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  • Aerocom is a world leader in the manufacturer of modern pneumatic tube systems and internal logistics.

    We have the experience and expertise to custom design solutions for virtually any application in pneumatic materials logistics. We can provide special technical solutions to meet individual customer specifications.
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  • Pneumatic tube system - How does this work?

  • A pneumatic tube system consists of several main components:
    The blower produces pressure or vacuum. The material is transported in properly matching carriers. The selection of the target and the input of the filled carriers is made at the stations. For connecting all stations in a tube-network diverters are used. With these diverters it is possible to transfer a carrier in the network to - for example - station 14 and at station 75 it will be discharged from the tube-network. For all this to work correctly, highly integrated controllers are used.

    A solution for different applications
    The system's operations is quite simple. After choosing the carrier's destination, the carrier ist put into the sending station. At the receiving station, the carrier is automatically presented and can be removed from the system, and its contents put to use. The system is now available for its next transmission. An Aerocom pneumatic tube system provides you the most flexible, easy and efficient means of transferring needed materials and information throughout your facility.

    Why pneumatic tube systems?
    Because pneumatic tube system solves internal transport problems with a speed of 6 - 8 m/sec. That saves time, energy and allows your staff to concentrate on more important matters instead of running errands.

    What can be transported with pneumatic tube systems?
    You can transport almost everything with our pneumatic tube system: Items weighing anywhere from 1 gram to 28 kilograms up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 50 cm in length. In this category you can find a whole lot of things: E.g.: paper, coins, bank notes, blood samples, medicine, spare parts, documents, X-ray films, hot steel samples, milk, oil,...

    So you can be sure, that we are also able to transport your items.
  • Stations - An overview about send- and receive stations

    • Slide-Station

    • This station is basically used in the applications of Cash-Handling. As initial- or end station, Tube approaching from top.
    • Drive Through / End-Station (DS)

    • As semi-automatic through- or end station. (Arrival from above).
      The user inserts the carrier into the sending funnel below the station.
      The station decelerates the arriving carrier pneumatically and slides it automatically into a receiving basket.
    • Endstation after Diverter (EWS)

    • This station sends a stored carrier automatically to the desired destination. Carriers arrive gently on an air cushion and are deposited in a sound proofed receptacle.
    • Multi-Load-Station

    • The Multi load station is generally used only as a sending station for 3 carriers.
    • Universell Through or Endstation (COM)

    • Arrival from top or below. The COM-station transports a stored carrier fully automatic to the desired destination. Carriers arrive gently on a cushion of air and are deposited in a sound proofed receptacle.
    • Flap - Sending and Receiving (KSA)

    • The station is opened and closed automatically. The carrier is not removed from the station for loading and unloading. The carrier is transported automatically to it's destination.
    • Desk-Station

    • The station either serves arrival from top or from below. Suitable for installation in desks, tables or further furniture.  The Carrier can be inserted into a storage facility on top of the station. The Desk-station transports a stored carrier fully automatic to it's desired destination. An arriving carrier is automatically transport by an integrated lift to the desk level.
    • Desk-Station

    • Same functions as Desk-Station, only one slot to send and receive carriers. Mainly used for Cash-Handling installations in supermarkets.
    • Premium-Station OD 110mm

    • Microprocessor controlled pneumatic tube system, universal as through- or endstation. Arrival from top or below. The carrier can be comfortable stored into the facility in front of the station. The PREMIUM-station transports a stored carrier fully automatic to it's desired destination. Carriers arrive gently on a cushion of air and are deposited in a sound proofed receptacle
    • TITAN-Station OD 160mm

    • Microprocessor controlled pneumatic tube system, universal as through- or endstation. Arrival from top or below. Comfortable storing of a carrier in the send-opening in the front cover. The MEGA-station transports a stored carrier fully automatic to it's desired destination. Carriers arrive gently on a cushion of air and are deposited in a sound proofed receptacle.
    • GIGA-Station OD 160mm

    • Same function as the Mega-Station, with an sliding door to close the deposit slot.
    • Laborstation

    • Used for receiving carriers with samples in an hospital.
      The carriers arrive gently.
  • Systems - Which pneumatic tube system fits best

    • AC 2 U

    • Our simplicity and proven basic system. The solution for point to point applications.
    • AC 1000 MultiTalent

    • An intelligent microprocessor controlled system that can link up to 99 stations. It offers automatic departure, advanced placement and queing of an carrier while the system is in use by others.
    • AC 3000 MultiLine

    • An PC controlled multi-zoned system which offers transaction auditing, automatic dispatch and system diagnostics. With transfer stations it can link up to 512 stations and 64 zones. The first instance of applications in hospitals.
    • MultiCash

    • The pneumatic tube systems for two way operation - for cash deposits and change supply. The single-zone system provide up to 50. All dispatches are displayed, reported and controlled.
  • Components - Pneumatic tube systems

    • The blower

    • The blower generates the air, which is necessary, to operate a Pneumatic Tube System by suction or pressure.
    • The diverter

    • The diverter is used for branching and connecting of system areas. 2-, 3- and 4-way diverters.
    • The slide-gate

    • It will be used for the soft arrival of carriers with open end stations.
    • Transfer area

    • with diverters - to connect the differnt lines of a pneumatic tube system.
    • Carriers

    • with different inserts to handle blood samples
    • Receiving basket

    • The receiving basket is used for the soft reception of arriving carriers
    • Arrival signals

    • The arrival signals announce the arriving carrier to the receiver.
    • Dispatch Tubes

    • The pneumatic dispatch tube is a PVC-Tube with very tight production tolerance in regards to the measurement and surface. The tube is joined with glue sleeves or steel sleeves.
    • Linear Coupler

    • The connection between different zones can be managed by diverters or by an Linear-Coupler-System.

      All dispatches are co-ordinated by the AC 3000 central control unit.

      Robust, warp resistant base frame made of anodised aluminium-profile-bars, built in 3 lines, thereby shorter connection ways and runtimes.

      Tube connecting from above or below possible.

      Storage and separation of the carriers in each incoming zone above the system.
  • Applications

    • Hospitals

    • Optimize your internal logistic
      Pneumatic-Tube-Systems in hospitals

      As in all industries, medical facilities face challenges. Staff shortages, the need to control cost, and the increasing size of the facilities, themselves, are just a few of those challenges. The result is an escalating reliance on technology to maintain and improve the level of service and patient care. Though pneumatic tube systems have been around for nearly a century, their sophistication and capabilities have improved dramatically in the last decade. So today, even more, a properly designed pneumatic tube system can be just the solution to a hospital’s growing challenges and need for improved efficiency.

      In addition to relieving vital staff members of the routine transport of lab samples and medications, pneumatic tube systems deliver these items in a fraction of the time. Perhaps even more important than increased efficiency is the fact that critical samples and medications reach their destination in seconds vs. minutes.

      No need to stop there! These improvements can be provided to all departments and personnel. The entire medical facility including central pharmacies, cafeterias, kitchens and administrative departments, labs and retail shops can all be networked together. Paperwork, records, and even cash can be more efficiently routed to their intended destinations.
    • Cash-Handling

    • Solutions for the internal cash transfer

      Increased safety:
      With a pneumatic tube system, no longer will employees be required to manually transfer of cash from point-of-purchase areas to the central cash office. The exposure and high risk associated with this task is eliminated as well. Pneumatic tube system stations installed in plain view are a pro-active deterrent to potential criminals as they recognize that their potential haul is likely not to be worth the risk.

      Improved efficiency:
      Regular and efficient removal of the cash helps to minimize the amount of cash maintained in each register. Scheduled ongoing removal of the cash from each register streamlines the count and balance procedures in the central cash office. Rather than deferring cash counting, balancing, and related procedure to the end of the day or shift, these processes can be conveniently spread throughout the day, resulting in considerably more efficient work flow. Labor cost for routing change requests, supplemental cash orders, deposits, and supply items can be a thing of the past through the use of an aerocom pneumatic cash handling system.
      Dependent upon the currency, the amount to be carried plus the application, we would select a diameter to suit your requirement ranging between 50 mm to 160 mm.
    • Pharmacies

    • Automated storage technology for pharmacies wit the pneumatic tube system

      The distance between the pharmaceutical storage area and the pharmacy counter is no problem with aerocom’s PharmaPost.  The pneumatic tube system instantly and automatically dispenses and transports remotely stored pharmaceuticals to sales counters and work stations.

      Maximize retail space and improve operating efficiency:
      Most pharmacies commit a large part of what should be profitable square footage to the storage of pharmaceuticals. The pneumatic tube system PharmaPost allows pharmacies to remotely locate pharmaceutical storage. Whether automated loading or manual, PharmaPost turns storage areas into valuable, revenue producing square footage.

      Increased security and control:
      Security is improved by moving high-risk medications out of areas directly accessible to the public. Though its access control, PharmaPost’s secure, locking auto-load module enhances internal control of restricted medications.
    • Material-Logistic

    • Material-logistic in the industry or retail market

      Whenever materials of any kind have to be transported internally in a rational way, the aerocom team provides worldwide the customised solution for everyone through innovative technology and high quality products - irrespective of the distance which has to be covered:

      Items weighing anywhere from 1 gram to 28 kilograms, up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 50 cm in length can be transported in a pneumatic tube system. In this category you can find a whole lot of things: E.g.: paper, coins, bank notes, blood samples, medicine, spare parts, documents, X-ray films, hot steel samples, milk, oil, etc...
    • Sample-Logistic

    • Pneumatic-Tube-Systems for the fully automatic sample transportation

      We developed this pneumatic tube system especially for the applications in the chemical or for the aliment industry to handle the samples automatically.

      For every application we create an new type of carrier which is able to carry-in the customised samples. In the laboratory the sample will carry-out on the same way without human help.
    • Autobank

    • AeroTel - Autobank applications with pneumatic tube systems

      We develop this pneumatic tube system especially for the connection between the autobank station at the cashier-room.

      After pushing the call-button at the AeroTel-terminal the consultant will be informed. The connection to the customer is able with an integrated camera and loudspeaker system.
      The cash transport will be realised with the fast and safe pneumatic-tube-system to the AeroTel terminal. So you are able to make any bank-transaction on a safe, comfortable and convinient way.
      An approved pneumatic tube system since many years.
    • Casino

    • Internal logistic solutions for today's casino

      An ultra-secure internal logistics solution for casinos has arrived. The pneumatic tube system automates the manual process of transporting secure items within casinos. Casino-Cash‘s specially designed secure drop boxes connect hard and soft count rooms, cash cages, and gaming areas. The pneumatic tube system can transport cards, chips, secure documents, and cash.
    • Modern Arts

    • Modern-Arts-Applications with pneumatic-tube-systems

      On the street parade 1999 in Zurich, approx. 200 m transparent tubes have been installed. Six illuminated carriers run in preprogrammed intervals continuously in a circular-system throught these tubes. The pneumatic tube system was displayed for two "nights".

      We also realice different applications in exhibitions, museums and events in Germany and abroad.