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  • Offer Profile
  • BWE is rooted in the Oldenburg Münsterland. This is where we find the breeding ground for our global commitment.

    It is important to us to combine economic efficiency, genuine cooperation and environmental and climate protection. Future generations will grow into the world we create today. Let's get started!
Product Portfolio
  • Biogas

  • Energy from biomass - that is typical of Oldenburg Münsterland. Agriculture and the food industry have always played a special role in northwestern Germany.

    Large quantities of organic waste, food residues, slaughterhouse waste and liquid manure are generated in production and processing. Other business models are based on energy crops or renewable raw materials (NawaRo).
      • Plant Engineering

      • BWE builds regenerative power generation plants such as combined heat and power and biogas plants to the highest quality standards. We use technology that has proven to be reliable. And we ensure efficient interaction - in the best energy and economic variant.

        A qualified site manager on site ensures that everything runs smoothly, coordinates the trades and ensures that deadlines are met.

        Full service

        As a general contractor, we plan, build, expand and optimize, and ensure acceptance and approval. We deliver turnkey. Or we accompany you through the entire process. In addition, we offer maintenance and service. And are there for you around the clock.

        Reliable and safe

        We attach great importance to safe processes and a well thought-out process control system that is easy to operate for you and your employees.

        Even after the handover, we keep you up to date and make you a well-versed user.
          • Farm power plant 75|99|150kW

          • Since 2001, bwe has been building 75 kW biogas plants in all variants. More than 70 bwe on-farm power plants are in operation; others are in the approval planning stage.

            The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2021) provides for special compensation for "small-scale manure plants". Accordingly, biogas plants with an installed electrical output of a maximum of 99 kWel and a slurry content of at least 80 mass percent will receive remuneration of 22.23 cents /kWhel in direct marketing. This remuneration will decrease by 0.5 percent annually from July 2022 compared to the previous year's value.

            The draft of the EEG 2023 provides for an extension of the special remuneration for small-scale liquid manure plants up to an output of 150 kWel.
          • Biomethane - Fuel with a Future

          • Mobility with natural gas technology: This already makes it easier to achieve an energy and transport turnaround than with hydrogen or electric-powered vehicles. Especially in heavy-duty traffic.

            Technical solutions are no longer a vision of the future: In Oldenburg alone, more than 100 buses run on natural gas technology. Since 2013, only bio natural gas or biomethane has been used as fuel.

            Freight transport has also discovered natural gas technology; demand for biomethane from upgraded biogas is picking up speed.

            If buses, trucks and tractors are powered by biomethane from agricultural waste, they are not dependent on fossil fuels, nor does the fuel compete with food production. At the same time, the vehicles are virtually climate-neutral on the road.

            Be part of the transport revolution
            Produce your own fuel! And: Sell it on!

            bwe Energiesysteme plans your plant, converts and retrofits. Takes care of permits, economic implementation and marketing.

            Planning | Technology:
            Whether membrane technology, pressure swing adsorption, pressurized water scrubbing or chemical scrubbing: During the design and permit planning phase, our biomethane experts determine which treatment technology is best suited to your operation. In parallel, they check your fermentation substrates for suitability.

            Marketing | Profitability:
            Together with you, we check whether the investments are worthwhile for you. And: We find the right marketer for your biomethane.
          • Flexibility

          • bwe Energiesysteme accompanies you on your way to flexible plant operation.

            The "flexible operation" of a plant is an effective means of taking advantage of varying electricity demand: Produce your electricity primarily when it is in demand and thus more highly remunerated!

            EEG 2021 with tricky details
            A lot has changed with the EEG 2021. For example, the flexibility premium is no longer capped in the future. In addition, the flexibility surcharge for plants over 100 kW that are newly connected to the grid has been raised from 40 to 65 euros/kW installed capacity (§50a).

            Newly introduced are quality criteria for flexibility. According to these, newly surcharged plants in the regular tender segment must call up at least 85 percent of their installed capacity on at least 4,000 quarter hours per year.

            Consultation necessary
            A difficult matter! We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a bwe expert.

            You will be supported not only by our specialized employees, but also by experts from EWE Vertrieb GmbH. They create reliable schedules and profitability estimates for us and you. bwe calculates, plans and builds the right technical solution.

            This cooperation gives you the best of both worlds.
          • Fermentation residue storage

          • In many cases, it is not permitted to spread fermentation residues on one's own fields. The 2017 amendment to the German Fertilizer Ordinance (DüV) alone severely restricts the possibilities. The numerous restrictions make larger storage facilities necessary.

            Appropriate variants
            As an alternative to processing systems, you can have your biogas plant extended in the classic way by a fermentation residue storage facility. bwe offers individual solutions: with a simple emission roof or as a load-bearing roof construction with integrated gas storage, insulated, clad or as a pure concrete tank, with or without stirring technology.

            Adaptation to third-party plants
            We also adapt digestate storage systems to third-party plants that do not originate from bwe. If desired, we can set up a stand-alone control system for this purpose. Of course, this can also be supplied by your existing programmer. Or bwe can update the control system of the entire plant at the same time.
          • Fermentation residue processing

          • At bwe Energiesysteme you will find the right concept for processing fermentation residues and drying agricultural products.

            Responding to regulations
            If detection areas or storage facilities are not sufficient, the farmer must have his fermentation residues transported away at high cost. He is also required to do so if the level of certain nutrients is too high to spread the digestate on his own land. In addition, many counties require a storage capacity of nine months.

            Use heat
            Don't let the issue of "nutrients" become a problem! Optimize digestate management and storage capacity! Make the best use of heat!

            To help you achieve your goals, bwe Energiesysteme offers the following processing technologies:
            • Separators
            • Digestate dryers
            • Digestate evaporator
            • Belt dryer
            • Treatment of the liquid part of the digestate

            Support from A to Z
            We support you
            • with the design, execution and approval planning
            • with the technical connection - substrate, heating and electrotechnical
            • all around control and visualizationbwe in
            • all steps up to the turnkey implementation of the plant

            bwe Energiesysteme works independently of manufacturers. So you get the optimal technical solution for your business.
          • Planning

          • The success of a bioenergy project is based on solid individual planning.

            Approval planning
            The approval planning outlines the legal path so that in the end you are allowed to put your plant into operation.

            The planning department of bwe Energiesysteme prepares the draft, approval and implementation planning and coordinates it with the project partners. It prepares applications for you in accordance with state-specific building laws and the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG). And: She prepares you for the consultation appointments with the control authorities.

            Planning and project development
            In addition, bwe Energiesysteme plans and develops every project related to your energy generation system, independent of the manufacturer. Our experts design plants and heating networks, draw and map, create emergency plans and connect components. Whether new construction, expansion or optimization: Profit from our experience at home and abroad!

            Drainage planning
            Finally, we make sure that nobody gets their feet wet. bwe Energiesysteme plans the drainage of sealed and unsealed operational areas. This includes piping systems, collection shafts, wastewater pumps and infiltration troughs.

            Of course, we will later implement the plans for you structurally. As a general contractor, bwe Energiesysteme offers a complete range of services.
        • Service

            • Pump & Stirring technology

            • Agitator technology plays a very special role in technical plant engineering. Whether fermenters, slurry storage tanks or clarifiers: The mass must be sufficiently mixed for the processes to function.

              Agitator technology is adapted to different substrates. High-speed, low-speed, paddle agitatorbwe or long-shaft agitators: the innovative developments of bwe Energiesysteme are retrofittable, durable, thought through to the end.

              What you can expect:
              • We design the agitator technology for your substrate combination.
              • We equip your new plant.
              • We service agitators from various manufacturers.
              • We repair defective agitators or replace them.
              • We optimize existing systems (repowering).
            • Tank refurbishments

            • Your biogas plant no longer produces the yield it did at the beginning? This could be due to the fact that sand, stones and sediments have been deposited in the tank. Then the fermentation volume and yield shrink. There may even be damage to the concrete.

              Don't let it get that far! With its experience, bwe Energiesysteme is able to detect any problem and eliminate the cause.

              Fast and reliable
              Our broad product portfolio gives us access to suitable solutions, so we can act quickly.

              We also have contractors on hand quickly when it comes to lifting and fitting heavy parts, dredging, slurry mixing, carpentry, coating or concrete repair. In doing so, we fall back on subcontractors with whom we have been working for years. Being able to rely on each other is one of the great advantages.

              Part of tank refurbishment is finding and using more economical substrates. We adapt the agitator and feeding technology to this.
          • Combined heat and power plant service

          • bwe Energiesysteme guarantees expertise in all aspects of CHP installation, repair and maintenance. Like no other service provider, we combine the know-how of biogas and engine technology. Thus, bwe takes care of all aspects of your CHP unit, including electronics, heating and drive power.

            Independent of manufacturer

            Our service covers CHP units from all manufacturers such as MAN, Liebherr, MWM, Jenbacher and others. We are an official service partner of the company 2G Energietechnik and thus closely networked with their technicians* and fault services.

            bwe Energiesysteme guarantees

            • best quality due to excellently trained employees
            • fastest response time due to short travel distances
            • highest availability - 365 days/year (24/7)
            • technical hotline: remote dial-in and diagnostics
            • maintenance, repair, repowering
            • delivery of all spare and wear parts
            • individual maintenance and service contracts
            • repair and handling in case of warranty


            Als zertifizierter Partner des Motorenherstellers 2G Energietechnik ist bwe berechtigt, Reparaturen für 2G bei dir durchzuführen – schon während der Garantiezeit. Auch die Abwicklung mit 2G übernimmt bwe für dich. So bleibt es selbst bei Gewährleistung des Herstellers dabei: bwe – alles aus einer Hand.

            Zusammen mit dir optimieren wir alle Stellschrauben für den Erfolg deines Unternehmens – Elektrotechnik, Heizungsbau, Vergärung und Motorentechnik.
              • Repowering

              • Reconditioning obsolete technology can be time-consuming and costly. Sometimes it makes more sense to replace them with refurbished replacement units.

                The advantages:
                • Labor costs are reduced.
                • Your plant does not stand still for long.
                • Replacement engines are reconditioned in the factory under optimal conditions - not in the field.
                • You receive the deposit value for recyclable parts of the old engine.

                A special feature of bwe is the replacement of old ignition jet engines with highly efficient gas engines. This pays for itself through the savings in ignition oil and the lower gas consumption.
              • NOx-Box

              • The Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV) of June 20, 2019, imposes stricter limits: the concentration of nitrogen oxide in exhaust gas (NOx) must be monitored and documented.

                Quickly installed
                At bwe Energiesysteme, we solve this with the NOx box from our partner 2G Energietechnik. Our service technicians can install this measuring connection quickly and easily in your CHP unit. This applies to both new and existing plants.

                The advantages:
                • permanent monitoring of nitrogen oxide emissions simple installation
                • cloud data storage on a German 2G server
                • robust and compact design
                • USB data storage
                • operable touch screen
                • manufacturer-independent system, can be integrated into any plant
              • Emission measurement

              • The catalytic converter in the engines of a biogas plant ensures that prescribed exhaust gas values are complied with. However, it wears out over time.

                bwe Energiesysteme measures the values regularly. If the test is not passed, the bwe technician can replace the worn catalytic converter on site on the same day as the measurement. This saves a new test appointment with a certified testing organization such as DEKRA.

                Formaldehyde bonus
                Annual verification is mandatory, although the counties often handle the interval and limit values differently.

                In addition, there is the so-called formaldehyde bonus according to EEG21. This additional compensation requires proof of compliance with the limit values.

                bwe Energiesysteme installs catalytic converters, replaces those that have become unusable and ensures that the emission data is available as required.
              • Maintenance | Repair CHP

              • Professional maintenance of your CHP unit is essential for trouble-free operation. Performed regularly, it reduces your operating costs, maintains the value of your plant and ensures that legal requirements are met.

                Maintenance schedule
                No two cogeneration units are the same. Primary energy, design, engine type - these and more define the "individual character". Thus, the maintenance requirements also differ. bwe Energiesysteme adapts the maintenance plan exactly to the characteristics of your CHP unit. Priority is given to protection against unplanned breakdowns and damage.

                Oil management
                To keep the plant running like "greased", we operate an oil management system. Oil analyses reveal thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses. They show where components should be replaced before failures occur. This is how we take preventive action.

                Electrical maintenance
                Electrical and electronic components must be checked regularly in accordance with DGUV 3. bwe technicians ensure that you meet the legal requirements.

                Malfunctions | Repair
                Despite all precautions: Malfunctions happen. To prevent them from becoming a problem, you can always reach a personal contact at bwe. No call center, no waiting on hold, but a bwe employee you know: Christian Pieper takes care of the commissioning of our 75kW and 99kW machines, in addition to his office work. Falk Cramer regularly drives out on breakdown or maintenance missions.

                Our well-stocked warehouse provides support. Here our employees can find all common components including sensor technology. If things get really complicated, we can fall back on the large warehouse of our partner 2G Energietechnik in Heek around the clock - regardless of manufacturer!
            • Heating

            • At bwe, heating engineers, electrical engineers and service staff work hand in hand. This is how expertise is bundled and networked. This makes bwe Energiesysteme the ideal partner when it comes to multi-layered heating projects.

              The core competencies in heating construction include manifold setups, system separation, hydraulic balancing as well as pump and pipe network calculations.
                • Heating engineering

                • Do you want a well thought-out heating concept? Do you need heat somewhere other than where it is produced?
                  Do you want to join forces with partners to form a communal community in order to jointly use decentrally produced heat? Do you need complicated distribution systems? You need pipelines and connections for district heating?

                  bwe brings heat from A to B

                  You are looking for an optimal solution for the transport of thermal and electrical energy in connection with water, substrates, lubricants or various gases? And: you attach importance to safety?

                  Long distances, complex networks

                  Our heating engineers work with the expertise and prudence of many years of experience. They design sophisticated above-ground and underground systems, build and install pipelines of various materials. They make sure heat gets to where it's needed over long distances and nested networks.

                  Pipes, steel and safety

                  Steel and metal construction is part of our in-house services. This ensures that your plant can be inspected and maintained safely.

                  Many things have to work together - and eliminate risks. Heating construction, energy transport and steel construction are all intertwined. bwe specialists install platforms, staircases and perimeters on outdoor facilities. They protect our employees and yours from accidents and falls.
                    • Pipeline construction & Connections

                    • For utilities, municipalities, agricultural operations and customers from industry and commerce, bwe lays pipelines of all kinds - underground and above ground:
                      • water, wastewater
                      • District heating
                      • Liquid manure
                      • substrate
                      • various gases
                      • lubricants

                      Depending on the material - PVC, PE, stainless steel, carbon steel, black steel - the components are glued, welded or pressed.
                    • Buffer tank

                    • Buffer storage stores heat generated during vigorous electricity production at peak load times. This is the case with flexibilized CHP units for biogas plants. That is, when your plant does not produce a steady amount of electricity around the clock, but responds to the demands of the market. When it only powers for a limited period of time, but gets out many times more electricity - and heat - in return.

                      Source of revenue
                      If this heat is to be used profitably after the end of the EEG subsidy, a sustainable heating concept is needed. The German government's Climate Protection Plan 2050 points to decentralized systems from renewable energy sources for the coming decades. So anyone who feeds heat into a heating network or a commercial operation can count on rising revenues.

                      Efficiency of up to 90 percent
                      Another advantage of an "intermediate energy storage system": If you make optimal use of the heat that is generated along the way, the efficiency of your biogas plant can increase to up to 90 percent.

                      Coordination and installation
                      To make biogas plants more flexible, the power of the engines is sometimes overbuilt several times. During downtimes, large storage tanks stockpile the biogas. Sounds good, but often does not fit the heating concept. With a buffer storage for hot water you are on the safe side.

                      For the installation, the heating concept, the plan for flexible operation of the plant and the budget must be reconciled. A task that requires sure instinct! The experts from bwe are trained for this - as well as for professional installation.

                      Use in industry
                      Buffer storage systems are playing an increasing role in industry. As soon as power and heat requirements are to be harmonized, buffer storage units are a sensible solution. bwe has the competence and the means to optimize the cogeneration of power and heat.
                    • Optimizations

                    • It happens that hydraulic systems do not fully decouple the heat output that a combined heat and power unit provides, for example. Without realizing it, you waste energy and money. This is because unused heat is usually destroyed by emergency cooling systems.

                      Adding is not enough
                      Rarely is the cause at the base. It is much more often the case that systems grow: energy generators are added, heat consumers are added.

                      All of this has to be thought through and coordinated with each other. A hydraulic balancing is absolutely necessary: Do the pump capacities still fit the system? Does a system separation make sense? Does the use of a buffer tank increase efficiency?

                      The latest measurement technology
                      bwe analyzes the existing system with the latest measurement technology and creates an optimization concept.
                    • Maintenance & Repair

                    • Maintaining heating systems is essential if they are to run safely and economically. This applies to small heating systems in private households as well as to complex energy systems in agricultural or industrial environments.

                      Check and ensure
                      bwe Energiesysteme maintains all devices according to the specifications of the respective manufacturer. The focus is on detecting weak points at an early stage and preventing leaks. We ensure that safety components function, check the water quality and balance the hydraulics. Finally, we make sure that all installed elements are performing optimally. And we measure or adjust the burner units.

                      Spare parts immediately available
                      If parts need to be replaced, bwe Energiesysteme can fall back on its own well-stocked warehouse. In addition, we are strongly networked with wholesalers. Spare parts are therefore usually available immediately.
                  • District heating

                  • bwe Energiesysteme designs, builds and installs district heating networks, sets up the control system, automates and visualizes, lays pipes for route lengths of several thousand meters and takes care of connecting the buildings.

                    Linking levels

                    Transfer stations, planned and installed by bwe, connect existing heating systems to the district heating network. The technology is individually adapted to the highly diverse requirements.

                    bwe distribution system

                    The heart of a functioning distribution system is the bwe energy center.

                    It consists of:
                    • one or more CHP units, including the connection for electrical and heat supply
                    • a technical building bwe with heat distribution and heat network pump
                    • a buffer storage
                    • if necessary, an absorption refrigeration system
                      • Heat networks

                      • With a well thought-out heat utilization concept, the economic efficiency of your energy generation plant can be increased enormously.

                        Local and district heating networks that supply heat to apartments, stables or even industrial areas increase the overall efficiency of the plant. And that brings additional revenues.

                        State subsidies
                        Funding programs from KfW or BAFA support your projects.

                        As a strong partner with extensive experience, bwe Energiesysteme will take over for you:
                        • turnkey implementation from design planning to commissioning
                        • Optimization of existing heating concepts
                        • Maintenance of existing heating networks, including water treatment according to VDI 2035
                        • Development and implementation of intelligent control for optimal heat utilization
                      • Transfer stations

                      • If you receive heat via a local or district heating network, this is done via a transfer station. This connects the circuit of the heating network (primary) with the consumption circuit (secondary).

                        Transfer stations can do even more: they regulate the flow rate and the temperature at which heat is taken off, and they record the heat quantities transferred.

                        Central control of many consumers
                        Transfer stations can be connected to central control systems. This makes it easier to control and evaluate many heat consumers in a heating network.

                        Important factors here are the design, professional installation and correct commissioning of the transfer station. These are all services that our heating experts master with expertise and experience! Our colleagues from the electrical engineering department take care of the control system. This is how "bwe - everything from a single source" works.
                      • DI water

                      • To fill heating water circuits in accordance with VDI 2035, fully demineralized water - DI water - is required.

                        A multi-stage water treatment system removes minerals and salts from the drinking water. As a result, the electrical conductivity drops to less than 5 µS/cm and the water hardness is reduced to 0° dH.

                        bwe tests water quality
                        In existing systems, bwe Energiesysteme regularly checks whether the water quality is correct. If it is not sufficient, we use a mobile partial flow filter system. We use this to adjust the pH value and water hardness.

                        Solution for large heating networks
                        bwe fills new systems with the help of a mobile reverse osmosis plant. This has a flow rate of three cubic meters per hour and is therefore suitable for large heating networks with buffer storage.

                        For small systems, bwe brings treated deionized water to you in IBC containers.
                      • Repairs & Renovations

                      • Work on existing heating networks is a supreme discipline. Civil engineering, piping and heating construction have to work closely together. This shows how precisely the trades can coordinate and how smoothly one is linked to the other.

                        Application with brains
                        bwe offers everything necessary for this from a single source - plus a great deal of experience in designing and optimizing district heating networks. We are able to conduct in-depth analyses of heat sources, consumers and networks to identify the causes of a problem. We are just as resourceful when it comes to tackling problems. Clever, powerful, competent. When in doubt, bwe is quickly on the spot with an excavator and welding equipment.

                        We are there! bwe Energy Systems
                        • locates and remediates leaks in heating networks
                        • optimizes the performance and efficiency of heating networks
                        • replaces defective components in heating networks and their periphery
                        • restores the required water quality (see VE-Water)
                    • Combined heat and power generation

                    • Combined heat and power (CHP) converts mechanical energy into electrical and thermal energy - and does so decentrally. An ideal way to determine energy consumption and costs yourself.

                      Multiple benefits

                      You can use the thermal energy to heat rooms and service water, cool warehouses, keep food fresh. Or use your own electricity on site. Alternatively, you can feed your electricity into the public grid and be compensated according to the CHP law.

                      Your consumption as a measure

                      Electricity and heat consumption is tailored to your individual needs via combined heat and power plants (natural gas or biomethane CHP).

                      We make every kind of installation possible for you:
                      • Container
                      • Concrete shell
                      • Powerhouse
                      • Existing building

                      Infrastructure available

                      Compared to other energy sources, the combustion of natural gas does not produce soot or high amounts of CO2. You get the natural gas from the public grid, so the existing infrastructure can be used.

                      Promoted climate protection

                      Because of their high efficiency, combined heat and power plants (CHP) contribute to climate protection. This is recognized financially by the legislator through the current Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG20).
                        • Natural gas CHP

                        • Natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants give you control over the production of the energy you need. And over your energy costs. Electricity, heating and cooling are generated on site, without transport losses. Highly efficient. Environmentally friendly.

                          What your plant produces, you can use directly. With your consumption, you make yourself largely independent of the pricing policies of the major electricity providers. Surplus electricity, fed into the public grid, brings you additional income. In a short time the investment costs are balanced.

                          Natural gas CHP units are suitable for:
                          • Hotels
                          • Senior centers and hospitals
                          • Schools and kindergartens
                          • Shopping centers
                          • Swimming pools
                          • Administrative and office buildings
                          • Residential complexes
                          • Farms
                          • Industrial plants
                        • Mini CHP (G-Box)

                        • Through the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG20), the German government is promoting the expansion of highly efficient CHP plants. A mini CHP unit generates decentralized electricity (2 to 50 kWel) and heat from natural gas. The electricity can be used on site or fed into the public grid for a fee. The heat generated is used to heat water or for drying, melting, steaming and other processes.

                          Ready for connection
                          We supply our mini CHP unit as a ready-to-connect compact module with integrated control and regulation technology.

                          Favorable subsidy conditions
                          The current subsidy period for mini CHP units (under 50 kWel) is 30,000 hours of full use - with double the remuneration rates compared to KWKG17. This means that mini CHP units pay for themselves in no time.

                          The advantages:
                          • government subsidies
                          • reduced energy costs due to high efficiency
                          • contribution to environmental protection through lower CO2 emissions
                        • Economy & Design

                        • As complex as the topics "natural gas CHP" and "mini CHP" are, as uncomplicated it is for you to feed us with basic information. To check how you can heat most economically, we only need a few data from you. The central idea is to use electricity and heat at the same time. If this is desired, we will find the right solution for your application.

                          This is the information we need from you:
                          • How much electricity do you need?
                          • How much heat do you need?
                          • Is a natural gas connection available?

                          Alternative: Simulate load profiles
                          You don't have any load profiles for your company? No problem. With the help of state-of-the-art software, we can simulate them and calculate quickly and without obligation whether a combined heat and power plant is worthwhile for you.
                      • Electric

                      • bwe Energiesysteme offers comprehensive electrical services and energy management for biogas, CHP and photovoltaic plants including energy storage.

                        This includes electrical engineering with electrical installation, control cabinet construction and maintenance, as well as automation with control system conversion, programming and visualization.

                        Our employees are trained in many areas and act with expertise and prudence in their special fields. Thus, bwe competently covers all services around power generation plants.
                          • Photovoltaics

                          • Solar energy remains attractive for everyone who wants to use their own electricity - regardless of whether it is for private, commercial, industrial or agricultural use. Not only do system operators significantly reduce their own electricity costs. They also escape the price spiral of the energy suppliers - for decades.

                            Fixed remuneration over 20 years

                            In addition, there are guaranteed feed-in tariffs and reliable yield forecasts. Anyone who feeds surplus energy into the power grid receives a fixed payment per kilowatt hour for a period of 20 years.

                            Precise sunshine hour forecasts

                            Sunshine hours can be extrapolated with astonishing accuracy; long-term weather data provide a solid basis for forecasts. Renowned providers also attest to a service life of up to 25 years for the modules - with a guarantee.

                            You can profitably use your electricity even after the guaranteed feed-in tariff has expired. All this makes photovoltaics a safe investment.
                              • Battery storage system

                              • Use solar energy even when the sun is not shining: bwe Energiesysteme offers intelligent storage systems for this purpose - adapted to your photovoltaic system and your needs.

                                A PV system with electricity storage ensures that the lights don't go out on gloomy days. Modern and intelligent storage systems ensure weather independence.

                                Emergency power in case of grid failure
                                Some inverters even provide for an "emergency power" function. This means that even in the event of a grid failure, the electricity storage system will provide for your operation.

                                Also for retrofitting
                                Every consumer system is different. That's why bwe uses the advantages of different manufacturers for you. We combine PV systems and storage units as a complete package. But we also supply them individually and for retrofitting.
                              • PV systems

                              • BWE installs photovoltaic systems of any size and power: from 10 kWp to 750 kWp and beyond, for private purposes as well as for industrial and agricultural purposes. We install the modules on roofs or on free areas such as unused compensation areas, rededicated areas or embankments. We even install solar systems on balconies, if desired.

                                We work independently of manufacturers and rely on quality modules from well-known manufacturers with above-average performance and product guarantees. The same applies to inverters. So you can be sure of the best possible yield.

                                Even more efficient with heat pumps
                                Heat pumps are perfect team players for your photovoltaic system. The combination makes your energy output even more efficient.

                                Solar energy for you
                                You want to know how solar energy pays off in your case?

                                bwe energy systems
                                • simulates on the basis of individual factors how photovoltaic works optimally for you and how many hours of sunshine are to be expected
                                • analyzes the expected yield
                                • examines the situation of your business holistically and determines the best possible energy mix
                                • plans and installs your specific system
                                • coordinates with utilities and authorities
                                • commissions your plant for you
                                • offers professional and fast service around the plant at any time
                            • Electrical engineering

                            • As a general contractor, bwe Energiesysteme operates all the levers of a project. We go every step with you, plan, develop, optimize and implement. We harmonize the solutions precisely with your goals.

                              Comprehensive know-how

                              Electrical engineering is a central interface. Our employees - specialists in control, automation and visualization - accompany you from the creation of the circuit diagram to acceptance. Where necessary, they work together with bwe experts from complementary and adjacent trades.

                              Further services:

                              • Retrofitting of old systems according to current safety regulations
                              • Control, specifications and acceptance during the construction phase
                              • Reconstruction and new construction of plant control systems (plant retrofit)
                              • Optimization of existing control systems
                              • Energy efficiency measures and energy management
                                • Electrical installation

                                • Our employees carry out electrical installations of all kinds. They set up CHP plants, build switchgears and distributors, and equip containers with sensors and actuators. Where necessary, they supply and connect transformers and emergency power supplies. And, of course, they work with the latest LED technology to create optimal light in the plant.

                                  Monitoring via remote access
                                  A remote maintenance module is a standard feature of every bwe system. This allows you to monitor and control what is happening around and in your plant at any time. Use this service from the comfort of your home: Plan the feeding, adjust the stirring times or evaluate process data!

                                  bwe experts immediately ready for action
                                  Via remote maintenance, bwe can easily localize and eliminate malfunctions. Our programmers dial into the control technology of your plant via the Internet and see immediately what is going on. This eliminates the need to travel to the site, and bwe's experts are immediately ready for action.

                                  Control via cameras
                                  Our concept for remote monitoring via camera allows you to keep an eye on your plant even when you are on the road: Smartphone, tablet or laptop is all you need. The cameras from bwe are robust and weather-resistant, and deliver razor-sharp images even at night.

                                  Maintenance and testing
                                  It goes without saying that our experts regularly maintain and inspect your electrical systems in accordance with the specified standards.
                                • Maintenance & Repair

                                • To ensure that everything runs smoothly, your plant needs regular maintenance. bwe employees carry out periodic inspections of all electrotechnical systems and devices. They also keep an eye on supplementary specifications for biogas plants.

                                  They prepare documentation required by law: lists of operating materials, intrinsic safety certificates, shutdown matrices and more.

                                  Modern measuring equipment
                                  With the help of thermal cameras, bwe employees determine whether components are overloaded. This allows weak points to be identified at an early stage.

                                  We maintain and repair gas analyzers and room air sensors so that they can reliably monitor gas quality and quantity in your biogas plant. We also measure fiber optic cables and alarm dialers to ensure that they are functioning properly.

                                  Rapid intervention
                                  If a problem occurs despite regular monitoring, bwe can pinpoint the cause remotelybwe can then respond specifically and quickly. Our emergency service is on hand around the clock. If needed, we can access our extensive stock of cables and spare parts. We work independently of manufacturers.

                                  Comprehensive agreement
                                  A significant advantage of bwe Energiesysteme is the seamless interaction between the trades. As the electrical department, we continuously exchange information with the experts from plant engineering, heating construction or CHP service. As a well-coordinated bwe team, we find the best solutions.
                                • Control cabinet construction

                                • The bandwidth of our switchgear ranges from small distribution boards to marshalling distribution boards and emergency power supply solutions to large-scale switchgear for complete biogas plants or heating networks. High-quality brand components are standard at bwe.

                                  Customized control
                                  The scope and type of service are tailored to individual needs. Our electrical engineers are able to expand and retrofit your control system in any desired form. They create, modify or expand circuit diagrams to suit.

                                  Eliminate unexpected costs
                                  To prevent so-called reactive power from causing costs, bwe installs reactive power compensation systems. They prevent the reactive power from oscillating in your network, which the energy supplier then charges you for as the network operator. Reactive power is necessary for electric motors to function, for example.

                                  Sensors and actuators
                                  Telecontrol technology for remote monitoring and maintenance of your systems is tailored to your energy supply company. Our electrical engineers are able to install and commission all kinds of sensors and actuators. Of course, they lay cables; almost all cable types and cross-sections can be installed. Medium-voltage systems are also designed by bwe.

                                  Tested by bwe
                                  All switchgears are manufactured according to the current standard and tested by bwe. Our specialists test existing installations according to DGUV3.
                              • Automation

                              • Automation is one of the core competencies of bwe Energiesysteme. Our electrical technicians, electrical engineers and programmers ensure structured processes and clear presentation. This allows you to see the current status at a glance and to control it in a targeted manner.

                                Our specialists

                                • program plant control systems according to IEC 61 131-3
                                • upgrade programming and visualization (plant retrofit)
                                • optimize existing control systems (Siemens, Beckhoff and other systems)
                                • record all relevant plant values in detailed plant trends
                                • tailor the visualizationbwe to your needs

                                Remote access and cameras

                                bwe Energiesysteme allows you remote accessbwe to your systems and monitoring of your plants via camera. This way you can control and manage your plant and yard on the road via smartphone or laptop.
                                  • Energy efficiency

                                  • Energy efficiency describes the relationship between the energy used and the benefit achieved. The less energy that has to be used for a defined benefit, the better the energy efficiency.

                                    Combined heat and power units and motors with high efficiency
                                    bwe Energiesysteme achieves energy efficiency by having our employees install components such as combined heat and power units or motors that have a high degree of efficiency. Efficiency measures the proportion of the supplied energy that is converted into useful energy.

                                    Optimized regulation and control
                                    We also increase the efficiency of your plants with an energy management system that optimizes regulation and control. It networks all components in such a way that the required output is achieved with minimum energy input.

                                    Anticyclical behavior
                                    Energy monitoring indicates trends such as power peaks and enables us to avoid high power levels at peak times, for example. This protects your electrical system and reduces your electricity costs.
                                  • Control system conversion

                                  • Control system conversion means: renewing automation technology and visualization.

                                    With modern control technology
                                    • protects you from the running operation from failures
                                    • Extensive reporting and evaluation functions are available to you. Verifications and protocols become child's play.
                                    • Complete remote maintenance is possible. This helps you avoid downtime and travel costs.
                                    • You can clearly track all processes. If your plant is expanded or rebuilt, there will be no isolated solutions that are difficult to understand.
                                    • Your system meets the requirements of functional safety (IEC61508).

                                    Programs developed by bwe
                                    bwe Energiesysteme provides you with electricians and programmers who are specialized in control system conversions and plant processes. They have developed and optimized our programs and visualization templates themselves over several years.

                                    Permanent contact person
                                    A project manager is your permanent contact person. If unexpected problems occur, a competent emergency service employee is there for you around the clock.

                                    Implemented in a short time
                                    The control program and visualization are tailored to your goals and tested in our company. The actual control conversion is implemented in a short time; after two days, the most important control functions are usually available again. After completion of the work, our specialists provide you and your employees with comprehensive training in the operation and visualization of the system.
                                  • Programming

                                  • Whether it's a biogas plant, feeding or the output of a CHP unit: all processes that are to run automatically must be controlled. How - our programmers have the optimal solution for each individual case.

                                    Proprietary programs from bwe
                                    They develop programs for every control system, no matter how sophisticated, and adapt them to your wishes. They write the programs on the basis of the programming language Codesys and in Tia Portal, a programming environment from Siemens.

                                    At the same time, bwe takes care of the visualization so that you can control the automatic processes in a transparent way. The know-how for everything that runs in the background is bundled at bwe. This enables our employees to react to even the most complex requirements with their own (wo)man power.

                                    There are no limits to the possibilities. We are able to implement any type of control system: from simple automatic processes to highly complex, fully automated procedures. And we make sure that you can operate them easily.
                                  • Remote control technology

                                  • An energy generation plant (EZA) - also called an energy park for short - consists of generation units (EZE) such as solar plants, biogas generators, battery storage, combined heat and power plants or/and wind power plants. In order to be able to operate them efficiently and trouble-free, the voltage at the grid transfer point must remain stable.

                                    This is ensured by an EZA controller or park controller. All plants that generate electricity and are connected to the power grid need it. This so-called telecontrol technology acts on the grid transfer point from "remote" locations. It couples the communication between the grid operator and the electricity generator.

                                    Certified parking controller
                                    bwe Energiesysteme has its own concept for the parking controller. It is certified according to the current medium-voltage directive, as required since 2019. Our electrical engineers install the parking controller on site and commission it with you.

                                    As the grid operator, you are informed of the operating status of the system; the remote control technology then regulates the target states. This keeps the power grid in balance.

                                    Of course, we also retrofit the energy park so that the required certified EZA controller can be used.
                                • Building services

                                • Those who take a holistic view of a home's energy mix save costs and protect the environment.

                                  With state-of-the-art software, bwe is able to harmonize the optimal technologies for electricity and heat.

                                  We determine the total energy requirements of a building and combine the smartest system from a variety of technologies - from simple condensing boilers and highly sophisticated heat pumps with buffer storage to photovoltaics and battery storage.
                                    • Sanitary & Heating & Air Conditioning

                                    • The signs are pointing to an energy turnaround. This applies to commercial buildings in industry and agriculture as well as to private single- and multi-family homes.


                                      How do you heat your home, how do you heat your water, how do you create coolness and fresh air in the house? How do you drain your roof, how do you protect yourself from flooded basements and heat?

                                      Inexpensive and climate-neutral

                                      bwe Energiesysteme analyzes, plans, develops and implements how you can use modern technology in a cost-effective, climate-neutral and resource-saving way. Intelligently designed, highly efficient interactions between heating, sanitary and ventilation technology are created.

                                      Synergy effects

                                      Our employees are at home in all areas of plumbing, heating and air conditioning. The special feature: bwe combines know-how from all trades. Profit from the synergy effects!
                                        • Heat & Cold & Ventilation

                                        • bwe has a special focus on the way heat is transferred. One heat concept works excellently with certain transport bodies, less well with others. Another concept unfolds better with exactly this or that heat transmitter.

                                          Suitable pipe systems
                                          Surface heating systems - underfloor, ceiling or wall heating - for example, manage with lower flow temperatures and therefore match solar thermal systems and heat pumps. Radiators require higher flow temperatures; they are wonderfully suited to classic boiler systems.

                                          Cooling offices and private homes
                                          Cooling plays a role in commercially used spaces - offices, for example. Because of persistently hot summers, it is now also finding its way into single-family homes and apartment buildings.

                                          To generate coolness, our technicians retrofit classic air conditioning systems. Or they use the effect of a change of direction: If heat pumps and panel heating are combined, a rotary can turn heat into pleasant coolness.

                                          Air exchange
                                          In efficient low-energy houses, modern ventilation systems ensure a well-tempered indoor climate. They use the counterflow method: Cold air is preheated with the help of a heat exchanger by stale air that is led outside.
                                        • Sanitary

                                        • Do you want to give your bathroom a new look - fresher, smarter in terms of energy, easier to clean, more age-appropriate? Do you want to renovate it completely or partially? Tub, shower, tiles, pipes - everything old out? And: Finally a bathroom world in which you feel comfortable? One that does you justice?

                                          bwe Energiesysteme will gut, renovate and refurbish your bathroom. And completely rebuilds it: modern, joint- and barrier-free, contemporary - according to your wishes. All trades are united and coordinated at bwe.

                                          Special conditions for bathroom exhibitors

                                          As a partner of the Cordes & Graefe Group, bwe offers its customers special conditions when purchasing in Oldenburg, Rastede, Bremen and Stuhr. There, Cordes & Graefe shows in spacious exhibition halls how modern bathrooms can look and function today. Let us advise you on site! Our partner will inform us in detail about the result. So we can implement with you what you have in mind.

                                          Billing is done via bwe - as usual, comprehensive and simple.
                                        • Customer service

                                        • As the days get colder, it's time to have your home heating system professionally checked. Is everything running as it should? Are there any clogged nozzles, leaking pipes or worn parts? With annual heating system maintenance, bwe Energiesysteme ensures that you don't waste energy and money.

                                          Cleaning and replacement
                                          We inspect and clean boilers and burners, check settings and safety, measure exhaust gases and replace parts that have become inoperable. We work independently of any manufacturer.

                                          By the way: If you rent out apartments or commercial premises, you can pass on the costs for inspection and cleaning to the tenants. Repairs are paid for by the homeowner.

                                          Clear your head
                                          The costs are also reduced by a maintenance contract with bwe Energiesysteme. This also frees you from the worry of a total breakdown.

                                          And if something does go wrong, you're on the safe side with bwe's round-the-clock emergency service. You can reach a contact person from our bwe emergency service team at any time of the day or night.
                                      • Heat pumps

                                      • Heat pumps are seen as the heating system of the future, especially in new buildings. Their advantage: Renewable heat from the environment can be used very cheaply.

                                        Ideal with photovoltaics (PV)

                                        You can use them particularly efficiently in combination with a photovoltaic system. Not only do you reduce the operating costs of your heat pump, but you also generate electricity for your daily needs. This makes you virtually independent of energy suppliers.


                                        The energy for your heat pump and for your own consumption is generated without emissions.

                                        In combination with a battery storage system, you also benefit from your self-generated electricity outside the sunshine hours.


                                        As a full-service company, bwe Energiesysteme delivers a complete turnkey package. We plan, build and accompany the entire process. Even after installation, we are at your side with maintenance and service - around the clock.

                                        Your advantages at a glance

                                        • Independence from rising energy costs
                                        • investment subsidies (KfW or BAFA)
                                        • favorable operating costs
                                        • highest efficiency through combination of PV system and heat pump
                                        • green electricity from your own roof
                                        • price stability for the next 20 years
                                        • everything from one source
                                          • NIBE Efficiency Partner

                                          • Our supplier NIBE's heat pumps have stood for climate justice right from the start. They provide commercial and private buildings with environmentally friendly technology beyond finite energy sources such as oil and gas.

                                            As an efficiency partner of the Swedish manufacturer, bwe Energietechnik offers heating and ventilation systems from geothermal, air and water heat. In this way, you can modernize or renew your heating system for the future.

                                            Modules can be flexibly combined
                                            Although technically advanced, NIBE products are easy to use. The uniform design ensures that all components and modules can be freely combined. This means that they can be adapted to the special features of any house.

                                            Trained and supported by the manufacturer, bwe Energiesysteme is a competent service partner for building owners and builders:
                                            • We take care of you individually and personally from planning to maintenance.
                                            • We supply and install high-quality heat pumps and ventilation systems - tailored to your needs.
                                            • Our concept for your system is maximally efficient and economical
                                            • We equip your home with sustainable, ecological and future-oriented building technology. NIBE Systemtechnik GmbH offers an extended manufacturer's warranty of up to five years.
                                          • Funding

                                          • New subsidy guidelines for the installation of heat pumps have been in effect since 2021. With attractive conditions, the German government wants to motivate you to convert your heating system to renewable energies or to include them in your new building.

                                            Individual subsidies in existing buildings
                                            The Federal Assistance for Efficient Buildings (BEG) pushes the replacement of an existing heating system with a subsidy rate of 35 percent of the installation costs. At 45 percent, the rate is if you're replacing your oil heating system. Eligible costs include the cost of the new heat pump, heat source, installation and commissioning - as well as accompanying costs.

                                            Performance-controlled heat pumps from our supplier NIBE are particularly efficient. They exceed the subsidy standards.

                                            Efficient house subsidy
                                            The KfW efficiency house subsidy applies to existing residential and non-residential buildings as well as new buildings. The subsidy rates depend on the standard implemented. For example, an efficiency house 100 EE is subsidized with up to 48,750 euros, an efficiency house 40 EE with up to 75,000 euros.

                                            Heat pump in new buildings
                                            At least 55 percent of the heating requirements of efficiency house classes 55 EE and 40 EE are covered by renewable energies, for example with the help of a heat pump.

                                            The KfW credit line for EE houses is a maximum of 150,000 euros. In addition, the subsidy has been increased by 2.5 percent in each case. If the KfW loan is fully utilized, the subsidy for an efficiency house 40 EE is up to 33,750 euros.

                                            Investment or repayment
                                            You can have the KfW efficiency house subsidy paid out directly as an investment grant or use it as a repayment grant for an attractive loan.

                                            Application made easy
                                            This is how you calculate the annual performance factor for our NIBE heat pumps. You can print out the result as an attachment to your BEG subsidy application:
                                        • Gas heaters

                                        • When gas is burned, heat is generated. Modern condensing technology makes it possible to use this for heating. Compared with conventional heating systems, you save up to 20 percent of the total energy consumption.

                                          Adaptable technology

                                          Gas boilers work by means of heat exchangers that filter residual heat from exhaust gases. This is then used to heat heating or service water and - if desired - to store it. The units take up hardly any space. And because condensing technology is so flexible, we can adapt it perfectly to your domestic situation.

                                          bwe heating finder

                                          The investment for gas boilers is comparatively low. At the same time, they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The bwe heating finder will guide you to exactly the solutions that are right for you. Take a look right now!
                                              • Design & Planning

                                              • At the beginning of every investment is rough planning. Tools such as the bwe heating finder help to get a picture, sound out options and establish preferences.

                                                Experience and software
                                                On this basis, bwe Energiesysteme plans your project in detail: You benefit from the experience of our experts. And: from modern software that compares and correlates all parameters: What technology is already available? How much electricity do you need? How much heat do you need and when? Is there free roof space available?

                                                Once the basic framework is in place, we calculate pipe dimensions and lay out pump technology.

                                                Offer with price guarantee
                                                The result is a detailed offer on which we give you a price guarantee. No hidden extra costs, but reliable figures you can count on!