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  • Offer Profile
  • The comprehensive modular Aluminium Crane System allows the eepos GmbH to solve a wide range of problems regarding the flow of material and load handling, thus relieving the burden placed upon the user.

    Our trained sales and service partners assist our customers in planning the optimum crane system for their purpose, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

    We have made it our goal to continually improve our products, hand in hand with the customer on the basis of practical experience and requirements.
Product Portfolio

      • eepos one

      • Ergonomics and energy efficiency right from the start

        The eepos one kit is the most extensive aluminium crane system with the largest variety. A high degree of ergonomics and energy efficiency is possible which inspires users and operators since its introduction into market since 2006.

        By the use of aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 T66 eepos designed a modular kit for area crane systems for loads up to 2.000 kg. It is safe and reliable in factories, on production lines, assembly lines, to workstations and even in harsh environments.

        The precise interaction of forged aluminum trolleys and the track area in the extruded aluminium proiles is the basis for the successful smooth running without any blocking. The accessories are made largely of galvanized steel or reinforced high-performance plastics.


        • 6 profile sizes for loads up to 2,000 kg
        • Less weight with high stiffness due to hollow chamber design
        • Item grooves inside and outside
        • Reinforcement profile to reinforce capacities
        • 1 eepos trolly for all profiles XS-XXL
        • Extensive Accessories
        • Ergonomic through perfectly guided trolleys, low weights of the components and the high quality of the components
      • eepos nano

      • Aluminium modular system.

        The eepos nano modular system made of aluminum is the perfect rail system for load or tool transport up to 75 kg. The special design of the eepos proiles in combination with the eepos trolley, results in unbeatable smooth running.

        For work stations.

        While hanging bigger loads, heavy containers or heavy tools to the eepos nano rail system, the worker can concentrate fully on the product or task. This increases quality and efficiency permanently.


        By using the modular set-up of eepos nano, you always are able to modify or expand it. The eepos nano accessories and components make an easy connection to existing systems possible. This protects your investments for a long time.


        The ergonomic rail system eepos nano maintains the work force and motivation for a long time. By this you are able to standardize work processes, avoid mistakes and keep more and more shorter cycle times. At the same time, you keep workers with professional competence for a life time. Ergonomic produces quality.

        Up to 75 kg.

        With a size of only 89 mm, the eepos nano trolley moves loads up to 75 kg in a save and precise way – and in addition, the eepos nano system offers a 4-fold safety. Furthermore, the perfect combination of all components decreases noise pollution clearly. That´s eepos.

      • carbon

      • The innovative ultra-light profile up to 100kg.
        Ergonomics in a new dimension.

        The eepos carbon profile provides a net weight reduction of approx. 50 % compared to standard aluminium systems - not to mention a steel system. The weight of the crane system becomes negligible. The handling and positioning of loads up to 100 kg becomes easier, faster and more ergonomic than before.

        carbon profile

        The eepos carbon fiber profile is extremely lightweight with a net weight of 1.7 kg per meter. So it offers maximum load capacity with maximum rigidity. The profile is compatible with the standard eepos one system. And therefore, the carbon profile can be easily integrated into existing eepos one cranes system

      • move

      • The innovative modular system for aluminium lifting axis.
        Powerful. Precise. Successful

        The modular system for lifting axis eepos move is designed for handling equipment and devices in the load range up to 500 kg and a torque up to 2,500 Nm which occurs by of-center loads. Dimension and stroke of the lifting axes move L and move S can be determined by the customer.

        The eepos move lifting axes are highly resilient and easy running even with of-center loads. They have zero backlash gear and are low on maintenance. 
        Due to the lateral grooves, they ofer various mounting options.

        move L and move S can be delivered as single device or fully itted with lifting motor or pneumatic controls

      • base

      • The aluminium media column.

        The eepos media columns bring energy, data, compressed air, electricity, etc. to each workstation. They are easily configurable.

        Jib crane optional

        • One or two booms with loads up to 100 kg and length up to 3 m
        • Jib profiles availabe in aluminium and carbon

        Module inserts

        • Module inserts removable forward
        • Cover profile removeable

        Alternative connections

        • Item compatible grooves inside and outside of the column allow for own attachments
        • Spacious interior design for easy laying of cables and hoses