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  • Offer Profile
  • The world’s first affordable, safe, and reliable autonomous vehicle ready to ignite the transportation revolution. Ready for immediate deployment, DragonFly Car is uniquely equipped to start to make the transportation revolution a reality globally by cutting emissions, reducing accidents, and creating more efficient transportation economics around the world. The large-scale adoption of autonomous driving vehicles has several barriers such as reliability, ethical and legal considerations, and affordability. To address these issues, we have developed an affordable autonomous vehicle equipped for low-speed scenarios such as university campuses, industrial parks, and areas with limited traffic. Our approach starts with low-speed to ensure safety, thus allowing immediate deployment. We believe this is the right price point for universal adoption of autonomous vehicles.
Product Portfolio
  • DragonFly Computer Vision Module

  • Specifications
    • Stereo Baseline: 500mm
    • FOV: Horizontal: 80°, Vertical: 64°
    • Shutter: Global Shutter
    • Image Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • Image Frame Rate: 30fps
    • IMU Frame Rate: 200Hz
    • Size: 580mm x 120mm x 50mm
    • Interface: USB 3.0 / Serial Port
    • Input Voltage: DC 12 ~ 19V

    Application Scenerios
    • Delivery Vehicles
    • Exploration Vehicles
    • Transportation Robot
    • Autonomous Vehicles
      • DragonFly 77 GHz mmWave Radar

      • Coverage
        Horizontal Angle [deg] : 120 (±60)
        Vertical Angle [deg]: 10 (±5)
        Maximum Range [m]: 30
        Update Interval [ms]: 50
        Maximum Tracking Targets: 16

        Range [m]: ±0.16
        Vertical Angle [deg]: ±1

        DC Voltage [V]: 9~36
        DC Power [W]: <3
        Size [mm]: 102.5×52×28.5
        Output Interface: CAN (500Kbps)
      • DragonFly Sonar

      • Probe BeamAngle:
        Horizontal Direction: 85°
        Vertical direction: 30°
        Ultrasonic Frequency: 58 ± 1kHz
        Waterproof Level: IPx9
        Detection Distance: < 3 m
        Blind Zone: < 30 cm
        Operating Voltage: 12V
        Communication Type: CAN (500 Kbps)
      • DragonFly RTK GNSS Module

      • Navigation System BDS B1/B2; √
        Navigation System GPS L1/L2: √
        Navigation System GLONASS L1/L2: √
        Navigation System Galileo E1/E5: √
        Navigation System QZSS: √
        Navigation System SBAS: √
        RTK solution rate: 20Hz
        Single point positioning (RMS): Horizontal: 1.5m
        DGPS(RMS): Horizontal:0.4m
        RTK(RMS): Horizontal:10 mm + 1 ppm
        Inertial Navigation: √
        Affordability: High
      • DragonFly Chassis

      • Shape your prototype autonomous vehicles with DragonFly Chassis
      • DragonFly Planning and Control SDK

      • The 4 key features are Cruise, Obstacle Avoidance, Car Following, Parking, which will make your autonomous vehicle stands out!
    • Solutions

        • Meet DragonFly Pod

        • Here we present you a pioneer solution——DragonFly Pod, a custom autonomous vehicle. It is a safe and reliable autonomous driving solution taking one or two people, therefore providing enough privacy for the riders. To ensure passenger and pedestrian safety while performing the transportation tasks, it is developed to operate in low-speed scenarios, such as university campuses, industrial parks, and areas with limited traffic.
          • Low-speed autonomous driving vehicle
          • Transport customers and goods in campus
          • Vision-based sensor fusion
          • Modular design
          • Safe, reliable and affordable
        • Meet DragonFly Exploration Vehicle

        • DragonFly Exploration Vehicle is a solution to provide smart operation in extreme working conditions and harsh environment. It is a self-driving autonomous vehicle applied in the scenarios of limit or restrict access, such as construction site, agriculture site, mining site, desert and so on. Through the equipped camera, people can get the on-site real-time information, which can protect them from dangerous and toxic working environment.
          • Water-proof
          • Shock-proof
          • Vision-based sensor fusion
          • Modular design
          • Safe, reliable and affordable