) -10°C - +40°C
      Scalability max. 3 parallel
      Communication CAN-Bus

  • The generation of power on the basis of renewable energies is a key element for our supply with energy of tomorrow. Besides hydropower, wind and solar energy play a decisive role in this.

    The usage of renewable energies on a large scale, though, leads to new challenges at all grid. The infeed of decentralised generated energy creates new and reversed power flows, that can lead to imbalance and even to complete failure of the grid, given the considerable fluctuations in power generation.

    Grid operators are increasingly confronted with the question of how to compensate the imbalance between generated and consumed power (load) in order to ensure a consistently high quality of power supply.

    For industrial plants as well as building and infrastructure companies, energy efficient business is of great importance, in order to maintain energy costs at a level as low as possible.

    Exceeding the maximum power demand as agreed with the energy supplier, even only once, can lead to high follow-up costs. Furthermore, even the shortest interruption of power supply can lead to a complete outage of production plants. Such an outage means a huge loss of quality and time and, therefore, a noticeable financial loss.

    For these cases, Leclanché’s modular energy storages offer a solution. Combined with modern power management electronics for grid applications, we deliver storage solutions for every type of application from Kilowatt- to Megawatthours.

    Our industrial storages contain cells from Leclanché and are manufactured by a partner company and equipped with power electronics.
    • IS 25

    • Technical specifications IS 25
      Cell technology NCO Titanat
      Nominal capacity 25 kWh
      Nominal power 25 kW
      Peak power  50 kW
      Nominal voltage 230 / 400 VAC
    • IS 50

    • Technical specifications IS 50
      Cell technology NCO Titanat
      Nominal capacity 50 kWh
      Nominal power 50 kW
      Peak power  100 kW
      Nominal voltage 230 / 400 VAC
    • IS 75

    • Technical specifications IS 75
      Cell technology NCO Titanat
      Nominal capacity 75 kWh
      Nominal power 75 kW
      Peak power  150 kW
      Nominal voltage 230 / 400 VAC
    • IS 100

    • Technical specifications IS 100
      Cell technology NCO Titanat
      Nominal capacity 100 kWh
      Nominal power 100 kW
      Peak power  200 kW
      Nominal voltage 230 / 400 VAC
    • CS 200

    • Technical specifications CS 200
      Cell technology NCO Titanat
      Nominal capacity 200 kWh
      Nominal power 200 kW
      Peak power 400 kW
      Nominal voltage 230 VAC - 52 kVAC
      Size 20 ft Container
    • CS 500

    • Technical specifications CS 500
      Cell technology NCO Titanat
      Nominal capacity 500 kWh
      Nominal power 500 kW
      Peak power 1 MW
      Nominal voltage 230 VAC - 52 kVAC
      Size 40 ft Container

  • The field of mobile power storages is dominated by the highest safety standards. Their use is meant to make life easier and more comfortable without posing additional risks.

    Leclanché is aware of this responsibility and tests all products extensively – individual cells as well as complex storage systems. Especially for mobile storage solutions highly adapted developments are required. We advise our customers as partners with our know-how and our industry expertise.

    Our customers need to be satisfied with our solutions in every aspect. Therefore, a modern Lean production plant was installed at our headquarters site in Yverdon in order to fabricate individual energy storage systems for e-bikes, for military, medical and catering equipment and for many other areas.

    The very short set-up times for the different products make it possible to produce with a constantly high quality and to stabilize the price of the products in the future.
    Our business consultants have profound market knowledge at their disposal and are able to assess the market potential of a project. Hence they help our customers to set their projects on a solid economical basis.

  • In order to supply mobile devices for daily use with power we stock a broad spectrum of batteries. Among them are all commercial cells, such as, Lady-, Micro- or Mignon-cells, Baby- and Mono-cells, as well as 9V-Blocks.

    But also hearing aids and watches have to be operated reliably. Here button cells in different designs come in to use.

    As pioneers of battery production Leclanché not only distributes lithium-ion-products. Our batteries, accumulators, lamps and lights have provided energy and light for generations. We are proud to continue our success story with further contemporary developments in the future.

    We offer products and cells for everyday use. Whether batteries or accumulators, our products function reliably and durably in all electrical devices of a mobile everyday life.

    Our product portfolio:
    • batteries
    • accumulators
    • photo & electronic batteries
    • button cells
    • lead-gel-batteries
    • lamps and lights

    • Leclanché goes back to the inventor of the dry battery, Georges Leclanché.
      Today we have a broad spectrum of products available – but the battery is still the central part of them. It is also known as primary cell and is not rechargeable.
      In applications of everyday life standard batteries of every format have become indispensible. Whether in toys or portable devices such as MP3 players, radios etc. Leclanché batteries operate them reliably and durably.

      We have 3 different types of battery in our program:
      • professional
      • high tech
      • industrial

    • The accumulator is a special type of battery and is known, in contrast to a battery, as secondary cell. It is rechargeable can be charged with commercial chargers.
      Here Leclanché also offers different technologies for energy storage because the application determines which type of accumulator is used. There are basically two kinds of accumulators. One type provides large amounts of energy in a short time, the other releases its energy steadily over a long period of time.
      In order to reduce the impact on the environment accumulators are chosen increasingly in many cases. These can be recharged hundreds of times and contribute in a large way to relieving the environment.

      We offer the following products:
      • NiMH accumulators
      • Lead gel accumulators
      • thin film lead accumulators

    • A torch is a mobile light source with its own power supply. These light sources are available in different dimensions and for different uses.

      Leclanché has a broad spectrum of appropriate lamps in its program for different applications. There are models that obtain a maximum light yield and others that reach a maximum lighting duration. Here lamps with LED’s and light bulbs as illuminants are offered.

      If a light bulb is used as illuminant the colour of light changes heavily and the brightness dops with decreasing voltage of the cells as these discharge during operation, where. If LED’s are used the colour of light does not normally change visibly, only the brightness drops.

      Whereas light bulbs become darker first and then, soon after, extinguish completely, when the batteries are fully discharged, many LED lamps can shine on for long with lower brightness. The brightness at the end of the discharge is lower often by less than one percent compared to the brightness with fresh batteries. This is also the reason why Leclanché relies increasingly on LED technology.

      Additionally, we also offer hand lamps with large spotlights and halogen, krypton or xenon illuminants. The light yield of these lamps is very large, at the same time lighting duration is very long.

      We have torches with different characteristics:
      • maximum light efficiency
      • maximum luminous period
      • different light temperatures

    • Leclanché offers its service as a partner to find solutions. Our engineers work together closely with our customers to develop the appropriate storage solution.

      At the same time we support you not only with our experience and extensive advice. We actively participate in the analysis, development and design of your products and accompany you on the way to the finish line.
    • At the end of the process a satisfied customer has a perfectly suited product, as Leclanché has proven time and time again.

      Only by interacting will we find the right solution:
      • Define specification
      • Developmen
      • Testing
      • Optimisation
      • Finished product
      • Adaption to serial production


    • Home Storage

      Modular storage elements allow the storage of power generated by photovoltaics or other renewable energies and then its supply, again, when the demand exists: when people are at home and electric consumers are on. Long lasting lithium-ion-cells with titanate anode from Leclanché with their high cycle stability are well suited to relieve power grids and to better utilize own reserves at home.

      Industry Storage

      Peak loads are expensive for industrial plants. An adequate local storage possibility smoothens peaks, saves money and relieves the power grid. Our container solutions for storage of large amounts of energy can make a considerable contribution to companies to smooth out these load peaks and to reduce high energy costs.

      Grid Stabilisation

      In order for power, generated by wind and sun, to be used as efficiently as possible large energy storages are employed. These use their capacities to compensate variations in the grid. Leclanché offers storage solutions for the requirement of storage systems to process large energy amounts in a short time. Everywhere where renewable energy is fed into the grids storages serve as power buffers. This can prevent grid overload.

      Power storages support grid operation

      Efficient power storages are employed when more energy is produced than consumed.

      Grid power storage systems offer a solution for homes and industry to use their power more efficiently.

      For grid support or grid relief stationary storage units are available that improve the efficiency of renewable energies.

    • Many heavy mass-produced vehicles or traction machines, such as buses, rail and construction vehicles or crane systems are equipped with hybrid technology. Energy storages are employed complementarily, when additional power reserves need to be drawn on in order to be able to, for example, start or lift an extraordinary load. Furthermore, electric motors can be used as starter generators. Equipped with a summation gear, hybrid vehicles manage even without a conventional multi-step gearbox.

      Leclanché offers the respective energy storages for these applications on request. Currently, hybrid technology is perhaps the most versatile drive solution, combining environmental friendliness with performance and economic efficiency. With these vehicles, besides lowering noise, particles can be reduced up to 50% and a saving of up to 35% on fuel is achieved.

      Requirements to lithium-ion-cells:
      • high cycle stability
      • high charge rate
      • high capacity
      • long operation times
      • high durability in rough terrain

    • Mobility will be facing new challenges. A continuous increase in traffic and the consistent protection of our climate have to be managed simultaneously. On the road to environmentally friendly mobility innovative automobile concepts are needed. These also include novel storage approaches. Lithium-ion-cells from Leclanché are interesting for the automobile industry not only because of their performance characteristics. Above all, it is reliability, safety, longevity and environmentally friendly production that distinguish our cells and make them interesting for their use in electric vehicles.

      Today, electric vehicles already emit less CO2 than conventional vehicles. Now, if the energy needed is obtained from renewable sources we will achieve mobility virtually without the emission of any pollutants.

      On request, Leclanché develops energy storage systems that are customized for the automobile industry.

      Requirements to lithium-ion-cells:
      • high charge rate
      • high capacity
      • long operation times
      • high energy density

    • Our life is becoming more and more mobile and the aids and appliances that determine our quality of life and convenience have to follow this mobility: telephone, computer or health care utensils. It is crucial that we can rely on their use everywhere.

      But to achieve this mobility ever more efficient energy systems are needed. Also the trend towards increasingly smaller devices still continues. For every application, Leclanché develops and produces energy storages that are characterised by high quality and reliability and that satisfy exactly these needs.

      Our cells can be found for example in products from the areas:
      • medical devices
      • catering equipment
      • mobile office units
      • defense systems
      • marine