Company Profile

Welcome to Eckart GmbH [ ...Professionals in the field of drive technology. ] As a leading manufacturer of high-quality and efficient drive technology we have an emotional relation to our products.For us machines are visions which came true – they are more than a composition of single parts.Our motto always has been “gateway for new technologies”. Our product range comprises: hydraulic and pneumatic rotary actuators, rotary-linear actuators, linear cylinders and special devices. We manufacture components for nearly all branches of industrial and mobile applications. The quality and features make our actuators very price appealing. If it concerns excavating and drilling machinery, machine tools, the field of onshore and offshore, construction of vehicles, pharmaceuticals industry, food industry or many other areas, our promise is: safety and highest quality come first. However, don’t hesitate to verify our performance, see for yourself.

Product Range

  • Hydraulic actuator, drive and motor component
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Telescopic cylinder
  • Hydraulic valve: Directional control valve
  • Linear hydraulic actuator
  • Pneumatic actuator, motor and cylinder components
  • Pneumatic actuator, motor and cylinder listed by type of construction
  • Rotary hydraulic actuator