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  • Offer Profile
  • The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. Due to their comprehensive range of products, Viessmann offers a wide variety of customized solutions with efficient systems and outputs from 1 to 120,000 kW for all application areas and all fuel sources.
Product Portfolio
  • Viessmann's comprehensive range of products and services

  • The Viessmann Group offers a comprehensive range of products and services covering heating, industrial and refrigeration systems, with individual solutions and services ranging from 1 to 120,000 kW for all fuel sources and all areas of application.

    The product portfolio includes wall-mounted condensing units from 1.9 to 150 kW, freestanding condensing boilers from 1.9 to 6,000 kW as well as combined heat and power (CHP) systems from 1.0 to 530 kWel and 5.3 to 660 kWth running on natural gas.

    The range of renewable energy systems includes solar thermal systems with flat-plate and vacuum tube collectors for domestic hot water generation, heating system backup and solar power building cooling, special boilers and combustion units from 4 kW to 50 MW for logs, wood chips and pellets, heat pumps from 1.7 to 2000 kW utilizing heat from the ground, groundwater or ambient air, and photovoltaic systems.

    For district heating networks and bio-energy villages, Viessmann offers everything from a single source – from initial feasibility studies and detail engineering to the delivery of all necessary components like heat generators, CHP modules, geothermal piping and residential transfer stations to construction and commissioning.

    Viessmann also offers innovative refrigerations systems for commercial applications, that is, cold rooms, refrigeration cabinets, lamellas and accessories as well as a comprehensive range of services for the food retail, hotel and catering industries.
      • Heating systems

      • Viessmann offers efficient energy systems for residential buildings and commercial applications from 1.5 to 2200 kW.

        Progressive system solutions for residential buildings
        Viessmann offers tailor-made system solutions for all fuel types for the use in detached houses, as well as apartment buildings. Included in our comprehensive range of products are condensing appliances for oil and gas, micro CHP units with Stirling engine or PEM fuel cell, gas absorption heating appliances as well as CHP units.

        Our range of renewable energy systems includes solar thermal systems for DHW heating, central heating backup and cooling of buildings as well as special boilers for logs, woodchips and pellets. In addition, there are hybrid appliances, heat pumps and ice store systems for the utilisation of heat from the ground, groundwater or ambient air, plus photovoltaic and ventilation systems.

        Efficient energy systems for commercial applications
        The comprehensive product range from Viessmann for commercial applications includes efficient energy systems for an economical provision of heat. For this, all types of fuel can be used – gas, oil, biomass and solar energy as well as heat from the ground, the outdoor air or waste heat generated in production processes.

        Control technology components, and those for remote monitoring and control, are similarly part of our comprehensive range, as are extensive services ranging from engineering to commissioning and service.
          • Oil condensing technology

          • Heating with oil – efficient and proven
            technology with a high degree of effectiveness

             The acquisition of a Viessmann condensing boiler is an active contribution to resource efficiency and energy cost savings. With an unbeatable high efficiency, up to 98% of the heating oil used is converted into heat.

            Viessman oil condensing boilers come with the future already built in. From the factory they are already prepared for a conversion from fossil oil exclusively to fuel oil with a proportion of bio-oil and can thus also be operated with renewable energy

            Ultimately, the new heating system can be combined with free solar energy: All boilers are designed for the connection of a solar system for domestic hot water
            heating or central heating backup. Viessmann system technology guarantees the optimal interaction of all components, resulting in a convenient control that leaves no wish unfulfilled.
          • Gas condensing technology

          • Clean, efficient, reliable –
            the economical gas heating system

            When it comes to convenient heat generation with natural gas, Viessmann has various
            technologies to offer that can satisfy a wide range of demands: whether for new build or
            modernisation, a flat or a detached house, or even for major housing developments.

            Condensing technology protects the climate and the environment
            All our boilers meet the requirements demanded by efficient condensing technology,
            i.e. 98 percent or more of the energy spent is converted into heat. With such unbeatably
            high levels of efficiency, everyone who uses a gas condensing boiler is making a positive
            contribution to protecting the climate and the environment.
          • Oil/gas boilers and hot water boilers up to 21.5 MW

          • Futureproof and efficient
            heating technology for all requirements

            In industrialised Western nations, heat generation in residential and commercial buildings
            accounts for the largest proportion of energy consumption – and at the same time offers the
            greatest savings potential. Advanced and energy efficient heating systems from Viessmann
            are in use around the world, not only in many private households, but also in numerous
            major international projects. There, they make an important contribution to the sustainable
            protection of finite energy reserves.

            In such projects, Viessmann successfully overcomes the most diverse challenges facing
            advanced heating technology by offering innovative solutions – in historical listed buildings,
            highly productive industrial complexes and the large scale residential and commercial arena.

            Viessmann's comprehensive product range for commercial applications comprises efficient
            energy systems for the economic provision of heat, steam, refrigeration and power. All fuel
            types can be utilised for such systems – gas, oil, biomass and solar energy, as well as heat
            from the ground, outdoor air or waste heat generated by production processes.
          • Wood boilers

          • Heating with wood – the most natural
            fuel in the world

            The rising cost of fossil fuels and growing environmental awareness have lead
            to a steady increase in demand for renewable forms of energy. On the following
            pages, we will provide you with comprehensive information about efficiently
            burning wood, a sustainable fuel, in advanced boilers.

            A wood boiler is a good alternative to heating with oil or gas. Alongside
            environmental considerations, there are also economic reasons for relying on
            wood. As an indigenous fuel, wood is very cost efficient and not subject to
            extreme price fluctuations.

            Thanks to advanced Viessmann technology, heating with wood is now both
            efficient and convenient. Whether you are looking for an auxiliary appliance or
            a complete heating system, the Viessmann range offers flexible solutions, fired
            with logs, wood pellets or woodchips, depending on the type of boiler.
          • Wood heating systems from 50 to 1250 kW

          • Heating with wood – the most natural fuel
            in the world

            When wood is harvested in sustainable
            forestry, it is a renewable and environmentally
            compatible source of energy and an important
            part of sustainable resource management.

            CO2 neutral
            When wood is burned, only as much CO2 is
            released as the trees actually absorbed during
            the course of their life. That's why heating
            with wood is CO2 neutral.

            As an indigenous fuel, wood is very cost
            efficient and not subject to extreme price

            Top technology and reliability
            Advanced biomass systems are fully
            automated and equipped with control and
            safety devices for reliable, efficient and safe

            Homegrown and independent
            Wood is a homegrown product, is harvested
            with a minimum of energy and contributes to
            the regional economy
          • Heat pumps

          • Heating with airborne and geothermal energy –
            making the best possible use of renewables

            Heat pumps utilise renewable energy from the ground, sun, groundwater or air.
            They lower consumption of fossil fuels, conserve valuable resources and reduce
            CO2 emissions that damage the environment.

            Viessmann heat pumps offer their users an additional benefit – many of them
            feature active and natural cooling functions. Alongside their classic application as
            heat generators on cold days, they can also create a pleasant interior in summer by
            bringing refreshing cool air into the house.

            Viessmann's extensive product range offers the right heat pump to suit every
            demand. Even at the design stage, structural and geological conditions, as well
            as personal and individual preferences concerning the heat demand can be taken
            into account. Running a heat pump with power generated on site by a photovoltaic
            system is particularly environmentally responsible and very affordable.
          • Heat pumps up to 2000 kW

          • Futureproof and efficient heating technology
            for all requirements

            In industrialised Western nations, heat generation for residential and commercial buildings
            accounts for the largest proportion of energy consumption – and therefore offers the
            greatest savings potential. Advanced and energy efficient heating systems from Viessmann
            are in use around the world, not only in many private households, but also in numerous
            major international projects, where they make an important contribution to the sustainable
            conservation of energy reserves.

            Time and again, Viessmann successfully overcomes the most diverse challenges facing
            manufacturers of advanced heating technology by offering innovative solutions – in historical
            listed buildings, highly productive industrial complexes and the large scale residential and
            commercial arena.
          • Ice store system

          • Vitofriocal ice store system – innovative energy source for ground source heat pumps

            The use of an ice store as an energy source
            is a particularly innovative solution. The ice
            store consists of a tank with built-in heat
            exchangers which is buried in the garden and
            filled with ordinary tap water. Special solar
            air absorbers are installed on the roof of the
            house, which draw heat from the ambient air
            and insolation and supply it to the tank. The
            ice store also draws heat directly from the
          • Hybrid solutions

          • Heating with hybrid appliances –
            future safety included

            There are many approaches towards energy and heating solutions, and the decision for one
            or the other heating system is not easy. What we do know though, is that the prices for
            fossil fuels and electricity are subject to considerable long-term fluctuations. It is therefore
            good when you don’t have to commit to just one single energy source for your heating, but
            can be future-safe with a hybrid solution.

            The future-safe energy mix in one
            In hybrid appliances, two independent heat generators are integrated into one unit: a gas
            or oil condensing boiler combined with an electrical heat pump. This energy mix combines
            “renewable” with “highly efficient”, and the user receives the maximum freedom of being
            able to use the least-expensive energy source. Exactly according to the respective situation
            on the energy market, the control can be set so that when there are fluctuating energy
            prices, the most cost-effective and efficient operating method is selected.
          • Power-generating heating system

          • Combined heat and power generation
            for a high level of independence

            When looking at the distribution of energy consumption in Germany it soon becomes
            apparent that the heating sector has an important part to play in the energy transition.
            Accounting for approximately one third of energy consumption, heating offers enormous
            potential to cut back on the use of fossil fuels. As a result, both decentralised and combined
            heat and power generation are now high on the agenda. In future, the power-generating
            heating system will also come into play when renewables such as wind and insolation are
          • CHP units for heat and power

          • An investment in greater efficiency
            is an investment in the future

            Today, decentralised energy production with combined heat and power generation
            is one of the most economical ways of obtaining electricity and heat while
            conserving resources. Its clear advantage over conventional generation is the far
            better utilisation of primary energy. Practically no lost exhaust heat or transmission
            losses into the power grids make CHP units a sustainable alternative in terms of
            reducing CO2 emissions and conserving valuable fuel resources.

            The ecological effect isn't the only positive consequence. Electricity and heating
            costs are significantly reduced and deliver a meaningful economic advantage.
            The self-generated electricity is much cheaper than electricity from the grid.
          • Electric DHW and heating systems

          • Viessman's comprehensive range now also includes electric DHW and heating system. This means users get everything from a single source: efficient energy systems for generating power on site, storing it and using it intelligently for heating, cooling and ventilation
          • Thermal solar systems

          • Energy from the sun –
            delivered free to your door

            Anyone investing in a new heating system today should design it from the outset to include
            a solar thermal system. This will allow you to benefit from lower energy consumption and
            also look forward to lower monthly energy bills.

            By installing solar collectors, you are demonstrating your commitment to protecting the
            environment by sustainably lowering CO2 emissions. By choosing Viessmann technology
            you are opting for a futureproof system in which all components interact optimally.
            Investing in solar technology also increases the value of your property.
          • Photovoltaic systems

          • Free solar energy for generating power
            using photovoltaics

            As renewable energy systems have become more widespread, consumers and end users are increasingly keen to generate their own electricity. Today, an efficient photovoltaic system offers the opportunity to make profitable use of free solar
            energy. By installing photovoltaic modules, users demonstrate their responsible attitude towards the environment, and make an active contribution towards protecting the climate by reducing CO2 emissions.

            With energy costs constantly rising, a photovoltaic system helps users save money
            and reduces their dependence on power supply utilities. The power generated can
            be put to use on site, stored temporarily in a battery or exported to the public grid.
            Thanks to statutory remuneration and savings resulting from on-site consumption,
            the investment pays for itself in just a few years. A photovoltaic system also
            increases the value of the property.
          • Mechanical ventilation systems

          • Mechanical ventilation systems from Viessmann offer tailor-made solutions for both new
            build and modernisation.
        • Industrial systems

        • Efficient and clean provision of energy, as well as high operational safety and reliability, are essential requirements for energy generating systems employed by industry. Viessmann offers extensive system solutions that safeguard an economic provision of steam up to 120 tonnes per hour and heat up to 120 MW.

          Viessmann is the technological trailblazer for efficient energy systems. Matching components and systems are developed from a single source for each individual customer, and extended with a comprehensive range of services.

          The Viessmann range of services: Everything from a single source
          The Viessmann comprehensive range stands for innovative and efficient technology at its best. From consultation and design concept right through to maintenance, attention remains focused on the complete lifecycle of the energy system.

          Consultation/design concept
          Viessmann treats all projects individually, with each and every aspect of the design concept being geared towards high efficiency.

          Coordination with all technical departments while the system is under construction to ensure timely delivery and installation.

          Reliable operation is ensured through customer-specific service concepts with guaranteed spare part supply, regular maintenance and boiler checks.
            • Steam boilers – efficient systems up to 31.5 t/h

            • System solutions for economical steam generation

              Energy efficient and clean provision of stream, as well as high operational reliability and plant availability, are essential requirements for production facilities and industrial plants. Each individually tailored system solution will have specific requirements that need to be taken into account when designing the boiler house concept. This requires competent consolation, together with a comprehensive range of services and products that guarantee cost effective, future proof steam generation.
            • High-performance steam boiler and hot water boiler plants for industry

            • HKB – leading manufacturer of industrial boiler
              plants in Europe and Asia
              Steam boilers with outputs up to 120 t/h and hot water boilers with outputs up to 116 MW

              HKB is a specialist in the development and
              manufacture of major turnkey plants for
              generating steam and hot water.
              The steam boilers have an output of up
              to 120 t/h, with operating pressures up
              to 130 bar and hot steam temperatures
              approaching 485 °C.
            • Wood combustion systems up to 13,000 kW

            • Reliable, sustainable, economical
              Efficient concepts for the use of biomass to obtain energy

              In addition to companies directly involved in
              the timber industry, an increasing number
              of local authorities, contractors and other
              commercial power supply utilities are opting
              for biomass as a fuel. Biomass is less prone
              to extreme price fluctuations than fossil
              fuels and, being sustainable and CO2 neutral,
              makes a significant contribution to preserving
              quality of life for future generations.
            • ETANOMICS - Your competent partner for integrated energy concepts

            • ETANOMICS turns energy efficiency into your competetive edge.
          • Viessmann refrigeration solutions

          • Viessmann refrigeration solutions provide innovative commercial refrigeration for food retail, food services and industry as well as other refrigeration usage areas. We are one of the leading European manufacturers of refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms and refrigeration systems and our solutions include as well the installation, service and maintenance. Energy efficiency and sustainable refrigeration together with ease of use and maintenance are at the core of our solutions.
              • Refrigerated cabinets

              • Total range of multidecks, freezers, serve-overs, islands and coolers in remote and plug-in technology
              • Cold rooms and refrigeration units

              • Complete portfolio of cold and freezer rooms, refrigeration units, shelving systems and accessories for customised solutions
              • Refrigeration systems

              • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient CO2 power packs as part of turnkey projects in food retailing