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    • Manufacturer of DC and BLDC motors, gearheads, controllers
    • Custom drive systems, quantities as low as a single unit
    • Certified for aerospace and medical applications
      • Mechatronic drive systems

      • Complex mechatronic drive systems only work if all components are of the highest quality and perfectly synchronized. maxon not only develops and produces DC and BLDC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers, but is also able to combine the high-quality drive components in a mechatronic system. The benefits: a compact design, components configured specifically for the customer, and the guarantee of obtaining maximum performance from the drive system.

        Everything from a single source: DC/BLDC motor, gearhead, sensor, electronics, software, housingNo compromise on qualityLong service lifeLow power consumptionExcellent control propertiesRobust design: resistant to vibrations, shocks, and extreme temperaturesCompact design: top volume-to-performance ratio

        What does maxon understand by "mechatronic drive systems"?

        maxon has extensive knowledge of the perfect interaction of various drive components – and thus of mechatronic drive systems. After all, we've been developing and producing drive components that are among the best in the world for decades now. These include precision motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers. As system experts, we are your first choice when you need to find sophisticated solutions to complex drive problems and implement these in your application.

          • E-Bike Systems

          • maxon has rapidly made a name for itself on the e-bike scene with the BIKEDRIVE retrofitting kit, and has positioned itself strongly among established manufacturers. The system solution from maxon includes not only the motor and gearhead, but also a PowerGrip (throttle grip) and battery. Various partners help customers install this system solution, so that they can retrofit their mountain bike, city bike, or trekking bike with a maxon BIKEDRIVE.
          • Better quality of life

          • Exoskeletons are used in medicine and industry. The mechatronic support structures help in cases of paralysis, for example, or with post-accident rehabilitation. The system solution from maxon consists of a powerful, brushless flat motor with an encoder, a three-stage planetary gearhead and an EPOS-4 controller. The components are stored in a light yet robust aluminum housing, with not a millimeter of space wasted. The Exoskeleton Drive from maxon is mainly suitable for knee and hip joints.
          • For clean air

          • The drive system consists of a customized brushless flat motor plus electronics. This system solution accurately regulates the urea supply for treatment of diesel exhaust gas, which triggers a chemical reaction that breaks down toxic nitrogen compounds. This pollutant separation ensures compliance with the latest exhaust gas standards. The system is primarily used in trucks and is an important contribution from maxon to improve the global climate.
          • Precise medical technology

          • Precision, speed, and user friendliness are indispensable requirements of medical hand-held devices. This sterilizable drive unit from maxon consists of a brushless motor with robust stainless steel housing and cable connection. The motor is controlled by a separate control unit. This is where HPSC (high precision sensorless control) is used, an extremely sophisticated method developed by maxon for the sensorless commutation of brushless motors. During the development of this drive system for dental medicine, particular attention was also paid to its ergonomic properties, so that the hand tool is comfortable to hold. It is available in a range of sizes and power levels.
        • Compact drives

        • The new IDX compact drive with integrated positioning controller.

          Compact drives
          The compact brushless EC-i motor combined with an EPOS4 positioning controller delivers a highly dynamic, powerful drive package with field-oriented control (FOC), high efficiency, and maintenance-free components in a high-quality industrial housing. The maxon IDX drives are suitable for use across the entire speed range (from standstill to maximum speed) and have an extremely high overload capability. Together with a positioning controller, the integrated sensor (single turn) enables absolute positioning.

          A maintenance-free positioning drive with proven components.
          Design of the drive
          This drive with iron core winding is available with encoder and temperature sensor on the winding. The porsition/speed controller is available for this drive as an integrated version (installed directly in the drive). The motor can also be configured so that it can be operated via an external motor controller. The hight-quality design has IP 65 protection rating, only the output shaft must be sealed by the customer. The motor stand out for its hight max. continuous torque, outstanding efficiency and unsurpassed service life.

          Technical Data
          • Size 56/70 mm
          • Nominal Speed: 2424 to 6000 rpm
          • Max. torque: 775 to 8602 mNm
          • Nominal Torque: 393 to 3167 mNm
          • Nominal Voltage: 24/48/60 VDC
          • +VCC: 12 to 60 VDC
            • Brushed DC Motors

            • DC motors with ironless rotor and powerful permanent magnets: Ø 6 – 65 mm, 0.3 – 250 W.

              maxon DC motors are high-quality DC motors, equipped with powerful permanent magnets. The centerpiece of the motor is the worldwide patented ironless rotor. This means cutting-edge technology for compact, powerful drives with low inertia. Thanks to the low mass moment of inertia, the DC motors have a very high acceleration. The modular A-max and RE-max programs provide countless options and top performance at an attractive price.

                • DCX Program

                • Low-noise and high torque per volume

                  maxon DCX motors feature unrivaled torque density and quiet running. The robust design and the ironless maxon rotor make the DCX motors a dynamic drive for almost every application. The brushed DC motors are available in sizes from Ø 10 – 35 mm and are easily configured online. Select from graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings, and many other components.

                • DC-max program

                • The cost-effective alternative to the DCX program

                  Powerful neodymium magnets, state-of-the-art winding technology, cost-optimized design, economical manufacturing: maxon DC-max motors feature maximum performance with compact dimensions and offer unrivaled value. Configure the sizes Ø 16 and 22 mm. Select from graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings, and many other components.

                  Features of the maxon DC-max program:

                  • High performance at low cost
                  • The rational manufacturing and design of the A-max motors combined with the higher power density of NdFeB magnets
                  • Automated manufacturing process
                  • Configurable online
                  • Fast delivery
                • RE Program

                • Close to 100%

                  maxon RE-motors are high-quality DC motors, equipped with powerful permanent magnets. The centerpiece of the motor is the ironless rotor. This means cutting-edge technology for compact, powerful drives with low inertia. As a result of the low mass moment of inertia, the DC motors have a high acceleration.

                  Properties of the maxon RE program:

                  • High power density
                  • High-quality DC motor with NdFeB magnet
                  • High speeds and torques
                  • Robust design (metal flange)
                • RE-max Program

                • Lots of power, at a good price

                  High-performance neodymium magnets (rare earth) supply the required power. The automated manufacturing ensures that the costs are kept low. Yet you can still tailor the products to your own needs: maxon RE-max provides great value for the price.

                  Properties of the maxon RE-max program:

                  • High performance at a low cost
                  • Combines the rational manufacturing and design of A-max motors with the higher power density offered by NdFeB magnets
                  • Automated manufacturing process
                • A-max Program

                • The DC motor for getting started

                  The drives use an ironless rotor and AlNiCo magnets. Automated manufacturing means that maxon A-max motors offer top performance at an attractive price. Of course you still benefit from the maxon modular system. A large variety of gears, sensors and controllers is available and can be combined to your heart's content.

                  Properties of the maxon RE program:

                  • Good price-performance ratio
                  • DC motor with AlNiCo magnet
                  • Torque-resistant shaft
                  • Automated manufacturing process
              • Brushless DC Motors

                  • ECX Program

                  • Super-fast and sterilizable

                    The ECX SPEED series of brushless motors has been optimized for high speeds (up to 120,000 rpm). Several different performance classes are available to fit your application: Standard, High Power, sterilizable (up to 2000 cycles) or with ceramic bearings for high speeds.

                    Select the mechanical and electrical interface online. The ECX program is fully configurable and is ready to ship in just 11 days.

                  • EC Program

                  • From 0 to 100,000 in 5 milliseconds

                    The electrically commutated maxon EC motors are longer-lasting than their counterparts in the DC range. The long life span offered by the brushless design can be exploited particularly well using preloaded ball bearings. The EC motors have excellent torque characteristics, high power, and a wide speed range of up to 100,000 rpm. The outstanding controllability of the motors enables high-precision positioning tasks.

                    Properties of the maxon EC program:

                    • Performance optimized at high speeds of up to 100,000 rpm
                    • Robust design
                    • Model diversity: e.g. short/long, sterilizable
                    • Minimal residual unbalance
                  • EC-max Program

                  • Designed for long uptime

                    maxon EC-max drives takes the principle behind the A-max and RE-max programs one step further. The automated manufacturing ensures that the costs are kept low. Yet you can still tailor the products to your own needs: maxon EC-max stands for an optimal price/performance ratio, with all of the advantages offered by a brushless DC motor.

                    Properties of the maxon EC-max program:

                    • Robust steel housing
                    • Attractive price-performance ratio
                    • Speeds up to 20,000 rpm
                    • Rotor with one pole pair
                  • EC-4pole Program

                  • Pushing the boundaries of technology

                    Ø 30 mm, 200 W. That is top performance. Their special winding technology and 4-pole magnets make maxon EC-4-pole drives unbeatable when it comes to delivering the highest driving power per unit of volume and weight. The motors have no cogging torque, high efficiency, and excellent control dynamics. The metal housing ensures good heat dissipation and mechanical stability. When it comes to service life, these drives also leave the competition far behind.

                    Properties of the maxon EC-4pole range:

                    • Maximum power density due to rotors with two pole pairs
                    • Knitted winding, maxon® system with optimized interconnection of the partial windings
                    • Speeds up to 25,000 rpm
                    • High-quality magnetic return material to reduce eddy current losses
                    • Mechanical time constants of less than 3 milliseconds
                  • EC-i Program

                  • Powerhouses for extremely small spaces

                    With their optimized magnetic circuit, these brushless EC-i motors with iron windings offer a very high
                    torque density and very low cogging torque. The multipole internal rotor has excellent dynamics. The
                    robust design with a steel flange and housing makes this unit suitable for a wide variety of applications.

                    Properties of the maxon EC-i program:

                    • Highly dynamic due to internal, multipole rotor
                    • Mechanical time constants of less than 3 milliseconds
                    • High torque density
                    • Speeds up to 15,000 rpm

                  • EC flat Program

                  • When space is at a premium

                    maxon flat motors are especially suitable for installation in confined spaces. The brushless motors are designed as internal and external rotors and can reach speeds of up to 20,000 rpm. The simple design made it possible to largely automate the manufacturing - this is reflected by the economical price. Choose from EC flat motors with hall sensors, sensorless motors, or EC motors with integrated electronics. These motors can also be combined with gearheads and encoders.

                    Properties of the maxon EC flat motors:

                    • Attractive price-performance ratio
                    • External, multipole rotor for high torques
                    • Open design for excellent heat dissipation at higher speeds

                  • EC frameless flat

                  • Frameless motor kits offer high torque density and space-saving integration. It consist of only a rotor and stator – with no bearings or motorshaft. With outer diameters of only 43 to 90 mm, they are extremely compact.
                • Gears

                    • Planetary Gearhead (GP)

                    • For high torques

                      Planetary gearheads are suitable for transmitting high torques of up to 120 Nm. As a rule, the larger gearheads come with ball bearings at the gearhead output.

                      Properties of the maxon planetary gearhead:

                      - For transmission of high torques up to 180 Nm
                      - Reduction ratios from 4:1 to 6285:1
                      - High performance in the smallest of spaces
                      - High reduction ratio in an extremely small package
                      - Concentric gearhead input and output


                      - Plastic version
                      - Ceramic version
                      - High-power gearheads
                      - Heavy-duty gearheads
                      - Gearheads with reduced backlash
                      - Sterilizable gearheads

                    • Spur Gearhead (GP)

                    • Perfect for low torques

                      Spur gearheads are suitable for low torques. The gearheads consist of one or more stages. One stage represents the pairing of two cogwheels. The first toothed gear (pinion) is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The bearing of the output shaft is usually made of sintered materials.

                      Properties of the maxon spur gearhead:

                      • Economically priced
                      • For low torques
                      • Output torque up to 2 Nm
                      • Reduction ratios from 6:1 to 5752:1
                      • Low noise
                      • High efficiency
                    • Screw Drive

                    • Screw Drive with planetary gearheads for linear motion. With integrated axial bearing for high axial loads: metric spindles, ball screws and trapezoidal screws are available.
                    • GPX Planetary Gearhead

                    • Powerful for transmission of high torques

                      maxon GPX gearheads feature high power transmission with a very short design. Select from several modules to fit your application: standard, ceramic, High Power, high speed, reduced noise level or reduced backlash.

                      Features of the maxon GPX planetary gearheads:

                      • High torques and speeds
                      • Short, compact design
                      • Low noise and low backlash
                      • Configurable online
                      • Fast delivery
                  • Controllers

                  • Staying in control has never been easier.

                    Intelligent control electronics.

                      • MAXPOS

                      • The high-performance positioning motor controller by maxon motor.

                        MAXPOS 50/5 receives movement and I/O commands from a superior EtherCAT master, which carries out the process control. The extremely fast controllers and the diverse feedback options available provide the ideal conditions for the operation of permanent-magnet activated brushed and brushless DC motors in high-performance applications. Raising the bar for precision and synchronization. MAXPOS 50/5 supports CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT).

                      • ESCON

                      • The user-friendly servo controller program by maxon motor.

                        The ESCON servo controllers are small, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controllers for the highly efficient control of permanent magnet-activated DC brushed and brushless motors. The featured operating modes – speed control (closed loop), speed control (open loop), and current control – meet the highest requirements. The ESCON servo controllers are designed to be commanded by an analog set value. They have a wide range of functionalities with digital and analog inputs and outputs and are configured over the USB interface using the graphic user interface "ESCON Studio" for Windows PCs.

                      • EPOS

                      • Positioning made easy.

                        EPOS is a modular, digital positioning controller by maxon motor. It is suitable for permanent magnet-activated motors plus encoders with a range of 1 to 750 W continuous output power. The wide range of operating modes, as well as various command interfaces, make it versatile for use in many different drive systems in the fields of automation technology and mechatronics.

                      • Multi-axis controllers

                      • High-performance multi-axis controllers for the positioning and synchronization of servo and asynchronous motors.

                        Successfully handling challenging motion control applications and highly dynamic drive synchronization for multi-axis systems is in the DNA of zub machine control AG. At the end of 2017, zub joined the maxon group to complement maxon’s 50 years of experience in positioning control. The multi-axis motion controllers are freely programmable and available with or without integrated power stages. The MACS controllers are suitable for more complex tasks like multi-axis positioning and synchronization, right through to controlling kinematics. The license-free ApossIDE automation software (written in C) provides the necessary flexibility. A smart oscilloscope for exact data recordings, a graphical curve editor for path trajectories, and hierarchical state machines are some of the features offered by ApossIDE. Currently, the EtherCAT, Ethernet, and CANopen interfaces are supported.
                      • 1-Q-EC Amplifiers

                      • Speed controllers for brushless DC (maxon EC) motors in OEM modular design. Cost-effective, Easy speed-control with Hall sensors up to 250 W.
                    • Sensors

                        • Encoder

                        • Feeling the pulse of the motor

                          maxon encoders allow accurate evaluation of the speed and angle position and form the framework for high-precision control loops. They are especially suitable for positioning tasks and precise speed control.

                          Properties of maxon encoders:

                          • Suitable for positioning tasks
                          • Direction-of-rotation detection
                          • Speed information from number of pulses per unit of time
                          • Standard solution for many applications
                        • ENX encoders

                        • Perfect for positioning tasks

                          ENX encoders feature a robust design and high signal quality. The 3-channel encoders with differential signals guarantee interference-free function, even under the heaviest loads.

                          Features of the maxon ENX encoders:

                          • Robust design
                          • High signal quality
                          • Suitable for positioning tasks
                          • Counts per turn can be programmed at factory
                          • Configurable online
                        • DC tachos

                        • Perfect for direction-of-rotation detection

                          DC tachos are suitable for direction-of-rotation detection with analog speed signal. In principle, any maxon DC motor can be used as a DC tacho. For motor-tacho combinations, we offer a DC tacho that has the tacho rotor mounted directly on the motor shaft.

                          Properties of maxon DC tachos:

                          • Analog speed signal
                          • Direction-of-rotation detection
                          • Not suited for positioning tasks
                        • Sensor resolver

                        • High accuracy

                          maxon resolvers deliver high accuracy and signal resolution. The resolver is attached to the continuous shaft of the motor and aligned perfectly with the rotor's magnetic field.

                          Properties of maxon resolvers

                          • Analog rotor position
                          • Analog speed signal
                          • For special solutions in conjunction with sinusoidal commutation in EC motors
                      • Application areas

                          • Medical technology

                          • Drive systems for medical technology

                            maxon drives are used in numerous medical applications. Our motors perform reliably and with the best possible quality in high-precision devices such as active implants, insulin pumps, surgical robots, power tools, respirators, ventilators and prostheses. Drive components for medical technology applications must meet extremely demanding requirements. Precision, sterilizability, smooth running and long service life, as well as low heat build-up in DC and EC drives are essential.

                            maxon's medical business unit specializes in developing and producing drive systems for a variety of medical applications. Our engineers are well versed in the technical requirements of the medical technology industry, whether for active implants or robot-assisted rehabilitation. In close partnership with our customers, we develop the perfect drive system based on a modular standard solution or create a fully customized solution tailored to the customer's specifications.
                          • Aerospace

                          • Drive systems for the aerospace industry

                            For more than twenty years, maxon’s drive technology has been driving the Mars rovers on the Red Planet. Today, hundreds of drive systems can be found in modern long-haul aircraft. Back here on the ground, maxon and its customers develop drive solutions consisting of individual components or sophisticated technical systems for passenger aircrafts, helicopters, spacecrafts and even unmanned aerial vehicles. maxon guarantees the unrivaled quality of its efficient, reliable and powerful drive systems for the aerospace industry. maxon has been EN 9100 certified (equivalent to AS 9100) since 2012. This standard was created especially for companies that develop and produce components for the aerospace industry. In our in-house laboratories, we test our drives for resistance to vibration, shock, cold, heat and vacuum.

                            The name maxon is synonymous with customized precision and stands for an extensive support network that guarantees the highest Swiss standards all over the world. Our dedicated aerospace team assists customers with simple applications as well as complex, multi-year development projects.

                            maxon engineers have used the knowledge they have gained from numerous special projects, such as the drives for the Mars missions, to other aerospace projects and have further developed this expertise for serial production. Our state-of-the-art technology and extensive laboratory tests make this possible. We never stand still. We are forever expanding the possibilities of aerospace technology, whether for passenger spacecrafts, helicopters or spacecrafts.
                          • Industrial automation

                          • Drive systems for industrial automation

                            Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are affecting manufacturing processes at every company. Industrial production is also being redefined at maxon. We are constantly raising our standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility to a new level without losing focus on costs. This is essential because complex mechatronic systems only work if the components are of the highest quality and perfectly synchronized. maxon meets this requirement and is one of the only suppliers in the world that develops and manufactures DC motors, gearheads, sensors and controllers itself. Our customers benefit from this in many ways; such as when it comes to drive systems for lab automation, the oil and gas industry, test and measurement technology or semiconductor manufacturing. All of these applications require the highest accuracy, sustainability, reliability and quality.

                            Our interdisciplinary engineering team works closely with customers to develop perfect, custom-made solutions for customer-specific applications. From simple modifications to completely new designs, maxon offers everything from a single source.
                          • Mobility solutions

                          • Drive systems for e-mobility, the automotive industry and robotics

                            Electric drive systems have a major impact on our everyday life and mobility. More and more people are using e-bikes or electric scooters for commuting and recreation. Whether on the road, in the logistics center or under water, maxon’s mecha-tronic systems make things move reliably and efficiently.

                            Our systems consist of motors, gearheads, sensors, batteries and controllers and constitute the basic building blocks for complex applications. To meet the high demands of our customers, all components are matched to each other by the maxon specialists. In the development of our competitive system solutions from a single source, the focus is on flexibility, efficiency and quality.