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  • Offer Profile
  • noax Technologies ranks among Europe's leading manufacturers of rugged and reliable industrial PCs. We design and develop hardware solutions for extremely harsh as well as sensitive environments where hygiene is a major factor. Our range of products includes completely sealed industrial PCs, medical PCs, weighing terminals for the most diverse areas of application, peripheral devices, and accessories.
Product Portfolio
  • noax Industrial Computers – Quality made in Germany

  • noax Technologies developed and manufactures industrial Touch Panel PCs for challenging environments. The specific features are the completely sealed enclosure and the high performance. noax PCs are full blown computers which are developed specifically for the requirements of industry. noax industrial computers combine industrial requirements with state of the art computer technology. This allows them to be upgraded at any time and to be compatible with all standard hardware and software systems. It is extremely easy to integrate noax PCs into an existing IT system.
      • Compact Series - Fanless Industrial Computers

      • noax IP65 (NEMA 4) fanless Industrial PC
        rugged and reliable The Compact Series - The All-Purpose PC

        noax Compact Series Industrial PCs are completely rugged and  completely sealed. These industrial computers are ideal for logistics, production, agriculture or tunnel construction. Our IP65 (NEMA 4) fanless Industrial PC from the Compact Series are used in a multitude of industries: from automobile manufacturing to construction. The rugged all-purpose mobile computers reliably perform the most diverse tasks, such as recording operational and machine data, supporting personnel planning, streamlining order picking, controlling machines and visualizing production processes. Regardless of being stationary or mobile, noax IP65 (NEMA 4) industrial computers from the Compact Series can be adapted to any environment.

        As a standard feature, our IP65 (NEMA 4) fanless industrial computer from the Comapct Series are equipped with high-contrast and durable TFT displays for industrial applications. They guarantee optimal readability even under the worst conditions. Furthermore, the integrated, resistive touchscreen displays are easy and safe to operate – even while wearing protective gloves. Our fanless industrial computers from the Compact Series are available from 12" to 21.5" touchscreen displays.

          • Compact C12 - Versatile and Mobile - Fanless industrial PC

          • Compact C15 - Rugged and Reliable - Fanless industrial PC

          • Compact C19 - Greater Visibility - Fanless industrial PC

          • Compact C21 - Widescreen Display - Fanless industrial PC

        • Steel Series - IP67 (NEMA 6) / IP69K Rated Industrial Computers

        • noax Industrial PCs with protection class rating
          IP67 or IP69k (NEMA 6)

          The Steel Series – The Hygiene Specialist

          noax Steel Series industrial computers are completely sealed, water-resistant, and absolutely rugged. When hygiene is your company’s highest priority, our IP67 (NEMA 6) or IP69K industrial computers are the ideal solution. Our Steel Series PCs are idea in food processing, cold storage, pharamaceuticals, or any harsh environment. Our industrial computers do not have any joints between the touchscreen display and the housing. Thanks to its sealed design and its protection rating of IP67 (NEMA 6) or IP69k, all industiral grade components inside the computer are protected. Regardless of dust, water, high-pressure washdowns (up to 1450 PSI) or disinfecants – noax Industrial PCs can endure any type of environment! If hygiene is your concern, noax industrial computers can be easily cleaned so that bacteria does not stand a chance! These waterproof computers are easy to operate using the resistive touchscreen, even if wearing gloves. The bright TFT display guarantees optimal readability, even under poor conditions. noax Industrial PCs from the Steel Series come in different sizes from a convenient 12” to the compact 15” and the larger 19” Industrial PCs.

            • Steel S12 Industrial PC - Hygienic and Rugged

            • Steel S15 Industrial PC - Compact and Waterproof

            • Steel S15G2 Industrial PC - Durable and Completely Sealed

            • Steel S19 Industrial PC - High Resolution and Robust

          • Panel Series

          • Protection Rating up to IP65 (NEMA 4)
            noax Industrial Panel PC with Touchscreen

            The Panel Series - The built-in solution

            Flat, smooth and versatile is how we describe our industrial panel PCs with rugged touchscreens from our Panel Series. noax panel computers are ideal for installation in switching panels, control consoles or control cabinets. These industrial computers have minimal installation depth, yet its performance and flexibility are unmatchable. Depending on the application, noax panel PCs can be equipped with different processor outputs, operating systems, or additional memory. noax uses only industrial grade components for our panel PCs. Therefore, they are the best-suited for rugged production environments and applications that place high demands on hygiene and reliability. That is why we have equipped our panel computers with high-contrast and extremely durable TFT displays with integrated touchscreens. Our industrial grade panels are easy to handle and guarantee optimal readability, even under the worst conditions.

                • P15 Industrial PC - Completely Hygienic

            • Industrial PC accessory program

            • The perfect addition to your rugged PC – the noax accessory program

              noax offers a variety of  accessories for our Industrial PCs. Our all in one industrial computers are designed for use in any industry and are easily adaptable to all areas of application. Our industrial grade accessories range from diverse operating systems that we pre-install upon request to radio LAN components, identification systems, system upgrades and external accessories.

              Requirements differ from company to company and from application to application, but noax has developed accessories that allow our rugged industrial computers to be adapted for a variety of intended uses. For example, our high-quality memory add-ons allow for quick and easy upgrades.  Specifically engineered industrial keyboards make it easier to enter datafor all types of industries. 

              noax has an extensive range of accessories, including equipment and wall brackets with or without ball head or bases in the most diverse designs. If you want to situate your Industrial PCs on vibration-intensive mounts, you will find individually adapted shock absorber plates as vibration inhibitors for each computer. The specifically designed industrial grade connector covers protect the connector area of your Industrial PC.

              noax's comprehensive line of accessories will enable you to easily customize your Industrial PCs to meet your needs.

              Don’t see the accessory you need? Ask about our individual solutions!
                • Mounting Accessories

                • Mounting solutions – rugged, versatile, 
                  shock and vibration-resistant

                  Whether stationary and firmly affixed to machines or free-standing and mobile on vehicles– wherever you want to install noax Industrial PCs, we have the right mounting accessory. Depending on the application, you can easily and quickly assemble our industrial computer on the universal mounts or the specifically designed mounting brackets. Due to the variety of combination options, you will find the right solution for any field or environment.

                • Radio Frequency Identification Technology

                • Easy to use and securely encoded

                  Monitor goods transport, record time and attendance, eliminate errors – identification systems speed up the information flows and create better accuracy in your company. Industrial PCs from noax assume the central functions of these processes. They store and assess the data that the readers record. The automated check performed by our industrial PCs creates an enhanced overview of the workflows in your company. This allows youto control the processes. Error sources due to human failure can therefore be completely eliminated.

                  When it comes to identification technology, there is a series of different methods. For applications in an industrial environment, RFID technology makes it possible to read information contact-free. We have developed an RFID reader particularly for this purpose. Design, function and structure perfectly fit our Industrial PCs. Like all of our computers and accessories, noax RFID readers are designed for harsh working environments. The design meets protection class IP65 (NEMA 4). Therefore, noax RFID readers are not sensitive to dust and moisture. Due to its rugged design and its resistance to high temperatures, it is perfectly suited for use in industrial environments. Its compact size makes it easy to connect to all noax Industrial PCs. The IP65 (NEMA4)‐protected RFID Multireader models support all conventional RFID standards in the range of 125 kHz/134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz: Hitag, Mifare, Legic, ISO14443, ISO15693, EM-Standards and NFC. RFID readers from noax make it easy for you to quickly record all the information that you need.

                • Connector Covers

                • Proven protection against harsh environments

                  For all Industrial PCs from the noax Steel and Compact Series, we offer a variety of connector covers  options. We offer the appropriate connector cover based on the criteria that meets your needs. You will find each type of connector covers  are simple and quick to install. We have the perfect solution even for high protection classes of up to IP69k.

                  Ask us about the best solution for your industrial computer.

                • System Add-Ons

                • So that you can better adapt your industrial PCs to meet your operational requirements, we offer a multitude of system add-ons, for example memory add-ons,  including:

                  Learn to better adapt your Industrial PCs to meet your operational requirements, we offer a multitude of system add-ons including:


                  Do you want to upgrade your Industrial PC with additional memory? noax PCs come with a built-in memory slot. When selecting the RAM modules, we provide thigh quality so we can meet your company’s needs and requirements. We subject all noax RAM modules to climate tests to verify that they function trouble-free in an extended temperature range.

                  Hard Drives

                  System stability for industrial use under harsh conditions represent the selection criteria for our hard drives. noax hard drives are firmly installed in our industrial computers  using a special bracket. As numerous satisfied users have attested, our hard drives have already proven perfectly reliability for industrial use. Due to their rugged design and reasonable cost/benefit ratio, the hard drives in our industrial computers are an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

                  Solid-State Drive

                  If you place great value on high system stability, you also have the option of using a Solid State Disk (SSD) instead of a hard drive. An SSD contains no mechanically movable parts and is highly rugged and durable. Additionally, benefits to you include short access times, low power consumption and noiseless operation.

                  As with hard drives, noax uses only carefully selected and tested products for our solid-state disks. In making our selection, we pay particular attention to access speed and the ability to rewrite the SSDs. This guarantees your investment for many years.

                • Industrial Keyboards

                • Data entry – fast, convenient, and reliable

                  noax has  developed  industrial keyboards  for harsh environments including production areas or warehouses, regardless of industry. The noax industrial keyboards are the perfect balance to noax industrial computers because they are designed to be equally as rugged and resistant as the rugged PCs. If you are looking for rugged and hygienic input devices, our noax keyboards are the perfect solution for your company.

                  Do you need a mobile solution? We recommend the water-resistant and compact keyboard. It is designed according to protection class IP65 (NEMA 4) and prevents dust or liquids from getting inside. Its ergonomic shape and integrated mouse function make it easy to operate even in commercial vehicles, forklift trucks or other ground conveyors.  In addition, we offer bracket mounting solutions for all of our industrial keyboards.

                • Virtual software keyboard

                • Customized for your application

                  Do you need to write short texts, but it is impossible to connect an external keyboard? This is where our virtual keyboard comes into play. The software keyboard can be conveniently used via the noax IPC touch screen and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. Keyboard combinations like Shift + Cont or Alt+Tab are no problem if you want to switch applications. Though standard layouts are pre-configured, you can created and edit your own layouts and the size of the keys using the integrated layout editor. This allows for customized keyboards that are particularly suited for working with gloves. Additionally, the on-screen keyboard automatically detects whether you want to enter letters or numbers and will independently show the right keyboard.

                  With a Windows login, the on-screen keyboard automatically appears on the touch screen. Under normal working conditions, you can start the keyboard by pressing the F key on the front of the noax IPC. The keyboard functions on all current Windows operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows 7, and also in some environments, Windows Embedded.

                  When acquiring a noax IPC in conjunction with the software keyboard, we will naturally pre-install it for you. For later installations, you will automatically obtain installation software. It takes just two clicks to install the program and start working. The numerous features offered by the virtual keyboard open up an infinite number of application options. Wherever you use them, noax industrial PCs make data entry effortless.

                • noax WLAN

                • Uninterrupted data transfer with noax WLAN

                  Do you transfer your data from your industrial PC using WLAN? Constantly changing environmental conditions adversely affect the reliability of wireless connections in warehouses and production halls, causing sudden interruptions in the signal transfer. In industrial environments, this represents a particular challenge, thus you can benefit from our long-term experience with Wireless LAN and wireless data transfer.
                  We recommend measuring the signal strength of your site that you want to cover with WLAN, which will give us an exact picture of your situation on site. From here, we can offer you an optimal solution that includes the right WLAN Client card and antenna configured to meet your specific needs.

                  We would be happy to support you by quickly and easily integrating our industrial PCs into your existing wireless system. We ensure that your communication will be uninterrupted!

                • Touch Pen and Film

                • Industrial Touch Pen

                  The noax industrial touch pen is easy to use and perfect for applications with particularly small buttons. The touch pen is also easy on the display surface, preventing the display from getting damaged or dirty due  rugged and harsh environments.

                  The touch pen comes in two possible options: a wood or plastic design. The touch pen has a uniqueholder and is connected to the industrial computer by a strong wire cable. This prevents the touch pen from getting lost or misplaced.

                  Touch-sensitive protective film

                  Do you use your industrial PCs in a particularly harsh environment or do you work with aggressive cleaning detergents? You can additionally protect your display with our special touch-sensitive protective film. The noax touch-sensitive protective film makes the touch display even more resistant to chemicals or mechanical disturbances. The film is resistant to different alcohols, acids, alkaline solutions, oils, or gas and protects against exposure to sharp edges or pointy objects. In the case of scratches or heavy dirt, the film can be easily removed and replaced.

                • Power supply

                • Dependable and powerful
                  The industrial PCs by noax feature performance, operational reliability, and consistency.
                  noax IPCs can be used in environments where conventional computers easily break down due to continuously harsh operating conditions.

                  The power supply is essential to the secure functioning of a noax IPC. noax offers
                  accessories for our industrial PCs to guarantee permanent power supply
                  even in the most unforgiving conditions. As a result, external factors like voltage
                  fluctuations in the power grid, or a disruption in the power supply should not result
                  in a loss of data.

                  Depending on the type of noax equipment, the power for a noax IPC is supplied
                  via an external standard power supply unit that is connected to the power grid
                  and attached outside the industrial computer, or via a power supply unit built into the
                  computer that connects to the industrial PC to the power grid easily
                  using an IEC cord. For both power supply options, noax offers the customized
                  connectors based on country location. noax IPCs can also be powered
                  directly with 24 V.

                  IPCs used in a forklift or a vehicle application require a specific noax DC/DC converter
                  which transforms the voltage of the vehicle to the operating
                  voltage required for the IPC. Depending on the type of vehicle, the input voltage to the
                  DC/DC converter is between 8 and 140 V. However, the noax DC/DC converter
                  maintains the output voltage constantly at 24 V.

                  In addition, noax offers an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) so that a brief voltage
                  drop or an interruption in the power supply will not cause an impromptu
                  shutdown of the industrial PC. The UPS can bridge a power failure for up to 30 seconds
                  before it saves data or powers down the equipment, depending on the configuration.

                  noax industrial PC are able to receive power continuously even under
                  difficult conditions, and important data will not be lost.
              • Solutions

                  • noax mobile PCs for optimizing logistics

                  • With noax forklift PCs, you can increase productivity

                    noax mobile PCs  record  data immediately  regardless of location. Thanks to WLAN or GPS/GPRS, information can easily be made available and communicated throughout an entire company. Due to their rugged design, our noax mobile computers are engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions  including: shocks, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and abrupt temperature fluctuations.   noax mobile PCs  are able to function in various types of weather including rain, snow and ice thanks to their completely sealed design. Also, noax mobile PCs’ touchscreens are easy to use and offer optimal readability, even in bright sunlight.

                    With our extensive line of products and accessories including industrial brackets, scanners and keyboards, your workstations will be able to meet your company's needs. 

                  • noax hygienic computers improve productivity

                  • Our water-resistant stainless steel PCs will meet the industry’s highest hygienic requirements

                    Our hygienic computers are perfectly suited for use in the food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in medicine. Whether noax PCs are used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking, weighing or for controlling production, they guarantee absolute reliability.

                    The housing, made of V2A stainless steel, is completely sealed (up to IP69K rating) and does not have joints or grooves. Therefore, our water-resistant PCs, thin clients, weighing terminals, and keyboards can be easily cleaned even with aggressive disinfectants. noax hardware is easy to operate thanks to the 20 freely programmable function keys and clear touchscreen. The display provides optimal readability, even under difficult lighting conditions. The rugged design of the noax PCs guarantee absolute reliability, safety and efficiency for your production processes.

                  • noax industrial PCs optimize your production processes

                  • noax industrial PCs help you improve productivity 
                    in your manufacturing plant

                    … because they bring with them the benefits of modern information and communications technology in your production centers. noax industrial PCs, Thin Clients and weighing terminals are characterized by a completely sealed design and a shock-, and vibration-resistant construction. The rugged design of our computers guarantees absolute reliability. Malfunctions and operational interruptions are no longer an issue. Numerous interfaces and an extensive line of accessories ensure that our industrial PCs, Thin Clients or weighing terminals are perfectly integrated into your IT environment and can be expanded through diverse brackets and resistant keyboards. Whether it's machine control, production data acquisition, process visualization or quality control, noax computers will improve your productivity for the long term.

                  • Lab computer in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

                  • Improve quality through electronically 
                    controlled processes

                    Determine the exact compound, check for the right mix ratio, tighten production: With the help of our chemical PCs, you can correctly control the formula of chemical elements, document the entire manufacturing process and ensure traceability. Particularly in the case of chemical or medication production, when even the most minute deviations or contaminants can cause considerable damages. Our lab computers help record production data, monitor production, visualize production processes and much more. In combination with the scale accessories, you have the option of immediately determining, displaying and storing exact measurement results. Therefore, hardware from noax perfectly meets the demand from chemical and pharmaceutical companies for the most modern and rugged hardware on the market.

                  • OR PC in the healthcare industry and Medical PC in medical technology