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  • Offer Profile
  • Holmatro hydraulic equipment and systems are used for rescue, industrial and special tactics operations around the world. These types of applications demand reliable tools under all circumstances. To make sure that Holmatro users can fulfil their specialized tasks, we strive to be the best-in-class industry market leader by using game changing technology.

    Mastering power is at the heart of Holmatro’s vision. Common to all our products is the basic fact that only controlled power can be put to use effectively. Holmatro tools allow their users to apply the high hydraulic forces in a practical, controlled and safe way, even if they are used in the most unfavourable circumstances.

Product Portfolio
  • Industrial Tools

      • Hydraulic Cylinders

      • Multi Purpose Cylinders
        High quality Multi Purpose Cylinder. Fitted with unique features that considerably lengthen its life span and service life. Offers appropriate solutions for the most varied applications. Holmatro Multi Purpose Cylinders come in 50 models and are available in different capacities and with different stroke lengths.

        Other cylinder types:
        • Aluminium Cylinders
        • Flat Cylinders
        • Short Stroke Cylinders
        • Telescopic Cylinders
        • High Tonnage Cylinders
        • Locknut Cylinders
        • Hollow Plunger Cylinders
        • Pulling Cylinders
      • Lifting Tools

      • Mechanical Jacks
        For lifting and pulling applications. Resistant to heavy duty working conditions like for instance the shipbuilding industry. Available in different capacities and stroke lengths.

        Other Lifting Tools:
        • Toe Cylinders
        • Wedges
        • Lifting Bags
        • Ship Wedges
      • Hand Tools

      • Nut Crackers
        Because of its adjustable blade suitable for a wide range of nuts. Made of lightweight aluminium.

        Other Hand Tools:
        • Puller Sets
        • Flange Spreaders
        • Pipe Squeezer
        • Steel Cable Cutters
        • Power Cable Cutters
      • Hydraulic Pumps

      • Hand Pumps
        They are ergonomically designed, have a robust, compact construction, are service- and maintenance-friendly and they combine a low operating force with a high oil output. This all combined with a range of handy features make our new range of hand pumps a worthwhile asset for you and your tools.

        Other Hydraulic Pumps:
        • Foot Pumps
        • Compact Pumps
        • Vari Pumps

      • System Components

      • FlowPanels (Valve Blocks)
        Allow the oil flow, under full pressure, to be regulated with utmost precision. As a result, even the heaviest loads can be controlled extremely effectively.

        Other System Components:
        • Hoses
        • Couplers
        • Pressure Gauges
        • Valves
        • Assembly Materials
        • Etc.

      • Tensioning Hydraulics

      • Tension Hydraulics
        A complete system for pre-stressing bolt to a certain tension. Includes cylinders, pump and accessories. The special spherical construction of the plunger and pulling nut facilitates a proper centre loading.
      • Propeller Sets

      • Propeller Sets
        The set consists of compact cylinders, easily mounted together in order to fit around any shaft size. The system is specially designed to press the propeller on the tapered shaft end, but in some situations can also be used to disassemble a propeller.
    • Industrial Solutions

        • Synchronized Positioning System

        • Computer-controlled synchronized positioning of heavy loads with high damage risk has never been so easy with the Holmatro Synchronized Positioning System. Because of the use of multiple-split-flow pumps, each lifting point has its own single oil flow whereby the load can be positioned smoothly and with extreme precision. The use of multiple pumps results in a close position next to the lifting points. This minimizes the dynamic effect of the hydraulic system and reduces hose damage. The pumps can be moved around the job easily on wheels. Also, the complex web of hoses and cables towards the load will be reduced. The flexible configuration of the system makes it suitable for each specific positioning job. No matter what the size, weight or number of lifting points.

          The software is centrally controlled from a 12-inch touchscreen. Holmatro has taken the utmost care to create user-friendly software, combining safety, intuitive configuration and control. Before any operation the software undertakes a series of steps to configure and test the hydraulic system. Potential faults in the chosen parameters or in the hydraulic system are detected, which makes the system extremely safe. During the entire process the system monitors the operation. Unexpected events, such as a sudden loss of pressure or a quick movement of a lifting point, cause the software to stop the operation. After inspection and potential repair of the cause of error the operator can safely continue the operation.
        • Skidding System

        • Besides the standard vertically oriented applications such as hoisting and lifting, Holmatro also concentrates on the horizontal movement of heavy loads. Holmatro’s configurable Skidding System is suitable for moving industrial objects of exceptional sizes and weights to locations where using a crane or forklift is not an option.

          Holmatro’s Skidding System is extremely user-friendly and consists of a set of tracks, beams and push-pull units. The system can be expanded easily to adapt to each specific job. The tracks are equipped with special low-friction PTFE sliding pads allowing the beams glide through more easily. The heavy load is placed on the beams which are secured to the push-pull units. Because of the wings on the push-pull units, the system is able to push and pull heavy loads in a safe and controlled manner over the track. Switching to the opposite direction can be achieved in seconds. The double-acting cylinders attached to the push-pull units are connected to a hydraulic pump by hoses. The pump has two identical flows (oil output) for a synchronized operation.
        • Step Cylinder Set

        • Some industrial lifting applications require a longer cylinder stroke to lift the load to the required height. Because of the direct relationship between the stroke length and the closed height of a cylinder, this requirement is not always possible with a standard cylinder. Those situations need a special solution for safe and correct lifting; the Holmatro Step Cylinder Set.

          Step Cylinder Sets, with a capacity of 25 to 150 tons are fitted with a step plate and a plunger with a stroke length varying from 125 to 200 mm. It also has an enlarged saddle in order to protect the plunger. The cylinder moves upwards with the load which increases stability during lifting. Large objects, such as oil tanks and transformers can be lifted with the aid of Step Cylinder systems. All of this takes place without the use of a crane.

          By using Azobé beams the Step Cylinder Set is able to lift and hold heavy loads to unlimited heights. The step plate is ergonomically designed for easy positioning of the beams, which makes the tool more user-friendly. When using multiple Step Cylinder Sets, the cylinders can be connected with double couplers or T-pieces. Loads that need larger vertical movement and a larger contact surface can be moved with Holmatro’s special Step Cassette. The larger surface of the Step Cassette prevents damage of the load during the job. The Step Cassette contains a stand-alone cylinder that can also be used for other jobs.

          Holmatro has many years of experience in engineering and producing client-specific Step Cylinder Sets for several well-established companies worldwide.
        • Offshore Wind Hydraulic Solutions

        • With almost 50 years of experience as a supplier to the shipbuilding and oil & gas industries, it was a logical step for Holmatro to deliver a complete TP levelling set to one of the first offshore wind parks in the world: Belwind. Since then our list of references in offshore wind has increased enormously. Holmatro’s Offshore Wind Hydraulic Solutions are ideally suited to ensure that the foundations of wind turbines are levelled and fixated. Next to levelling and fixation we offer also seafastening solutions.

          The cylinders that are used within the Offshore Wind Hydraulic Solutions are made out of aluminium or steel. They are always fitted with special seals and a corrosion-resistant coating on the cylinder housing, the plunger and the couplers. Next to TP levelling, Holmatro also offers solutions for seafastening systems and jacket pile stoppers.
        • Ship Launching Set

        • Launching a ship sideways into the water safely in an extremely controlled manner is possible with the aid of Holmatro’s custom-made Ship Launching Sets. One set consists of a cylinder with an electrical quick relief valve, a hand pump with a pressure gauge, a 5 metre hose and a 5-litre tank with a large diameter connection hose. 4, 6, 8 or more of these sets, combined with an electrical control unit are required for launching, depending on the conditions and the dimensions of the ship.

          Before a ship is launched all support materials such as ship wedges are removed. The ship then only rests on a number of ‘sleds’ that are fixed between two support points with the aid of pumped out cylinders. The cylinders are operated from the quay by means of hand pumps and an electrical control unit. Each cylinder plunger is pumped out just until the carrying frame touches the bottom of the ship.

          All cylinders are connected to a dump tank by means of a large diameter hose. The system is kept under pressure by keeping the quick relief valves (dump valves) on the cylinders closed. The launch is started by simultaneously opening all of the quick relief valves from a safe distance. The hydraulic oil then flows from the cylinders into the tanks. This is when the ship starts to move. While the cylinder plungers return due to the weight, and overturn within a few seconds, the ship gradually slides safely into the water.
        • Rerailing System

        • Faster, safer and a more controllable rerailing solutions for all types of railway vehicles
          When it comes to rerailing a rail vehicle back on the track it’s important do the job fast, safely and controlled. Reducing delay and costs are main priority, as well as providing workers a safe environment while lifting, moving and lowering the railway vehicle. By taking these priorities as guidance, Holmatro developed an extremely user-friendly solution that allows users to do the job faster, safer and with better control. No matter the type of railway vehicle.

          Maximum performance with minimum weight
          Thanks to the lightweight components – up to 50% lighter than those of similar systems available on the market – physical burden is minimized considerably. A powerful Quattro pump with 4 independent control valves guarantees uniform cylinder stroke speeds during lifting and lowering, regardless of the load they’re carrying. This makes controlling the vehicle synchronized more easily. Sideways movement of the vehicle is done smoothly, because of the use of special sleeve bearings instead of traditional steel wheel rollers.

      • Industrial Cutting Tools

          • Hydraulic Cutters

          • Our industrial cutter range is specially designed for a wide range of industrial cutting applications like:
            • Cable recycling and production
            • Car recycling
            • Demolition
            • Foundry
            • Refrigerator recycling
            • Etc.
          • Hydraulic Cable Cutters

          • Holmatro steel and power cable cutters are suitable for cutting the following cables:
            • Steel cable (up to 32 mm)
            • Solid steel (up to 25 mm)
            • Reinforcing steel (up to 25 mm)
            • Ground cable (up to 140 mm)
            • Telephone cable (up to 150 mm)
          • Electrohydraulic Cutters

          • Electrohydraulic cutters for cutting reinforcement steel:
            • Reinforcing steel (up to 32 mm)
            • Strands (up to 19 mm)
        • Foundry Tools

              • Foundry Wedges

              • Holmatro hydraulic Foundry Wedges to break risers and feeders from castings. The product line contains 6 models with varying capacities, wedge Blade lengths, minimum insertion openings and effective spreading to suit a wide variety of risers and feeders.