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Company Profile

NREC automation solutions span a wide range of possibilities, from augmenting a human operator with something akin to \"cruise control\" to enabling a single human to operate an entire fleet of unmanned vehicles. From an application standpoint our scope is similarly broad, ranging from huge automated mining machines to tiny robotic repair machines for pressurized gas pipelines. All NREC projects tackle very challenging problems not commonly addressed by industry or governmant contractors.

Product Range

  • Autonomous vehicle research
  • Communication networks and systems (research and technology)
  • Conveyor and materials handling engineering (research)
  • Defense systems research
  • Digital communication (research and technology)
  • GPS systems (research and technology)
  • Innovation Technology: GPS steering system
  • Innovation Technology: Local positioning system
  • Innovation Technology: Visual system
  • Innovation Technology: Yield mapping system
  • Innovative mechanisms research
  • Logistics (research)
  • Motor vehicle and road transport technologies (research)
  • Satellite communication systems (research and technology)
  • Simulation research
  • Software systems for communication (research and technology)
  • Systems research and technology
  • Teleoperating system research