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  • Offer Profile
  • Vanderlande is dedicated to improving its customers’ business processes and competitive position by providing automated material handling systems and services.

    Focus is to improve our customers’ logistics processes and increase their logistics performance today, tomorrow and throughout the entire life cycle.

    Our systems and associated services enable fast, reliable, labour-saving goods handling in distribution centres and parcel and postal sortation facilities, as well as for baggage handling at airports.

Product Portfolio
  • Warehousing

  • Global partner for future-proof warehouse solutions

    Vanderlande knows warehouse automation inside-out. We are the first choice for the world’s leading e-commerce and multi-channel brands. Nine out of the 15 largest global food retailers rely on our solutions. Every hour of every day we help fulfil same-day dispatch for billions of products. Everything we do for you is backed by over 70 years of experience.

      • AIRPICK

      • The flexibility to handle fluctuating demand

        AIRPICK tackles today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology, to offer:

        • Efficient picking and flawless sortation to AIRTRAX Pocket, Hanger and Transporter.
        • Smart handling of returned goods.
        • Easy processing of variable order lead times.
        • Flexibility in product handling.
      • FASTPICK

      • Taking on the e-commerce revolution – and winning

        The e-commerce revolution is here to stay. Increasing demand, variable order sizes and customer desire for rapid deliveries are testing your processes to the limit. The answer is advanced automation. We will help you to store and retrieve an ever-expanding variety of items – with the highest accuracy – to meet your customer promise of next- or same-day deliveries.

        FASTPICK tackles today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology to offer:

        • The fastest and most predictable lead times.
        • Accurate item and order delivery.
        • Less dependency on increasingly scarce labour.
        • Adaptability to deal with new items, peaks or events.
        • Easy scalability to handle long-term growth.
        This is the only warehouse solution on the market that delivers high-performance sequencing on a small footprint. So it’s the perfect choice, helping you take on the e-commerce revolution with confidence.

      • Automate your operations for store-friendly deliveries

        Many ingredients must come together to complete efficient, store-friendly deliveries. When dealing with growing volumes of diversified stock and multiple store formats, logistics needs to be agile and predictable at the same time to avoid empty shelves.

        We offer a robotised, end-to-end automated case picking (ACP) system – STOREPICK – one of our next generation of scalable solutions. STOREPICK tackles today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology to:

        • Handle both incoming and outgoing goods.
        • Guarantee store-friendly deliveries across store formats.
        • Significantly reduce labour dependency.
        • Cope with ambient, fresh and chilled warehouse processes.
        • Offer a redundant design.
        • Scalability to handle a strongly growing market.
        This is the warehouse solution on the market that delivers highly-predictable performance against healthy operational cost. So it’s the perfect choice, helping you take on store supply with confidence.
      • HOMEPICK

      • A taste for online food ordering

        To keep your place at the table, we offer the goods-to-person order fulfilment system – HOMEPICK – one of our next generation of scalable solutions. HOMEPICK tackles today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology to offer:

        • Highest picking accuracy.
        • shorter order lead times.
        • Less dependency on manual labour.
        • High storage density and increased productivity.
        • A cohesive and ergonomic system design.
        HOMEPICK supports both home delivery and pick-up services and is the ideal solution for food retailers and pure players, who run either centralised fulfilment centres (CFCs) or micro-fulfilment centres (MFCs).
    • MARKET SEGMENT: General Merchandise

    • Keep shoppers happy with the best automation

      What’s the secret of success in this business? To keep the shopper happy, whatever they put in their bag! It means you have to fulfil thousands of orders and deliver a positive experience for every customer. And for that, you need the best automation money can buy.

      Happy shoppers also enjoy speed and accuracy throughout the ordering and delivery process, with your other considerations being:

      • A lack of available workforce
      • The need to intensively train operators
      • The offer of variable order sizes with short delivery times.
      In this increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, you need to invest in a fast, flexible and future-proof solution. That’s where Vanderlande comes in. Using our expertise and experience in this fast-paced market, we have defined the next generation of scalable solutions to help satisfy your customers’ wishes.

      These will support you through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. Why not browse through our selection? So let’s talk about future-proof warehouse solutions that have got you covered – whatever you sell and however you sell it.

        • Reference: Digitec Galaxus

        • Smart warehouse solution

          In the year 2000, three friends and gamers decided against spending a fortune on adapting their standard PCs, choosing instead to assemble their own from components sourced abroad. This quickly became known among their acquaintances and relatives, which led to the three friends receiving more orders for so-called ‘built-to-order’ PCs. As a result, they decided to go into production and a business idea was born. This would eventually become Digitec Galaxus AG.

          In April 2001, the trio built their first online shop. From that point on, the business centred not only on PCs, but also components, accessories and (shortly after) consumer electronics. From the outset, efficient processes and working procedures played an important role for the founders, who were all under the age of 25 at the time.

          Their intention for the online shop was to permanently offer a wide range of products, at reasonable prices, through a seamless shopping experience. The company’s rapid growth brought about a series of moves and expansions, that sustained business for the 18-year success story.

          Further developments

          The year 2012 represented another milestone in the company’s history. Digitec’s online department store ‘Galaxus’ went live, with sections covering ‘household’, ‘do-it-yourself and garden’ and ‘sport”.

          In addition to online retail, Digitec Galaxus operates ten Digitec branches in the German and French-speaking regions of Switzerland. These also act as pick-up points for online orders, which have proved to be very popular with customers.

          “Around one in three orders are collected from one of our branches,” says COO of Digitec Galaxus Johannes Cramer. “In addition, online orders can be received at the Migros Group's PickMuP collection points.”

          Faultless fulfilment

          Optimal customer experience is a key focus for Digitec Galaxus, who have grown to become Switzerland's largest online retailer. This starts in the online shopping environment and continues with friendly customer support.

          Reliable, fault-free and attractively packaged deliveries are a top priority. As a result, the distribution centre (DC) is an important building block for customer satisfaction. Around 300 employees are now responsible for the fast and punctual despatch of shipments from the company’s central warehouse.

          Based in Wohlen in the Swiss canton of Aargau, Digitec Galaxus’ central warehouse covers an area of 46,500 m2, fulfilling online shopping orders, as well as branch and pick-up point deliveries. This is almost equivalent to the size of seven World Cup standard football pitches. Over 100 kilometres of shelf length accommodates up to 1.5 million items. This is more than twice as many items than the company could previously process when it operated a purely manual warehouse.

          Tailored intralogistics

          Streamlined processes, maximum flexibility and the optimum use of space in the DC, were all critical benchmarks for the intralogistics concept. The pick tower, creating an automatic small parts warehouse (ASW) for medium-sized items, and the goods-to-person order picking and consolidation, formed core aspects of this automation project.

          Multifunctional ASW

          The ASW for medium-sized items was realised in a new building, which is over 5,000 m2, 18 metres high and has 11 aisles. This warehouse also assumes a consolidation function for items already picked in the pick tower. There is space for approximately 44,000 containers of small parts, each measuring 600 x 800mm in single deep storage, and/or containers measuring 600 x 400mm in double deep storage.

        • Reference: Würth

        • ADAPTO offers flexibility and reliability

          Established in 1975, Würth Oy serves customers across Finland through its comprehensive store network and sophisticated site service concept.

          From its logistics centre in the town of Riihimäki, Würth is able to deliver a diverse range of products to end consumers, as well as supply its 200 branch offices and shops.

          Necessary improvements

          For Würth, it is imperative to meet customer demand. “What is most critical to us is that we are able to trust the system,” says Würth’s Warehouse and Project Manager Terhi Vesala. “We need to know that the equipment can handle the volume.”

          Another significant challenge for Würth is to cope with the lack of an available workforce. “One of our primary concerns is not just finding the right people to work in our warehouse, but keeping them at the company,” says Würth’s CEO Mika Rantanen.

          To make the necessary improvements, Würth’s main objectives were to automate routine tasks, raise the picking quality to a higher level, and ensure that its employees could perform their tasks in an ergonomic environment.

          Making the right decision

          Würth chose to install Vanderlande’s highly flexible storage, retrieval and transportation system – ADAPTO. This makes optimal use of the available space in Riihimäki through its high storage density.

          Easy access to products is guaranteed at all times due to the in-built redundancy offered by the roaming shuttles. The ADAPTO on site can process 50,000 SKUs and comprises: 69,000 storage locations, 43 shuttles and five unique PICK@EASE double-pick workstations.

          The ideal fit

          For Mika, there was a clear reason for selecting the solution: “Put simply, we chose ADAPTO due to the flexibility it gave us – not just in the system, but also in Vanderlande’s project management skills.”

          Following the installation of ADAPTO, Würth has quickly reaped the benefits of the new system. One of the major improvements has been to the working environment, which provides a positive contribution to the well-being of operators.

          Reliability is key

          “With ADAPTO, we can handle products more efficiently than ever,” says Tehri. “Our picking system is also more ergonomic and we were surprised by the improvement in the picking quality – it’s nearly 100%.”

          For Mika, Vanderlande’s ultimate strength lies in its dependability: “When selecting a supplier, reliability is our number one consideration. I have a positive feeling about Vanderlande and they have continued to meet our needs.”

      • MARKET SEGMENT: Fashion

      • Stay on trend with our warehouse solutions

        Your customers are dedicated followers of fashion who want to choose from the latest lines – even though some have a limited shelf life. Your desire to stay on trend is matched by our dedication to deliver a great shopping experience. Top of the list is that all-important, quick and easy, sales and return process.

        At Vanderlande, we are a good fit for a successful fashion business, understanding the complexities of running a warehouse that is designed to:

        • Efficiently handle returns.
        • Cope with seasonal and ever-changing trends.
        • Be easily scaled up.
        Like a good suit, our systems are tailored to your operation. They will also help you deal with a lack of available labour, the need to intensively train operators and take on the demand for short lead times. Why don’t you try us for size?

        Using all our expertise in the fashion sector, we have defined the next generation of scalable solutions, which are used by many valued customers all over the world. Vanderlande’s evolutions will support you through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

          • MARKET SEGMENT: Food

          • Share our recipe for successful automation

            Your customers have an appetite for fresh, high-quality goods – and they also demand excellent service. Fortunately, satisfaction is guaranteed. We can share our recipe for success, with the added benefit of a stress-free shopping experience and high availability of produce.

            To ensure you have the right ingredients within your distribution centre, the following should be considered:

            • Growing volumes of diversified stock.
            • Multiple store formats.
            • The efficient use of space in your stores.
            • E-commerce.
            In addition, we know that your stores will taste the difference. On-time deliveries, store-friendly pallets and fully stocked shelves – now everyone has what they need, at the right time and place.

            Our valued customers have enjoyed the sweet smell of success in partnership with Vanderlande. Using our expertise in food retail, we have defined the next generation of scalable solutions to help satisfy your customers’ wishes.

            Vanderlande’s evolutions will support you through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. Why not try our tasting menu?

              • Innovative Systems

              • In the warehousing market it’s all about staying ahead of the competition. And that means delivering innovative solutions that can improve performance and adapt to changing market conditions. At Vanderlande, our experts lead with the development of the very latest technologies – such as robotics. We’re constantly improving our products, for example by using more sustainable materials and making them more energy efficient.

                Our passion for advanced technology combines with our vast experience of business processes to ensure that we deliver the best solutions to drive your business forward. Take a look at some of our robotics and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS):

                • ADAPTO, which makes optimal use of floor space and increases storage density.
                • Smart Item Robotics (SIR), which can be added for efficient picking and packing.
                • A range of automated order-picking systems that improve accuracy.
                In addition, we offer various scalable solutions that can be tailored to individual requirements, including: STOREPICK, FASTPICK, AIRPICK and HOMEPICK. We also provide line and loop sorters to improve productivity, throughput and delivery accuracy.
                  • Goods Receiving

                  • Receiving goods is just the beginning of a long and complex logistics process. And that’s why you need a reliable solution that can handle products efficiently until shipment. Our VISION software brings everything into focus. It can help to identify, check and register goods after unloading. And it can handle returns, unexpected products and repacking. Stock can be decanted on to pallets or trays, and in cartons or totes. Goods are then automatically directed for storage and order picking, or directed for shipping through a cross-docking process. With our solutions, you can minimise manual handling, and enjoy rapid replenishment and supply services. Leading brands already using our automated solutions include Urban Outfitters, Camper, Onninen, Argos and NEXT.

                      • Decant workstation

                      • Safe and efficient workstations you can trust

                        The decant workstation is the quartermaster that helps automatic storage and retrieval systems work more efficiently. It’s your inbound loading point, where items or inner packs are removed from their original shipping containers and placed into totes – ready for automated storage. The decanting process supports inventory accuracy, operational productivity, and high-density storage. What’s more, our workstation set-up can help your operators stay healthy and productive.

                        Damage prevention

                        After decanting, the weight and height of the product carrier are checked to prevent overly large or heavy items entering the system. A weighing scale ensures such products cannot damage your conveyors and storage systems.


                        Our decant workstations offer a number of benefits, including:

                        • Lower cycle times and increased throughput
                        • An ergonomic, operator-friendly design with optional height-adjustable platforms
                        • customisation options to meet individual needs
                        • a future-ready design for robot decanting.
                      • Robotic depalletising

                      • Unload pallets fast with our robotic solutions

                        Robotic depalletising is incredibly fast compared to manual unloading. Such systems are designed to handle almost all pallet configurations, product mixes and packaging types. They also eliminate ergonomic, safety and labour availability issues that come with manual unloading processes.

                        Effective and efficient unloading starts with the characteristics of each and every item on the pallet. Our automated training stations capture these via smart cameras, dynamic weighting and knowledge databases. The software builds a library of objects and determines the optimal unloading method and picking information. This is translated into crystal clear instructions for our depalletising robots, so they know how to unload the pallets quickly. In addition, algorithms determine the optimal balance between speed and care. The result is a highly efficient depalletising operation.


                        Our robot depalletising solutions provide:

                        • Reduced manual labour requirements and dependency.
                        • Increased throughput, line speed and overall efficiency.
                        • Scalability by adding additional robots when needed.
                      • Semi-automated depalletising

                      • Power to your people

                        Making life easier for operators when they are unloading pallets is not only good for them, but also warehouse efficiency. Using our expertise in this part of the process, we have created smart-designed workstations. Our depalletising workstations lift the product layer off the pallet at exactly the right height, so that the operator can smoothly move the product with minimal lifting. The result: fast work, limited risk of damage – and healthy, happy operators.

                        The process of unloading pallets for incoming products (depalletising) is a great application for robotic automation. These systems can handle virtually any pallet configuration, product mix or packaging type. They can also eliminate the ergonomic, safety and labour availability issues that come with manual unloading processes.


                        Our decant workstations offer a number of benefits, including:

                        • Lower cycle times, increasing throughput
                        • Ergonomic design with optional height-adjustable platforms
                        • A reduction in manual heavy lifting to keep your operators healthy
                        • Customisation options to meet individual needs
                        • A future-ready design for robot picking.
                    • Storage (AS/RS)

                    • Take a load off your plate with automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS). Labour scarcity, the rising cost of floor space and increasing consumer demands may well be issues of concern, but the right storage system is the game changer. Vanderlande recognises the importance of AS/RS in meeting the tough demands of any logistics operation. Our solutions will help you to maximise efficiency and productivity – and make optimal use of that precious floor space.

                      Our range of AS/RS integrates seamlessly into existing operations and includes the ADAPTO and HDS shuttle systems. These systems can effortlessly handle totes, trays and cartons. And thanks to our experience and expertise, we can help you find the most appropriate solution. These have already been installed in more than 400 leading brands, including URBN, Asda and Zalando.

                      What’s an AS/RS system? An AS/RS consists of systems with built-in intelligence that move goods to and from several locations, and are used in warehouses where:

                      • A high volume of loads are going in and out.
                      • The capacity is limited by space constraints.
                      • No processing is necessary – just the storing and transport of goods.
                      • Precision is important because of the high value of the loadry.
                        • ADAPTO

                        • The cornerstone of modern logistic automation

                          ADAPTO can be considered as the cornerstone of modern logistic automation. It’s our intelligent shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with built-in sorting and sequencing capabilities.

                          Designed with daily e-commerce reality in mind. The system is at its best when high volumes of inventory need to move in and out of storage in the right order – and at the right time. It seamlessly integrates crucial processes and applications, such as the storage, picking, buffering, and sequencing of goods and orders, as well as supplying workstations. This way ADAPTO offers a smooth, efficient and rapid response to order demand. ADAPTO makes order fulfilment fast and accurate to facilitate same-day deliveries, which is ideal for the e-commerce market.

                          Choosing ADAPTO will bring added value to your warehouse thanks to:

                          • Intelligent shuttles

                            Thanks to built-in sorting and sequence intelligence, the system is always thinking a step ahead. Your items are directly placed in the optimal stock position for the next expected step. So there’s no need for extra sequencing equipment or pick stations with multiple order positions.

                          • Bridging aisles

                            The shuttle moves to where ever the work needs to be done. Because they can bridge aisles, the multidirectional shuttles can reach whatever location on the storage layer that is most efficient. If extra shuttle power is needed, additional shuttles automatically assist to get the job done.

                          • No human interaction

                            No human interaction is needed during the entire storage and retrieval process. And if you need more capacity, ADAPTO’s modular design makes it really easy to expand. Lifts, shuttles, storage aisles can be added later and independently.

                        • QUICKSTORE

                        • The easiest way to store and retrieve your products.

                          Thanks to our QUICKSTORE MINILOAD AS/RS, it’s never been easier to automatically store and retrieve cartons, trays and totes from racking locations. The straightforward crane-and-rail design makes it a universal cost-effective solution for your automated warehouse.

                          QUICKSTORE MINILOAD makes optimum use of the available space – even in small warehouses. It also guarantees the safe storage of sensitive and valuable goods. This makes it ideal for fashion and general merchandise businesses that need to store incoming goods before they are moved into the general logistics system. When used with the QUICKSTORE MINILOAD, our load-handling devices can be adapted to any specific requirement. They are modular and extremely lightweight, and can store and retrieve a variety of products, such as containers, boxes and trays.

                          Energy efficiency through smart software

                          MINILOAD cranes also provide outstanding energy efficiency and intelligent energy use. We’re working on intelligent self-learning software, while our “smart energy save mode” helps to conserve energy. This is achieved by recovering energy while braking and lifting. In addition, our smart location software ensures the efficient and intelligent storage of products during peak hours, taking availability, demand and accessibility into account.


                          • High-storage density, up to 200m in length and 18m in height.
                          • A 60% saving on floorspace compared with manual solutions.
                          • Built-in diagnostic and detection systems to identify issues before they occur.
                          • A throughput of 250 dual cycle/hour (dc/h) per crane.
                        • MICROSHUTTLE

                        • Increase your storage flexibility

                          Meet the MICROSHUTTLE, our value-added and energy efficient storage solution. It’s been designed for low to medium throughput applications in a broad range of industries. Its key advantage is scalability – as throughput requirements increase, the system can be expanded with additional shuttles.

                          Total coverage

                          A lift takes the MICROSHUTTLE to every designated storage level in a warehouse. This means that a single unit used with the aisle lift can serve a complete storage aisle. The lift itself can be extended by adding an additional lifting frame to complement the introduction of more shuttles.

                          Excellent load handling

                          The “flipper technology” we use in the MICROSHUTTLE is among the fastest on the market. When transferring a load, rubberised belts lift the container slightly and then pull it out of the storage location onto the shuttle. Minimum transfer times can be achieved, even though acceleration is restricted to protect the goods.


                          • A good price/value ratio.
                          • Easily scalable by expanding with additional shuttles.
                          • Smart battery charging during lift transport.
                          • No idle time for loading.
                        • High Dynamic Storage (HDS)

                        • Fast, easy access to stored goods

                          If you need optimum access to stored goods at all times, and have to deal with a wide range of applications, the High Dynamic Storage (HDS) shuttle system is the solution for you. It’s ideal for moving cartons, totes and trays – achieving very high throughput rates. It’s the ideal choice for high-capacity goods-to-person order picking and consolidation.

                          Rapid goods-to-person order picking

                          In combination with the HDS shuttle system, goods-to-person order picking ensures maximum productivity. Operators can work efficiently thanks to the system’s ability to access goods rapidly, and deliver them as and when they’re needed.

                          Store-friendly order consolidation

                          The HDS shuttle system is a cost-effective solution for the short-term storage of order totes. Store-friendly delivery is facilitated by the automatic presentation of totes and cartons in the required sequence for stacking on pallets or roll cages. The result is fast and efficient order consolidation, with minimal manual labour requirements. We’ve installed our HDS shuttle systems in a wide range of industries. These include food and non-food, parts and components and retailers such Zalando, Edeka, Onninen and Tesco.


                          • A good price/value ratio.
                          • Enables high capacity good-to-person picking.
                          • Stacking in required sequence for optimal store fulfilment.
                          • Smart battery charging during lift transport.
                      • Picking

                      • Order picking – also known as order fulfilment – is the process of retrieving products from storage in order to meet a specific customer demand. Processing orders rapidly and accurately has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

                        Selecting the best order-picking solution depends on the requirements of individual operations and products. Vanderlande’s experience and expertise in designing and implementing these systems takes into consideration such criteria as volume and item velocity.

                        Integrated order-picking solutions ensure each product is picked via the most suitable method. Attention will also be given to whether they will handle individual items, full cases or pallets. Vanderlande has already supplied these solutions to companies such as Amazon and Arrow Electronics.

                        Automated order-picking systems can:

                        • Increase productivity by up to 1,000 lines per man hour.
                        • Improve picking accuracy by up to 99.99%.
                        • Help to deliver higher customer service levels.
                        • Optimise space utilisation by up to 40% (compared to conventional warehouses).
                          • Automated case picking

                          • Making the most of your store layout

                            Optimal stacking patterns can significantly lower the cost of filling your store shelves. The trick is to ensure that pallets are selected in the same sequence of product groups as your store’s layout.

                            The key to success is load-forming logic software, which defines an optimal stacking pattern, with the right product group sequence in mind. It delivers stable pallets that are filled with maximum efficiency – and with a minimum of transportation volumes. Another benefit is that trucks can be loaded in a very efficient way. Load-forming logic also ensures products are not damaged by too much weight being stacked on top. Finished pallets are wrapped and transported to stores, where they can be used immediately to refill shelves efficiently – without the need for extra sortation at the store.

                            Manual or robotised – take your pick

                            We offer manual or robotised palletising solutions for automated case picking (ACP) based on your requirements. For manual palletising, operators are positioned around an ergonomic workstation that provides excellent working conditions. The required products are taken from a supplied tray and arranged on the load carrier. Thanks to the clear instructions displayed on the screen, operators can work intuitively and efficiently. The robotised palletiser does not require any manual intervention. A robot stacker fulfils the steps as described above and the roll cage or pallet is stacked in a stable way. Using this method, it is possible to load up to 750 store-friendly cases per hour.


                            • The ability to fill shelves quickly – and with limited disturbance in store.
                            • No damaged products caused by poor stacking.
                            • An extremely efficient way to load trucks.
                            • Lower costs and CO2 emissions, thanks to more efficient transport.
                            • No dependency on manual labour, resulting in high store availability.
                            This solution has been installed for a number of retailers, such as Woolworths, ASDA, Walmart, E.Leclerc and Albert Heijn.
                          • Smart Item Robotics

                          • Please welcome your new team member

                            Our Smart Item Robotics (SIR) consists of a portfolio of intelligent, self-learning and extremely flexible picking robots. It is not only based on our experience in the field, but also combined with our deep knowledge of robotic technology, machine learning and warehouse automation.

                            Our robots act autonomously, so new or unexpected situations are taken care of without human intervention. This freedom allows for uninterrupted operation around the clock.

                            Seamless integration

                            A robot solution is more than just a moving arm. It features intelligent gripper technology, sophisticated machine vision technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) control software. Our robots – such as the item pick-and-place variant – will not be put to work in isolation. They will become a seamless part of your logistic process and work side by side with our automated storage and retrieval solutions (AS/RS). These robots learn fast, but may not be able to pick every product. However, that’s nothing to worry about, because our ADAPTO AS/RS will only guide pickable items to the robot, while others will be routed to our workstations.

                            Take a test run

                            Not sure if your items are robot ready? You are welcome to use our robot set-up in our Innovation Centre to find out what suits your needs. We have tested the world’s leading robot-picking solutions, so you can count on us to make a best-fit-for-purpose recommendation.


                            • Seamlessly integrate your logistics systems and processes.
                            • Free you from labour issues around availability, safety, ergonomics and costs.
                            • Enjoy 24/7 operations
                            • Eliminate picking errors and incorrect shipments
                            • Improve operational processes with machine learning.
                          • Goods-to-person workstation

                          • Good for productivity – great for people

                            Introducing a revolutionary approach to the design of our goods-to-person workstations! Not only will this help to reduce bottlenecks, but it will also keep your operators healthy and happy.

                            Quite simply, we’ve put people first. And that’s because we know they are able to pick items quickly – and with few mistakes – if they’re working in comfortable conditions. In addition, horizontal picking provides great ergonomics, enabling operators to maintain productivity for long periods of time. Our innovative solution can also help to reduce labour dependency by 36%.

                            No time wasted

                            One-to-one picking options and an ergonomic work sequence ensure operators receive items in exactly the right order. Products stored in our automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are automatically transported – as and when required – to eliminate unnecessary walking time. Picking can also be carried out directly into transport and storage units, such as cartons, totes, envelopes and jiffy bags. Orders can then be sent directly to an automatic carton closer or packing area for the inclusion of other value-added services.


                            • Fast order completion, with picking speeds greater than 600 items/hour.
                            • Short operator training times of the less than five minutes.
                            • Ergonomic, height-adjustable platforms, providing comfort for every operator.
                            • An easy-to-use touchscreen, supported by our VISION software.
                            • A design that is future-ready for robot picking.
                        • Sortation

                        • Sortation – it’s the beating heart of any warehouse operation. It’s got to be efficient, accurate and automated. And we’ve got the innovative systems that can improve your productivity and throughput.

                          Several parts of the supply chain benefit from automated sortation, through:

                          • Efficient unloading of inbound containers.
                          • Fast distribution to retail outlets through cross-docking.
                          • Cost-effective order picking.
                          • Fast and accurate shipping sortation.

                          Vanderlande offers a range of line sorters (sliding shoe sorters and pusher sorters) and loop sorters (cross-belt sorters and tilt-tray sorters) depending your needs.

                          We have installed automated sortation systems at many leading brands, including Urban Outfitters and Zalando.

                            • POSISORTER

                            • Quick and gentle product sortation

                              Our POSISORTER is a sliding shoe sorter that combines advanced conveyance technology and careful product handling. It provides high-capacity sortation of a wide range of products and can handle over 10,000 cartons per hour.

                              Shoes slide across the carriers and push the products gently into the output spurs in a diagonal movement. This system is available for either single- or dual-sided sortation, and is suitable for handling totes, trays, cartons and bags. This ability to deal with a wide range of products and sizes means our POSISORTER can evolve with your future product portfolio.

                              High-profile customers

                              Our solution offers a robust design as well as built-in diagnostic and detection systems. Compared to traditional sorting methods, it is also 20% more energy efficient and reduces noise levels by 3dB. We have delivered POSISORTERs to many well-known retailers and parcel companies, such as DHL, Bartolini, Deutsche Post, Schenker, TNT Express, UPS, Estonian Post, Australian Post, Argos, Edeka and Staples.


                              • High output on a small footprint.
                              • A high capacity of over 10,000 cartons per hour.
                              • The ability to deal with peaks in order flows.
                              • No product damage during sortation – less returns and complaints.
                              • Jam-free sorter function resulting in maximum uptime.
                              • Built-in diagnostics to identify potential issues, contributing to 99.7% availability.
                              • A dramatic improvement in worker satisfaction.
                            • CROSSORTER

                            • High-speed, flexible sorting with maximum eco-effectiveness

                              If you need a reliable sorter to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time – including during those peak moments in your order flow – then our CROSSORTER, a cross-belt sorter, is the ideal solution to meet your requirements.

                              Focus on sustainability

                              It is flexible and can handle a wide range of products. These range from very small packages (eg 1mm thick mailings and shrink-wrapped products) through to bulky items (measuring up to 1500 x 800 mm) such as odd-shaped packages and totes. Sophisticated flow control balances the volume of goods to minimise recirculation and increase capacity. The CROSSORTER boasts 80% higher energy efficiency than conventional cross-belt sorters and is built from sustainable materials. Our commitment to the environment is that 99% of those materials can be reused, repurposed or recycled.


                              • Sorting up to 18,000 carriers per hour.
                              • Low noise levels for a pleasant working environment.
                              • Lower running costs than other cross-belt sorters.
                              • Easily replaceable parts to minimise downtime to less than ten minutes.
                              Vanderlande has delivered cross-belt sorters to many well-known retailers, including Urban Outfitters, Marie Claire and GAME Stores.
                            • TRAYSORTER

                            • An affordable, innovative and flexible sorter

                              Our TRAYSORTER (or Bombay sorter) is a highly flexible flat sorter, which can handle a wide range of products. From clothing and accessories, to shoe boxes and multimedia items, this is the most efficient choice for a portfolio of small and lightweight products.

                              A cost-effective solution

                              The TRAYSORTER is an affordable and innovative solution that will give a boost to overall warehouse performance. An optimum module design results in the smallest footprint concept per sorted item and a favourable ROI. In addition, the adaptability of the interchangeable tray types meets various sorting needs.

                              Choose from two variants

                              The drop tray sorts clothing, small parcels and products into packages of up to 6kg. Meanwhile, the double-drop tray sorts similar items, and can handle larger sizes and weights. Whichever option you pick, the TRAYSORTER is the ideal first step towards automation and can easily facilitate further growth. It also allows your operators to work comfortably in a number of positions.


                              • A modular and cost-efficient design.
                              • The ability to handle small and flat items.
                              • An ergonomic induct workstation.
                              • A build completed with sustainable materials, such as durable wood.
                            • AIRTRAX

                            • The fashionable way to move hanging goods

                              AIRTRAX is our innovative and reliable family of products for transporting, sorting, sequencing and storing hanging goods. Designed to move significant volumes efficiently in high-frequency environments, it includes the pocket, hanger and transporter solutions.


                              The AIRTRAX Pocket offers an order execution system that caters for your e-commerce and omni-channel needs. It can easily handle changes in order profiles using unique sequencing technology. The Pocket system is also extremely flexible and can cope with the fashion world’s rapidly changing product catalogues. Processing returns has never been more efficient as they are processed directly and automatically released to other customers.


                              The AIRTRAX Hanger has been specifically developed for the fashion retail and e-commerce channels. It transports, sorts and stores large volumes of hanging garments across long distances. The system is a complete product portfolio for the automated handling of single hanging items. This allows for the optimal design of your hanging garment transport and sorting system.


                              The AIRTRAX Transporter is designed for the efficient and user-friendly transportation of empty cartons. Whether removing them from your storage area, or supplying them to packing tables, this transport system is flexible and cost-effective.


                              • A highly modular easy to extend design, which allows your order fulfilment system to grow alongside your business.
                              • Maximisation of existing warehouse space and full 3D layouts.
                              • Left and right sortation exits and the shortest curve radius on the market.
                              • A 100% friction-driven concept that runs without the interruptions associated with traditional chains.
                              • High throughput rates and rapid sortation.
                            • XDOCK

                            • The best way to handle stockless operations

                              Our cross-dock solution – XDOCK – provides an effortless way to automate stockless operations. This will help you to reduce delivery times as you directly ship products to stores on an on-demand basis.

                              Make XDOCK part of your sorting portfolio and enjoy increased service levels to stores and consumers. It combines ergonomically designed infeed stations with our POSISORTER, a high-capacity sliding shoe sorter, and our cutting-edge VISION software.

                              Take that first step

                              XDOCK can handle a wide range of case types and is renowned for its high availability and reliable operation. It is the perfect first step for food retailers who are thinking about moving from manual to automated logistic processes.

                              Enjoy a rapid return on investment

                              XDOCK offers you a rapid ROI from a relatively low capital investment – a solution that has proven itself at more than 35 sites worldwide. And it’s the future-proof option too, because it can be easily scaled up to support a growing operation.


                              • Less dependency on scarce labour.
                              • More reliable and accurate store deliveries.
                              • Enhanced tracking and tracing.
                          • Packing

                              • it’s not a one-size-fits-all operation

                                Consumers increasingly want their goods delivered in the right packaging – just one of many current logistical considerations for packing. Help is close at hand because we can tackle any challenge, as long as we have a laser sharp understanding of your situation and desired output.

                                Make the most of our experience

                                We work with the leading packaging machine companies – all with their own specialities and characteristics – to identify the best packing solutions. In addition, we’re on top of the latest technologies and can even advise on using robotic solutions so you can efficiently scale your business with growing demand.

                                You may also need to think about the following considerations:

                                • Document insertion.
                                • Dynamic package labelling.
                                • Value-added services.
                                • Throughput and seasonal peaks.
                                • Shipping logistics and requirements.
                                We’re independent of packing companies so you can be sure that by working together, we will select the best solution to match your specific needs.
                              • Shipping

                              • Shipping is the final piece of the warehousing jigsaw – and it needs to be spot on to keep consumers happy. Introducing automated order and shipping consolidation systems will enhance the efficiency of loading dollies, pallets and roll cages. This in turn improves store-friendly delivery and cuts transport costs.

                                Order Consolidation

                                Goods from different order-picking areas come together in an automated storage and retrieval system, such as our:

                                • ADAPTO.
                                • MICROSHUTTLE.
                                • QUICKSTORE MINILOAD.
                                • HDS shuttle systems.
                                With our systems, flows can be rapidly sorted and grouped per order, delivery unit or shipment – and then dispatched in a precise sequence. The result is fast and efficient order consolidation and store-friendly delivery – with minimum manual labour requirements.

                                Automated shipping sortation

                                Our automated shipping sortation systems ensure goods can be directed to a lane associated with a retail outlet, delivery route or provider, and geographical area, resulting in:

                                • A significant increase in efficiency .
                                • Greater accuracy.
                                • A reduction in costs per handled carton or tote.
                                We have installed these systems at many leading brands, including Casaventa, Staples, Colombini and Herma.
                                  • Pallet AV

                                  • Harness the intelligence of our autonomous vehicles

                                    We’ve equipped our autonomous vehicles (AVs) and mobile robots (AMRs) with intelligence, which is what sets our Pallet AV solution apart. It contains smart logistic algorithms that enable it to cope with high capacities, while delivering pallets on small footprints – making it a smart choice for many warehouses.

                                    Our AVs and AMRs excel in dynamic, flexible environments in which they may have to react quickly to unexpected situations. They possess state-of-the-art sensors, cameras and motor technologies, helping them to follow the optimal route and safely navigate around people and objects.

                                    Unlocking potential

                                    To unlock the full potential of solutions such as Pallet AV, we fully integrate them into our IT infrastructure. That way, they can work seamlessly with all other warehousing processes and equipment. The result is a simple formulation:

                                    reduced complexity + increased efficiency = smooth warehouse operations.

                                    A broad portfolio

                                    The Pallet AV portfolio of load carriers includes a variety of autonomous forklifts and an AMR. This versatility enables the handling and transport of pallets and roll containers of various sizes. Pallet AV can also work in different areas within the warehouse, including conveyors, racking and the floorspace.

                                    Features and Benefits:

                                    • The ability to adapt to a layout virtually with no impact on your physical equipment.
                                    • Fully automated transport for pick up, drop off and storage to reduce your labour needs.
                                    • A safety first approach that allows people to cross the floor while the vehicles remain operational.
                                    • Excellent IT integration to ensure vehicle behaviour aligns with warehouse operations.
                                  • Palletising

                                  • Making the most of your store layout

                                    Palletising occurs after goods have been retrieved from the storage area in the correct sequence. With STOREPICK, Vanderlande offers manual or robotised palletising solutions based on individual requirements. Both of these options offer the capability for pallets and roll cages to be stacked.

                                    For manual palletising, operators are positioned around an ergonomic work station that has been designed to facilitate excellent working conditions. Operators take the required number of products from a supplied tray and arrange them as layers on the load carrier, according to clear instructions displayed on the operator’s screen.

                                    Once a layer has been completed, it is lowered automatically, so that the operator can continue to work in a user-friendly position. This process is repeated until the load carrier has been filled as directed.

                                    The robotised palletiser does not require any manual intervention. A robot stacker fulfils the steps as described above and the roll cage or pallet is stacked in a stable way. Through this method, it is possible to load up to 750 store-friendly cases per hour.

                                    With Vanderlande’s load forming logic (LFL) software, stable pallets are created and filled with maximum efficiency, while ensuring that products are not damaged by having too much weight placed on top of them. In this way, LFL facilitates store-friendly deliveries and the efficient transportation of goods.

                                    This solution has been installed for a number of companies, such as Woolworths, ASDA, E.Leclerc and Albert Heijn.

                                • Internal transport

                                • The internal transport that connects all logistic processes within your warehouse or distribution centre plays a key role in the effective use of automated sortation, storage and order-picking systems. So get things moving with our products.

                                      • .M Conveyor range

                                      • The multi-talented conveyor system

                                        Warehousing operations need reliable and cost-effective automated storage, order-picking and sortation systems – no surprise there. However, for smooth operations, you also need to consider the internal transport solutions that connect all these logistic processes.

                                        Let us introduce you to our .M conveyor range – designed specifically to meet every requirement of the modern warehouse.

                                        These conveyors combine three technologies – belt, roller and multibelt conveyors – to transport any product type. They have also been designed to allow for future adjustments to the system to match your changing business requirements. It’s a great way to optimise the value of your initial investment.


                                        • Maximisation of the production and installation process
                                        • A 30% reduction in operational costs during the life cycle of the system
                                        • Up to 20% reduction in energy consumption.
                                        The .M conveyors have already been installed by number of major companies, including Tommy Hilfiger and Tesco.
                                  • Software

                                  • Intelligent software comes as standard

                                    We have the advanced digital technologies you need to optimise all aspects of your warehousing operations. Our software connects equipment and processes smoothly and efficiently – giving you a real-time overview of your entire system.

                                    Our goal is to help you cope with complexity. That’s why the vast data we collect is sent to sophisticated KPI dashboards and reporting tools, which provide clear and actionable insights. We’re also constantly updating our digital portfolio to help you stay ahead of the game – for example with the seamless introduction of robotics into your operations.

                                    You can also count on the support of our software engineers and data specialists to keep things moving. That way, you’ll deliver the very best service to your customers at all times.

                                      • VISION

                                      • Get a clear view of your system with VISION

                                        Today’s logistic automation solutions are expected to carry out multiple tasks smoothly and efficiently. To do so, warehouses increasingly rely on clever software to manage operations – without a glitch – from behind the scenes. And we have the cutting-edge package to fit your needs and help you stay competitive in a changing marketplace.

                                        VISION is our next generation of software that intelligently connects and orchestrates your system’s equipment, robotics, people and processes. It’s our single platform for all automated and manual warehouse functions.

                                        Outstanding user experience

                                        You’ll enjoy an outstanding user experience. With VISION’s intuitive user interface (UI), operator training will only take about ten minutes. Your employees will then be able to create their own dashboards and configure the UI based on their individual needs.

                                        VISION delivers:

                                        • A 360-degree view of the entire process.
                                        • Real-time insights into the impact of individual incidents.
                                        • Reveals the dependencies between the different warehouse processes

                                        Customisation meets your needs

                                        VISION contains preconfigured, industry-specific packages for e-commerce and omni-channel companies in the food, fashion and general merchandise markets. These can be used as “plug and play”, and further customisation can be performed to match your warehouse processes.

                                        The software consists of functional modules, each of which is designed around a specific step in the logistic process. Adding, replacing or changing modules that support separate parts of this process is easy, and can be completed without reprogramming VISION.

                                        Enjoy easy implementation

                                        The software can be rolled out rapidly through a cloud-based platform, even across your different sites. This makes it straightforward to share data and analysis throughout your warehouse network.

                                        All in all, VISION is the future-proof and user-friendly software platform for your warehouse operations.

                                      • Load Forming Logic

                                      • Store-friendly deliveries

                                        Providing a pleasant and safe in-store shopping experience – for both customers and employees – is an essential requirement nowadays. At the same time, the delivery of goods from your warehouse to those stores needs to be efficient and cost-effective. A big help in this area is to ensure that pallets and roll cages – packed with a variety of items – are precisely sequenced to match each specific store layout.

                                        To make this a reality, we’ve developed some smart software called “Load Forming Logic” (LFL). LFL takes a store order and translates it into “stacks” that are tailored to each store. Goods are placed on pallets or roll cages in exactly the right order, matching aisle content.

                                        As well as creating stable pallets that are filled with maximum efficiency, our software ensures products are not damaged by having too much weight loaded on top of them. LFL also considers the handling capabilities of the robot that is used to place each case on to the load carrier.

                                        A better customer experience

                                        For the store, LFL delivers multiple benefits. Roll cages go straight on to the shop floor for easy and fast replenishment – so there’s no need to decant items and sort in the storage area! As shelf stacking is much more efficient, aisles will also be less crowded with roll cages, making for a better customer experience in-store.

                                        And getting everything in the right order enables store employees to spend less of their valuable time filling shelves and more time serving customers. The LFL-assisted optimal stacking process also means that trucks heading for stores can be loaded more efficiently. This results in fewer journeys, leading to reduced fuel costs and a more sustainable replenishment operation.

                                        Load Forming Logic contributes to:

                                        • The efficient loading of trucks, resulting in more sustainable transport.
                                        • Employees spending significantly less time replenishing shelves.
                                        • A pleasant and safe shopping experience for customers.
                                        LFL software is an essential part of STOREPICK, our robotised, end-to-end automated case picking (ACP) warehouse solution.
                                    • Life-cycle services

                                    • Unleash the full power of your warehouse system with life-cycle services

                                      Do you want your Vanderlande system to achieve its maximum potential? By consistently keeping a close eye on your entire process, and by supporting you in optimising your warehouse operations, our extensive portfolio of life-cycle services will enable you to do just that.

                                      We know warehouse automation inside-out, because we’ve been building systems and pushing the boundaries of technology for decades. This intimate knowledge is at your disposal as we provide you with high-quality services. We harness advanced data-science methods to collect, collate and analyse insights from our systems to ensure you stay competitive in an ever-changing world. We also draw on the expertise of our experienced teams to keep you moving forward. Using the information we gather, combined with the collective wisdom of our people, means that we’ve always got the right answers to your questions.

                                      Tailored support

                                      We can provide precise support throughout the life cycle of your operations by matching our resources to your specific needs. In doing so, you’ll receive the best support and a state-of-the-art service. Take a look at our service offering below – but remember, we’ll always meet to your exact requirements.