• Offer Profile
  • Clients from all industries – from the standard machinery and processing industries to robotics, high-tech machine tools, aerospace and semi conductor industries– put their trust in AIRTEC quality.

    From simple pneumatic controls to customer specific solutions incorporating the latest electronic technologies AIRTEC offers a comprehensive product range.

    The underlying idea behind what we do is to offer the user high-quality products – in a timely manner, without complications, at market-oriented prices.
Product Portfolio
  • Pneumatic Technology

  • As a leader in the field of pneumatics production, AIRTEC can offer you a broad array of pneumatic control components, including: single/double-acting pneumatic cylinders, valve terminals, rodless cylinders, directional control valves and control elements, as well as many other components and accessories. You can find CAD-data about many of the products in our pneumatics range ready for you to download in our online database.
      • Mechanical and manually operated valves

      • They’re robust, they have long working-lives and they come in a broad range of dimensions and models – AIRTEC’s mechanical and manually operated valves are known for their quality and are used in all sorts of industries. Variations of our standard offerings include our stainless-steel model and our special AIRNOX-coated model. It’s features like these that make AIRTEC components the top performers in extreme production environments.
      • Pneumatically operated valves

      • With its array of high-quality products, AIRTEC can cover all requirements in the field of pneumatically operated valves. AIRTEC can quickly help find a valve to suit your operations, without compromising design, dimensions or performance.
      • Electrically operated valves

      • With its array of high-quality products, AIRTEC can cover all requirements in the field of electrically operated pneumatic valves. AIRTEC can quickly help to find a valve to suit your operations, without compromising design, dimensions or performance.
      • Standardized valve series

      • NAMUR valves and the ISO 5599/1Valve Series are the centerpiece of AIRTEC’s range of standardized valves. Outstanding quality and years of experience with NAMUR components has made AIRTEC into one of the world’s leading providers of standardized electric valves and accessories, as well as pneumatic NAMUR-valves.
      • Valve Terminals

      • For clients looking for centralized control and system-wide regulation, AIRTEC offers a wide range of efficient modern valve terminals. AIRTEC valve terminals are available for mulipole and fieldbus systems in various valve sizes with flow rates of between 300 and 2100 Nl/min and offer a variety of operational options, including using all valve configurations and installed vacuum modules. Our valve systems are configured specially to suit your needs and ready-to-install on delivery – two more reasons why our demanding clientele in Germany and throughout the world value AIRTEC’s technical solutions.
      • Function and Special Valves

      • Smart compact design means that AIRTEC’s function valve modules are always in high demand – our pneumatic time-delay valves and two-way signal control systems are synonymous with quality and technical precision. Machines and appliances in many industries and trades make use of AIRTEC single-function valves to guarantee reliable operational sequences and procedures.
      • Pneumatic cylinders with piston rod

      • From the small-and-compact to the-large and-powerful, AIRTEC offers an impressive choice of pneumatic cylinders. Short cylinders, compact cylinders, round cylinders and cylinders with aluminum profiles, as well as large cylinders up to 320mm in diameter – AIRTEC can deliver them all to your door as soon as you need them. An extensive range of accessories and attachments, including drive systems and pneumatic/hydraulic braking systems and clamping systems, round out the AIRTEC range in the field of piston-driven cylinders.

        Together with our extensive range of valve technology, AIRTEC has the field of round cylinders and tie rods well and truly covered, too – stainless steel fittings crafted for special use are also available.
      • Rodless cylinders

      • With two types of design for use in the field of rodless cylinders, AIRTEC can offer you the best-fit solutions to your technical challenges. AIRTEC’s ZX Series slotted cylinders are known for their outstanding operation and sealing properties, as well as guaranteed fast delivery. Don't worry about size - we have a wide range to choose from – the AIRTEC ZX comes in five different diameters, each available in four classes.

        Their high-quality aluminum profile makes AIRTEC’s toothed-belt cylinders exceptionally stress-resistant. Our innovative design allows for a range of possible uses, including synchronized movements or position-detection using a direct encoder connection.
      • Stainless Steel and Low-Temperature Valves

      • AIRTEC’s stainless steel valves and specially-equipped low-temperature range do some of the toughest work in many industries – from shipping and chemical plant construction to agricultural processing within the food industry. Clients in Germany and throughout the world know the value of AIRTEC’s broad range of quality products.
      • Accessories

      • A wide variety of pneumatic accessories completes the AIRTEC range. Whether you’re looking for a basic or a high-precision pressure regulator, a single or a multi-piece compressed air service unit ready to install, AIRTEC can deliver any and all conventional pneumatics accessories you need.

        Our metal screw connections, synthetic screw connections, compressed air supply units, compressed air connectors, special function brackets and bolts, as well as an extensive range of pipes and tubes, all make AIRTEC the complete supplier of every type of pneumatic control equipment.
      • Explosion proof versions

      • AIRTEC offers a broad range of ist products in explosion-proof versions pursuant to 94/9/EG for class II devices (explosive atmospheres excluding underground and open-cut mining).
    • Drill and Thread Cutting Units

          • Drill and Thread Cutting Units

          • With more than 50 years of inbuilt technical experience in their design, AIRTEC drive units can help you streamline production today:

            AIRTEC drilling units are noted for their compact design, integrated controls and high performance fast-feed/rewind features,

            AIRTEC thread-cutting units are robust, easy to service and have long working-lives, while our tried and tested spindle technology is guaranteed to make the machining process faster and more reliable. With an AIRTEC drilling or thread cutting unit, thread pitch, depth of thread, approach-stroke and cutting-stroke can all be adjusted quickly and simply.

            • Pneumatic Drill Feed Units
            • Electro-pneumatic Drill Feed Units
            • Electric Thread Cutting Units
            • Accessories
            • Pneumatic Rotary Table
      • Piston Valves

          • TPC Piston Valves

          • TPC valves are pneumatically operated valves with carbon graphite reinforced PTFE (Teflon) seat rings. They are available as 2/2-Way and 3/2-Way valves, normally closed or normally opened. All valves can be universally employed for steam, hot and cold water, air, vacuum or gases.

            • No need to change valve for different mediums.
            • Compact design.
            • The self-adjusting, spring-loaded packing is maintenance-free.
            • Seat rings, packing and piston seals can be easily exchanged. Replacing a piston seal is considerably easier and quicker than exchanging a diaphragm on conventional diaphragm valves.
            • Enclosed pistons, seals and springs are protected from dirt.
            • Mounting position optional
          • FP-Piston Valves

          • FP valves are primarily used with cold water but are also suitable for air or gases. They are available as single or double acting models.

            • The compact design of the valves allows the installation in narrow spaces.
            • Simple conversion from single acting to double acting valve.
            • Mounting position optional
          • DC-Control Valves

          • DC valves are pneumatically operated and are employed for precise regulation of steam, gas or air. They are available as normally opened or normally closed valves.

            • The self-adjusting, spring-loaded packing is maintenance-free.
            • The flow is precisely regulated.
            • The valve stem is double guided and available in a number of Cv – value options
            • Mounting position optional
          • Control Valves SR

          • SR valves are employed for the automatic pressure regulation of steam, air or gas. For this purpose, a connection line for controlling pressure is located downstream of the valve. The output pressure can be varied quickly and easily by means of remote setting (changing the pressure of the pilot air).

            • The output pressure is regulated quickly and precisely.
            • The valve stem is double guided.
            • Soft seated.
            • Mounting position optional
          • YL-Check Valves

          • YL check valves are used for steam, hot or cold water, air or gas.

            • The valve opens easily thanks to differential surface pressure between input and output side.
            • Less installation space required due to the compact design of the valves.
          • LJ-Knuckle Joints

          • LJ knuckle joints offset pipe movements and pipe misalignments. They may be used for steam, hot and cold water, air or gas. The knuckle joints are movable along a 20° axis (max.) or are fixed. Six different sizes are available.

            • Thanks to the design, the joint returns to its, starting position.