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  • Offer Profile
  • We manufacture a range of hydraulic mini power packs, autopacks and hand pump units as well as larger industrial power packs for both mobile and industrial applications. These can be designed to suit customer requirements and specifications.

    Using our dedicated labour force and in-house CNC machine shop Fluidlink customers benefit from our subcontract and assembly facilities, thereby providing a comprehensive customer solution.
Product Portfolio
  • Mini power packs

  • Manufactured in the UK by Fluidlink Hydraulics, these industry standard power units can be tailored for specific requirements, available in AC and DC with three different versions of body and tank to choose from.
    • Widely used in mobile applications such as demounts, tail-lifts and tippers.
    • Robust, quiet, industrial versions also available up to 4kW.
    • Now available with the upgraded compact Series 35 range of bankable valves.
    • G Pack

    • Purposely designed and engineered at Fluidlink Hydraulics, the G Pack consists of a solid aluminium centre body which can incorporate a variety of plastic or steel tanks, along with AC and DC motors.

      These hydraulic units can also be fitted with Cetop3 or Series 35 valves, as required.
    • Mk3D

    • A further development, Mk3D has taken the best of the original units but now features components from around the world to put it among the most cost-competitive units available.
    • Slimline

    • Originally made by Smiths, the Fluidlink units offer compact dimensions and suitability for "in beam" mounting. The Slimline unit consists of an aluminium cast centre body and a steel tank which comes in several sizes. This unit is only supplied in DC but a range of 3" to 5" motors is available as welll as pre-mounted Cetop3 or Series 35
  • Autopacks

  • Autopacks are available as both unidirectional and reversible. These units can be fitted with a range of 3" AC & DC motors.

    Reversible units have an integral Pilot Operated Check (POC) to hold a cylinder in place when the unit is switched off the reversible action eliminates the need for a directional valve.

    Unidirectional units can be fitted with a lowering valve for single acting "lift, hold,dump" circuits.

    Commonly used on bath lifts, coffin lifts and other applications which require a small hydraulic unit.
    Much smaller than the mini powerpacks, The Autopack consists of a solid centre body and is available with 12/24V DC and 230VAC motors from 150W-800W and can produce pressures up to 180bar with flows of up to 3L/min.

    Tanks are made from steel and plastic in several sizes:- 0.2L, 0.5L, 0.75L, 1.0L.
  • Industrial Power Units

      • Traditionally built power packs to fulfill the demanding requirements for robust and reliable sources of hydraulic power. A limitless range of control circuitry and configurations with either electrical drives or engine powers up to 100kW, these units power such diverse machinery as bridges, waste compactors and crushers, security doors, test rigs and even submersible equipment.

        Tailor designed to meet customer requirements.
  • Handpumps

      • As well as power packs, we also stock a small range of hydraulic hand pumps.

        These manually operated units can be used on a number of applications such as tipper trailers, coffin lifts and other lifting equipment.
  • Pump Motor Unit

      • As well as complete power packs we also manufacture PMU's (pump motor units) these are based on the Mk3D and G Pack assemblies and are available with a wide range of options, including flows up to 20L/Min, pressures up to 300Bar, using 1,6Kw and 3Kw nominal motors.

        These units provide a compact way of delivering hydraulic pressure allowing the oil reservoir to be mounted separately.
  • Valves

      • Series35 Valves

      • Re-engineered at Fluidlink Hydraulics from the original Smiths Ser30 range, the Ser35 Valve is a more compact version acting as a direct replacement for original Ser30 Valves.
        Available in a variety of spool and coil (V) configurations.

        Ser35 Valve Banks are available along with the Inlet, Intermediate and End sections required for creation of complete hydraulic control systems.