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  • TUP develops ‘made in Germany’ logistics and software solutions for you

    With over 30 years of experience, the family companyTUP has a solid basis for innovation to build on. A team of over 95 specialists forms the backbone of the company; our constant push for optimisation and new challenges is what drives us forward. We are a reliable partner for you when it comes to conceptual matters, small and large projects, modelling your software, and selecting the right technology.
    Our expertise is your guarantee.
Product Portfolio
  • Logistics Excellence: We Achieve Your Goals Through Innovation And Research. Warehouse Management Solutions Made In Germany

      • Consulting

      • Our consulting services are based on trust and all-important expertise. We guide your company professionally through individual logistical processes while giving equal consideration to your employees and your company philosophy.
      • Logistics planning

      • We take on all of the planning work for your project, which includes coordinating transport, handling and warehousing processes with an eye to the future. The aim: clean processes that are guaranteed to run smoothly over the long term.
      • Software development

      • We know that powerful software is based on powerful ideas. Our commitment to university research is the foundation of our unique software modules. Our findings from these modules are integrated into customer projects, tailored to each client’s specific circumstances.
      • Process optimization

      • Your logistics processes evolve with the demands of the market. You meet these demands with an ongoing optimization phase. We support you in this with problem-specific and market-tested solutions, with low time expenditure, moderate costs and a high degree of sustainability.

    • We implement innovative intralogistics systems with our ‘made in Germany’ software solutions

      Tailored, intelligent inventory management
      Our constant aim is to offer more than just manual skill: DR. THOMAS + PARTNER creates comprehensive IT solutions for intralogistics. We plan and implement the most effective results in line with our clients’ requests. In the process, we offer flexible work packages, from partial subsections to taking end-to-end responsibility for an entire project, from planning, consulting, and implementation, through to support after start-up.
      One of the special features of our IT solutions is the use of object-oriented adaptive software. The individually combinable module groups in our products guarantee you the highest flexibility with maximum security. We have been developing and perfecting this for many years.
      When it comes to your inventory management, material flow control, order picking and control panel, you buy exactly what you need - no more, no less. You have the security of knowing that the system modules are already tried and tested, while also retaining absolute flexibility for later system modifications.
      The solution skills and quality of work offered by a service provider only become apparent on implementation. The high technical level of our products has already made a positive impression in over 1000 successfully implemented projects. Put us to the test!


            • as simple as possible, as complex as necessary
              Our WMS offers you an individually tailored, lean and process-oriented warehouse management. Due to the adaptive software TUP.WMS can be modularly designed and rapidly developed.

              How the software manufactory creates customer-centric and individual solutions with standardized tools
              The user of applications within intralogistics is always faced with this challenge: What to pick? A standardized or individual solution? The standard solution may initially appear to be reasonably priced, but covers the required processes only to a limited extent. Anyone who wants to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in their customers’ markets and has recognized the competitive advantage of logistics will want to implement their knowledge and objectives both now and in the future. An individual solution offers this advantage because it is as simple as possible and as complex as necessary.

              Your intralogistics solution at a glance

              • Smooth process flow from goods receipt to goods issue with very stable system behaviour and great versatility
              • Combination of different picking forms for efficient order processing
              • Transparency of all stock movements and order throughput
              • Comprehensive control center functions for effective planning, monitoring, control and optimization of business processes
              • Minimization of logistics unit costs through economic processes
              • You can rely on a tried and tested system that has won several top-class awards and is adaptable, expandable, future-proof

            • Best possible utilization of your materials handling equipment and warehouse logistics
              Our Material Flow Control System (MFC) calculates in real-time the best route for goods through your heterogeneous materials handling and logistics technology, always taking into account the utilization of available facility resources and work stations.

              The TUP software manufactory: Individual adaptation of the software, best practice standards in the processes
              We add a third option to the choice between standard and individual solutions: the manufactory project. With the SAIL standard, which we helped to develop as part of a working group of the ‘Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau’ (German Engineering Federation), we have created a tool to meet the increasing demands of intralogistics with an interdisciplinary architectural concept.

              The advantages for your intralogistic processes at a glance

              • Effective use of all facility resources
              • Central control of your heterogeneous storage and materials handling technologies
              • Comprehensive evaluation of the current operating conditions
              • Short response times for routing and order processing
              • Cost savings and risk minimization through a modular system
              • Highest flexibility and fast response times for later extensions
              • Standardized modules guarantee smooth integration and high reliability
              • Transport management based on the innovative SAIL standard

            • Manual picking at the performance level of an automatic sorter
              Heterogeneous article ranges and strong seasonal fluctuations in demand require a flexible solution that enables economic capacity utilisation. With our manual sort order picking, the individual work steps become a transparent process, from picking to packing. This gives you planning reliability and allows you to deploy your employees where there is a need.

              How the software manufactory principle makes your order picking more flexible and cost-effective
              In order to turn order picking into a clear competitive advantage, market-proven, standardized processes are needed that are adapted to the individual conditions of the location. This is the only way to ensure that the routes are actually the shortest and that personnel bottlenecks are recognized and compensated for in good time.

              The manual sort order picking at a glance

              • Highest possible flexibility for fluctuating order volumes
              • Increased employee motivation through varied workflows with more even workload
              • Cost-effective, flexible scalability
              • Optimal utilization of your intralogistics
              • Performance, throughput and quality of a fully automatic sorter
              • Lower fixed costs and better ecological balance compared to automated solutions


            • Visual presentation of management-relevant information in a real-time
              Synchronize time, personnel and machines order-related and in real time to proactively deal with the day’s workload instead of reacting to bottlenecks. Detailed graphical representations provide your employees with a comprehensive overview of running processes and workload as well as suggested solutions for complex orders.

              Leverage the full potential of individual visualization of your key figures via the software manufactory principle
              All standard solutions can display the transport of goods from A to B and the associated data. The key to the full potential of a control center is to visualize the data in real-time, embed it in the right context, derive recommendations for actions and offer historical information for comparison. Every warehouse is individual, which is why it is essential to customize key figures, user interfaces and process displays.

              TUP.WLD at a glance

              • Throughput and resource utilization are optimized
              • Concise graphical preparation of all data
              • Comprehensive process overview, progress monitoring, manipulation (shuffle or split orders) and performance overview (throughput per aisle, employees per aisle)
              • Optimal transparency in the warehouse
              • Option to select specific key figures for enhanced controlling and data for weak-point analysis
              • Ergonomic, intuitive user interface


            • Transform your system data into added value via interconnectivity
              There are many parameters that can affect the performance of your internal processes. Only if your data is recorded accurately and efficiently the right decisions can be made. With TUP.MES and its straight-forward, transparent operation, the desired traceability in your processes is achieved.

              How the software manufactory principle creates high-quality data sets
              The challenge in intralogistics is not to collect data, but to generate data in an understandable context in order to store them in a historically searchable and, above all, comparable manner. Standard solutions offer general key figures and dashboards in this respect, but they are not adapted to your business processes and therefore do not provide an ideal context. In comparison, the principle of software manufactory relies on market-proven standards, which we adapt to your needs in cooperation with you.

              The advantages for your operating data collection

              • A central system for operational data collection
              • Straightforward collection of the process key figures
              • Combination of manual and automated data collection
              • Use of modern, mobile end devices
              • Transparency in real-time processing


            • Optimized transport routes for your industrial trucks throughout the company premises
              We adapt our forklift guidance system to your individual warehouse topology. The modular approach of our software allows you to easily integrate it in different expansion stages, from manual warehouses to highly automated and networked materials handling technology.

              Control your industrial trucks collaboratively and in real-time with our solution based on the software manufactory principle
              Intralogistics processes require transparency and adaptability in order to develop their full efficiency and, above all, future potential. Without direct communication in real-time, neither human-operated industrial trucks nor driverless transport systems can be reliably utilized, as important information is lost in the simple measurement of start and destination points. Through a modular, customized forklift guidance system, this valuable information can be gained and used to optimize business processes through more balanced workloads or to expand the fleet.

              Your intelligent forklift guidance system at a glance

              • High efficiency and cost-effectiveness through optimized distribution of transport orders
              • Safety through verification of the transported goods at the origin and end point
              • Transparency through real-time data
              • Reduction of empty runs
              • Adaptation to any warehouse topology
              • Modular expandability for new industrial trucks or automated guided vehicles

          • OUR PROJECTS


              • Increase the quality of your processes and data
                Our experience in the optimization of intralogistic processes since 1980 creates the basis for a reliable, easy-to-use mobile solution for your intralogistics in aviation. Clear user guidance, simple interfaces and electronic data acquisition eliminate time-consuming administrative intermediate steps and potential sources of error.

                We combine field-tested standards to an individual solution for the aviation industry
                TUP.MAS was developed in collaboration with SWISS Aviation Software and CrossConsense based on AMOS software. AMOS is a fully integrated maintenance and repair management system and a standard-setting player in the MRO software market (‘Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul’): AMOS is already used by over 100 customers worldwide.

                Your intralogistics solution at a glance

                • Goods receipt, picking and inventory are directly controlled by the system
                • Optimization and acceleration of warehouse processes
                • Precise inventory management through online booking on site
                • Secure data verification via Auto-ID processes
                • Current processes can be tracked online

              • Individual dialogs, parallel process, easy integration of further scanning devices
                The different mobile operating systems offer you a wide selection of state-of-the-art hardware and a flexible basis for modular expansion.

                How the software manufactory makes your intralogistics more efficient via smart device ecosystems
                When selecting mobile devices, managers in intralogistics are always faced with the decision of whether to use specialized devices with often closed software and server architecture or to purchase various software solutions for a smart device and use them in parallel. The security of specialized systems is bought at the price of a loss of flexibility and speed of adaptation. The use of an ‘open’ mobile device, on the other hand, poses high challenges in terms of integration into existing business processes and reliability.

                Your smart mobile logistics solution at a glance

                • Simple integration of commercially available smartphones
                • High-resolution image or pictogram displays on the smart device
                • Data acquisition via various Auto-ID technologies, from code reading via barcode or 2d-coding technologies to RFID
                • Voice-guided applications such as Pick By Voice (PBV) without middleware
                • Combination of different technologies (RFID, photo, audio, …) with one end device
                • Data glasses for augmented reality and other applications

              • Increase the throughput of your picking process

                Every intralogistics infrastructure has its individual parameters. Technical, structural, and assortment criteria influence the entire picking process. To transform this process into a competitive pillar of your intralogistics, both stages of the picking process must be taken into account: First the planning, then its implementation. Modern calculation modules, so-called solvers, which are implemented in the warehouse management software, support you in the time and cost-efficient planning of the pick. During the realization, everything revolves around the optimal usability for the user. Therefore, TUP has designed the hybrid picking system.

                How our hybrid picking system increases your throughput through user-friendliness

                To ensure high flexibility, the hybrid concept relies on manual participation. The user is the central component in the workflow of the hybrid picking form and is supported in the best possible way – at all conceivable levels. Via the conveyor system, the system provides the picker in sequence with the pallets, thus minimizing distances and throughput times. In addition, the pallets are served vertically at an ergonomically correct gripping height to safeguard the personnel. The aim is to provide the assistance needed at any place and at any time. Experienced employees can move freely within the scope of their tasks due to the responsiveness of the workstations, new personnel does not have to be trained in a time-consuming manner, but is guided step by step by the system through the process.

            • Our intralogistics services at a glance

            • Services and expertise with passion

              The world is getting smaller, but the roads are not getting any shorter. This is why logistics is now crucial to the well-being and profits of your company. At the same time, the demands on your intralogistics system are also growing. Speed, efficiency and reliability are more important than ever and need to be given comprehensive attention, both within your processes and in your IT system.

              And? Does your current model offer the flexibility to allow you to react quickly and reliably to tomorrow’s changes and thus ensure lasting success?

              We fight for your success. Our team puts everything into providing you with dependable, experienced assistance throughout your intralogistics project. We work with you to achieve the ideal outcome. Over 1000 successfully installed projects are a testimony to the excellent quality and high technical level of our products and consulting services.

                • Intralogistics and IT planning for your distribution structures
                  Every company has its own structures and processes, which determine its character and form the basis of its entrepreneurial success. That is why we plan and implement your IT holistically, always in harmony with the business processes that make your company unique. Our experience shows that only from the corporate structure and the individual corporate needs viable IT requirement documents can be defined, which allows tailor-made hardware and software solutions to be developed.

                  Location, IT and intralogistics planning from one source
                  As part of our planning services, we design systems based on market best practices that meet your exact requirements. As a software manufactory, we are always careful to leave enough room for adaptation to technical progress. Our modular solutions allow your business developments to be integrated quickly and cost-effectively.

                  Our range of planning services

                  • Location planning
                  • Planning of distribution structures
                  • Facility structure planning (master planning)
                  • Materialflussplanung und -optimierung
                  • Planning of storage, material flow and order picking systems
                  • Simulation studies for planning and optimization of systems
                  • Process analysis and optimization
                  • Investment calculation and profitability analyses

                • Your reliable partner for logistics facilities
                  Our project managers have many years of cross-industry experience in managing intralogistics projects of varying size and complexity. If you wish, we can also take care of the entire conception, organization and coordination: from the supervision of construction work to warehouse layout planning including conveyor and storage technology, evaluation of rack systems and operating devices, and the installation of suitable systems and components including IT-supported automation technology and the associated hardware.

                  We support your Greenfield project
                  Support for construction projects
                  If you are planning an expansion of your warehouse or a new building, we will support you in every phase of the project, from conception to commissioning. In this way we ensure that at the end of each phase there is a result that ideally prepares the next step. However, the modularity of our phase concept and our consulting services means that we can also support you selectively if required.

                  The process of new construction projects with us

                  • We have been in the intralogistics market since 1980. We bring this knowledge to the conception phase through implemented best-practice examples, the aim of which are clearly defined key figures for your requirements and a feasible specification sheet
                  • In the next step, we transfer these requirements with you into the detailed conception of the technology and the IT, in order to derive an acceptable requirement document for your implementation phase
                  • In the implementation phase we create individually adapted software to make the technology used run smoothly and stable
                  • The test phase is the most important phase for us: Here we create detailed test scenarios to minimize the risk potential and the results of the integration test are directly incorporated into our adaptive software
                  • After commissioning, we support you with adjustments to new business processes or market requirements

                • 'Software follows function'
                  Our software has a modular structure. We rely on a stable and open architecture, which we adapt to your individual requirements. Because we know that above a certain size and complexity, certain scaling effects can only be achieved through individual solutions for intralogistics business processes. We achieve this goal through the principles of Adaptive IT.

                  Our software modules' features at one glance

                  • Modular, adaptive structure
                  • Stable, open architecture
                  • Hardware and platform independent (operating systems and databases)
                  • High performance
                  • Release- and update capabilities
                  • Multi-site capability
                  • Business process driven
                  • Short set-up and commissioning times

                • Efficient, fast service adapted to your processes
                  With us, you will not end up in the call center. All support cases go directly to the project managers on our side. Maintenance itself is carried out by the team that is familiar with the project. Here, too, our principle of the software manufactory takes effect with its focus on individual support by experts who are already well versed in your systems and processes.

                  The advantages

                  • No black boxes: We train your employees and explain the function of our solutions in detail
                  • No support tiers: In the event of a maintenance case, you will be directed to the right contact person immediately
                  • Market knowledge since 1980: We have experience with a wide range of systems and emergency procedures
                    Transparent processes available online: You work directly with us via our web platform
                  • Prevention and remote maintenance: We eliminate problems through preventive maintenance and are immediately logged into the system if something does happen
                  • Modular components based on best practices ensure high reliability and future-proof expandability