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Company Profile

A huge range of series cylinders and the current state of the art make hydraulics the \"first-choice technology\". The precision and quality typical of Hänchen in the most extensive standard programme in the market, the possibility of avoiding expensive special designs through modified series cylinders, and now the whole range of mechatronic services such as conception, project planning, software consultancy, integration in an overarching control system through to commissioning on site impressively show that standard products can indeed meet the most-demanding requirements and individual task assignments. A desirable side effect resulting from this is an optimal price/performance ratio.

Product Range

  • Complete hydraulic system, components
  • Hydraulic accessories, general
  • Hydraulic connector, general
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Block cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Clamping cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Compact cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Cylinder with intergrated position detectors
  • Hydraulic cylinder: High pressure cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Rotary cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Standard cylinder
  • Hydraulic filter
  • Hydraulic fluid and filter, listed by type
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic gear motor
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic motor, general
  • Hydraulic system for stationary applications
  • Hydraulic, measuring instrument