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  • A huge range of series cylinders and the current state of the art make hydraulics the "first-choice technology". The precision and quality typical of Hänchen in the most extensive standard programme in the market, the possibility of avoiding expensive special designs through modified series cylinders, and now the whole range of mechatronic services such as conception, project planning, software consultancy, integration in an overarching control system through to commissioning on site impressively show that standard products can indeed meet the most-demanding requirements and individual task assignments.
Product Portfolio
  • Hydraulic cylinders

    • Hydraulic Cylinders

    • The finest way to treat hydraulic cylinders: Hänchen quality

      Everyone who has heard of Hänchen is aware that its worldwide reputation is based on hydraulic cylinder solutions that are anything but standardised. The standardisation per se actually deals with nothing more than basic dimensions and connections, mounting parts etc. Indeed for this or that solution, the choice of a standard cylinder will often do the job without any problems. Upon closer inspection however, one will draw his/her own conclusions from what is an obvious difference and reconsider, because the standard Hänchen cylinder – by virtue of its size alone – offers advantages which tip the balance in its favour.
    • Hydraulic Cylinders with Proximity Sensors

    • Hydraulic cylinder with inductive proximity sensor or inductive proximity switch

      If there is a need for signalling in conjunction with Hänchen hydraulic cylinder, the pressure-resistant, inductive proximity sensor are not far away: depending upon the task at hand they go into action when specific consequential processes are triggered, they monitor functions (with additional diagnosis output), display enabled or disabled states, co-ordinate switching points.
    • Ratio-Test® Test-Cylinder

    • Test cylinder,servo cylinder and test cylinder with position measuring system

      It’s not only in the aerospace industry that test cylinders made by Hänchen are success-fully used in highly demanding, decisive situations. Test and inspection facilities are now-adays an integral part of the industrial production process. The typical applications of Hänchen test cylinders include establi-shing the mobile safety of vehicles, the operational reliability of machines or the functional integrity of individual products, the testing of exhaust-gas systems or the function-ing of airbags, and much more.
    • Ratio-Clamp® Clamping Device

    • Clamping device Ratio-Clamp® hydraulic clamp from Hänchen

      At the very latest when a power failure (intentional or not) or a malfunction occurs and the safety of man and machine needs to be ensured, Ratio-Clamp® from Hänchen comes into its own.

      Boasting a retention force of up to 450 kN, the clamp hydraulic holds the piston rod in whatever position it is in at that particular moment. Without having to rustle up some extra power (no extra energy) and for an unlimited period of time. The clamping device Ratio-Clamp® is approved by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). Nor does the development of specific solutions (larger rod diameters, intermediate sizes, greater clamping forces...) pose a problem to the Hänchen specialists
    • Industrial Shock Absorbers

    • The last thing you need in production are production outages, machine damage and increased maintenance costs. Wherever masses are set in motion, such risks can be minimised only if the deceleration of the moved masses is uniform and linear across the whole deceleration distance. Only if this requirement is met, may the solution be referred to as the optimum solution. The Hänchen industrial shock absorber meets this requirement!

      The Hänchen industrial shock absorber compared to standard absorber elements show’s this clearly: The Hänchen industrial shock absorber (4) decelerates the mass across the whole deceleration distance at a constant braking force. It absorbs the mass gently and decelerates uniformly across the whole stroke. This results in a constant, linear characteristic curve and reduces the stress on the machine to a minimum.
    • Pressure Intensifier

    • Hydraulic pressure intensifier

      Without doubt, hydraulic solutions can be said to operate with immense forces. Whoever occasionally needs even more force and therefore doesn't want to reconfigure the complete hydraulic system accordingly can now save themselves the bother by opting to install a hydraulic pressure intensifier.
    • Mounting Parts

    • Mounting part, Assembly Utility, Accessories

      Inside, outside – it’s all there: right down to the last screw. The special feature about Hänchen hydraulic cylinders and industrial shock absorbers is the fact that the user, in principle, no longer has to consider how he/she can fit the purchased hydraulic cylinder. With the decision in favour of Hänchen hydraulic cylinders, the exhaustive and expensive development of mounting parts or procurement difficulties are relegated to a thing of the past.
    • Air Filter

    • Hydraulic cylinders, which are intended to have a long service life, must of course not be impaired in their function.

      For non-applied hydraulic cylinder spaces or oil tanks the danger exists that inflowing air may enable foreign bodies to enter the interior of hydraulic systems. These are indeed capable of causing major damage. This can be prevented by using Hänchen air filters. Air filters from the Hänchen range of products are one of the typical Hänchen developments, which in the meantime form the basis of the general Hänchen quality standards. They are suitable for the filtering of flowing air and gas and can be used up to maximum temperatures of 100 °C.
    • Special Cylinders

    • Special products, special developments, special cylinders

      One of our real strengths is in know-how gained from special solutions. Hänchen's standard range of products has for decades benefited from the know-how gained from the countless special solutions which our specialists have created for customers. Knowledge breeds success.
    • Ratio-Drive® System Solutions

    • The high-performance linear drive, a controlled electrohydraulic drive – the way to get things moving for you!
      • You want to implement specific movements and speed profiles?
      • You want to move to any given position or height and do it time and again?