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    [ ...Professionals in the field of drive technology. ]

    As a leading manufacturer of high-quality and efficient drive technology we have an emotional relation to our products. For us machines are visions which came true – they are more than a composition of single parts.Our motto always has been “gateway for new technologies”.

    Our product range comprises: hydraulic and pneumatic rotary actuators, rotary-linear actuators, linear cylinders and special devices.
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      We are proud of the outstanding performances due to the superior workmanship and the solid Eckart design. The full Eckart product range has continuously proven itself in every day use.

      Tell us your project and we will show you the optimum solution.
      • Automation
      • Construction equipment
      • Mining equipment
      • Machine tools, cutting
      • Machine tools, transformative
      • Agriculture- and forest machines
      • Road vehicles
      • Plant construction
      • Transfer
      • Handling and assembly
      • On- /Offshore
      • Testing- and simulation technique
      • Mobile applications
      • Foundry technology
      • Packaging industry
      • Stage technique
      • Ship technology
      • Food industry
      • Pharmaceutical Industry
      • Paper industry
      • Timber ndustry
      • Textile industry
      • Leisure technology
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