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Atlas Material Testing Solutions
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  • 100 years ago, Atlas has pioneered innovations in the way companies test the durability of their products. From our first instrument in 1915 - the Solar Determinator - which simulated the fading effect the sun has on fabric, to today's comprehensive network of weathering testing instruments and services, our focus has remained the same:

    Providing our customers with sophisticated technology and advanced testing solutions to determine how long their products will last. As a result, they can reach their ultimate goals: a quality product, a competitive edge, a faster time to market.

Product Portfolio
  • Products

      • Weathering testing / Lightfastness testing (xenon light)

          • Ci5000 Weather-Ometer

          • The Ci5000 is approved by many OEMs in the automotive, paints & coatings and plastics industries as the exclusive platform to deliver accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting service life. The Ci5000 has been certified CE, UL, CSA, ISO and EN compliant.
            Unmatched Repeatability and Reproducibility

            Design and engineering innovations in the airflow, irradiance and control systems have dramatically reduced variability in critical test parameters. As a result, the Ci5000 achieves new levels of temperature, humidity and light exposure uniformity. Now available in a low voltage model (240V) and standard voltage model (480V) depending on incoming power configurations at the customer's
          • Ci4000 Weather-Ometer

          • The Ci4000 Weather-Ometer, with its advanced digital control system, represents monumental achievement in applying digital and optical technologies in an easy to use laboratory weathering instrument. The Ci4000 is approved by many OEMs in the automotive, paints and coatings, and plastics industries as the exclusive platform to deliver accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting service life. The Ci4000 has been certified CE, UL, CSA, ISO and EN compliant.
          • Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer

          • The Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer and Fade-Ometer with their advanced digital control systems, represent monumental achievements in applying digital and optical technologies in easy-to-use laboratory weathering instruments. The 3000 Series is approved by many OEMs in the textiles, paints & coatings and plastics industries as the exclusive platform to deliver accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting service life. The 3000 Series has been certified CE, UL, CSA, ISO and EN compliant.
          • Xenotest Beta+

          • The Xenotest Beta+ is a premium stand-alone rotating rack xenon instrument with 4000cm2 exposure area. It comes serially with a complete set of parameter controls. Irradiance and temperature are measured and controlled directly on the sample level using on-rack XENOSENSIV sensor technology. Beta+ complies with the vast majority of industry standards. Due to its large test chamber and highly reliable performance, it's ideal for larger capacities or sample sizes.
          • Xenotest Beta+ FD

          • The Xenotest Beta+ FD is a premium stand-alone rotating rack xenon instrument with 4000cm2 exposure area. It-s completely target designed to meet the testing needs of the FMCG industry, such as drinks, foodstuffs, personal care or household products. Beta+ FD enables consumer goods manufacturers to test their products realistically within very short test times, typically with acceleration factors between 10-50 versus real time. It-s for reliable qualification of stable product formulations, determination of appropriate packaging materials, and supporting product shelflife claims.
          • Xenotest 220 / 220+

          • The 220 is a large capacity lightfastness tester dedicated for textile testing. It comes with premium on-rack light and temperature sensor and non-aging optical filter technology. With the ability to test 38 samples, the 220 provides nearly twice as much capacity in the same footprint compared to 150S+. The combination of its large test chamber and the efficient use of power and water make it today-s most economic air-cooled instrument available. It complies to standards ISO 105 B02, AATCC TM16 (option 3), and Marks & Spencer C9, C9A.
          • Xenotest 440

          • The Xenotest 440 is a highly versatile xenon weathering instrument for a variety of materials. Designed for fast and economical testing, the Xenotest 440 utilizes XenoLogic™, a revolutionary new twin-lamp operating technology which enables high irradiance levels of 120 W/m2 of total UV radiation. In addition, XenoLogic provides extended lamp service life. With this new technology, the two xenon lamps combined can last over 4000 hours under standard testing levels of 40-60 W/m2.
          • Xenotest Alpha+

          • Xenotest Alpha+ is a compact stand-alone rotating rack xenon instrument with 1320cm2 exposure area. It comes serially with a complete set of parameter controls. Irradiance and temperature are measured and controlled directly on the sample level using on-rack XENOSENSIV sensor technology. Alpha+ complies with the vast majority of industry standards setting the benchmark in narrow tolerance testing. Due to its highly reliable performance, it's often chosen by R&D departments or commercial Service Test Houses.
          • SUNTEST XXL+

          • The Atlas SUNTEST XXL+ is a large state-of-the-art xenon flatbed instrument. The 3000 cm2 test chamber is perfect for high volume weathering testing of large flat or 3-D specimen. SUNTEST XXL+ offers a complete set of features ideal for standard testing covering all common industry weathering standards.
          • SUNTEST XXL+ FD

          • The Atlas SUNTEST XXL+ FD is a large state-of-the-art xenon flatbed instrument. It-s completely target designed to meet the testing needs of the FMCG industry, such as drinks, foodstuffs, personal care or household products. XXL+ FD enables consumer goods manufacturers to test their products realistically within very short test times, typically with acceleration factors between 10-30 versus real time. It-s for reliable qualification of stable product formulations, determination of appropriate packaging materials, and supporting product shelflife claims.
          • SUNTEST XLS+

          • The Atlas SUNTEST XLS+ is an advanced benchtop xenon tester with state-of-the-art UV-control for reliable R&D screening tests. The benchtop design fits into every lab while optional accessories - water spray, immersion, refrigeration - expand the testing capabilities and offer easy ways to customize it to your needs. It comes standard with a 1100 cm2 exposure area, suiting multiple flat or 3D samples.
          • SUNTEST CPS+

          • The Atlas SUNTEST CPS+ is the small entry model. CPS+ is the most widely used benchtop xenon instrument in the world. Its compact design, easy handling and proven reliability make it the ideal quality control and R&D screening device for a variety of industries, such as plastics, packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many more.
        • Emission Tests / Physical Assembly Testing / Solar Heat Load Tests

        • Whether in a hot dry desert, warm and humid subtropical climate or in the extreme alpine regions, a car has to function. A car is a distinct representative of products that have to with-stand various types of continuously changing environmental conditions. K.H.Steuernagel (KHS) SolarConstant solar simulation systems provides effective solar energy to meet the testing needs of the automotive community. Within the automotive industry, testing methods based on simulating the most extreme environmental conditions is a very important tool in ensuring automotive system reliability and functionality. The radiation of the sun, together with the ambient temperature and relative humidity are considered to be the most essential factors. The solar radiation is defined as global or total radiation, which is the sum of direct and diffused (sky radiation) solar energy. Close correlation to the sun, reproducibility of test conditions and sufficient acceleration are the main areas of concern for the development, design, fabrication and function of solar simulation systems. Regarding correlation, it is important to achieve a good comparison to the quantitative (irradiance) and qualitative (spectral distribution and uniformity) characteristics of natural, global radiation and the simulation of effects that are known by practical experience to be critical in achieving good test results. With decades of solar simulation experience in automotive and other industries, we have the experience to help you identify the parameters of concern that play an important role in the design of an effective SolarConstant simulation system. When making material selection and/or performance related decisions engineers depend on repeatable and reproducible test results regardless of the test site or equipment used. Time plays an important role. An effective test system and accelerated methods to achieve early test results are required to obtain maximum advantage in the development of new products. As a worldwide leader in the field of solar simulation systems we can assist with comprehensive test system development and test method design. While general requirements are similar for most solar simulation applications, whether it is for examining the aging behavior of organic materials, optimizing ventilation and air-conditioning systems, monitoring the thermal stability and interaction of components or emission testing, our resources and experience will assure that the solar system installed will meet your testing objectives. Furthermore, we have experience in other fields, such as solar energy conversion systems, photovoltaic, agricultural, etc., where SolarConstant technology is proven effective in reliable solar simulation.
            • Radiation Unit

            • For the Radiation Source, a special metal halide (MHG) lamp is used. The MHG lamp produces a dense multiline spectrum of the rare earths that is comparable to a continuous spectrum. In combination with special glass filters, MHG lamp systems provide a spectral distribution very close to natural sunlight (Total Radiation as defined by CIE 85). Filters with different characteristic are available for applications other than the accelerated aging of materials test. The combination of lamp, reflector and filter, all a part of the Radiation Unit, offers high irradiance efficiency and a superior spatial uniformity.
            • The Power Supply

            • To achieve the best performance, the lamps are powered using electronic power supplies. The electronic power supply or EPS-Modul drives the lamp with square-wave current. This reduces the modulation of the radiation to less than +/-1%, controls the intensity and offers a stabilized power output even when incoming (feed) power varies. In addition, it provides the lamp optimal operation conditions, which results in an extended MHG lamp lifetime.
            • Control System

            • The operation of the SolarConstant system is handled by a dedicated computer. SolarSoft is a menu-driven software program designed for the configuration and operation of Atlas SolarConstant systems. The profile and output characteristics of the SolarConstant system can be stored as files for later recall. Stored files can be run as a sequences forming part of a complex solar simulation test program. For seemless operator interface, the solar PC using SolarSoft can be linked to the test facility master control computer. SolarSoft provides ease of use and fast test setup allowing maximum utilization of the test facility.
            • Positioning System

            • To allow the SolarConstant system to effectively simulate various natural solar conditions, a mechanical positioning system is often used. This enables motorized movement of the solar array within all axes for easy adaptation to various test configurations or to simulate natural solar day cycles. The control of the positioning can be manual pushbutton or integrated into the SolarSoft program, which will then offer automated control of the radiation, along with effective simulation of various sun positions in the sky. Positioning systems are often unique to the application and test facility. Atlas will work with you to define the SolarConstant mounting system that will work best for you. Atlas Solarsimulation systems are custom-made to meet your testing objectives. The SolarConstant systems are modular in nature and offer a large variety of configurations allowing for system design flexibility. With the use of various size Radiation Units, EPS-Moduls, Radiation Unit mounting systems, and the flexibility of SolarSoft, Atlas will design a cost-effective solution to fulfill your solar simulation requirements.
          • High Speed Lighting / Lighting for High-Speed Photography/Video

          • The products of the HIGH-S-LIGHT series belong to the most effective and successful solutions in the field of high speed lighting. The HIGH-S-LIGHT series is a custom integrated lighting system designed to match the illumination requirements of various test configurations.
              • UV screening (fluorescent light)

                    • UVTest™ Fluorescent / UV Instrument

                    • The innovative design is a new, higher standard in terms of features, ease-of-use, accuracy and safety as compared to competitive fluorescent UV devices.

                      - Proven performance matches or exceeds other brands
                      - Modern touch screen interface in several languages
                      - Remote ethernet data acquisition
                      - Unsurpassed safety compliance
                      - Recirculating spray water option
                      - Plus many other exclusive user-friendly features
                • Corrosion testing

                    • BCX Basic Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet

                    • Basic cyclic tests are used to qualify a coating or material for a specific end use on a pass-fail basis, or determine the probability of corrosion of a specific material.

                      Applications include: Aerospace, Appliances, Automotive, Government, Marine Craft, Paints/Coatings, Research, and Telecommunications.
                    • CCX Advanced Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet

                    • The CCX is the most advanced, sophisticated and versatile laboratory corrosion testing cabinet. With installed options, it can replicate up to 15 environmental conditions, placing powerful capability in the hands of the user.

                      Advanced cyclic tests are used to qualify a specific coating or material for a wide range of end uses, to quickly qualify a coating or material on a pass-fail basis, to predict service life or determine the probability of corrosion of a specific material.

                      Applications include: Aerospace, Automotive, Research, Electronics, Government, Military, Paints/Coatings, Robotics, and Telecommunications.
                    • Traditional Salt fog (Spray) and Humidity Cabinet

                    • SF cabinets are used to quickly qualify a coating or material on a pass-fail basis, or determine the probability of corrosion of a specific material.

                      SF applications include: Architectural, Chrome Plating, Fastners, Government, Military, Paints/Coatings, Laminated/Coated Plastics and Steel Structur
                    • SF Walk-In Corrosion Exposure Cabinet

                    • Testing of assembled components provides an advantage for evaluating the combination of potentially incompatible materials. An Atlas Walk-in allows testing of oversized samples and assembled components, such as motorcycles, electrical panels for outdoor use, household appliances, vehicle seats, pressurized cyclinders, bicycles, military items, ranch and farm machinery, snowmobiles, window/door assemblies and much more.

                      Installing MH (metal halide) or MHG (metal halide global) luminaries in Atlas Walk-in chambers increases the testing capabilities for any lab. NOW, entire assemblies and oversize samples can be tested for UV resistance, corrosion and other environmental conditions in the same unit.
                  • Flammability testing

                      • HVFAA Horizontal Vertical FAA Flame Chamber

                      • The Atlas HVFAA Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber provides the most accurate means for determining the flammability of aircraft cabin and cargo compartment materials, liners and waste stowage compartment materials, and electric wire. The large volume chamber prevents oxygen depletion during tests. Three digital timers with remote control make specimen event timing precise and convenient. To ensure accurate and repeatable tests, an optional burner flame temperature verification kit is available. The HVFAA is the optimal instrument for conducting repeatable FAA flammability tests.
                      • HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber

                      • The Atlas HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber is designed for the flammability testing of plastic materials used in consumer electric devices and appliances. The chamber is constructed of stainless steel with a black interior and large sliding window for easy viewing. The HVUL2 includes a fully adjustable specimen support and a precision metered gas burner. Three digital timers with remote control are mounted on the inside back wall of the chamber, allowing for precise and simplified operation.
                      • HMV Horizontal Flame Chamber - Motor Vehicles

                      • The Atlas HMV is the preferred flame chamber for conducting burn rate and burn resistance tests on automotive interior materials. Its durable stainless steel construction, large glass viewing window, door- mounted burner and lift-off top cover for easy specimen access greatly enhance user convenience. The loading of specimens is simplified with a unique snap-together specimen holder. The optional Automatic Gas Control (AGC) features a digital timer and push-button gas controls that provide automatic or manual flame impingement modes. The Atlas HMV was designed with the user in mind.
                    • Photoageing testing (mercury arc light)

                          • SEPAP MHE

                          • The SEPAP MHE is designed to perform accelerated photoaging of polymers with the aim of understanding the aging mechanisms of polymers exposed outdoors and examining the chemical evolution at a molecular level. Using a mercury vapor lamp, the SEPAP MHE is able to replicate and accelerate the chemical mechanisms responsible for the gradual loss in properties of polymers during their lifetime. The SEPAP MHE is capable of operating at irradiance levels between 90 W/m² and 300 W/m² (290 - 420 nm).
                      • Services

                          • Natural Weathering Testing

                          • The increased demand for getting decision-making data as fast as possible makes more and more companies turn to accelerated weathering. But no accelerated weathering program can be complete without the confirmation from and correlation to natural weathering. Natural weathering provides the data you need to ensure that your product is covered against costly liability issues.

                            From static exposure racks to full-scale testing, our natural weathering facilities serve over 2000 clients in 40 countries and are affiliated with more than 25 trade- and professional organizations around the world. Our staff of trained scientists, engineers and technicians provides broad expertise and ongoing commitment to improve existing services and develop new methods for our clients' increasingly sophisticated needs.
                            • Static Weathering
                              Our sites provide a wide range of static exposure testing for a variety of materials and end use conditions. Static (real-time) weathering testing capabilities include different exposure angles, backed or unbacked racks as well than indirect (under glass) exposure for interior materials.
                            • Accelerated Weathering
                              Atlas has pioneered outdoor accelerated testing since their development of the Trac Rac in the early 1900s. Atlas, primarily at its site in Phoenix, offers the variety of outdoor accelerated services listed here.
                            • Evaluation Services
                              Atlas offers a wide range of evaluation and measurement services using the most advanced instrumentation from leading manufacturers. From measuring appearance properties through visual assessment services till temperature monitoring programs.
                            • Other Weathering Services
                              Read more about window energy analysis (shading coefficient and u-value analysis, calculation of shading coefficient, u-valueand NFRC ratings) as well as environmental test services including temperature/humidity cycling, high temperature, low temperature, and temperature shock.
                            • EverSummer
                              Dramatically reduce the time and cost of your material development and validation with Atlas' exclusive EverSummer program. EverSummer allows you to expose your specimens in Miami, Florida and Townsville, Australia to achieve a two-summer exposure in one 12 month period.
                            • Natural Weathering Testing Sites
                              It is not practical to determine the weathering characteristics of materials in all of the world's climates. Therefore, benchmark climates selected for exposure testing are based on their known severity for the weathering of materials and the anticipated market of the product.
                              • Testing Services

                              • For nearly 90 years, Atlas has been the worldwide leader in real time and accelerated weathering testing.

                                Natural Weathering Facilities

                                Often, the best natural weathering test scenario requires testing in a variety of climates. For that reason, Atlas offers the world’s largest network of outdoor weathering test facilities with more than 23 sites worldwide.

                                Accelerated Laboratory Weathering Facilities

                                Atlas Weathering Services Group (AWSG) operates one of the largest networks of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited accelerated weathering testing laboratories in the world. With laboratories in the USA, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, AWSG's indoor exposure laboratories offer artificial accelerated weathering tests and a variety of other environmental test programs, all designed to accurately simulate true end-use conditions and meet global weathering standards. Atlas has several accelerated laboratories around the world including:
                                  • Photovoltaic Testing

                                  • Can your product stand up to the harshest environmental conditions? Atlas Testing Services can provide manufacturers with the data they need to demonstrate long-term durability and to support warranty and performance claims while reducing the costs associated with aftermarket product failure.
                                    • Solar Testing Services
                                      Atlas Testing Services offers durability and performance/qualification testing through a network of global exposure sites, natural and accelerated test methods, I-V curve tracing and solar radiometric measurements for individual test specimens, modules and complete in situ systems.
                                    • Atlas 25+
                                      Atlas 25+ provides a crucial missing component to the IEC type design qualification tests, that of predicting the effects of long-term environmental exposure during the product lifetime. Atlas 25+ consists of a series of combined stresses applied to PV modules.
                                      • Atlas Consulting Group

                                      • Drawing on decades of weathering leadership and expertise, the Atlas Consulting Group can provide in-depth consulting services that assist you in developing and applying the best weathering test methods for your products.

                                        Through consulting, process management, test design and education, we help you utilize the right methods and procedures for testing your product's weatherability. Your entire experience with us is confidential, from the initial meeting to the final result. We work closely with you to create testing processes tailored to your needs. We help you gain confidence and foresight into your product's lifecycle and weathering knowledge to stand above the competition.

                                        Weathering Technology Consulting
                                        • Process Assessment
                                        • Process Management
                                        • Service Life Solutions
                                        • Test Facility Design
                                        Test Methods and Experiments

                                        • Test Method Review and Design
                                        • Test Method Implementation
                                        • Weathering Experiments
                                        • Numerical Simulation
                                        Education and Training
                                        • Seminars
                                        • Workshops
                                        • In-House Programs
                                        • Technical Conferences
                                          • Technical Support

                                          • Proper maintenance and calibration are critical to maximize the reliability of your test data.

                                            A poorly maintained instrument can produce results that diminish the repeatability and reproducibility of the data and an instrument’s downtime can delay your product's time to market. Atlas is committed to helping you acquire the most accurate data possible through our Technical Services support.

                                            Routine Maintenance

                                            We can help you at every step along the way, from installation to routine maintenance and calibration services. As part of Atlas' commitment to our customers, a factory-trained technician can inspect, start-up and demonstrate the capabilities of your new Atlas instrument. (Please note: services vary by location. Contact your local representative for availability and pricing).

                                            At Start-up an Atlas Technical Service representative would perform the following:

                                            • Conduct a thorough inspection of the instrument, documentation and verify instrument configuration
                                            • Review installed software , test programs, ordered options
                                            • Inspect installation and hook-up of electrical, water supply, drainage, and air supply to ensure efficient operation
                                            • Explain and demonstrate operation of your new instrument
                                            • Answer any questions concerning use of the equipment
                                            • Make sure your instrument runs at optimum performance by demonstrating calibration procedures
                                            • Answer questions concerning calibration procedures and ordering of consumables

                                            Atlas recommends preventive maintenance and calibration for your instrument be performed at least every six-months. Some users find that they need more frequent maintenance and calibration due to high instrument utilization. Consult your owner's manual for information on scheduling maintenance or call your local technician with any maintenance and calibration questions.

                                            Every Six Months

                                            • Inspect the operation of your instrument
                                            • Perform detailed preventative maintenance including inspecting and adjusting temperature control circuits, meters, timing devices, lamp components, motors, switches, relays, water systems, and mechanicals that require periodic attention
                                            • Replace any required parts
                                            • Perform ISO certified calibration of required circuits
                                            • Submit a written report of current updates and changes that affect the operation of your instrument and maximize test performance
                                              • Industry Specific Products and Services

                                              • Atlas offers an array of products and services to meet companies’ specific needs. We at Atlas know that no matter what industry you are in, you may be experiencing material or product issues that need to be overcome. We can help. Through a series of informational pages, Atlas addresses key questions that various industries face and the solutions we offer.

                                                Industry Specific Information:
                                                • Solar Industry
                                                • Textiles
                                                • Automotive
                                                • Consumer Goods
                                                  • Software

                                                  • In addition to our instruments and services, we are offering software tools to support your weathering testing programs. The following software is currently available.
                                                    • CESORA
                                                      CESORA is a versatile calculation tool that offers extensive calculations regarding effective terrestrial solar radiation.
                                                    • WXView Reader
                                                      WXView Reader allows customers to conveniently load data files from an Atlas xenon-arc weathering instrument into a graphical format.
                                                    • XenoSoft
                                                      XenoSoft is an analytical software for the evaluation and graphical display of values measured by Atlas XenoCal sensors.
                                                    • XenoTouch
                                                      XenoTouch is a robust handling software for Atlas' Xenotest® Series and SUNTEST® Family instruments. Click here to download the current version.